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Glad it worked for you Tri. I have been trying since yesterday. Waiting a few minutes to hours each time. Never gets past the My Downloads...personalizing file stage. From what I have been reading I am not the only one. I am just sad because I have some time to kill and finally can catch up...<sigh>...first world problem for sure.

I finally was able to schedule some time to catch up on my reading and I can't download a single thing. You need to change your banner to say that it isn't working at all. There is no delay, the system is just not working. In this time of instant communications, it seems like there really isn't much info coming to us. I may actually have to cancel this weekend's session.

Thanks Dalesman! I hadn't yet recieved Pathfinder #15 yet but I just downloaded it and printed out the stats for the Forest Drake. That will work out perfectly.

Also thanks to Joel for the Wyvern suggestion. I would have used that idea had I not had access to Pathfinder #15.

You guys rock! :)

I know why you do it, and I know it isn't intended as mean. :)

I also know that the players won't notice. But I will since I thought that it would be a pretty cool encounter to run from the random encounter list. I may have to go with the crocodiles instead. Nothing instills fear like water for a heavily armored group.

I also know that it is pretty cool that the editor-in-chief responds to questions! Thanks!

I eagerly await your new monster book.

So I was going through the random encounter chart (in Hook Mountain) looking for some swamp beasts when I saw a Fire Drake mentioned. I turned to the referenced page only to find out I have to buy the module Conquest of Bloodsworn Vale to get the stats!? Really? Seems like a mean thing to suggest a cool creature and make the stats unavailable in the same publication.

So am I missing anything or does anyone have the stats?


I gotta say I have purchased 2 cases of minis from each release from WotC plus many, many singles until this next set. I am not so keen on the new look of the classic monsters (I will leave it at that polite statement). So if it makes any difference I now have 2,000 bucks/year that I could spend on prepainted plastic minis. Will that help Paizo's profit margin? :) I could sweeten the offer a bit more if it gets the plastic flowing! :)

OMG! I was totally set up to stop my subscrition as soon as you switched to 4th and then this announcement! I can't express how happy you have made me. I will continue with my subscription and will, from now on, purchase all my stuff from you (I have purchases a few of the Pathfinder extra books at Amazon.ca)!

Be prepared for all the money that I haven't been spending at Wizards to pour into your company.

Thank you for making my year.

1. No I don't, nor does my group, plan to convert

2. If Pathfinder converts to 4th then I will stop purchasing as I have enough 3.5 to last quite some time.

3. If Pathfinder stays 3.5 then I will buy everything related that is produced! :)

Thanks for listening! That is the difference between Paizo and the WotC corporation.

David Marks wrote:

Just so you know, Jack, Erik opened a thread down below (I think its called "gut check time") that is for gathering these sentiments to give Paizo management a proper guage. Might be more effective to let them know where they're watching for these opinions.

Hope I helped! :)

You have! Thanks a bunch!

I am not sure what Paizo's plans are for 4th edition but I thought I would let you know my plans. :)

I plan to continue to buy all things Pathfinder (what a great product!) until such time that it switches over to 4th edition. By that time I hope to have enough adventure paths to keep me DMing for 10+ years and will completely stop my purchasing.

I just wanted the guys a Paizo to have my two cents when they discuss 4th edition (not that my opinion is that important).

Thanks for listening!