Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Towns of the Inner Sea (PFRPG)

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Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Towns of the Inner Sea (PFRPG)
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Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Whether they're the starting points of incredible campaigns, communities facing unfathomable dangers, or merely places for adventurers to rest and resupply, vibrantly detailed towns are vital to any fantasy adventure.

Towns of the Inner Sea explores six small but richly detailed settlements from the Pathfinder campaign setting. Each entry provides insights into the town's history, culture, and residents, as well as what dangers lurk in the shadows. Numerous adventure hooks, full-page maps, and stat blocks for key NPCs make these towns fully realized settings, ready for Game Masters to drop into campaigns whenever they're needed.

This book contains details on the following distincitve towns:

  • Diobel: What you can't get in Absalom, you can get in this notorious smuggler's port.
  • Falcon's Hollow: Were monsters and curses not enough, the ambitions of this town's greedy overseers would still trap its residents in mud and sawdust.
  • Ilsurian: Torn between rival city-states, this Varisian town bows to no master.
  • Pezzak: This sheltered port defies the rules of the devil-dominated nation of Cheliax, its rebel spirit burning strong despite its scheming overlords.
  • Solku: This pious fortress-town faces constant threats from nearby gnoll tribes, and while its walls stand unbreached, none can say for how much longer.
  • Trunau: Trapped on the wrong side of the border with the orcs of Belkzen, the citizens of this stronghold stand fast against savagery.

Towns of the Inner Sea is intended for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and the Pathfinder campaign setting, but can easily be used in any fantasy game.

Written by Judy Bauer, Logan Bonner, Nicholas Logue, and Matt Vancil.
Cover Art by Steve Prescott.

ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-576-1

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4.30/5 (based on 4 ratings)

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Great Detail for a "Hometown"


Towns of the Inner Sea is a 64-page entry in the Pathfinder Campaign Setting line. The point of the book is to present detailed looks at six different towns in the fantasy world of Golarion, suitable as either "home bases" for PCs or as interesting destinations to set adventures in and around. Each town receives 10 pages of coverage that includes a drawing of it from the outside, a settlement stat block (from the Gamemastery Guide), a full-page map with keyed locations, discussion of the town's history and major landmarks, and then a one-page stat block and description of an important NPC.

The six towns covered are Diobel, Falcon's Hollow, Ilsurian, Pezzak, Solku, and Trunau. The inside front-cover is a map of the Inner Sea region of Golarion showing where each of these towns are located (the inside back-cover is just a version of the average cover art sans logo and title). The book starts with a two-page introduction that is actually quite useful as it includes a list (and one-paragraph description) of other towns in Golarion that have been fleshed out and what book they can be found in. In another clever move, it then lists several towns that are canonical but almost completely untouched in terms of established lore, giving a GM free rein to develop them without having to worry about any contradictions. Introductions aren't usually so useful!

Diobel is the first town covered. Flavourful opening text positions it nicely as a sort of smugglers' den on the same island as the metropolis of Absalom, filled with earthy, friendly folk who respect hard work and common sense and despise pretense and regulation. My first experience with Diobel was running a Pathfinder Society scenario (The Hydra's Fang Incident) which has a notoriously-confusing explanation of Diobel's geography. I'm not sure if the entry in this book really matches that scenario, but that might be for the best. There are a couple of fun ideas, like a floating pleasure barge name Wisps on the Water and an abandoned but potentially devil-haunted warehouse fittingly called Devil's Pier. One of the major themes of the entry is the role played by the Kaldroon family (proprietors of Kaldroon's Smokehouse) in lending stability to Diobel, and the featured NPC is Elvi Kaldroon, the head of the family. All in all, Diobel seems fun as a trade town suitable for a short story-arc, but I didn't get a real feel for it as a place PCs would naturally want to spend a lot of time.

The second town is Falcon's Hollow, a fairly famous location in Golarion as the setting of several early modules. Falcon's Hollow is a classic place for an adventuring campaign, as it's a sort of refuge for the desperate, surrounded by untamed wilderness and mysterious ruins. The town itself has a surprisingly dark history, while its present-day domination by the Lumber Consortium (headed by a fully statted NPC, Thuldrin Kreed) means it's definitely not a forgettable, sedate little town--this is the sort of "home base" that ensures the danger and excitement aren't just had once the PCs are off adventuring. The write-up is great, with tons of flavourful description and bits of intrigue I could see as the basis for hours of game-time. If I had to pick just one town in the book to use for a new campaign, it would be Falcon's Hollow.

Ilsurian, the third town in the bunch, is the one I've used most as both a minor part of Rise of the Runelords and as the setting for the Murder's Mark module. (indeed, it was for the former reason that I bought this book to begin with!) Ilsurian is a town of proud, independent folk who work hard to avoid falling under the control of any of the larger city-states in Varisia. It's notably racially intolerant of ethnic (nomadic) Varisians, however, which creates some good role-playing opportunities. The entry here is a bit dry, but it does provide some adventure hooks involving thieves guilds, shiver (a narcotic) distribution, skulks, and so forth. There are some spoilers for Murder's Mark, so GMs shouldn't allow players to read the whole entry. The major NPC detailed is Genthus Duggern, a sort of political propagandist hoping to return Ilsurian to its former glory; I don't think the concept really comes across well as a threat to PCs.

For something completely different, take a look at the fourth town: Pezzack. Pezzack is a city under siege, as it has rebelled and tried to break away from the devil-loving country of Cheliax! The reader is thrust right into the the middle of the action, as there are loyalists, insurgents, strix (!), spies, assassinations, tons of story seeds and adventure hooks, and everything else needed to make the liberation of Pezzack the focus of a very memorable campaign. A storyline involving Pezzack would be a natural fit for GMs interested in politics, espionage, and other themes a bit more sophisticated than the traditional "kill the monsters and take their stuff" approach to gaming.

Solku, the fifth town, is a fortress bastion in the deserts of Katapesh that serves as a major stopover for caravans. Due to the omnipresent danger of gnoll armies, the town has a major military function and is home to a prominent contingent of priests and paladins of Sarenrae. The locations detailed within Solku are done really well, and I think it would make a solid staging area for campaigns focussed on Indiana Jones-style "expeditions into desert ruins." It's also the first one we've seen that has a more "Middle Eastern" than "Western" aesthetic, and it's good to show off the diversity that Golarion has to offer.

The final entry is for Trunau, a town with an epic backstory as home to the lone human hold-outs in territory long since overrun by orcs. With each resident sworn never to flee or surrender, the town is in constant danger of being destroyed, but the shared danger (and isolation) also brings a real sense of community that comes across well in the entry. When you need a place for the PCs to really love and care about, Trunau could be a good choice. (or, if you want to tell a story about trying to find glimmers of hope in the face of despair, a storyline where Trunau finally falls could be suitably tragic).

Before moving on, I should go ahead and discuss the artwork. The featured NPC in each entry gets a full-figure illustration, but the other artwork (aside from the opening drawing of the town itself) are just head-shots of particular NPCs. It's frankly pretty bland from an art design perspective, and this is one area of the book that could have been improved. On the other hand, the maps are uniformly clear and easy to use.

This is definitely a book for GMs, as players will not find new character options. On the whole, I think Towns of the Inner Sea achieves its intended purpose--towns like Falcon's Hollow, Pezzack, and Trunau would all make memorable settings for a campaign. With so much of the setting work already taken care of, the GM can focus on role-playing and coming up with great adventures. I wish there were subsequent volumes of this book devoted to some of the more exotic locales in Golarion (even beyond the Inner Sea). Still, as long as any of these towns are of interest, a GM will get their money's worth from this book.

Let’s make a quick detour into town.


This book is awesome as it is simple. 6 towns, 10 pages per town. Of those 10 pages, one is a picture of the town with an introduction quote, one a full page map, one dedicated to the most likely NPC to end up in a fight with or against the players, two pages on history and atmosphere of the town, and about less of a page on rumors and adventures. The rest is dedicated to locations and people of the town. Well organized, easy and quick to read.

The first two pages of the book are a brief introduction with a small list of other towns, including their related modules and adventures. While it comes of as an advertisement catalog, it’s a good save on research.

I just wanted to read up on my favorites Falcon’s Hollow and Solku, but then found Trunau and Ilsurian as fascinating detours to the crimson throne adventure path. Finally we have a map of Solku, which was never included in the Guide to Katapesh. And Thuldrin Kreed is back in all his evil glory with 3 extra rogue levels. The NPCs are as colorful and lively as ever. There is enough intrigue in every town. But I can’t tell if the portrait of Chankings on page 39 is his face or his full body in printing mode.

The lore is fixed up a bit here and there, but nothing damaging. Solku is no longer in the mountains. Falcon’s Hollow now has gates, east wall and a huge outer manor. Some good old NPCs have a livelier background.

If there is a town on the list you want to read up about, buy the book, as the other towns are worth your attention. Hope they make new modules with this book.

Excellent resource


Read my full review on Of Dice and Pen.

Towns of the Inner Sea is an excellent book, and it brings to life six very different, but equally fascinating locations. All six can be the basis of entire campaigns or just interesting places to pass through on the way to someplace else. Whatever the case, these towns will provide GMs with the means to create hours of fun for their campaigns.

Surprisingly Solid


I'll admit, when this title came up in my Campaign Setting subscription, I rolled my eyes a little. But what is under the covers is a surprising little treasure! 6 creative and thorough characterizations of hometown life across Golarion, each with its mix of rumor and excitement that can be easily adapted to be any campaign.

The towns are creative and vary wildly in setting. We have Solku, Seelah's hometown surrounded gnoll-infested desert; Trunau, the lean survivor community in one of the last non-orc settlements in Belkzen; Pezzack, besieged by the Chelish Navy, filled with hidden tunnels and insurgent bards (!); Diobel, the harbor town next door to Absalom and a smugglers' paradise; Falcon's Hollow, a cruel, company owned logging town in Darkmoon Vale, and Ilsurian, the closest thing to a peaceful hometown you'll find in this book.

If I have one minor complaint, it is that there aren't enough adventure hooks per town. Yes, I know there is a small sidebar of adventure leads per town, but a full page of "Things for your characters to do in ..." wouldn't have been out of place. Greedy, I know.

So! Stay your skepticism. A surprisingly strong book for any GM's Golarion home campaign.

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Webstore Gninja Minion

Announced! Cover image is a mockup and subject to change.

Lantern Lodge RPG Superstar 2014 Top 4

I'm surprisingly excited about this!

Are these previously mentioned locations or new towns created whole-cloth for the book? Also, will we have an early indication of where in the Inner Sea they're located?

I'm very excited about this, especially the author lineup! ^_^

Silver Crusade

Interesting. Will check it out!

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Who is that Logue guy?

Nick Logue! Yeah, definite buy for me (even if I wasn't a subscriber).

It depends on what towns they use.

Paizo Employee Developer

Dragon78 wrote:
It depends on what towns they use.

Of all the towns in the Inner Sea, which six would do it for you?

One each from varisia, cheliax, taldor, razmiran, nidal, isger.

Leaving garund for the sequel, obviously. :)

Contributor, RPG Superstar 2010 Top 4

Mark Moreland wrote:
Dragon78 wrote:
It depends on what towns they use.
Of all the towns in the Inner Sea, which six would do it for you?

Strictly my opinion as a customer and not a freelancer—

I would do at least one Varisian town, but have the rest from other parts of the Inner Sea.

In Varisia, I would do Wolf's Ear.

That has an interesting history, and the fact that it is functioning the way it now, has to have a pretty interesting current story.

Then again, I can see it being tackled in another product just announced today as well.

Cool, as long as they are towns we've never seen before (i.e. haven't already been detailed/mapped in a previous product). My type of book.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

I'd actually prefer we avoid Varisia. We already have write ups for Sandpoint, Magnimar, and Korvosa. I'm pretty Varisia'd out. I'd like to see other towns from Taldor, Andoran... Maybe one in Garundi if that is possible?

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I agree that there is too much Varisia already, let's get some other places fleshed out. I'd like to see something from Galt, not too much on them in any of the books. Same with Isger.

And it would be nice to see something on Thuvia and Qadiria.

I'd be interested to know what the towns are, or at least what the countries are...
People seem to be suggesting alot of countries that aren't on the Inner Sea itself, but other parts of Avistan.
IMHO, something more focused on the actual Inner Sea itself would be preferable, meaning:
Cheliax, Rahadoum, Thuvia, Andoren, Absalom, Osirion, Taldor, and Qadira.
If it were just Cheliax, Andoren, and Taldor, that would mean 2 towns in each of the culturally related countries.
That leaves another book to cover another region,
such as Lake Encarthan, North West Avistan, North East Avistan, North Garund, North East Garund, etc.
There's plenty a range of cultures in just each of these regions, so that the books would still have alot of variety.
By focusing on a smaller region, it can cover both similarities/continuity in the regional culture,
while more sharply showing how the towns's particularities diverge from that...

It just seems like a closer regional approach is better than 'Scattered Towns of the most expansive definition of Inner Sea Region' Vol 1, 2, 3, etc.

For Qadira, I honestly think the rest of the Kelesh Empire needs to be given SOME (i.e. any) substantial detail first.
A town book covering Qadira and other Western satraps of Kelesh would then make sense.
Perhaps Jalmeray, Iblydos, and Absalom could be another town book eventually?
They are all islands with unique cultures and the nexus of different cultural groups.

Lantern Lodge RPG Superstar 2014 Top 4

I would love to see some attention given to Razmiran and Rahadoum, two nations that are both fantastically unique and woefully underdeveloped.

Contributor, RPG Superstar 2010 Top 4

I won't argue with my fellow message board posters.


But I would challenge them to break out that Inner Sea Guide and pick an interesting town, instead of a nation.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Am I the only person hoping for an update on Falcon's Hollow in this book?

Annd I can honestly say, this is something that I'd never have asked for in a million years (because I figured the response would have been a resounding "No!") -- but now that it's coming I'm really looking forward to it.

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Jim Groves wrote:

I won't argue with my fellow message board posters.


But I would challenge them to break out that Inner Sea Guide and pick an interesting town, instead of a nation.

Challenge accepted!

And going with a totally random definition of town as having between 1000-2500 citizens:

Fort Ramgate - repeatedly assaulted borderpost in Molthune.
Mordant Spire - home of mysterious elves
Roderick's Cove - Surprisingly peaceful Varisian town under the sway of the Riddleport pirates.
Dongun Hold - A peak at the society of the Mana Wastes
Parley Point - Pleasant last stop for traders and Shackles pirates before braving the Eye of Abendego, with a population of wreckers!
Kibwe - and one break from my rule about population size (3800 in this case), as I want a town in Mwangi Expanse as well.

I am glad to see this book coming...I like things like that as it can give lots of ideas.

Actualy I think I would like to see a 'town' detailed that is a traveling Varisian caravan.

Falcon Hollow would be cool, yeah. I'd have to think about this more, since I can't really think of any towns aside from Sandpoint.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

That town in Isger (?) that's having a contained zombie apocalypse. ^.^


1 person marked this as a favorite.

Yay, Judy is going to be a writer on the book! And Nick is back.

Silver Crusade

Really digging that list of authors. :)

I hope we do get a wide spread for these towns, to cover as many cultures as possible. For many countries we mostly have big name cities, so it'll be a real treat to get a better look at how the common folk of these areas live to better root characters that come from those places.

C'mon Osirion!

Dark Archive

I agree with the posters above, I am really liking the list of authors for this book!!

Mayberry, Nidal.

Grand Lodge

Speaking for myself I am excited for this to come out!! I am in the process of adding all of the Magnimar book to Realm Works and the Inner Sea Guide as well. I will be adding all the Campaign books at some point and look forward to this book for that very manner! :)

When Realm Works comes out I highly recommend it!! :)
If for anything else to enter the campaigns and towns such as the above in to the software so that you have a ready format to open and view at a click of a button. I am really looking forward to the Towns book now!! Any chance it will come early?? hehe? :)

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Jim Groves wrote:
I wrote:
One each from varisia, cheliax, taldor, razmiran, nidal, isger.

I won't argue with my fellow message board posters.


But I would challenge them to break out that Inner Sea Guide and pick an interesting town, instead of a nation.

Urglin (Varisia), Pezzack (Cheliax), Zimar (Taldor), Pilgimage (Razmiran), Ridwan (Nidal), Umok (Isger).

Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world...

I hope Ustalav gets some love in this one!

normal population in parenthesis along with quick description

Sardis Town/Dalaston (Worlds Edge Mtns, Taldor, ~3400/3500), Alvis (Alchemical town known for kidnappings, Andoren, ~2000), Claes (atop Azlanti ruin, Andoren, ~650), Deepmar (island penal colony, Cheliax, ?), Azurestone (magically moderated weather, lawful-good, finnish flavor, Galt, ~800), Deadbridge (pirate capitol on giant wharf, RiverKingdoms, ~4100)

Aaminiut (Erutaki stilt town capitol, Hasanaliat, ~3300), Thornwall Castle/Sojourner's Rest (Pixie fortress, Linnorn, ?), Averaka (half-orc heavy island town, Linnorn, ~1800), Tolguth (warm region town near dinosaurs and worldwound, Mammoth Lords, ~3700), Melfesh (drawbridge toll-town built on piers, waterwheel lumber/grain mills, Korvosa/Varisia, ~950)

Haldun (border with Sodden Lands, Rahadoum, ~1400), Hyrantum (flooded tower city, Lirgen/SoddenLands, ~1350), Queen Bes (holy site of besmara, Shackles, ~1100), Freehold (egalitarian ranch town, Sargava, ~1350), Kibwe (mwangi/nex trade town, history of good kingdom, ~3800), Yavipho (insular underground gnomish pesh town, Katapesh, ?), Corpselight (sentient 'food' farm for undead, Geb, ~1100)

I too think that the list of authors looks very good! :)

Towns that I would like to see covered:

Sandpoint (so one doesn't have to grab an AP to read all about it).

Falcon's Hollow.

Roderick's Cove.

Steve Geddes wrote:

Urglin (Varisia), Pezzack (Cheliax), Zimar (Taldor), Pilgimage (Razmiran), Ridwan (Nidal), Umok (Isger).

Excellent list of candidates!

Lantern Lodge RPG Superstar 2014 Top 4

Manaket (Rahadoum) and definitely Xer (Razmiran). I mean, Xer is practically bubbling with plot, Razmir's bastard son!? Yes please! :)

Very interested in how this one turns out.

Yeah, I'm a fanboy...

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber; Pathfinder Maps, Pathfinder Accessories Subscriber; Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Charter Superscriber; Starfinder Charter Superscriber

So six communities and 4 authors...

Are there going to be 2 more authors announced later or are 1 or 2 of them doing more the one town?

Liberty's Edge

I'm betting Sandpoint and Falcon's Hollow will be two of them ...

Nice thing is (at least as it stands from what's given in the description) that this will be six small communities as opposed to the cities described in Cities of Golarion; which means (hopefully):

  • detailed maps,
  • detailed NPCs,
  • lots of adventure hooks,
  • lots of intrigue and political relations between the inhabitants,
  • ...


  • Scarab Sages

    Marc Radle wrote:
    I'm betting Sandpoint and Falcon's Hollow will be two of them ...

    I hold against your bet on Sandpoint. Neither Magnimar, nor Korvosa, nor Absalom were part of the 'Cities of Golarion' book, and I have faith that Paizo won't just reprint/redo towns we already got infos aplenty on. You might be right with Falcons hollow, since all the material is in now outdated modules and it could be significantly expanded on, but I still doubt it will be included.

    Shadow Lodge

    Hmmmm, that's a pretty novel Idea. I think I like this. My hope is we get really thorough overviews of some new and unique towns from a wide range of places and a nice showing of what the city stat blocks systems can do since it feels like we don't really see it used much in books outside the ap's.

    Shadow Lodge

    As for places since people are chiming in.

    Town in Razmiran. Not the capital but maybe one of the coastal towns against lake Enchathran? Would love to see a game where you have everyone start as good characters whom believe in the living god and slowly come to the realization of what's going on.

    Numeria: Bit of a tall order but something in Numeria where we can see what that world is like would be great.

    Isger: it's like Cheliax's silent kid brother but it has battle nuns, hobgoblin wars, and stoic citizens trying to pick up the pieces. Any town therein would just have too many interesting themes to tackle to not get some love.

    Nex: How did no one ask for something in Nex? Now I could let this slide if we get a proper book or story on the epic magocracy floating around northern Garund but hell we have a nation of super science mages and a sentient plant race. Come on.

    Rahadoum: Most of Garund that isn't Osirian would be great to get some love and here would be one of the best places to look for that town with just the right flavor to start it off.

    Any of the Non-Human run towns: We have elves, dwarves, halflings, and gnomes floating around and yet most settlements we've gotten to see written up as human centric. Getting to see a village that's population is one of these non human races would be a really nice change of pace.

    Finally Hermea: Come on people, one of the least known and most debated areas of golarion. I would love to see an article written up for this place and give us a glimpse into that world, heck maybe even give us a cool set up to have pc's get booted into the normal world.

    Scarab Sages

    Pathfinder Maps, Pathfinder Accessories, PF Special Edition Subscriber; Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Charter Superscriber; Starfinder Superscriber

    I like the idea of Aaminiut. I'd also nominate Omesta or Whistledown for one of the six (but I could see Brastlewark instead), plus: Peddlegate or Macridi, Druma; Litran, Galt; Dimayen, Qadira; and Kibwe, Mwangi Expanse. All those allow for quite a wide variety of campaigns, and judging from the text in the Inner Sea World Guide, a couple sound like they were put in as placeholders for future interesting adventures.

    As for Isger, by the time this ships, doom will have already come to Dustpawn.

    Liberty's Edge

    I would love to read an updated Falcon's Hollow.


    So far only TWO of the towns in this book have been mentioned in this thread.

    I saw this and my first thought was worry that it would cover Sen's Pass in Amaans in Ustalav. I've been running a campaign there for six months and I started thinking about how I'd have to ret-con it if it gets a write-up. I realized quickly though that there's too much weirdness in my version to ret-con.

    In my version of Sen's Pass twins (both fraternal and identical) are very common as a side-effect of Viscount Oilic Galdyce's minions' experiments into vampire fertility. His experiments are failures, of course, but the waste by-product fertility contaminants entering the local watershed have produced a lot of twins in the area over the last twenty years. There's nothing wrong with the twins--they don't have special powers or deformities or anything. It's just an excuse to have a lot of twin NPCs (or PCs if my players had went for that).

    Mike Silva wrote:
    I would love to read an updated Falcon's Hollow.

    Here, Here.

    A town in Geb would be interesting to read about, as Geb as a nation appears to have gotten little love/attention thus far.

    Paizo Employee Creative Director

    3 people marked this as a favorite.
    Eric Hinkle wrote:

    Am I the only person hoping for an update on Falcon's Hollow in this book?

    Annd I can honestly say, this is something that I'd never have asked for in a million years (because I figured the response would have been a resounding "No!") -- but now that it's coming I'm really looking forward to it.

    Well... if we were going to update Falcon's Hollow, you'd think we'd go hire one of the folks who helped define that region in the first place.

    Oh. Wait.

    Kajehase wrote:

    And going with a totally random definition of town as having between 1000-2500 citizens.

    From the PF settlement rules:

    Small town 201–2,000
    Large town 2,001–5,000

    Silver Crusade

    Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
    James Jacobs wrote:
    Eric Hinkle wrote:

    Am I the only person hoping for an update on Falcon's Hollow in this book?

    Annd I can honestly say, this is something that I'd never have asked for in a million years (because I figured the response would have been a resounding "No!") -- but now that it's coming I'm really looking forward to it.

    Well... if we were going to update Falcon's Hollow, you'd think we'd go hire one of the folks who helped define that region in the first place.

    Oh. Wait.

    Who's that Longue guy on the author list, anyway? Never heard about...

    Lantern Lodge RPG Superstar 2014 Top 4

    It's Nick Lounge, get it right!!1

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