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i'm hoping we get a good satisfying answer as to where Bruce is. I can't stand a batman who just bails and is on permanent vacation. If he's pulling some kind of Ollie here where he's been pulled to another earth to help stop some super crisis... then fine.

If he's just hanging out drinking tea in Italy... that's insanely lame.

Also curious what the story will be on the sidekicks. Is there a Batgirl in this earth? Robin has been name dropped, how many of them are there?

I have a feeling this will be the kind of show that buries itself with its own easter eggs and ends up painting itself in a corner.

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I still think that Dragonlance would be terrible. Even as a trilogy it would have to cut out HUGE important sections and just be disappointing. The cartoon they made was a perfect example. Excellent cast. Good animation... and ended up... meh. Disappointing is too kind.

MAYBE Dragonlance could work as a TV series... and wrap it up in 3-4 seasons... but lets be honest. Even the BOOKS cut out major important parts. Like when the party split up and suddenly Laurana had brokered a deal with the dwarves and retrieved the magic hammer. I kept flipping around thinking I'd missed a chapter, but NOPE... just wasn't there.

That would SUCK in a movie.

Now... maybe something like Legend of Huma? I seem to remember that was a standalone novel and would be fun worldbuilding... but the war of the lance?? Easy pass.

Regardless D&D is a somewhat toxic brand so betting everything on cliffhangers and a guaranteed trilogy is foolhardy. There's no guarantee that'll ever happen.

What I want is a band of adventurers running a unique story that is NOT based off a novel that I can point out every cut line in. I want it based in a world I recognize with landmarks, npcs and monsters that I've experienced in my games. I think that's the best way to go.

Charles Scholz wrote:

Example: Origin of Doctor Doom. Victor Doom refused to listen to Reed Richards about a flaw in his experiment, which resulted in his machine exploding and his disfigurement. He then went on to become Doctor Doom.
Logic of alternate timelines argues that there is one where Victor listened to Reed, the flaw was corrected and he never became Doctor Doom.
But it is entirely possible that no alternate timeline was ever generated at that point. Thus there is no timeline where there isn't a Doctor Doom.
(BTW, there is a What If story where Victor doesn't become Doctor Doom. Don't remember the details, so I don't know if the machine exploded or not.)

I don't think there should ever be a world without a Dr. Doom. Even if Reed had pointed out the mistake and the machine didn't explode... He was always arrogant, he was always brilliant. His quest to protect Latveria and free his mother's soul would always be a part of his character.

Getting scarred and wearing the mask is the only thing that would not have happened if the machine didn't explode... everything else that makes Doom, Doom is still there. If anything having someone else catch a mistake would be humiliating and fuel his bitterness and jealousy the same as if he'd ignored it.

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Set wrote:

I just want an actual *party,* not a single hero and his tagalong sidekicks. Preferably with folk to cover the four classic roles of magic-user, fighting-man, cleric and thief. Everything else can wait for sequels, including the fancy later additions like warlocks and dragonborn.

I'm rewatching Leverage on Vudu right now and loving it all over again. Great show with a fantastic 'party'. Fighter, Thief, Hacker, mastermind, and con artist running missions. I tend to describe it as a cross between the Oceans 11 and the A-team. Everyone has a job, everyone gets the spotlight. Hard to pick your favorite character.

That's a great blueprint for a movie about an adventuring party.

Lord Fyre wrote:

I do find it somewhat alarming that the most prominent female heroes (Black Widow and Gamora) in the MCU were killed off. :(

I see it as a non-issue when they also took Iron Man, Vision and Captain America off the board at the same time. and I feel like I'm missing someone else too... IW was a blood bath and Endgame had the 'final fates' of a bunch of characters... not just the ladies.

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Vidmaster7 wrote:
I wish they would alternate more super hero's through out the show. The ghost rider episodes where some of my absolute favorite.

I'll agree with THAT. My favorite core concept of Agents of SHIELD was that they were operating in MCU dealing with problems that the Avengers don't. Ghost Rider, Blackout, Absorbing Man, etc. etc. was why I watched the show... that and Coulson. Random space adventures and Kree… is not what I like from my SHIELD show.

This season is a mixed bag. I'm enjoying the Evil Coulson storyline quite a bit.... but the Fitz-Simmons in Space is tedious. Hopefully they wrap up that little bit, get everyone on the same planet and we can get focused on a good story again. I'm 90% sure that the whole 'Fitz is dead we need to search the heavens for other fitz' was just clean up from last season. They didn't know if they were getting renewed and left that as an open ended cliffhanger in case they didn't. A way to kill a main character without Actually killing anyone... Same thing with killing Coulson. If they had known they were going to be renewed, I don't think they'd have killed him. It was just a shot at 'closure' for what looked like the series finale. It started with his resurrection, it ends with his death kind of thing.

yeah. Gamora should have just stayed dead and found a different direction to Guardians. It was a decent death that stabbed at our cores... but at the same time, her story was told. Thanos is gone, she's made up with her sister and she's romantic with Quill... Killing her off was fine with me.

Erasing it all just so we can inevitably go back to 'Quill needs to prove he's awesome to Gamora' is going to be tired quickly. Honestly I've found most of the Guardians to have diminishing returns. They were awesome and unexpected... unlike anything we'd seen in the first one... the jokes were a bit forced in the second... by Infinity War it was just a kind of dull. Quill = dumb mistakes. Drax = dumb. Rocket = talking raccoon... Gamora = Sexy warrior. When they ran into trouble with Gunn and the 3rd one was put on hold... I was fine with it. They could have ended that franchise with 2 movies + infinity war and been fine. Moved on to Nova or X-Men or some of the other bazillion properties they have.

I don't know... Thor in the movies was always pretty funny. He had some serious arcs and all but then he'd get tasered by the intern and have someone back over him with the van... Smashing the mug on the ground demanding 'another... Going to a pet shop for a 'horse or something big enough to ride... I laughed most of the way through those movies, and yeah, a lot of it is because of Hemsworth natural talent for comedy.

I DO think that Ragnarok upped it up to much... but not as much as a lot of people do. I think if they had cut back on about 8-12% of the jokes it would have been perfect. Things like Thor throwing a ball at a wall and getting knocked down... that was too much. 'Get Help?'... I loved Get help :D

DeathQuaker wrote:

Probably a better post for the Endgame thread than this one, Vid, unless it has to do with why AOS is in the setting it's in.

As for your response to me, if you read my post carefully, the thing I said pulls directly from what Endgame's writers said. The problem is it is now unclear because Word of Gods (directors vs writers) disagree on the impact. But Markus and McFeeley say it was NOT an alternate timeline. No matter how the logic of the universe was explained, the script writers had an entirely different intention. And the script writers have more authority on the subject than you do. Now, again, the directors say something different. All that means is that everything is uncertain, and Marvel creatives aren't on the same page on how their universe works. Which bodes "well" for the future.

Perhaps, getting back on subject, this is why AOS decided to increasingly deal with alternate timelines and possibilities. Because trying to tie in to a fracturing franchise where you can't get a straight answer from the highups is just too frustrating. Better to carve your own niche.

Well... I LOVE Time travel movies.. and I love Marvel, but honestly it was one of the WORST time travel 'rules' that I'd ever seen. Considering I STILL love the movie so much... just goes to show how awesome it was in all other respects.

Writers may have written it... but the director's are the ones who pieced it together and created the actual project shown to us... and by their own rules... I have to say alternate reality. I just can't picture ANY scenario where Cap lives quietly and keeps his head down for decades while bullies and evil threaten the world. It just wouldn't happen. In my head canon, Peggy AND Steve started SHIELD and he was an awesome superhero... and the only evidence I would have would be the 'extra' shield. It had to come from someplace else.

Now the real question I have... is what does that mean for AOS. I don't believe that THEIR history was affected by Endgame... but they JUST did a time breaking event of their own and now I'm curious if THEY are in an alternate universe? If they're still in the 5 year gap... some mention of the 'snap' should be mentioned somewhere... AoS has always done a great job tying in with the MCU... but this season is sticking out like a sore thumb.

Thomas Seitz wrote:


Technically Amaya has DC roots as one of the bearers of the Tanto totem...

But your point is valid in my eyes. Dunno about Blue Beetle or Booster since I'd prefer they have their own show. How about Metamorpho instead? Or maybe Atom Smasher?

They could be fun, but FX intensive... especially metamorpho. If they couldn't keep firestorm around I doubt we'd get him...

Beetle and Booster though... I just think they'd REALLY fit in. I heard someone talking about Booster getting his own show and it'd be basically time travel shenanigans where he spends a lot of time trying to fix his mistakes.. and heck, we already HAVE that show. He'd be perfect for Legends.

On a similar note... one thing I'd love to focus more on is a wider range of time periods. I loved when we had Rip Hunter, Hawkman, and WWII Vixen running around. For a team based entirely on a time ship fixing time... they don't need to all be from 2018. {The idea of the Time bureau being tied to a 2018 government funding is ridiculous... the tech and Rip were from far in the future... a time police shouldn't be bound to that. The Time Masters and Vanishing point was the right idea for that kind of organization. } But yeah, get a few more future people and a couple more from the past... Maybe bring back Jonah Hex for a season?

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DeathQuaker wrote:
If you don't like Charlie, you can just say so. :) But disliking her doesn't mean her powers or contributions aren't legit.

My point early about Charlie is that the waverider already has a thousand time appropriate costumes, the atom suit and a certified ninja. They've been doing infiltration missions from the beginning of the show without a problem.

Shapechange can be a genuine power, but it isn't one that the Legends have needed before now and would get along just fine without. And even if they brought in an actual DC character it would be different... but just a random homemade character... easy pass for me.

When Legends first started it was a team up of Atom, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, a black canary, Heat wave and Captain Cold led by Rip Hunter... As a comic fan that REALLY excited me. Now with Mona, Gary, Amaya and Charlie... it has almost completely abandoned their comic book roots. If I were in charge I would be making a point to scuttle anyone without solid comic or at least CW roots. I'd keep Ray, Sarah and Rory... maybe Constantine if we can think of a plot reason for him to be there... Add in Booster Gold and Blue Beetle maybe bring of Ralph Dibny. I'm loving that character lately and afraid he'll get lost in the shuffle over at Flash... But for a show called 'DC's Legends of Tomorrow...' I want it firmly and solidly set in DC.

Thomas Seitz wrote:

Gary and Mona just need to be done in small doses.

Charlie...not sure I'd see her as a valuable member so much as she's got some insights into magic. Which I think they don't need any more.

Yeah, Charlie didn't do anything that Constantine wasn't also there for. And Time appropriate costumes... If she was a legitimate DC character I would cut some slack... Like I do for Steel, but as is I'm bored with her.

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Man... I know Flash has made a habit of having cheesy inspirational speeches... but I'm pretty sure they went overboard this week. What were there... 3? 4? at least?? Really takes me out of the plot when every 5 minutes another character needs to get on the soapbox and rally the forces AGAIN...

Ralph was pretty awesome though. Loved him doing some deductive reasoning. I want to see more of that.

DeathQuaker wrote:
I really hope we're done with Gary and his frickin nipple.

Agreed... I truly believe that is most times I've ever heard the word 'nipple' in a 30 minute period.... O.O

Did they think it would just get funnier the more they bring it up??

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Iris continues to tick me off with just blatant... stupidity. Her daughter is gone and she'll never see her again?? yeah... except for the 2 decades you get to RAISE her... and the fact that older you can be waiting at her apartment when Barry dropped her off to CONTINUE raising her..

The only part of Nora that Iris is actually going to miss... is potentially CONCIEVING her with that girl spending so much time in the past. With 'Crisis' coming next year and the timeline shifting and ther e still being pictures of Barry and Baby Nora... She very well may have been Back to the Futuring herself out of existence...

Now BARRY has all the rights in the world to miss her because he very well MAY never see her again and lost his one chance to connect with her... but Iris?? no...

Thomas Seitz wrote:


The whole negative speed force thing is a comic construct to explain how Barry can't notice Thawne (plus why Thawne can move through time manipulation better). Mostly I'm fine with it because even though Thawne has his own, it clearly isn't something you can stay connected too.

Why should he notice anything ever? He's never shown any kind of spider-sense about time travelers before. It's just to tie in with the comic... which I really disliked. I loved John's work on Green Lantern Rebirth. Most of those retcons actually FIT the established lore for decades... but Flash Rebirth?? Too many retcons and changing things just to change them. For a story I wanted to read for 20 years, I was very disappointed in it. And yeah, when he needed Barry to get speed and siphon it off it kind of negates the whole Negative speed force...

though I DO like the red eyes bit. I never understood why Thawne had the glowing red eyes in arrowverse…

On a secondary note.. besides budget and casting... is there any reason that Thawne looks like Wells in the future? He lost that disguise at the end of season 1... and he had his 'true' face for all of the Legends series 2.... So whay is he suddenly wearing Wells disguise again at the 'end' of his life? Is this supposed to take place somewhere in the middle of his timeline?

Ava may also be be very pragmatic. The multiverse NEEDS the Time Bureau... or else it will collapse on itself. Again...

In order to keep the Bureau working, they NEED Hank Sr's money. A sketchy manipulated Time Bureau is better than no Time Bureau at all. Sara's always the kind who would tear it all down rather than go against her beliefs... but Ava doesn't have that luxury of getting on the high horse.

And besides... from her point of view, even if something bad is going on... keep the money flowing, and figure it out quietly. Don't just go rogue and (AGAIN) jeopardize EVERYTHING that ever was or will be...

Sadly this all based on the ludicrous premise that A) the Time bureau is based in 2018 in an office building funded by the government and not somewhere removed from time or somewhere in the far enough future that Tech and money aren't a problem... And B) Sara and her team weren't the worst time travelers to ever exist.

So they have to set up some goofy scenarios to make the debate 'work'... but I can see both their sides. Ava's off the rails a bit... but not COMPLETLEY OOC.

DeathQuaker wrote:

SOOO glad LoT is back.

But WTF with AvaLance, y'all? I could see Ava's POV as far as "Hank allows us to be here, we can't turn on him just like that?" but "All I'm asking you to do is turn a blind eye to highly illegal/unethical treatment of prisoners FOR LOVE," is a bit of an unreasonable ask, and one she knew Sara was not going to agree to. Ava seemed a bit ooc just to force the breakup... or she knows/is doing something we're not aware of yet.

I could see it. After all, Sara is an Ex-league of Shadows assassin who willing hangs out with Rory of all people and her entire purpose is to be the grayest of the 'good guys'...

And I REALLY loved the line that was something like "So WHAT?? Last month you were sending them to HELL... when did we start caring about the monsters?? "

It really is pushing Sara into defining exactly who she wants to be. Is she a part of the Time bureau determined to save mankind from temporal/supernatural threats... or is she a loose cannon with a time machine who does whatever she wants, whenever she wants without regard for any authority...

Thomas Seitz wrote:

Right now I'm not convinced Barry CAN handle anything by himself because he's not fighting Speedsters.

I think season has been the best for Barry yet. There's something about throwing him that daughter that really made him step up as a hero. He just seems more confident. The legitimate mentor, teacher her the tricks and methods and how to be a hero herself... and just how dangerous time travel is...

HE'S not the one making stupid mistakes this season. He's not the one who needs a mentor to tell him some super secret new speed trick... He's more the comic Barry that I used to know.

Now... why they couldn't have mature that way when Wally was around getting trained i'm not sure. There's still some bad there... but it's first season in a long time that gives me hope for the character...

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Lord Fyre wrote:
Thomas Seitz wrote:
All I know is now I want more Carol Danvers...

Given the MASSIVE success of the film, you will almost certainly get your wish. ;)

Did you also notice that in the new cycle of Avengers the core trio is:
Captain Marvel replaces Captain America - the Leader
Black Panther replaces Thor - the Mythic Figure
Dr. Strange replaces Iron Man - The Brash Genius

I'm not sure who the "lower" trio is:

The Brute - The Hulk - ??
The Spy - Black Widow - ??
?? - Hawkeye - ??

I'd reverse Cap and Thor. Black Panther is the new improved Supersoldier peak fighter... even having them run side by side and outdistancing everyone else in IW....

and Carol is the cosmic power house that tear up an alien armada like a full powered Thor cutting loose.

Chris Mortika wrote:

<quote>Fantastic Four is uneven if only because it seems like Doom didn't EXACTLY plan for everything...but some how lucked his way into it.</quote>

That seems consistent with most iterations of the good doctor: happy to take credit for good luck, while promising great things when bad luck hits.

That's tough to argue with. Doom is one of the all time greatest Marvel villains... but he is never as thorough, awesome or brilliant as Doom proclaims Doom is.

There's always SOME line of thought that he didn't plan for that the heroes can exploit.

I don't really see a point to the outsiders... or even the League when that's what he's been doing all along. I mean... except for some name recognition, what's the difference between the League or the outsiders and 'Team Arrow'?

He's just crawling with teammates and sidekicks every time we turn around... There wouldn't

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Derklord wrote:
phantom1592 wrote:
In time every player everywhere will know about silver weapons for werewolves and wooden stakes for vampires or fire for trolls... it's just common knowledge. A good player still feigns ignorance if the CHARACTER can't figure it out... but sometimes outside knowledge can't be helped.
If it's common knowledge, it should be common knowledge in-universe, too. If you are an adventurer in a world where lycanthropes, trolls, fey, various undead, etc. exist, not knowing the basic strengths/weaknesses means your character is unfit for the job. Such things are setting dependent, of course - my current campaign is set in medieval scotland, and the PCs had no reason to believe that the trolls they were fighting had regeneration as that's not based on european myths (FIY, they didn't). A golarion based character with a positive int modifier should know that, unless they come from a region where trolls aren't found.

I'm pretty sure that's what the DC 10 is for. Common knowledge that anyone can get whether they're trained in a knowledge or not.

But level one adventures straight off the farm... may listen to the occasional tavern tale, but there's no guarantee that those tales weren't embellished or just plain wrong.

Joynt Jezebel wrote:

I have argued that Knowledge Skill Local should apply to every skill roll that applies to something that happens in the local area.

This is entirely logical imho and I am yet to hear any real argument to the contrary. However, I am also yet to encounter a GM that will allow it to work. Puzzling.

I think the biggest issue with Knowledge Local is the name. When we tried to identify two-headed giants on the moon... somehow it was still knowledge Local O.o

They've both tried to make it a catchall and also diversify a dozen other skills that should be 'local' into other catagories. It's just messy.

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Joynt Jezebel wrote:

I have argued that Knowledge Skill Local should apply to every skill roll that applies to something that happens in the local area.

This is entirely logical imho and I am yet to hear any real argument to the contrary. However, I am also yet to encounter a GM that will allow it to work. Puzzling.

I think the biggest issue with Knowledge Local is the name. When we tried to identify two-headed giants on the moon... somehow it was still knowledge Local O.o

They've both tried to make it a catchall and also diversify a dozen other skills that should be 'local' into other catagories. It's just messy.

Kokuyo75 wrote:

Hi, I'm a new pathfinder player. This is an etiquette question.

There are many rulebooks and many web resources available with information about pathfinder things, such as spells, tips, rule interpretations, monster information,...
The "core" rulebook is clearly designed for all players to read. But should players access Bestiary books or forums during gameplay? Is this an area where GMs have different opinions (the GM is always right, of course, and they spend so much time on the game they area completely entitled to have rules, but I wonder if there is a consensus).

I think the technical opinion is 'It depends on the player'? Myself, I do not like it when players know much more than their characters should. and if they DO know something... they need to keep it bottled up and rely on what their character knows. There are rules for what a character knows and they're based on skill checks. Ideally the players have no business in the bestiary books.

That's in a perfect world. Reality is, that undead and monsters that your character has never before encountered... are the same ones that you ran into with DIFFERENT characters in the last three campaigns. In time every player everywhere will know about silver weapons for werewolves and wooden stakes for vampires or fire for trolls... it's just common knowledge. A good player still feigns ignorance if the CHARACTER can't figure it out... but sometimes outside knowledge can't be helped.

Now world building stuff? I'm all for players reading up on the towns and gods and kings and stuff if it helps builds a better character and enhances the game play... but don't go spouting off about the secret conspiracies and hidden tunnels in the castle... that's just plain wrong. Most of these books are pretty clear with what should be open to players and what are GM tools.

Still... it depends on the players.

Slim Jim wrote:
Ryze Kuja wrote:
Emergency Force Sphere + Dimension Door = who cares who wins initiative

That. Right there.

YOU ARE A SPELLCASTER in an open arena where the poor bastard cannot hide from you. If he doesn't have Hide in Plain Sight (via some mechanism), he's utterly and thoroughly screwed. (He's a rogue; hit him with will-save magic, then do whatever you like.)

My first instinct too. Having played both a rogue and a sorcerer... in a situation where the rogue has no flanking buddy and in an open area to negate the stealth... I definitely put the advantage with the caster. He MAY get one good hit if he wins initative, but after that? Should be all Sorcerer.

Mac is pretty awesome, but Daisy has gone from mild annoyance to outright hatred for me. The more she's on the screen... the more I dislike that character.

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Damon Griffin wrote:
*Which reminds me: before Diaz came along I was similarly sick of Damien Darkh.

I cut some slack to Darkh since he actually DOES have powers. And he's got charisma for days. He was a lot of fun to watch even if he dragged on and on as a main villain.

Ed Reppert wrote:
Hm. I may have to go back and binge season 5, 'cause I don't remember that.

Yep... long story short, Most of the agents were zapped to the future. Fitz took the long way by being in suspended animation until the future.

'future' fitz died in the finale when they all remembered 'HEY... 2016 Fitz is still flying around in a box out there just waiting for us to find him...

Since we can change time, let's go do that!!'

Personally Coulson has always been my favorite character in AoS… Him being 'dead' annoys me and really diminishes my interest. However He still seems to make a few appearances, so MAYBE it'll be enough?? Time will tell. If they are wrapping up the story, I'll probably stick it out, but if they want me for a season 7, I'm going to need some serious Coulson appearances. :)

thejeff wrote:

I really think to make Captain Marvel work, you've got to embrace the silly of the old concept, at least to some extent. Don't try to go all gritty. Bring in the Marvel Family and Talky Tawny and use the weird villains and all.

I want them fighting a talking caterpillar, damn it.

I'm a firm believer that this applies to most if not all comics :P

Captain Marvel may have a core of fun silly stories.. but so does Superman vs. Giant gorillas from space and Batman fighting Crazy Quilt... the more serious and gritty you make a character who dresses like a Bat and has a kid sidekick... the more the properties start to crack under the scrutiny.

DeathQuaker wrote:
I am a bit (but only a bit) baffled as to why suddenly a bunch of folks are up in arms about rights that were lost decades ago--many of whom weren't even born when all this stuff happened. Fawcett's Captain Marvel goes back to 1939, and ceased publication in 1953 due, in part, to the copyright strike. It was mostly forgotten when Marvel began publishing comics with Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) in 1967 (Carol Danvers as a character appeared in 1968, but didn't get her powers until later and of course didn't take on the mantle until the 21st Century, but there have been many Captain Marvels before her in Marvel comics). DC Comics didn't acquire the license to the Fawcett Captain Marvel and the Shazam family until a few years later in 1972; and they published his stories in a comic book called "Shazam!" They didn't get the full rights until 1991. And so for many fans of the Shazam family, they never were even introduced to them or heard of them until after Marvel's Captain Marvel was well established. It's a shame it gets so confusing, but it's an issue that is literally older than I am and probably most people in this forum. Was there huge "that's not Billy Batson!" fallout when Monica Rambeau became Marvel's Captain Marvel in 1982?

The rights issues were dealt with and juggled for decades just fine though.

DC can't use the name "Captain Marvel" in their advertising... that's fine. The book was called "Power of Shazam" or "with one magic word... SHAZAM!" or something of that nature... but the CHARACTER was still always referred to as Captain Marvel in the book. It's only since Infinite Crisis that DC just gave up and scuttled decades worth of history to change the name of the core character in his franchise.

Even the old Super Powers toy listed him as 'Shazam' on the cover... but on the file card on the back it calls him Captain Marvel. So 'legally' they can pretty much do what they want. There have always been loopholes to jump through and they used to do it just fine. Now they've given up and it annoys a lot of people.

Personally, I think the best compromise would have been to drop or distance themselves from the 'Marvel' part, but kept calling him 'Captain' any way. That's how most of his buddies would refer to him in the story.

DeathQuaker wrote:

Oh COME ON. You have a huge caravan of a bajillion police cars and armored cars, and all of you GET OUT OF THE CAR, ONE AT A TIME to confront the crazy lady who jumps up and attacks the one cop who approaches him? Not ONE thought, "Hey, she just killed a cop and I'm in an armored vehicle, I can just run her over in self defense now." Their lampshading it by having the one guy say, "Just drive past" just made it worse, because it just drew attention to how stupid they were being. While I can see ONE car pulling aside to investigate, they all should not have stopped. That was just STUPID, and totally pulled me out of the whole scenario. (Not to mention, it seems weird that Black Lightning wouldn't have followed just to be sure nothing stupid happened.)

Not to mention, Freeland reminds me of the city I live in, and in the city I live in, the cops definitely would have just drove on by.

They REALLY should have written that whole scene/handover WAAY differently. Hell, just having Khalili leave and be caught would have made way more sense.

Otherwise, I'm glad to see the show return. Lynn FTW. Looking forward to Jennifer slowly developing into Lightning.

No defense for poor writing... but I don't think there's ever a legal defense of 'Run her over with a car in Self defense'...

At least I wouldn't want ot be the defense attorney bringing that up :D

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Honestly one of my favorite systems was the West End D6 Star Wars system. We had a LOT of fun with that game. Rather than adapt a lot to a new system, I recommend tracking down that.

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Grand Magus wrote:

I rate "Solo: A Star Wars Story" 99/100. (-1 for no nudity.)

I hope they make the next one too.


I loved it too... though I didn't want there to be nudity :P

On that note... I hope they do NOT make another one. It filled in all the holes I want filled in. Covered all the points I was hoping to see... and I'm perfectly content going from Solo straight into New Hope and calling a day :D

Greylurker wrote:

Young Justice was pretty good.

some minor character changes (Cassie is now Zeus's Granddaughter) but over all it felt really good.

Little wordy but good

and I loved how they handled Impulse, a lot of energy in those pages.

Plus I kind of like Jinny Hex. Young lady who's "super-power" Is an old trunk full of stuff Great Great Grand daddy found, back in the day

How are they doing the ages? It looked like Bart, Connor and Tim were all regressed much younger than they were the last time we saw those three... Is that accurate?

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Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
It's odd how rarely I hear fans lament about why a new male hero or villain is being introduced, when the Big Two are neck deep in existing male characters that are available. Huh, weird.

Really?? I hear it all the time. Every time a new character is introduced.. anywhere... of any gender... People come out of the woodwork about how they'd rather see their favorite character come off the bench than have some NEW character take their place.

Usually, because whatever niche this new character fills... has already been filled by someone else. It's the GIJoe/Transformers issue. There are SOOOOO Many characters, that whatever you thought of new, already exists. You want to make a new Scuba/Ninja/communications/medic type character?? Well the Joes ALREADY have that specialist, why not use THEM!

I think that is just D'Onofrio bringing his own baggage to the role then. Nothing about Young Fisk ever really showed any kind of spectrum... and the source material of the Comics never went that route either. Young Fisk was poor, and bullied and fat and pushed too far and killed his dad.
… Then you started to see a shift in mentality.

Prior to that snap, he was just a normal kid in a crappy situation. Pretty much the same as Murdock... which I think is what we were supposed to connect. They have that 'two sides of the same coin'... / 'If things ahd been different that could have been me' thing going on.

If you were making a NG elven sherlock Holmes/detective type of character, who do think you would use for a deity for him?

I was kind of hoping for some kind of knowledge or history or science type.. but the closest I could think was Irori, for self perfection but he's not really a very 'physical' character.

I think 45 hours is much too long. That's longer than the Hobbit and Lord of the rings epic put together... it's longer than ALL the Star Wars movies put together...

I really don't think there is near enough story there to keep people interested. Especially if they really don't care for some of the shows. I'm to the point now where I'm bored with Black Lightning and actively dislike Supergirl. You may draw me in with a crossover for an episode or two... but I don't want to be forced into the whole bloody season.

Ummmm… anyone else a bit disappointed with the JWS Flash part? I really wanted to see more of him... or SOMETHING...

I only hope he comes back for next years... I'm not sure this cameo was worth the trouble of recreating the suit for... :(

Greylurker wrote:

I gotta hand it to Nora's actor. You could really fee the fear when she found herself looking at the Reverse Flash.

but there is one moment there that really worries me. It's when Thawn called her Dawn, followed by that moment of confusion when she called herself Nora. Confusion followed by....joy.

that moment gave me chills

For me it was when he said "Well it looks like you still have one..." or something like that. So in Thawne's original timeline Dawn and Don the tornado twins were still a thing, Now... just Nora.

I think that's all about Thawne killing Barry's mother. If his mother hadn't died a horrible death... he probably wouldn't have named his daughter after her. Just a shout out that Barry isn't the ONLY speedster that's screwed with the timeline :D I think maybe that Joy was knowing that his screwing with Barry cost him a son....

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GreenDragon1133 wrote:

Hard to transmute when half of you is on the jumpship and the other half is in the field.

Or half of you is in the field and the other half is in the lab.

Or... any other excuse because the show doesn't have the budget for Firestorm but put him on the show anyway.

Man... I HATED the way they did in the last season.

Martin: I have a family now and would really like to retire and see them....

Jax: But I want to keep being a time traveling super hero!!!

Martin: Ok... I'll spend all season trying to fix it so you can be firestorm on your own... until I'm gunned down and die

Jax: Y'know... I think I should probably retire....

UGHHHH!H!!!! If they had just retired from the start... they MAY still be alive for guest spots and crossovers... just saying!!!

Hama wrote:
Honestly I stopped watching after episode one this season. Up until this season, I thought the show addressed stuff mostly well, a little anviliciously but still well and not too on the nose. I just couldn't keep watching.

Yep, me too. Actually, I got burned out about last season but some how pushed my way through... though with as many fights as they had against the world ender... I'm not 100% sure I saw the finale or not.

I find the politics way too heavy handed and I literally can not STAND Alex. Season 1 was my favorite CW season for any of their shows... It was so upbeat and happy. Origin was nearly non-existent. She had been on earth long enough to know her powers and she was just eager to help because she just wanted to help people... I loved it. And I DO agree that Melissa Benoit just sells it. Perfect casting! But by season 4... the premire came... and went... and then the next 8 episodes and I just haven't had a desire to see any of them.

At least not till the crossover...

Yeah gotta agree. I don't mind the dynamic they're doing with the Time Bureau... or even that it's funded by a government, but I'd rather it was based out of like 2350 or 4245. Time Travel should be based in the future or it just feels weird.

Rysky wrote:
Yeah, if only there would be a way to reintroduce him to the series. Wow, wouldn't that be cool, having a villain that could keep coming back...

That seems pretty unlikely. I don't see season 2 building up to this massively epic boss battle only to bring him back in season 3. I can't think of any way to do that without making that whole season feel cheap and meaningless.

UNLESS.... They go the video game route and skip ahead 100 years. Have Alucard track down Trevor's Grandson Simon Belmont because some prophecy says Dracula is returning. 100 years of peace would make the first fight feel like it meant something while still bringing back Drac. Still feels unlikely with the Carmilla subplot/buildup.

Zhangar wrote:

Season 2 felt... cheap? ... in some odd ways. (Like introducing an entire court of exotic vampires, and only giving two of them - Carmilla and Godbrand - names and voice actors.)

I thought season 2 was kind of dragging until we get to Ep. 7.

** spoiler omitted **

But I generally came out of season 2 feeling like it was mostly spent setting up a season 3.


I was annoyed at season 1 for being 4 measly episodes that went nowhere... and then Season 2 gave us 8 episodes that were drawn out padding. What was it? 3 episodes of sitting in a library? Feels like at least one of the episodes was Dracula walking down a hallway slowly...

Typical Anime slow movement and sitting there thinking to themselves... Then when the action started... AWESOME. I love me some castlevania, but man... this would have been a better 2-3 hour movie then it did 6 hour series.

As for season 3? Dracula's toast, and I couldn't care less about Camilla.

Okay... he didn't do a LOT, but he sure looked insanely CREEPY doing it :D

Here's hoping for Heroes for Hire!!! This only feeds my speculation. At least a lot more than if only ONE had been canceled.

My hopes are for Luke Cage and Iron Fist to merge.. and frankly I hope Jessica Jones goes away too... just because I hate that one. But LC and IF I love the characters and actors. Hopefully something works out.

Maybe get a Moon Knight or Blade series going in the open slots.

Thomas Seitz wrote:
Dick might be alive, but clearly it has changed him with a combination amnesia and personality shift towards more Jason Todd type deal.

Yeah.... but it reminds me of 'superior spider-man' where it's obviously a temporary thing before he gets back to his tradional self.

Could be a fun ride if it's short enough.

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I'm hoping Luke Cage follows suit and they just join up for a new Heroes for Hire series. I always liked that version of Danny, hope he fits in other places now.

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