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I still think that Dragonlance would be terrible. Even as a trilogy it would have to cut out HUGE important sections and just be disappointing. The cartoon they made was a perfect example. Excellent cast. Good animation... and ended up... meh. Disappointing is too kind.

MAYBE Dragonlance could work as a TV series... and wrap it up in 3-4 seasons... but lets be honest. Even the BOOKS cut out major important parts. Like when the party split up and suddenly Laurana had brokered a deal with the dwarves and retrieved the magic hammer. I kept flipping around thinking I'd missed a chapter, but NOPE... just wasn't there.

That would SUCK in a movie.

Now... maybe something like Legend of Huma? I seem to remember that was a standalone novel and would be fun worldbuilding... but the war of the lance?? Easy pass.

Regardless D&D is a somewhat toxic brand so betting everything on cliffhangers and a guaranteed trilogy is foolhardy. There's no guarantee that'll ever happen.

What I want is a band of adventurers running a unique story that is NOT based off a novel that I can point out every cut line in. I want it based in a world I recognize with landmarks, npcs and monsters that I've experienced in my games. I think that's the best way to go.

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Set wrote:

I just want an actual *party,* not a single hero and his tagalong sidekicks. Preferably with folk to cover the four classic roles of magic-user, fighting-man, cleric and thief. Everything else can wait for sequels, including the fancy later additions like warlocks and dragonborn.

I'm rewatching Leverage on Vudu right now and loving it all over again. Great show with a fantastic 'party'. Fighter, Thief, Hacker, mastermind, and con artist running missions. I tend to describe it as a cross between the Oceans 11 and the A-team. Everyone has a job, everyone gets the spotlight. Hard to pick your favorite character.

That's a great blueprint for a movie about an adventuring party.

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Vidmaster7 wrote:
I wish they would alternate more super hero's through out the show. The ghost rider episodes where some of my absolute favorite.

I'll agree with THAT. My favorite core concept of Agents of SHIELD was that they were operating in MCU dealing with problems that the Avengers don't. Ghost Rider, Blackout, Absorbing Man, etc. etc. was why I watched the show... that and Coulson. Random space adventures and Kree… is not what I like from my SHIELD show.

This season is a mixed bag. I'm enjoying the Evil Coulson storyline quite a bit.... but the Fitz-Simmons in Space is tedious. Hopefully they wrap up that little bit, get everyone on the same planet and we can get focused on a good story again. I'm 90% sure that the whole 'Fitz is dead we need to search the heavens for other fitz' was just clean up from last season. They didn't know if they were getting renewed and left that as an open ended cliffhanger in case they didn't. A way to kill a main character without Actually killing anyone... Same thing with killing Coulson. If they had known they were going to be renewed, I don't think they'd have killed him. It was just a shot at 'closure' for what looked like the series finale. It started with his resurrection, it ends with his death kind of thing.

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DeathQuaker wrote:
If you don't like Charlie, you can just say so. :) But disliking her doesn't mean her powers or contributions aren't legit.

My point early about Charlie is that the waverider already has a thousand time appropriate costumes, the atom suit and a certified ninja. They've been doing infiltration missions from the beginning of the show without a problem.

Shapechange can be a genuine power, but it isn't one that the Legends have needed before now and would get along just fine without. And even if they brought in an actual DC character it would be different... but just a random homemade character... easy pass for me.

When Legends first started it was a team up of Atom, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, a black canary, Heat wave and Captain Cold led by Rip Hunter... As a comic fan that REALLY excited me. Now with Mona, Gary, Amaya and Charlie... it has almost completely abandoned their comic book roots. If I were in charge I would be making a point to scuttle anyone without solid comic or at least CW roots. I'd keep Ray, Sarah and Rory... maybe Constantine if we can think of a plot reason for him to be there... Add in Booster Gold and Blue Beetle maybe bring of Ralph Dibny. I'm loving that character lately and afraid he'll get lost in the shuffle over at Flash... But for a show called 'DC's Legends of Tomorrow...' I want it firmly and solidly set in DC.

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Man... I know Flash has made a habit of having cheesy inspirational speeches... but I'm pretty sure they went overboard this week. What were there... 3? 4? at least?? Really takes me out of the plot when every 5 minutes another character needs to get on the soapbox and rally the forces AGAIN...

Ralph was pretty awesome though. Loved him doing some deductive reasoning. I want to see more of that.

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Iris continues to tick me off with just blatant... stupidity. Her daughter is gone and she'll never see her again?? yeah... except for the 2 decades you get to RAISE her... and the fact that older you can be waiting at her apartment when Barry dropped her off to CONTINUE raising her..

The only part of Nora that Iris is actually going to miss... is potentially CONCIEVING her with that girl spending so much time in the past. With 'Crisis' coming next year and the timeline shifting and ther e still being pictures of Barry and Baby Nora... She very well may have been Back to the Futuring herself out of existence...

Now BARRY has all the rights in the world to miss her because he very well MAY never see her again and lost his one chance to connect with her... but Iris?? no...

Thomas Seitz wrote:


The whole negative speed force thing is a comic construct to explain how Barry can't notice Thawne (plus why Thawne can move through time manipulation better). Mostly I'm fine with it because even though Thawne has his own, it clearly isn't something you can stay connected too.

Why should he notice anything ever? He's never shown any kind of spider-sense about time travelers before. It's just to tie in with the comic... which I really disliked. I loved John's work on Green Lantern Rebirth. Most of those retcons actually FIT the established lore for decades... but Flash Rebirth?? Too many retcons and changing things just to change them. For a story I wanted to read for 20 years, I was very disappointed in it. And yeah, when he needed Barry to get speed and siphon it off it kind of negates the whole Negative speed force...

though I DO like the red eyes bit. I never understood why Thawne had the glowing red eyes in arrowverse…

On a secondary note.. besides budget and casting... is there any reason that Thawne looks like Wells in the future? He lost that disguise at the end of season 1... and he had his 'true' face for all of the Legends series 2.... So whay is he suddenly wearing Wells disguise again at the 'end' of his life? Is this supposed to take place somewhere in the middle of his timeline?

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Lord Fyre wrote:
Thomas Seitz wrote:
All I know is now I want more Carol Danvers...

Given the MASSIVE success of the film, you will almost certainly get your wish. ;)

Did you also notice that in the new cycle of Avengers the core trio is:
Captain Marvel replaces Captain America - the Leader
Black Panther replaces Thor - the Mythic Figure
Dr. Strange replaces Iron Man - The Brash Genius

I'm not sure who the "lower" trio is:

The Brute - The Hulk - ??
The Spy - Black Widow - ??
?? - Hawkeye - ??

I'd reverse Cap and Thor. Black Panther is the new improved Supersoldier peak fighter... even having them run side by side and outdistancing everyone else in IW....

and Carol is the cosmic power house that tear up an alien armada like a full powered Thor cutting loose.

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Derklord wrote:
phantom1592 wrote:
In time every player everywhere will know about silver weapons for werewolves and wooden stakes for vampires or fire for trolls... it's just common knowledge. A good player still feigns ignorance if the CHARACTER can't figure it out... but sometimes outside knowledge can't be helped.
If it's common knowledge, it should be common knowledge in-universe, too. If you are an adventurer in a world where lycanthropes, trolls, fey, various undead, etc. exist, not knowing the basic strengths/weaknesses means your character is unfit for the job. Such things are setting dependent, of course - my current campaign is set in medieval scotland, and the PCs had no reason to believe that the trolls they were fighting had regeneration as that's not based on european myths (FIY, they didn't). A golarion based character with a positive int modifier should know that, unless they come from a region where trolls aren't found.

I'm pretty sure that's what the DC 10 is for. Common knowledge that anyone can get whether they're trained in a knowledge or not.

But level one adventures straight off the farm... may listen to the occasional tavern tale, but there's no guarantee that those tales weren't embellished or just plain wrong.

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Joynt Jezebel wrote:

I have argued that Knowledge Skill Local should apply to every skill roll that applies to something that happens in the local area.

This is entirely logical imho and I am yet to hear any real argument to the contrary. However, I am also yet to encounter a GM that will allow it to work. Puzzling.

I think the biggest issue with Knowledge Local is the name. When we tried to identify two-headed giants on the moon... somehow it was still knowledge Local O.o

They've both tried to make it a catchall and also diversify a dozen other skills that should be 'local' into other catagories. It's just messy.

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Damon Griffin wrote:
*Which reminds me: before Diaz came along I was similarly sick of Damien Darkh.

I cut some slack to Darkh since he actually DOES have powers. And he's got charisma for days. He was a lot of fun to watch even if he dragged on and on as a main villain.

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Honestly one of my favorite systems was the West End D6 Star Wars system. We had a LOT of fun with that game. Rather than adapt a lot to a new system, I recommend tracking down that.

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Grand Magus wrote:

I rate "Solo: A Star Wars Story" 99/100. (-1 for no nudity.)

I hope they make the next one too.


I loved it too... though I didn't want there to be nudity :P

On that note... I hope they do NOT make another one. It filled in all the holes I want filled in. Covered all the points I was hoping to see... and I'm perfectly content going from Solo straight into New Hope and calling a day :D

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Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
It's odd how rarely I hear fans lament about why a new male hero or villain is being introduced, when the Big Two are neck deep in existing male characters that are available. Huh, weird.

Really?? I hear it all the time. Every time a new character is introduced.. anywhere... of any gender... People come out of the woodwork about how they'd rather see their favorite character come off the bench than have some NEW character take their place.

Usually, because whatever niche this new character fills... has already been filled by someone else. It's the GIJoe/Transformers issue. There are SOOOOO Many characters, that whatever you thought of new, already exists. You want to make a new Scuba/Ninja/communications/medic type character?? Well the Joes ALREADY have that specialist, why not use THEM!

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GreenDragon1133 wrote:

Hard to transmute when half of you is on the jumpship and the other half is in the field.

Or half of you is in the field and the other half is in the lab.

Or... any other excuse because the show doesn't have the budget for Firestorm but put him on the show anyway.

Man... I HATED the way they did in the last season.

Martin: I have a family now and would really like to retire and see them....

Jax: But I want to keep being a time traveling super hero!!!

Martin: Ok... I'll spend all season trying to fix it so you can be firestorm on your own... until I'm gunned down and die

Jax: Y'know... I think I should probably retire....

UGHHHH!H!!!! If they had just retired from the start... they MAY still be alive for guest spots and crossovers... just saying!!!

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I'm hoping Luke Cage follows suit and they just join up for a new Heroes for Hire series. I always liked that version of Danny, hope he fits in other places now.

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Ravingdork wrote:

I liked the way Star Wars Saga handled it. The amount of healing wasn't based on the healer, but on the healed.

Applied to Pathfinder, it might looks something like this:

Cure light wounds = heals target's level* in hit points x2
Cure moderate wounds = heals target's level in hit points x5
Cure serious wounds = heals target's level in hit points x10
Cure critical wounds = heals target's level in hit points x20
Heal = heals all of the target's hit points

* Or hit dice as appropriate, for monsters and the like

I like this a lot. Something always seemed off about the way that CLW could almost heal you full at 1st level but was nearly worthless at 12th. I'm a big fan of spells that scale up as the game goes and are just as useful at end game as they are at the beginning.

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sherlock1701 wrote:
PossibleCabbage wrote:
dying so you have to get a new character is especially not fun.
As though I don't have 3 fully fleshed out backup characters I'm dying to try in play at any given moment. Usually quite happy to meet a glorious demise. Building and experimenting with characters is the best aspect of Pathfinder.

Ughhhh… Totally disagree. In D&D 2E I was all about having multiple characters at the drop of a hat... and if one died in a game I could have another ready in 20 minutes.

Pathfinder?? Creating characters... and sometimes even leveling up characters is a DRAG... It takes me DAYS to work out the mechanics and even they won't end up optimized in any way. Trying to make one from scratch and put him at level 5 or 7 or whatever... that's the stuff of nightmares.

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Marc Radle wrote:
Hama wrote:

Please not dragonlance

OK, since you've repeated this again in this thread, I'll again say:

The original DragonLance trilogy is a fine epic story with extremely compelling characters. A well done DragonLance movie has all the potential to be fantastic!

Heck, the original DragonLance trilogy was EXTREMELY popular and was an absolute financial hit. A well done live-action movie (or movies) with great effects and quality actors would have a strong potential to be very successful

It's the well done aspect that I have my doubts about. I love the original trilogy, and I love the follow up twins trilogy... but I think there's just too much there for a solid movie. Too big a party, too many subplots, too much worldbuilding and then destroying... The amount that they would have to cut or whittle down or combine to make it feasible... also makes it not worth doing.

Like I said before, we got an animated version that was just a shadow of what it should have been.... and it had a fantastic cast and I actually agreed with the cuts they'd made and was really the best directorial choices to make it work... and it still felt FLAT and kind of dull. If they wanted to make a series out of something like this... where each season was a book, that could be pretty awesome. However, I still hold Lord of the Rings up as the benchmark. Don't do anything more ambitious than THAT project

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Hama wrote:

Please not dragonlance

Agreed. The animated movie is about as good as they could turn that book into a show... and it was less than stellar.

Hopefully they'll make a completely original story with a cool party and epic quest. Something with a beginning middle and end and have potential for more stories... but not 'part one of three'

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The party had found a few ancient Thassalonian wands. The alchemist with a massive UMD can only fail with a result of 1.

Which she did making it unusable for 24 hours... then grabs the another wand and AGAIN rolls a 1.

Me: She's using the wrong codeword!!!

Alchemist: All the passwords are XIN...

Me: YEs... but in Thassalonian… Xin begins with an "I"!!

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yep, saw it this weekend. I enjoyed it a lot.

There were so many things that I could have HATED about it... but they didn't do it.

Han not Flying the ship. Han cheating to win the falcon. Han taking a backseat to the new girl in his own movie... Han and Chewie meeting...

So many rumored pitfalls that could have ruined the movie for me... but they dodged them all. What I wanted to see I saw... what I never wanted in the movie... wasn't there...

THIS felt like a movie made by a fan of the original series. Not someone trying to reinvent a wheel... or put their own mark on it... It begins where it has to, Ends where it has to and includes what we want to see.

Frankly it's a prequel the likes that Star Wars has never seen O.O

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Ed Reppert wrote:
Sez who? :-)

Agreed. There are two things to remember when watching this finale.

1) They didn't know if they were getting renewed, so it had to work as a series Finale too


2) They WERE renewed. So anything can happen next year.

At the end of the day, there was one death and it didn't matter. We have everyone still standing as they fly off into the sunset. It really was an excellent finale. If they wanted to turn it into a comic book for season 6, Coulson would be fixed and good to go by issue 3. no reason they can't do the same thing on screen.

It MAY cheapen the ending here... but most shows don't care about that in the grand scheme of things. Just what will get people to tune in to the NEW season, and Coulson is a major draw.

I don't count him out till I see a cold dead corpse.... and even then I'm skeptical. Walking off into the beach?? That's a clean getaway. Heck... for all WE know he was placed back into the TAHITI simulation with May added in this time. That green screening was pretty suspect ;)

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Bah, anyone can roll a 1... and I always got the impression MOST of these characters dumped wisdom :P

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ROFL!!!!! Best cliffhanger ever.

So now Barry gets to be on the receiving end of an Allen going back in time with good intentions only to mess up the timeline!!


REALLY hope Ralph gets some serious exposure next year. I think he was favorite part of this season. I mean... they still couldn't decide if they wanted Ralph or Plastic Man and kept combining them... but it WORKED...

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Fandabidozi wrote:
I’m just starting the New 52 (about 15 titles) after a long hiatus. I’m enjoying Action Comics, Superman is a hard slog so far tho. Does Superman get better or should I skip it until Rebirth?

Well, I didn't actually read it... but from what I heard people really liked how Morrison started and complained how it turned out later.

So if the beginning isn't hooking you, I wouldn't count on improvements...

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Thomas Seitz wrote:

Yes I am aware much of what we get from Ghost Rider came from Danny Ketch, not Johnny Blaze. But things evolve over time. Or have you forgotten about when Cap was Nomad?

Mmmmm… not really sure the correlation there. Cap evolved then went back to normal sure... But Ghost Rider has pretty much just become a template with whatever secret identity they want to slap on him.

For example... Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider was possessed by the demon Zarathos. He could generate a motorcycle out of fire. He could shoot fire out of his hands... he wore the blue stunt rider suit.

He had a TON of writers in his first 3 years, so his stories were ALL over the place where he sometimes showed up when it was dark... sometimes when he was angry... sometimes when evil was around... they tried a dozen things before they settled on a solid concept... those early issues were WILD...

Danny Ketch was NOT a demon. He was the 'spirit of Vengeneance' who showed up when innocent blood was spilled. He used a mystic chain to beat the crap out of people. he had the penance stare. His bike transformed from normal bike to hellbike (which some of the early Johnny books did too, but 'create hellbike' became iconic.

People love 'Johnny Blaze' as a character. the Daredevil stunt rider is a cool twist... but that's ALL they like. The Ghost Rider who is NOT evil, the chains, the spikes, the stare... That was all Danny but has been totally usurped by Blaze in the movies and any comics post 2000.

When people think 'Ghost Rider'... it's Ketch's Rider they're thinking of, not the maniacal demon Zarathos who just wants to break free of Blaze's control and run rampant on the innocents. But Danny as a 'secret Id' was really boring. So they just smushed the two together.

Reye's isn't much different. in the comics theres' a lot of disconnect... but in Agents of Shield, He used the chain, had an actual skull and not a racing helmet... and was a pretty kick butt cool if 'traditional' Ghost Rider.

If they jettison Ketch and keep Reye's with the same attitude as all the any other Ghost Rider... and had Blaze on a bike right next to him, as a new 'Spirits of Vengeance' team, I'm pretty sure most people could be happy with the result.

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Set wrote:
Thomas Seitz wrote:

May, at some point, transitioned from badass to memetic badass (tell, don't show), and I'm less impressed with her than I was. The line, 'I'll take a gun if I need one,' particularly grates my cheese. She was super-practical, for a long time, now she's just kind of being cocky and overconfident, and I don't like that, since it suggests that she's due for a comeuppance (and if she *doesn't* get a comeuppance, it's just bad writing! If there's one thing I hate more than a character I like making bad decisions, it's a character making bad decisions and being rewarded for it by the writing!).

To be fair she's always been Cocky and overconfident. One of my favorite 'May lines' was in that episode that Lorelia mind-whammied Ward.

*Slightly paraphrased*

"Ward will kill you"

"Ward won't kill me."

"Don't underestimate her power over him. He obeys her now."

"I didn't say he wouldn't TRY to kill me..."

And then to be fair... lost that fight. Didn't die, but did get her butt kicked pretty hard.

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Let's split the difference. Coulson lives forever... Daisy dies a horrible death :D


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As much as I'm against the heroes killing as a rule... From Yo Yo's perspective She was probably right.

1) She was a serious threat thrashing her allies.

2) Either Ruby is the destroyer of worlds, or Quake is if she uses her powers...

2) Ruby is a psycho who maimed her.

Quake wanted to recruit her to join SHIELD... and probablyfight the big blue aliens that are coming whether they blow up the world or not... but THAT is pretty stupid plan. Ruby is too unstable... and evil to be a joiner... and she cuts off arms for fun.

So yeah... whether it was vengeance or prudence... Yoyo won't be shedding any tears about that... nor should anyone in SHIELD. Best case scenario, they saved the world... worst case, Ruby wasn't going to a postive influence on their odds regardless...

Now Creel?? He could still be of some use, somehow.... they neeed him BACK on his feet :P

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Freehold DM wrote:

phantom1592 wrote:
The Guardians get a lot of grief... but to be fair their failures have really only been an issue since the first Crisis. Prior to that they had like a Bazillion years of doing a halfway decent job of keeping order in the universe. A few major setbacks in the last 30 years shouldn't erase ALLLLL the good they and their Green Lanterns have done.

Or prior failures were just more effectively covered up.

Good enough.

You'll never be able to 'run the universe' without a few glitches here and there... and if they were as big of screw ups as they've presented lately.... they wouldn't have been able to cover it up.

The fact that they've at least APPEARED to have a solid grasp on the big picture and micromanaging... says a lot for their competence.

The guardians have really gotten the Professor X level of retcon screwing around.

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Thomas Seitz wrote:

So Hulk's new side apparently isn't as dumb as he used to be. But at least he's not willing to play ball with the Challenger.

Also Jane Foster can die sure, but how the hell does Mjolnir NOT survive being tossed into the Sun?! I mean it survived worse than that hasn't it?!!

I have to assume it wasn't REALLY Mjolnir. Too many retcons to make it completely different then what we've always been told... I assume it really WAS something different then we've always seen.

After all, the whole Mother Storm, hammer deciding worthiness, Odin with no control over it... All that flys straight in the face of Stormbringer which is supposed to be EXACTLY the same as Mjolnir in all ways and enchantments.

And yeah... It was forged from a dying sun... why would going through the sun destroy it??

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Honestly, AIM and Ultimatum and whatever other terrorist group they decide to use have always been a poor man's Hydra ANYway. There's only so many groups with superscience lead by the evilest of people out for world domination that you can have.

So yeah... if they HAVE to have a mega evil organization that's entire slogan is that it won't ever... EVER die... They may as well use Hydra. They're the Cobra to GIJoe.

Now, that's IF they're going to use a group like that. I really miss those season 1 episodes where they would track down all the supervillains that went beneath the Avengers Radar. The threats too big for normal agents, and too small for Iron Man. That middle ground had a LOT of potential that they abandoned way too early. That was their chance to really expand the MCU and still keep their own place in it.

SHIELD being the underdogs on the run are almost wearing as thin as everything revolving around inhumans. I'd love a 'back to basics' approach.

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DeathQuaker wrote:
For being captain of the wave rider, i would pick the Dread Pirate Amaya (who was leader of her tribe and master of the spirit totem) over Bill Gates with a nice haircut, who has let himself be bamboozled by the Darkhs on numerous occasions, yes. (If I needed someone with financial and technological sense i would pick Ray, but that's not needed in the role. There are different qualities of leadership.

There's really no GOOD choices on that crew to be a 'leader.' Maybe Wally as he's had the least chances to screw up.

Ray who's WAY too naïve. Rory... is still pretty evil. Zari... is still too new.

Amaya... I just hate WAY too much. She's an anancranism herself who's very presence is screwing with the timeline of her descendants. Not to mention her knowledge of time ends what? eight decades earlier than anyone else on the team? I banged my head on the table during THIS exchange this week.

Kuasha: He's not my grandfather! The more you love him, the less chance I have of being born.

Amaya: Look how SELFISH you are!

Because... yes, someone should TOTALLY put your random fling ahead of BEING BORN...

Nate? SHOULD be the best character on the team. He's a legitimate historian on a time ship. But every reason I hate Amaya really goes double for him. he KNOWS better.

There really are no legitimately good choices to run that team... and frankly I usually consider Sara too. Trained Assassins should not be murdering through time... but man, what a messed up ship. I really miss the Hawks and Firestorm.

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Thomas Seitz wrote:
So anyone want to make a prediction if one of the Fear Lords and/or Nightmare shows up?

I would say it's a long shot... but since they tied in Ghost Rider and the Darkhold, what would I know :P

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Bjørn Røyrvik wrote:
Talking of Rip, is anyone else mildly annoyed by the way he always stands hunched over and slightly turned to the side?

Not really. With that coat of his, it feels like a gunslingers stance and I feel like he's always ready to draw a weapon and end someone.

Which is a fun aspect of his character ^___^

And/or, the person he's talking to isn't getting his FULL attention. He's thinking about some other 'big picture' thing.

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Maybe the bartender had a stash of it that he couldn't sell to anyone else... and Zeke being absolutely clueless was a perfect opportunity?

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Skeld wrote:

I saw it last weekend. It was a good, solid Marvel movie, but not my favorite. Here are a few thoughts i had about it:

** spoiler omitted **...

5) Yep. I think it was mentioned in the vision that Dad hoped to take him there. Something like he gave him a key or something. It was a quick thing and I don't remember the verbage, but it was mentioned.

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Vidmaster7 wrote:
Can someone please please PLEASE punch rene in the head. I am so tired of him. His smart ass you didn't trust us Hoss attitude when he was the freakin traitor and has been literally the worst since he was introduced. The only time I liked him was when he was working with Quentin.

Yeah... agree with all of this. I've pretty much hated 'wild dog' since he first showed up... and the only good stuff is his interaction with Quentin.

Well said!

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LOVE Santa's Slay... Gloriously absurd and it revels in it. :D

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When presented with something that weird... I usually assume that future me got ahold of a time machine. Follow the instructions and I'm sure it will all make sense in 50 years...

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Bill Dunn wrote:
phantom1592 wrote:

even Dolph's Punisher (which is underrated...)

...backs away from the clearly demented person posting in the thread...

Hey, It was a little cheesy, but what movies made back then aren't now days. It was a solid Punisher story that was NOT based entirely around his origin. It was punisher who had racked up a massive body count and had the criminal underworld terrified of him. Then when even WORSE criminals came into town... he took them out too, in order to rescue the innocent civilians.

Pretty much just like the comics. Back in the day, the biggest complaint about that movie... was that he didn't have the skull costume and didn't look like Punisher. Netflix just did the same thing and people love it now.

I've always said that punisher needs to get away from avenging his family. That's a been there/Done that story. Punisher is MORE than just a simple revenge action movie like 80% of all action movies... he's out to kill ALL the criminals. Even the ones who have no idea who or what a Frank Castle was years ago.

I'd love to see a Punisher movie seen from the eyes of the Mob bosses. I'd treat him like a cross between a boogeyman and the terminator. He's coming for you. He knows your secrets. You can't hide... You can't kill him... He has no mercy...

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MMCJawa wrote:
Blade sort of directly preceded the current boom in Super Hero movies, unlike Howard the Duck or Dolph Punisher.

Yeah, there can be real debate about whether Blade started the Comic movie boon or appealed to the horror/vampire crowd more.

Howard on the other hand? I think he hurt the idea of comic movies more than helped them :D

Regardless... Neither Blade nor Howard or really even Dolph's Punisher (which is underrated...) were really 'Superheroes' and the idea that big budgets and big crowds would come out for strictly SUPERHEROES without any of that cross genre stuff going on pretty much started with X-men and Spider-man.

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Shadow Kosh wrote:
Blade came first, but it didn't really spark the comic book movie boom, because most viewers didn't really view it as a comic book movie. It was a vampire movie. Most people weren't even aware it was based on a comic book character.

Including the people who actually MADE the movie. I was a huge Nightstalker/Tomb of Dracula fan back then... and it was a much better vampire movie than a Blade movie :P

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Rosgakori wrote:

I have fears for this. Fact that this comes out in...1, 2, 3, 4 months or so, and we have only seen some teaser art and few producion photos. I fear that Disney saw that they had a bomb in their hands, and are now on defense mode, with minimal preview material. I expect teaser soon, and maybe two fullblown trailers.

1) Star wars doesn't need promotional materials. People are already going to see it.

2) There is a thing as too much hype. There have been more and more movies lately that have had all the excitement die out because of Trailers, teasers for trailers, Announcements about upcoming teasers, twitter messages about surprise announcements coming... and when the movies arrive it's all old hat.

I'm REALLy hoping we can get this to be the new normal. Throw out a trailer in front of a blockbuster or two... and let the hype build naturally. I really hate the way so many trailers have been revealing surprises and twists in them now...

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Ehhh... I didn't care for it.

It had some decent world building, and I think the overall idea was really neat. However the script was rubbish. The amount of swearing and social commentary was showing how hard they were trying to be 'edgy' and it fell really flat.

It seemed designed for people who were major fans of Training Day and fantasy genre... and that's too small a niche.

It reminded me of a Barbie sized Leatherface figure I saw in the local FYE the other day. Cloth, removable clothes on a LEATHERFACE doll... I'm not sure who the target audience was for that, and not sure I want to...

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I'm a huge opponent of anything that stops the game to rewrite a character sheet. Dispel, Anti-magic, disjunction... anything that debuffs for the battle that I now need to spend 10-20 minutes digging through every item, every feat,spell, gear, weapon and try to determine where, how and why I have an AC of 32 and which ones still work... all in the middle of a combat is insanely frustrating.

Hit me with a trap or something at the end of the night.. and fine, I'll re-audit the character for next week... but in the middle of the combat? I don't care how thematic or logical or story driven it is, mechanically it's a pain in the neck.

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I'll be honest, Kang was never a favorite. In the stories I've seen him in... he just seems to be strangely... both an overpowered character... and a tremendous loser.

Time Travel is SUCH a powerful tool... and having access to all of space and time he should be INSANELY powerful. His armor should be better than starks, his guns should be able to blow a hole in Cap's shield... I mean, yeah, it's the toughest thing around NOW... but 1,000 years from now?? Not only that, but all of his adventures against the 20th century would be history to him... and the way he's constantly beaten down is just uninspiring.

He SHOULD be the #1 most dangerous character in the universe. Galactus, Thanos, DOOM... They shouldn't compare with the greatest possible knowledge of history AND unrivaled access to all weapons ever... and yet to my knowledge he's never REALLY had a big win?!?!

I think the season 1 of Earth's mightiest Heroes did a good job with him... but even that was a bit weak sauce.

He was one of my first Action Figures from the Secret Wars line... and I had no idea who or what he was... and after reading the actual Comics... they STILL did nothing with him.

So yeah, with Doom and Galactus around, I don't think Kang has what it takes to be the big bad of a whole Phase and team up. That definitely needs to be either the coming of Galactus or Beyonder and the original Secret Wars. Kang doesn't have the Oomph to do it.

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Is there a way to take a small or medium weapon and permanently change it to a giant sized Large weapon?

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Thomas Seitz wrote:


I still believe in the tie ins! ;)

Also it's possible this is an alternate universe...I just am not sure it's not also an alternate future.

Agreed. I don't really care what they say 'behind the scenes' about keeping things separate.

Coulson dying
Sif appearing
Nick Fury
Maria Hill
Fall of SHIELD/Rise of Hydra
Coulson 'secret project' being the helicarrier being rebuilt
Inhumans signing the Sarkovian accord

And I know I'm forgetting a couple. That's a LOT of crossover between the series and the movies.

Even the Netflix show and the 'New York Incident' and comments about Thor and Iron Man in Daredevil tell me that the intent is that all of them take place in the same universe. They can say they aren't tied to it solely to explain away any continuity errors and tray to not paint themselves in a corner, but even the movies have timeline issues and continuity errors.

They need to do something REALLY big to make me believe theres no connective tissue.

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yeah! I remember that happened in a comic back in the hook hand days. He was making small talk and ranting about how much he hated the fact that people thought they had anything in common because they were both 'royalty' and he finds her off-putish and snobby... and despite it all he can't figure out why he wants her so badly!!

Then wonderwoman looked down and comment that his foot was tangled in her lasso....

Classic Awkwardness :D

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