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Weird, I don't see a thread on here for the last kickstarter from Reapers. Well, just a reminder, they extended the pledge manager to September 3rd and are still on schedule for Febuary shipment.

Every year they release some truly fantastic deals... and every year I see people complain that they missed out.. well we still have 5 days to join and/or add to the order.

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1513061270/reaper-miniatures-bones-4-m r-bones-epic-adventure


Been awhile since I did much crafting, so I'm not sure how this score is figured out...

If I want to upgrade +2 armor to +3 armor, what is the DC for the craft?

I know I need to be 3x the level so Caster Level would be 9...

So by my math, DC= 5 + 9 =14? I'm not seeing any construction requirments that I take penalties for having to skip, or spells that are needed. My Craft skill is currently 18, so it looks like I can't fail... and that seems off to me.

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Is there a way to take a small or medium weapon and permanently change it to a giant sized Large weapon?

It's been a long time since I thought up an archer build... and there are a LOT of ways to do it. Fighter, Fighter-archer, Ranger, Ranger-Divine Marksman... Stalker could be fun...

What is it that people loved about Zen archer so much? Switching from Dex to hit to Wis to hit doesn't seem that important me to me... It's an AC bonus either way, good saves, but lower BAB. Flurry is okay, but only when you don't move, Skills?? more than fighter less than ranger.. One more bonus feat by 10th level than Ranger...

Zen is a little less MAD than standard Monk... but you still need the strength to damage... (now if it was use Dex to hit and Wis to damage... I'd be a lot more excited about it ;) ) It's OKAY... but the lack of any armor at all while also implying I should disregard my dex doesn't excite me much...

There's also been a BUNCH of new books out there since Zen showed up... is there a new grand champion in the archer category that I'm not thinking of?

I seem to remember a rule about not being able to do grappling and Tripping creatures that are more than one size larger than you....

Is there any feats that work around that? Anything out there that lets your Halfling Luchador wrestler run though Giantslayer?

Because... honestly that thought makes me REALLY happy... (and I'm on my third character already and lowering my 'seriousness' for the fourth ;)

Actually I'm leaning toward dwarf right now who is still medium... but I have no idea how big these giants get :P

Anyone have any success with this kind of character. Someone that runs in grabs people and breaks them?

Any good archtypes? Monk? Fighter? Barbarian... I can think of a couple things it could be, but nothing is really leaping out at me.

Is it possible? I had a character like this in 2E once, and I have a couple of really awesome bear-riding dwarf miniatures... but I can't figure out how to do it in Pathfinder.

Cavalier, Ranger, Druid... it seems that bears just aren't viable for riding which I consider very sad :(

Is there a route I'm missing that can make it work?

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Planning a backup Grippli swashbuckler.. should be fun.

Are there any good Pathfinder/golarion resources about this race? I have Inner Sea Races, is that the only place they've been detailed?

This one seems a lot to unpack...

D20pfsrd wrote:

Your allies are used to being in the splash zone of your hurled weapons, and try to ensure that at least your opponent gets hit.

Prerequisite(s): Base attack bonus +1.

Benefit(s): You initiate this feat whenever you throw a splash weapon into a square within the reach of an ally who also has this feat and miss your target. Rather than you rolling to see where the weapon lands, the abettor can try to redirect it as an immediate action by making a melee touch attack against any adjacent foe. If the abettor's attack hits that foe, the splash weapon impacts in the nearest square the targeted foe occupies

Now... Here's the situation I'm looking at.

I'm playing an Inquistor, one of his companions is an Alchemist... It seems WAY too common for her to hit him with the bombs/alchemist fire/etc... It's actually become a running gag.


Inquistor's can treat their allies as if they have the same teamwork feat. Based on this... Can I act as if she had this feat, then redirect the splash weapon back at a foe?

It KINDA feels like I can. It says it's 'initated' by the thrower, but doesn't take any kind of swift/immediate/standard action per se. I can see this going a couple ways.

I have to admit.. I didn't expect this. I have the metal version of Jeggare... but between Reaper, Pathfinder battles and wherever else there are with pathfinder figures... is there REALLY only one version of Radovan and he's a retired con exclusive?

That seems crazy considering how many different versions of Valeros and the other iconics there are...

Hopefully this will be remedied soon. I've never even read a story with an iconic in it, but love the Jeggare books.

I'm in the process of working up an alchemist/Master Chymist.

The idea is fairly traditional... only he comes from a fairly savage tribe and never quite as tough as the normal orcs so he dabbles in 'stuff' to make himself better.

At level 4 I'll be getting Feral Mutagen giving him the D8 bite attack... but I'm thinking it would be pretty fun (and useful) to be rocking some tusks from the beginning that only grow more fearsome in Hyde mode.

Problem is, there are a LOT of ways to get this... and i'm not really sure which is the best. I've never dealt with half-orcs OR natural attacks before... so it's uncharted territory.

So far I've seen,

d20pfsrd wrote:
Toothy: Some half-orcs' tusks are large and sharp, granting a bite attack. This is a primary natural attack that deals 1d4 points of piercing damage. This racial trait replaces orc ferocity.
d20pfsrd wrote:
Razortusk: Benefit: You can make a bite attack for 1d4 points of damage, plus your Strength modifier. You’re considered proficient in this attack and can apply feats or effects appropriate to natural attacks to it. If used as part of a full attack action, the bite is considered a secondary attack and is made at your full base attack bonus –5, and adds half your Strength modifier to damage.
d20pfsrd wrote:

Tusked: Benefit(s) Huge, sharp tusks bulge from your mouth, and you receive a bite attack (1d4 damage for Medium characters). If used as part of a full attack action, the bite attack is made at your full base attack bonus –5.

And probably something else I missed... Does anyone have a particular favorite version? I'm seeing a lot of similiarities... but spread out amongst traits, race traits, and even feats... And for some reason toothy makes it a primary while the others make it a secondary...

I'm looking to run a Master Chymist Jekyll/Hyde build and someone suggested Starting as the RageChemist first...

Anyone tried this? Does it work? I LOVE the idea of boosting his strength and getting some more distinction between Jekyll and Hyde... (sucks that 1. you can't get Master Chymist until level 8 and you can't get some of the mutagen boosters till 12+...

So yeah, I like the idea of boosting the strength a bit more... but this idea of getting a hit to Int EVERY round I take damage?? When Alchemists are only proficient in light armor? Even my tank characters take damage frequently and I suspect he'll be worse off than that...

DC 15 doesn't sound TOO high, but the only alchemist we've seen before was LEGENDARY for his missed Saves... and it looks like that's a weak spot...

I don't know if this is going to be like fighting a Shadow every single battle and 7-8 rounds of combat (in an HOUR...) he'll just keel over...

It sounds pretty interesting, but I'm seeing some serious red flags here... anyone able to make it work?

First time multiclassing spellcasters here...

I'm going Haunted Oracle and Diviner. Playing him as a fortune teller type. Now, Haunted lets me add Mage hand and Ghost sound to my spell lists... Am I correct in assuming that this is the 'oracle' list only?

And along those lines, as a specialist, I get hit with two opposed schools. I was thinking Illusion and Necromancy... Does having opposed schools on the OTHER spell lists get affected in any way? Or is that just for the wizard slots?

Hey guys, anyone collect the final gadget in Arkham City?

I've beaten the game once, Now I'm playing through again with the difficulty up and and my 70's costume... and having a BLAST in this mode...

Kicking butt on most of the riddles and every challenge I come across now... but there's STILL one gadget i don't have... therefore a physical challenge that I can't get to... and POSSIBLY a few riddle trophies I can't get to... (there's one in particular in the subway that I'm having a bear of a time getting to...

Anyone know what that BOTTOM RIGHT corner gadget is? and what I have to do to get it unlocked?

I've leveled everything I can up... so I know it's not something that 'builds' off something i already have...

I've been looking over the favored class bonuses in the APG, and I am very confused about the Human one.

Human: Add +1 to the paladin's energy resistance to one kind of energy (maximum +10).

Where/when do Paladins gain energy resistence?? I see a lot of immunities to charm and fear... I see DR kicking in at 17th level.. but I'm not seeing Energy resistance...

does this GIVE you ER? Seeing that word 'ADD +1' makes me think it's attached to some other ability that I'm just not seeing...

Of course it's late... but I've been wondering about that for a while now >.<

Out of curiosity... does anyone have a good sheet or interesting method on keeping track of various notes on details like this?

Typically I'm 'ok' at remembering when/where I met an npc if he shows up again... but I'm starting Kingmaker right now, and as a player... there seems to be a LOT of them coming out of the woodwork O.o

Any have a handy dandy fancy sheet they worked up that keeps things organized? or do people just use lined paper... and call it good enough?

I've got a Paladin of Sarenrae coming up in a couple of weeks, and was wondering how much about this church is acutally printed?

I've got Faiths of Purity, Gods and Magic, and inner sea Primer... Is there any other good books with some writeups involving that faith? maybe something with a bit more than a paragraph talking about the priests, temples, and heirarchy?

Any info on the major temples? The priests of them?

Is there anything you can do to help offset that -4 to attack 'nonlethally?'

I know there is a merciful spell feat or something that changes spell damage to nonlethal... But I just played in a game where my bard needed a 18+ to hit NORMALLY... Nonlethal wasn't even an OPTION for him that night...

And I have a paladin coming up ;)

He'll kill if he has to, but I WOULD like to play a bit with the nonlethal rules a bit... Is there anything out there?

Ok guys, what movies/tv shows do you use for motivation? What really gets you into the mindset and ready to play? World of Darkness always lists a set of 'based on' or 'themes' of movies/books/music to get you in the mood... How about one for Pathfinder?

I know when we were playing Ravenloft 1890's... a couple of would usually watch either Bram Stoker's Dracula, Mary Shelly's Frankenstein... or The illusionist (I was a stage magician ;))

How about regular games?

Lord of the Rings is always a win... And I just watched the Colin Farrel 'King Arthur' movie again, and realized what a Paladin he was... A knight who fought for the ideals of a country that didn't really exist...

Awesome :)

Any other good Paladin movies out there? How about ranger? Wizard? Other??

What do you guys do to get hyped for a new character?

i just ran across something that gave me pause... Page 195, Table 8-6.

Armor Class Modifiers... Has a a couple of footnotes on it.

#1 Defender loses and Dexterity bonus to AC....

#3 The defender is Flatfooted and Cannot add his Dex bonus to his armor class...

What's the difference here? The only real difference with being Flatfooted... is that you can't add your Dex and Dodge to AC...

What's the point of calling out the #1 condition, since if you lose your dex, you lose your Dodge bonus too...

Does 'Flatfooted' have some other significance... that just saying 'you lose your Dex' doesn't cover??

I've got a character idea, for a bard detective. He ISN'T going to be a much of a combat type character, but I still want him to be useful. The idea is that he's usually so focused on proving the bad guys did it... that it doesn't really occur to him that they won't LIKE getting found out.

He uses the rapier (and a sword cane which we DM fiated to be finessable)

What i'm kind of hoping for is to make him a 'disarmer'... But looking over the CMB 'concept'... will this ever be viable? Between not having much strength... and even his dex is only so,so... is there any good way to bump up his CMB?

It seems like the CMD of various bad guys get massive, and my CMB may only be mediocre at best :-/

Just picked up Dastardly finish, which looks REALLY cool on paper... But Stunning fist Only lasts till before your next round... and Stunning critical doesn't happen until BAB =17... Soooo since I'm a level 13 rogue... That's still not ever going to happen...

How can I make this work? Are there any fun things that 'stun' people? I've seen MONSTERS do it a few times... but not PCs.

Also, what is 'Cowering'. I see frightened/panicked/shaken... but I've never seen 'Cowering' in any status description...

How do I make this feat work?

We got a game coming up that.... will basically be a meatgrinder. We're each bringing in 6 characters at 7th level.

Based on some gnome stuff I read, like how there language takes common ordinary words... and gives them entirely new meanings... so people will recognize the words, but never in that context... and their habit ov always wanting to try new things to avoid 'the bleaching'...

I had a fun idea. ONE of my 6 characters will be a gnome, who due to massive ADHD has bounced around from class to class. 7 levels... 7 classes.

I think this would be painfully sucky in a true campaign, but for a one night game could be a lot of fun.

What I'm looking at right now...

Bard - archaelogist
Monk - manuever master
Rogue Sadly no archtype seems to matter at first level and still keeps trapfinding :(
Barbarian - Urban
Sorcerer - Star Soul

Haven't really looked at archtypes for the last two...

Any better recommendations? Sadly he'll only have 1 BAB, but Saves are 8/6/10

It's a massive dungeon crawl, with limited combat anyway... So I'm not overly worried about combat, Traps will probably be what does him in ;)

Still, just because I don't plan on playing him LONG, doesn't mean I want him to COMPLELTY suck...

I've got a character starting up in a Korvosa game soon, and I've decided he'll be quite the gambler. I've heard there are gaming institutions in the city... and being brilliant and a bit smug... he'll LOVE getting the best of people with a good game of cards.

Soooooo in all the various books out there, have there been any mention of 'Golarion-specific' Games of chance? Any rules or concepts I can throw into a backstory?

He's high Perception/sense motive Sherlock holmesish character... so he'd probably shine best at things like Poker over craps... but I'd love some 'non-earth' terms to throw in with him.

I currently running an infernal Sorcerer who will soon be making the jump to Godling Prestige class from Super genius.

I'm REALLY torn on what Domains to take... We're restricted to the Core book... but I've never really done ANYTHING with Divine casters, and I'm sure I'm missing something Awesome.

Basically for those who don't know... You get the 'Domain Powers' but you don't get any of the spells (unless you take them under the equivalent of Rogue talents)

So... my question is, Without actual CLERIC levels... What are the best/most useful Domains out there?

It seems at first glance they are all pretty limited if you don't plan on gaining Cleric levels...

Could someone explain what these are for??

It seems from the Core book.. that you can use them to earn money for the week... but it's been a RARE game where our adventures actually went and got day jobs.

The Bard abilities don't even seem to have anything to do with a skill roll or DC.. sooo... Seriously? Does anyone use these?

I'm SURE there's something I'm missing... but with the limited skill points you get, I just don't see what use they will ever be.

Duelist requires me to have 'perform: Dance' at 2 ranks... but I've never actually ROLLED that skill.