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Aaron Shanks wrote:

Nonat1s previews Chapter 2 Alchemy Unleashed:

SO MANY NEW ITEMS! - Pathfinder 2e Treasure Vault

Tried to watch this and was excited to click on it, but gave up as the review was pretty unwatchable due to the way Nonat's superchat works.

I'd rather read or watch a review that was a bit more focused on the material as it was frustrating.

ReallyDicey's was much more informative!

Im certainly interested is well. I would love to play strength of thousands or Quest for the Frozen Flame.

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I just cant wait until the street date after seeing all the feedback above. If the whole 1-10 game is as good as the quality of the Players Guide this will certainly be the best 1-10 so far this edition.

This would indeed be incredibly interesting so throwing my interest out there!

I usually play in structured APs/Modules etc and would love to participate in a game with a different flow with PCs driving the plot forward.

I can usually post most days (6 out of 7) and on those days often can post more than once if applicable.

Not that Im trying to de-rail the thread but how often to PF humble bundles pop up? Is there a pattern to it?

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Just wanted to say thanks - as I have just discovered this tool and its great! Even convinced my husband to download it and he loves it too!

My only issue is that if I make both an organized play and alias inactive, next time it loads up, all my aliases have become active again (only the organized play alias stays inactive)

Hello all, and Happy New Year!

I've had a lovely start to my new year today reading through everyone's submissions and there are some really great character ideas here.

I know I said I was only going to take 4 players, but I am instead going to take 5!

Alas I could not take everybody. For those not selected, this will be the first place I come back to if we need to re-recruit!

Player's Selected:
Nik - Orchid - Poppet Cloistered Cleric
Brainiac - Valda - Halfling Ranger (Archer)
John Gs - Bunnit Twiddleton - Halfling Beastkin Swashbuckler
The Super Dodo - Larachelle the Dazzling - Human universalist Wizard
crazncanuck - Arabella Legerre - Human Thaumaturge

For those selected already on the Discord server, I will add you to the channel. If you are not, I will PM you a discord invite link that will take you to the general page and I'll add you separately to the game's specific channel when you have joined.

I wish everyone happy gaming for 2023!

The Raven Black wrote:

Looking at the background for inspiration, but with a certain character in mind, I feel it's a bit sad that powers are so linked with the vision / motivation of your character. Because some powers definitely do not have the same worth depending on your build.

So, either I go with the original motivation of my character and get a rarely useful power, or I aim for getting a valuable power and I have to twist my original concept. Or, worse of all as far as playing a character concept IMO, I go for optimized build and choose a power and a build with great synergy even if it is not at all a character I envisioned playing.

My original idea : an outcast caster motivated by a lust for power.

But the most relevant power would go with motivated by riches, which does not fit my original concept at all :-(

It depends how you want to play and what you as a player prioritise.

Personally, I would choose the most thematic background (thus power) for my character and try to be creative with it to make it work!

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Thanks - thats done it.

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Im trying to redownload the Age of Ashes players guide from my downloads and I get the following error when I click on it. I have previously downloaded it successfully before.

<Message>Access Denied</Message>
<HostId>FSMXrdWNEp95Ze/wR3Q7wTPi+HjlfW4L7AxIy42oXsleqAAZV5JA9pQasuxbd N5WCp/41xmZyiE=</HostId>

Having just checked it is doing this to all of my downloads and I cannot access any of my purchases.

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keftiu wrote:
Folks, I've got a potential GM lined up (they're just waiting for Gatewalkers #1 to drop to make sure they like it), which means Ithuriel may get to be my first PF2 character who actually sees play! :D

We will keep our fingers and toes crossed for you!

If you want any more - what about trying to represent a person who is swayed by both good and evil urges (angel and devil on shoulder situation).

Trying to show this as characterfully as possible through a build might be fun.

Yes to free archetype - please go see the build rules and character creation in the original post which will lay it all out.

Please build without ancestral paragon for now. If the players who are selected all agree that they want it, then Im happy to accommodate it, but otherwise I assume not.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Im really loving the applications so far - some great reads and lots os possibilities for a functioning party!

1 week left!

This is great - would be great to see another update in a year or so.

Little thigns like that are adorable. Although I am sad I don't have one - I wonder what makes people qualify to have one or not?

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Im going to go for a poppet fate witch. She was originally a familiar herself. Using the Lost Loved One background.

She was originally a familiar and she went exploring to find a cure for her owner's terminal illness. Through the arch she saw sun orchid elixir that she thought was the cure to everything. She came out from the arch 3 months later and her owner (Baba) had already passed in the meantime...

Read the background below for some *feels*.

She now has lost her main purpose and her new purpose is to investigate whats happening further - what fate has in store for her?

Character background:

“Oh Cotton, your’re back! It’s so good to see you! We thought you were lost for good, that you’d been broken or something. Baba passed – two months ago. I know you were looking for a cure and right up until the end she was hopeful, and so very proud of you. She left you this, said I had to give it to you when I next saw you. She was always certain that I would see you again – it was fate she said. Why don’t you go to your room, we’ve kept it just as it was.”

In the large cupboard that had once held a proud tinkers pots and pans and had, for the past decade, been Cotton’s home the poppet broke the seal on Baba Elena’s letter, comforted by the familiar trinkets and smells of home.

"My dear Cotton,

I want to tell you that I am very proud of you. In all my long life you are one of my most magical creations and my final child, you are and always will be dear to me.

If you are reading this then your quest has failed and I have passed the veil into the next Great Adventure. Don’t be disheartened little Twig, the journeys of all our lives are woven in the tapestries of the Gods long before we are born. It is my time to move on and it is yours to grow, thrive and become someone new and extraordinary.
I read the cards for you my dear and although my sight is failing I can see that your road ahead is going to be a long one. You will meet new friends, face new foes and encounter those who might be both. The stars shine over a gate on a mountain and destinies hand hovers of you little one. For good or ill I don’t know but I trust you, in your good mind and your stout heart.

The only gift I have for you Cotton is a companion, a friend of your own. Look in my jewellery box. There you will find another one like you and a vial of my blood. Poor my blood onto the new one and speak the Secret Name. I have secured that final boon for you, because none of us should be alone.

I’ve rambled long enough and Alice is hovering like a mother hen so I shall finish simply by saying that I love you Cotton. It is often the smallest of us that have the greatest destinies. Go forth and meet yours with pride.

Your baba,

Poppets can’t cry, but the emotion welling up in Cotton’s tiny frame would have done credit to a giant as the small creature hugged the letter close and then began to fold it carefully away in the small carrying bag – a treasure among treasures.

Yes I have already and it does state GMT for London which means it should be working.

It also doesn't work for my husband who has the same settings correctly.

I have posted about this a long time ago, but thought I'd post again just in case someone picks it up this time.

The Europe/London timezone doesn't work on the message boards - I think it actually shows the west coast USA time zone instead.

What are the shipping costs looking like to the UK now?

I want the hard copy as my husband and I like to play at home, but mostly we play play by post online with groups, so would like the pdf too.

Obviously the cheaptest way should be to buy the hard copy and the pdf, however when I subscribed previously, the shipping often ended up being more expensive than just buying the hard copy on amazon and the pdf on here.....

TLDR: Please can I have an update on UK shipping costs.

willfromamerica wrote:

CotCT is one I’d love to run as a solo game one day! Was Mummy’s Mask very combat heavy? I’ve realized as we’re going through Hell’s Rebels that the best two ingredients for a strong solo game (at least for us) is:

1. A lack of areas where it’s just a lot of combat with little room for roleplay or exploration in between, and
2. A rich cast of NPCs to work with.

Strength of Thousands and Hell’s Rebels have both fit our two criteria pretty solidly, and I think now we have a much better idea of what we’re looking for in a solo game going forward.

I’m planning on seeing if Blood Lords fits our criteria next as it starts to release, although my fiancé is so excited for that one we might end up playing it as a solo game regardless. Other ones on my shortlist are:

-Kingmaker (already planning to run solo after Blood Lords since my main group didn’t show any interest in it)
-Wrath of the Righteous
-Curse of the Crimson Throne
-War for the Crown
-Carrion Crown (this one I’ve heard has a lot of opportunities for roleplay, but not sure if that person knew what they were talking about?)
-Jade Regent
-Strange Aeons (probably won’t end up running this solo because my fiancé isn’t big into horror and I have a group I think would like it more)

Mummy's mask can be combat heavy but we ar eboth known to edit a lot of combats out of an adventure.

CotCT was definitely a good choice. We are now playing Kingmaker 2E at home, and having a great time. Im the player and I can pick up however many NPCs I want to join as per the rules, however we have made a rule I can only take 3 with me when I go adventuring (like dragon age) so that I can use them to help with combat.

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My husband and I have done Mummy's Mask and are currently doing CotCT.

I know he has done a few solo games and loved them with another GM. I think they have done Hell's Vengeance, Strange Aeons and Strength of Thousands.

I love a solo campaign as you can develop the one character and their relationships in so much detail!

Just wondering if there was any movement on both things listed on this thread? Would be a nice QoL update.

For a considerable time now, (a year maybe? more?) posts have been showing up as being posted in a different timezone to my own (what I believe is probably Paizo's main timezone). I posted about it back then but was told it was just me however talking to a few other people on discord, it also seems to be true for them too. It used to be that posts showed up at your own timezone which was much more helpful.

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This has always happened to me and my husband who uses this and we have used 6 different devices over the last couple of years.

@Crystal Seas - Im talking multiple people I've talked to from different operating systems, browsers and time zones.

It seems that most people can just see that same timezone for all their posts that paizo's HQs can see.

This is happening for everyone's posts across the forums - many of us were talking about it on discord. All posts show as east coast time I think. Im in GMT, and only see posts come up as 8 hours before they should.

I just want time to go faster so we can get started now!

Loving reading so many of these backgrounds!

Doing a favor for the GM and I thought it might also help others who are interested in applying to see what is already there.

If anything if wrong, I apologise and please do say.

Pre-Confirmed Players
Inara – Lucretia Tatyana Vernisant - Muse-Touched Aasimar Mesmerist. Child of Oppara and Noble Scion Feat.
Brainiac – Victor Stavian human vigilante (magical child), Child of Oppara

TorilgreyEtienne St Germain - Male human (Taldan) paladin (virtuous bravo)
KingHotTrash-Krios Dinrulsis - Male Elf Investigator (Empiricist) – Young Reformer.
Fanguar – Fezzan Valdemar Human Dandy Ranger
Itzi – Lollia Vernisant Suli Geisha Bard – Rising Star campaign trait
Drogoney – Valeria Turanor Human Oracle – Child of Oppara
Alistus - Lucian Harrowborn - Unchained Rogue, future wizard arcane trickster
Thron – Thanara Stormborn - Air Elemental Sorcerer 1
Kittenmancer – Kyralina Licina – Human Bard - Child of Oppara
Simeon – Olnaris Valkavian - Human telekineticist – Disgraced Noble
Patrickthekid – TracXuanLin- human wizard (universalist) 1 – young reformer

Dragoncat – Changeling feyspeaker druid. Young Reformer.
Robert Merosett – Cardinal Cleric of Calistria – story feat – deceitful
Ouachitonian – Ulfen Barbarian -
Black Dow - Half-Elven Inspired Blade Swashbuckler
PolyFrequencies – Aphorite Occultist
Hayato Ken - human unchained monk zen archer, noble scion of house Clement
TheWaskally - aasimar cleric of Olheon – Child of Opara, Noble Scion (Kastner)
Rorek 55 – arcane?
Hustonj - personal bodyguard-style combatant – many ideas

Do keep an eye on these recruitment pages too - Recruitments go up here and with the new Ruby Phoenix coming out soon - you never know!

Wealth: 3d6 ⇒ (3, 5, 3) = 11 110gp it is!

Hi everyone - Im one of the two players mentioned above! Looking forward to playing an AP I've been desperate to play for some time now!

I'm going to play an Aasimar mesmerist (because how could I not!) for this one. More details to come shortly!

My campaign trait is Child of Oppara and I'll likely take the noble scion feat - not settled on a family yet. Probably Vernisant for some drama.

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Abomination vaults is also a 3 book dungeon crawl which really isn't everyone's cup of tea, especially in pbp as it can be very slow so isn't really a good one to judge if you're looking at forum gaming.

I think its also a matter of time. At the moment, may haven't tried PF2 as they haven't had time to try a new system. Overtime when they start running out of PF1, maybe PF2 will get more take up. Maybe just take time?


Hi all! I'm not going to submit as a dungeon based AP isn't really my thing personally, but I did want to say how great a GM, Brainiac is!

I play in many of his games and he is, hands down, the best GM I've had, so do take the opportunity to play with him if you can!

Happy gaming and good luck!

At least a few hundred at the moment if you look at how many pages of campaigns there are that are regularly updated in the gameplay subforum. Depends what you mean as "active" as some games are very slow but still active.

CrystalSeas wrote:
inara14 wrote:

Something similar is happening again I think.

Post 1316, the second spoiler is broken. link

Another person I was talking to said they had the same thing in another game and it was also the second spoiler in the post.

It's likely to be a typo in your post. Here's the explanation

Andostre wrote:
So, I had this issue recently, and it was caused by my own mistake. In my case, the second spoiler wouldn't open because I hadn't closed an italic or bold effect in the previous spoiler. I noticed that you're using bold text in both of your first spoilers, so maybe confirm that you're using a closing tag? I realize that too much time has passed to confirm if that's the issue for the two examples you've posted.

Its not, I checked. As did the other players that this has happened to.

Happened again in the same thread as the first link when I tried to post with three spoilers as well so I had to edit the spoilers out.

Something similar is happening again I think.

Post 1316, the second spoiler is broken. link

Another person I was talking to said they had the same thing in another game and it was also the second spoiler in the post.

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This is a super tough question for pathfinder 1.

I've not played a fair few, and haven't all six of any book yet apart from Mummy's Mask but have read a lot and played in a lot of low level books.

None of the below are in any particular order.

My favourites - top tier:
1. War for the Crown
2. Hell's Rebels (Love everything about it, but only got to book 3/4 when we had to stop our IRL group)
3. Mummy's Mask (Love the theme - Gming it a 2nd time currently)

Others I enjoy/would enjoy based on what I have read/have played small amounts of:

1. Return of the Runelords (Just started! Love it so far)
2. Jade Regent (Playing currently but joined a party part way through)
3. Reign of Winter (Playing currently)
4. Giantslayer (Playing currently)
5. Ironfang Invasion (Played part of book 1, liked it well enough. Id be excited about the wilderness aspect).
6. Tyrant's Grasp (Not played)
7. Rise (Played and GMing currently)
8. Kingmaker (Really want to try kingdom building, I think I'd love this but never played it so cant go in the other section)
9. Ruins of Azlant (Love the idea SO much but Im nervous about underwater combat in 3D!)
10. Strange Aeons (I'd have to do some reading on all the lore first)

Not my priority, but would still like to play:
1. Legacy of Fire (Cool theme, apparently not too exciting from reviews?)
2. Council of Thieves (Because why not prioritise Hells Rebels?)
3. Shattered Star (Im worried about six books of dungeon crawling)
4. Carrion Crown
5. Skulls and Shackles (Sounds great, but I don't know anything about ships!)
6. Serpents skull (Not heard great reviews)
7. Second Darkness (Not heard great reviews)
8. Curse of the Crimson Throne
9. Hells Vengeance (I would only play it with a group of players I already know well)

Not interested:
1. Iron Gods (Not my kinda theme)
2. Wrath of the Righteous (Played for a few books but the Mythic tiers became boring)

Honourable mentions for a couple of modules:
1. The Harrowing - love the theme, its quite short
2. The Tomb of the Iron Medusa

There aren't any I wouldn't try and one day I want to have completed them all apart from the two I listed as "not interested".


I'm going to be making my character tonight, so will post here when complete!


I will be putting my other half of the 'shenanigan twins' together this evening and post them up on here later.


Ok great, I'll go trapfindery with some skills thrown in then :D

Unchained rogue or slayer it is!


Is anyone going the trap route? If not I'd be super happy to do that? The other option is tank, but Im not the best tank....


Hello all! I have been invited by Brainiac to join the game and am super excited.

So, what do people have so far?

I really love the idea of Close Allies as a campaign trait if anyone would be interested and hasn't yet decided on a trait?

I'll build around what you have already come up with.

Dotting for a possible rogue.

Wealth: 4d6 ⇒ (1, 1, 3, 2) = 7 x 10 =70gp 140gp it is then!

I think that I'm going to build an inquisitor of Desna with the Foster Child background trait with the link to Koya Mvashti. I will create the backstory and crunch and post here soon!

I am so excited about Jade Regent having read the player's guide - I've never been able to play it but it looks like exactly the kind of game I would love with the focus on character development and relationships (friendly, competitive and romantic etc).


I've seen great things about this AP so many times so I will see if I can come up with something!


"Well...I did sell it some pretty strong dwarven brandy. How'd I know that thing could even drink! Please just tell it I don't want to dance or mate with it....or whatever else! Just get rid of it," the centaur insists, adjusting his oversized backpack awkwardly.

"I could always sell you some brandy to say thank you," he adds with a cheeky grin.

The air elemental stops its whirlwind and reforms into a humanoid, dancing with itself in the sand.


Everyone but Sercha can hear the wind howling around them, but Sercha can pick out meaning to these howls and gusts.

"Dancing! Dancing with the horse who gave me the brandy! Does he not want to dance?" Sercha had never heard the word for dancing in Auran before, but guessed that it was the most accurate translation, even if not exact. The elemental also sounds a little off-tune as if drunk.

The elemental, distracted by Sercha speaking to it, does not continue to attack.


Take Lydia's above attack as a surprise round.


Lydia: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (16) + 7 = 23
Sercha: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (2) + 5 = 7
Alainn: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (20) + 7 = 27
Elemental: 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (15) + 14 = 29

Lydia's arrow seems to disappear into the whirling mass of air but does attract its attention.

It rushes towards you all, albeit in a haphazard fashion, before forming a large whirlwind, centering on Lydia, engulfing her in sand, buffeting her from every direction.

Damage to Lydia: 2d8 + 7 ⇒ (7, 4) + 7 = 18 DC24 Reflex negates damage. A second DC24 Reflex save avoids being trapped in the whirlwind. Creatures trapped in the whirlwind cannot move except to go where the whirlwind carries them or to escape the whirlwind. Remember you have +4 from the cyclone card.


Another creature might be caught in the whirlwind if it touches or enters the whirlwind, or if the whirlwind moves into or through the creature’s space. A creature in whirlwind form cannot make its normal attacks and does not threaten the area around it.

Trapped creatures can otherwise act normally, but must succeed on a concentration check (DC 15 + spell level) to cast a spell. Creatures caught in the whirlwind take a –4 penalty to Dexterity and a –2 penalty on attack rolls. The whirlwind can have only as many creatures trapped inside at one time as will fit inside the whirlwind’s volume. The whirlwind can eject any carried creatures whenever it wishes as a free action, depositing them in its space.

Those caught in the cloud of debris must succeed on a concentration check (DC 15 + spell level) to cast a spell

Party up. Elemental has partial concealment if you're next to it or total concealment if you're not.


The cyclone - gain a +4 bonus on Reflex saves versus the elemental’s whirlwind attack
The wanderer - all equipment purchased from Jocob costs 10% less than normal.

The centaur continues to evade the giant whirlwind but is tiring greatly, the large cyclone of dust is dancing erratically around the centaur, without ever slamming towards the centaur, as if it, itself is non-malicious or playing with him.

Its attention doesn't appear to shift to you.

"Help me! I don't want to mate with you, you lunatic!" He shouts, dodging it yet again. "Its been chasing me all morning! I think its trying to mate with me, or whatever these things do!" the centaur shouts, gasping for air.

With Lydia's knowledge, she would also know that it would probably only speak Auran if she wants it to understand her.

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