The Rusty Flagon Inn (PF1 Sandbox) [Interest check]


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I’m checking to see if there is any interest in a sandbox style (PF1) campaign. I will be considering a group of 4-6 players, who will begin an adventure starting at first level. In this campaign the quest line will evolve based on what quests the group decides to take part in. I intend to arrange multiple hooks that could bring the group down a network of different content. One choice may send them into a long and committed (AP), whereas a different choice would bring about a series of stand-alone modules. What quests the group decides on will set the wheels in motion and solidify their path. If you are interested in a more flexible campaign and feel that you can commit to a game that may run for quite some time, post your interest here.

This would indeed be incredibly interesting so throwing my interest out there!

I usually play in structured APs/Modules etc and would love to participate in a game with a different flow with PCs driving the plot forward.

I can usually post most days (6 out of 7) and on those days often can post more than once if applicable.

@GM Nightfiend - what/where is the campaign setting?

Oceanshieldwolf wrote:
@GM Nightfiend - what/where is the campaign setting?

I was thinking Golarion in order to keep the world familiar to most pathfinder players. Granted, I have run and played in some of the older D&D settings (Grayhawk, Forgotten Realms, Ravenloft, etc), there are those that haven't had the luxury of being around during that time. That said, in an open sand box like this, there could be an older (Converted) module lurking around. The idea is not to have a predetermined linier path. If the group, as a whole, decides to lock into a quest line that leads to an AP, then the path will take that shape. If the group decides to abandon that path and head off in a different direction, so be it. As GM, I will need to be more flexible when it comes to content, but it should allow the players more freedom in determining their path.

Sure, I got the campaign style from your first post. And the campaign setting is Golarion.

I looked at your previous campaign - your assessment of selected player’s characters using HeroLab was quite detailed and rigorous. So at the very least it looks like you are a dedicated GM.

I fully intend to be dedicated. The reality is that most PbP games end up petering out over time. Hopefully this angle keeps the game fresh and exciting enough to keep players engaged. One thing I can say for sure is that my posting rate is consistent. I intend for this game to be the only game I'm running, so I can have the time needed to prep multiple paths of content.

Currently I have a solid number of entry level PDF's ranging from 1st to 4th level that I intend to implement into the world. I also have a number of AP's that I will tweak the intro and add in as well. In this manner the content of the adventure will be somewhat vague at first with the exception of the hook. The hook could present itself in a number of different ways. A recruitment for a task by a noble lord. A situation that unfolds that presents the group with a chance to become involved, etc. This will bring up questions like, do we stay our current course or deviate and deal with the new issue. Do we pursue a quest of conscious or head off towards the biggest payday. An encounter could be as simple as a single one-off situation or lead to a more pronounced path. It leaves a level of uncertainty compared to a predesignated course with an expected outcome.

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I'm intrigued! A PF story outside the Adventure Path sphere would be a nice change of pace, more of a chance to play something where the narrative is tailored to the character rather than my usual method of trying to make the character tailored to an AP's themes and narrative ideas.

I'm a very dedicated PbP poster, and have even been through 2 APs to completion (Iron Gods for 1e and Dead Suns for Starfinder), along with being active in several current AP games that have been going for years.

I too am interested in this. I am currently active in 2 other PBP games and can post daily.

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I'm interested. Can't guarantee I'd app (depends on how another app goes which I should know within a few days; I try not to take on too many games at once so I don't spread myself too thin) but this sounds good. Sandbox allows more exploration and RP opportunities which is nice. This said sandbox play needs some dynamic players who will pick up on things and run with it, so it would be a challenge to app for, but it's not a bad thing, and I'm prepared to meet that challenge. :) I also like the idea of depending on how things go it might move toward other more scripted adventures--seeing how the group works and then finding the best adventure for it makes a lot of sense.

I'm interested! I'm also back after a multiyear hiatus, and would welcome the chance to play again!

Dot for interest

First off, thank you to everyone taking the time to post interest. Seems like we have enough here to add a bit of flavor to the post. Keep in mind that none of this is set in stone until the game begins. Also, I’m completely open to input from potential players while developing the campaign.

Looking over everything, I think I have settled on a starting time and location. The adventure will begin in 4606 AR, which is the beginning of the “Time of Lost Omens.”

Aroden's clerics have been cut off from their god while storms from the “Eye of Abendego” wreak havoc across Golarion . The rumors of Aroden’s death has begun to spread rapidly among the populace while large caravans of heavily armed military gather and head North to deal with the massive influx of activity created by the World Wound.

The adventure will begin in Southern Varisia, or more specifically in a small but lively portside ail house known as the “Rusty Flagon Inn,” which is located in the docks district of Magnimar. The ail house, which belongs to a studious older couple, was on the brink of closing when the “Pathfinder Society,” along with the church of “Cayden Cailean,” offered to set up an adventuring hub using their inn as the base of operation. While under renovation, the location draws mercenary-adventures from all over Golarion.

A day doesn’t pass when the Rusty Flagon isn’t overflowing with prospects. Travel, both far and near, have become relentlessly dangerous. While many of the city’s guards have been augmented to a more militaristic role in order to keep the city safe from the tides of current problems, the region has observed a heavy increase in cult activity, organized crime, and humanoid encounters. Rumors of increased activity along the World Wound, in conjunction with the deployment of the city’s main force heading north, has left many of the locals in a worrisome state.

The Rusty Flagon Inn:
The perpetual sound of the relentless rain that has been plaguing the coast echoes off the recently constructed roof of the Rusty Flagon Inn like a chorus of endless small drumbeats. Its deep cedar interior shifts with constant movement cascading across its torch lit walls, while the smell of fresh cooked fish mixes heavily with the scent of a variety of liquors that frequent the establishment. A multitude of voices mix with one another causing a cascade of volume that simply has no end. Occasionally a single voice stands apart, calling out to a young lady who seems to be in charge of the night’s endeavors. “Sheila, you said my request would be filled tonight!” One of the voices echoes across the room from an unknown source in the crowd.

Character Creation and Content:
We will begin with a (25) point buy with max gold and HP at first level. Players can choose to take average HP or roll for HP for every new level beyond first. I’m looking to keep the rule sets simple, leaving more time for content vs. researching character concepts. With that, I’m going to rule out third party content and keep the races set at Core plus Aasimar and Tiefling. I’m inclined to include the Core Rule Book, Advanced Players Guide, Advanced Class Guide, Pathfinder Unchained, Ultimate Campaign, Ultimate Combat, Ultimate Equipment, and Ultimate Magic. I’m open to discussions if a character concept falls outside these parameters but be warned that I’m fairly hard set against a min/max difficult to swallow character. Traits will include (2) none campaign traits of the players choice. We will be using background skills. I prefer Unchained rogue or summoner, if your inclined to build one of those. That said, I strongly recommend against a multiple pet-based build. A single pet is ok, but multiple summons clutters the board. If you are interested in playing a non-reginal class like a Samurai or Ninja, be prepared to indulge a solid backstory. Again, I'm open when it comes to suggestions. I may not act on every recommendation, but I will consider any ideas presented.

OK, after reading through the timelines a bit closer, I need to move the campaign timeline up. I'm now thinking around 4712 AD. That way Magnimar is well establish and the 5th Medevian Crusade is close to beginning. This would bring the World Wound from being a rumor, to being fully engaged. In addition, seeing how Cayden Cailean hadn't ascended yet, the Inn will be sponsored solely by the pathfinder society. Nailing down all these timelines is a daunting task. LoL

I thought Cayden ascended about the same time that Iomedae did, at least a millennium before the start of the APs.

Anyway, count me in. this sounds fun.

AdamWarnock wrote:

I thought Cayden ascended about the same time that Iomedae did, at least a millennium before the start of the APs.

Anyway, count me in. this sounds fun.

Trying to hammer down all these timelines has been interesting. From what I can tell he ascended sometime in 2765 AD. Based on this. Cayden Cailean Now there is a chance that this information is CRAP. (Shrug) If someone has a better source with more accurate info, let me know.

If anyone else is interested in Galarion timelines, I found this to be helpful. Golarion Timelines To move the timeline chart, click it and drag it.

GM Nightfiend wrote:

Trying to hammer down all these timelines has been interesting. From what I can tell he ascended sometime in 2765 AD. Based on this. Cayden Cailean Now there is a chance that this information is CRAP. (Shrug) If someone has a better source with more accurate info, let me know.

If anyone else is interested in Galarion timelines, I found this to be helpful. Golarion Timelines To move the timeline chart, click it and drag it.

That is very helpful. Great Resource! Thanks.

The timeline resource is great! Thank you!

If people are interested, one character I've had fun with in the past that I could easily dust off for use at first level is the cauldron witch Nevinia (and her familiar Tzerny).

But, that's just one possibility. I'll research the area and time and see if some other idea becomes stronger for me.

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OK, I will begin sitting up a formal recruitment thread and see where this goes.

This sounds like it could be pretty fun! Consider me interested!

COunt my interest added.

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OOH! I'm so in! I have a Half Elven Ulfen Bloodrager who wants to be anywhere but the Lands of the Linnorm Kings and has her sights set on finding a place to rule, or failing that (and she doesn't expect to), on becoming very rich.

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On Cayden Cailean's ascension, the Pathfinder wiki entry on the Caydenite Ascension Day celebration gives the date it occurred as 2765 AR.

Oh, this does sound really cool! I'm pretty separated from PF1 these days, but dotting in case I want to see what comes out of this.

OK, I have set up a recruitment thread. Here is the link in case anyone overlooks it on the recruitment sit.

The Rusty Flagon (Recruitment)

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