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The first thing I thought of when I saw the Grippli was car insurance and an accent.

James Jacobs wrote:
A human and a kitsune who have a child will produce one of two things: A human child or a kitsune child. Which one occurs depends on chance as much as anything else.

So you can't have foxgirls like Ahri?


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Gonna vote for catfolk. With fanservice-y picture if you could, please.

ThatEvilGuy wrote:

I'd just ignore it.

A feat tax is one thing, but a feat tax that does nothing is just rediculous.

It's like making a feat that allows you to apply your Dexterity bonus to damage on crossbows, but requires you to take Prone Shooter to qualify for it.

Not even, you at least gain some benefit from Prone Shooter, even if you might not ever use it. Ability Focus (Constrict) literally gives you no benefit.

This is sort of like my world. The history is kinda long, but TL;DR of it is: Magic once existed, empire conquers most of the known world, daemons invade the world, magic is banished from the world to get rid of said daemons. Modern technology develops over 2000 years, then nuclear war breaks out, which breaks the seal on magic. A god sacrifices himself to prevent the daemons from invading ever again. Fast forward a few centuries, large parts of the world are nuclear hellholes, and the gods have essentially banned technology from developing past a certain point, since they realized that nukes could kill gods.

Anyway, if you want, I could send you a list I compiled. The list is of monsters from the three bestiaries that look like they'd appear in a Fallout-like setting.

Silent Saturn wrote:

I think it's fine as a feat.

Are you planning to let the ranger choose it as one of his combat style feats, or does he have to take it as a regular feat? Also, what happens if the player decides he doesn't really want it? Does he charge a lot?

Dunno if he charges a lot, we haven't played yet. Considering that he wants to play a skirmisher-type character, he'll probably like it.

Also, I suppose it could be a combat style feat, but considering that he's taking TWF at first level and Double Slice is a pretty good feat, I dunno if he'll even take it as a bonus feat.

Flak wrote:
Should clarify: the effect seems totally fine to me. I agree with Detect Magic that it's a bit underwhelming for a feat. Then again, I'm of the opinion that TWF as a standard action (1 hit with each weapon, as "Doublestrike") should be the standard game mechanic, and that the TWF feat should include iteratives (instead of being a feat tree). So maybe I'm too eager to give things to players!

I agree with this. I'm thinking of houseruling the TWF standard action bit, along with a few other things to make melee combat better.

For example, making Combat Expertise and all subsequent feats only require 10 INT.

Two-Weapon Charge (Combat)
Prereqisites: Dex 15, Two-Weapon Fighting
Whenever you charge, you may draw an additional weapon as part of the charge if your base attack bonus is at least +1. In addition, you may make a melee attack against a single target with both your main and off-hand weapons. Doing so incurs the normal penalties for two-weapon fighting.

I have someone playing a TWF ranger in an upcoming game, and I'm wondering if this feat is overpowering in some way. (He is new to the game, so he I don't expect him to break the game too much anyway)

Some official rules on this would be really nice, but I really think it's going to be up to GMs.

It really depends on if spells have visual effects in your game world. Personally, I prefer spells to be like the force in Star Wars: you only see what is absolutely necessary. If the jedi mind trick caused the jedi's eyes to glow and stuff, that guard would get REAL suspicious.

Neil Spicer wrote:
draco_nite wrote:
Book of Convincing

*Typo in the submission title.

*Just how many thaumaturgical geniuses lack debating skills anyway? Apparently those with 144,000 gp in their pockets to buy this thing?

*Then, we get the dreaded "...[a]t the GM's discretion..." line that's always fun to discover in an item's description. Only, it's not...

*And, they left off the Craft Wondrous Item feat entirely.

*Vote to Reject.

*Nonono, convin-icing is a type of magical icing

*Seriously, is this item really necessary? just pay your target 10,000 gp so they pretend to believe what you tell them




This made me laugh. I calculated 144,000 gold from an item that could cast Charm Monster at will. I didn't put the Craft Wondrous Item feat because I forgot to.

Thank you for the feedback, and, if you read this reply, thank you for reading it. I'm definitely using this as a cursed item.

SMurphy wrote:


This was my first entry into the RPG Superstar contest.

Any feedback for future submissions would be appreciated.


** spoiler omitted **

I think this would fall into several of the auto-reject categories, the one that comes to my mind is "makes adventuring safe."

Also, one issue I have is this: what prevents a skilled thief from just stealing everything from the Janni?

Book of Convincing
Aura moderate enchantment; CL 9th
Slot --; Price 144,000 gp; Weight 3 lbs.
This unremarkable-looking book is a favorite of thaumaturgical geniuses who lack debating skills. If the book is blank, or its command word has not been spoken yet, it has no effect and anybody may write in it. Once its command word is spoken, anything further written in the book is magically erased like the erase spell. Speaking the command word a second time does nothing; once activated, there is no way to stop the erase effect.

Anyone who reads the book must make a DC 16 Will save. Those who fail the save believe anything written in the book to be true, and their opinions on anything written about in the book change to match the book's opinions. At the GM's discretion, this may change a character's alignment. Once convinced by the book, nothing can make the reader doubt what the read in the book, but a successful break enchantment, limited wish, miracle, remove curse, or wish spell removes this effect.
Requirements charm person, erase; Cost 72,000 GP

Yeah, I know I forgot to put Craft Wondrous Item. If that was the sole reason I didn't get into the top 32, I will cry myself to sleep tonight.
EDIT: I just thought that it could be used as a slow-acting save or die item. Write in the book that the reader should kill themselves and they die.

What if you use it on a shadow? Or a greater shadow? Does it attack itself?

Can I rage incoherently if my item didn't make the cut because of a really dumb mistake that I made?

DΗ wrote:

But that's my point. We have laptops that can handle PDFs, sure. And some of the pricey ones might even handle them to my satisfaction.

I have one of those Asus'.

Theres lag turning pages with one PDF open, and its barely responsive with 4 pdfs open. And thats all with a regular monitor, which is crap if you want to be able to read and display 2 pages simultaneously.

Basically I want something like an iPad, that has 2 screens, can read all manner of PDFs, has either alot more space, or supports expansion, and doesnt lag when flipping through pdfs.

If I was to try to do it with what's available now, I'd need like, 4 of them, or more, and I'd still be irritated by how slow it is, and the inability to display two pages at once at a reasonable page size. Currently, I dont consider them to be worth the effort.

There are some 2-screen tablets in the works, I've seen demos. Haven't seen a working model yet though.

I imagine it will be a few years before I see a device that I'd actually consider good enough to replace bringing multiple RPG Books.

The iPad can't display all the images in alot of PDFs. Apparently its picky about which image formats it can handle in a pdf, and having seen them used, the lag is painful.

The Acers you mention: They do a crappy job running multiple programs at once, and are too slow for multiple PDFs. Additionally, more page turning because of the inability to do 2up with a decent size for each page.

At the moment I'm stuck with a laptop. It's a decent laptop. Cost 1100.
The screen is too small to do 2up, and its still too much of a pain switching between multiple pdfs, and sometimes it takes a like 2 seconds to turn a page. And this thing is only a couple months old.

At the moment my laptop isn't sufficient to replace my books. I find I bring a laptop for books I dont need to refer to very often, and bring actual books for anything I do.

That's why I say itll be a while before I see a device worth actually replacing my books. If most full-blown laptops dont...

Have you tried Foxit instead of the craptastical Adobe reader?

I never fully fleshed out this idea, but one that I rejected was an amulet that augmented a druid's wild shape to increase their size and give them the ability to grab and swallow whole.

Unfortunately, this was A. getting too close to the word count for comfort and B. too similar to an item submitted in 2009.

I've never done this, but the way I'd do it is allow monsters to gestalt a PC class with their racial HD. Of course, most would be grabbing levels in Barbarian, Fighter, or possibly Ranger, but a Balor Wizard/Outsider would be a truly fearsome opponent.

Also, this way would require the most math.

Extra Hero Points (2 RP)
The race starts play with an extra hero point. Only available in campaigns using hero points.

mdt wrote:

A) Want to add my vote in for a Powerful Build option. They're already putting Large in, I'd like something that is a half-step between sizes.

B) Small Stature : Your race is smaller than normal for your size category. You are treated as one size smaller whenever it is beneficial for you. For example, when determining what spaces you can fit or squeeze into, when purchasing equipment (note that if you reduce the cost of weapons, they do damage as if the smaller size category!), and when determining size bonuses to stealth. 1 or 2 pts.

I'd like to add a vote for this, although I'd say that you don't HAVE to choose weapons of a smaller size category, since powerful build races don't HAVE to choose weapons of a larger size category.

Xum wrote:
Shuriken Nekogami wrote:
advanced strength is an Advanced Ability. thus not available to standard races. and it's not so much the amount of points spent that matter but how well the abilities synergize.

Actually, he's absolutely right. Page 8.

Playtest wrote:

Ability Score Bonuses

The following racial abilities add to the base ability score
modifiers chosen in the ability score modifiers trait.
Advanced Abilities
Advanced Charisma (4 RP): Prerequisites: None; Benefit: ...

Melissa Litwin wrote:
Stephen Radney-MacFarland wrote:
Umbral Reaver wrote:
What's the chance that we'll see a second playtest document that is built upon the altered premises, if you do take that road?

All we really need to do is alter some "offending" point costs, and not treat all the core races as 10 points, If the dwarf comes out as 11 (but is still considered a standard race) and the halfling comes out as 7, then the basics of the system will not necessarily change, only a few of the ability points.

If we do a second playtest, the major change you will see is some point tweaking.

Could you add to your list of change considerations unlinking racial abilities? I think it makes for a much more fun and varied toolbox if you don't have to be type-dwarf to pick up Hardy, for example.

I second this motion. This is just as important, in my opinion.

I'd say "GM tool." Whichever way that leans.

Also, we're forgetting the point that even 4 int xenophobes can drop one point in Linguistics to speak with the rest of the party.

Umbral Reaver wrote:

This is amazing. I don't think I've ever seen such a unanimous agreement on one thing by the members of this board.

Please, Paizo, we want this to be good. We know you want this to be good. For the love of the game and its players, don't let your ego get in the way of something good.

Seriously. Your customers want an objectively-priced race-building system, isn't the fact that your customers want it enough reason?

Dragonsong wrote:
draco_nite wrote:

So, rather than having CR adjustments for each race tier, why not allow different point buy totals for different tiers? (In campaigns that allow point buy, that is.)

10 RP - Campaign's standard value
20 RP - Campaign's standard value -5
30 RP - Campaign's standard value -10
40 RP - Campaign's standard value -15

with a minimum of 10 points.

So, a High Fantasy campaign (20 points) would allow Standard (10 RP) races to have 20 points of ability scores, while Advanced (20 RP) races could have 15 points of ability scores, and Monstrous (30 RP) races could have 10 points of ability scores.

I see where you are going but lets add the last line of race tier into that 40RP still gets 10 points of scores. So I might as well play a 40 RP over the 30 every time.

I think where Umbral Reaver is going might be a better tack.

By "minimum of 10," I mean that you can't play a race with more RP than one that would allow 10 points.

So, in a 20 point campaign, you could not play a 40 point race, since that would be a point buy of 5 points. Basically, 10 RP is worth 5 points under my system.

I like Umbral Reaver's idea as well, which is more balanced would probably come down to a bunch of number crunching that I'd rather not do.

Why are they Outsiders? Being descended from a god doesn't automatically make you an outsider. Minotaurs are (in some settings, at least) born of a divine curse, yet they're Monstrous Humanoids.

Ettin wrote:

Why does Hoofed cost 1 RP when its main effect is to make a whole lot of magic items useless to me?

I am trying to make my anthro-equines and this foot segregation is really confusing me.

DM fiat your boots to horseshoes. You re-fit those boots of teleportation to horseshoes of teleportation.

Sigil87 wrote:
i doubt its an error but why are both small and medium races classified as 0 points. Surly small should be -1 if medium is 0. It is a disadvantage after all.

Trading weapon damage, CMB, and CMD for bonuses to AC, attack rolls, and stealth rolls is great if you're a rogue or a spellcaster.

Mikaze wrote:

Another vote here for divorcing a lot of stuff from pre-reqs bound to creature or racial subtypes.

I can see elemental vulnerabilities being fitting to plenty of creatures that aren't outsiders for one example.

Or to non-standard creatures.

Umbral Reaver wrote:
Languages are pretty terribly priced, too.

Honestly, languages shouldn't even be priced at all. My group (and I'm sure others) just flat-out ignores bonus language restrictions.

LadyWurm wrote:
draco_nite wrote:
I think you can even afford to lose creature type.
Well, you have to have at least something for creature type, because it's a necessary game mechanic (favored enemy, bane weapons, hold person/monster, etc).

Oh, never mind, I thought you were talking about racial traits having requirements based on creature type.

Coldbloodedness. For realistic reptilian races.

LadyWurm wrote:

As Golden-Esque said, no more packages, outside of creature type. Nothing should be labeled "elf" or "dwarf" or whatever. Abilities should just be generic abilities that you can give to any race. Only the points should matter, and everything should be bought individually (2 cantrips 1/day each costs this, a +2 bonus versus whatever costs this, etc).

A functional racial creation system has to be 100% generalized or you're not actually creating new races.

I think you can even afford to lose creature type.

Zephyr Runeglyph wrote:

I was looking at the Toxic ability, and it mentions using toxic saliva to coat your weapon in poison. Now I'm wondering, if a race has the ability to produce toxins in its mouth and the ability to bite people, would/should it be able to poison people with its bite, even if it's a limited number of times per day as mentioned in the description?

I'm not sure if you can apply poison to natural attacks, but it's be kinda weird if the two abilities didn't mix in some way.

Even if Jason says that it would make the game completely unplayable, I'd still allow it. Since Toxic doesn't distinguish between natural and manmade weapons, I assume that it would let you envenom your natural weapons.

Also, a bit off-topic, but something funny I noticed with how the Toxic racial ability is written.

Playtest wrote:

A number of times per day equal to your Constitution

modifier (minimum 1/day), you can envenom a weapon
that you wield with your toxic saliva or blood
(using blood
requires you to be injured when you use this ability).

In other words, this could be misinterpreted that you can envenom a weapon that you use your toxic saliva or blood to wield.

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So, rather than having CR adjustments for each race tier, why not allow different point buy totals for different tiers? (In campaigns that allow point buy, that is.)

10 RP - Campaign's standard value
20 RP - Campaign's standard value -5
30 RP - Campaign's standard value -10
40 RP - Campaign's standard value -15

with a minimum of 10 points.

So, a High Fantasy campaign (20 points) would allow Standard (10 RP) races to have 20 points of ability scores, while Advanced (20 RP) races could have 15 points of ability scores, and Monstrous (30 RP) races could have 10 points of ability scores.

I think it's supposed to go in this thread.

Umbral Reaver wrote:

Is this thread to show how the system can be used to make a minmaxed race specialised in excelling at a single class above all others?

I think that's fairly well known already. Some amount of GM and player rationality and reasonability is expected when reviewing a race for use in their game, even if the points add up nicely. In some cases, a higher cost race may be okay because their abilities do not synergise or force them into a single role better than any other race. In others, it may be justifiable for a race to add up to less than ten because its abilities stack in powerful ways.

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Changeling (Like, REAL changelings, not those half-hag things you call changelings, Paizo.)
Born from the union of a doppelganger and a human, these shapechangers take after their doppelganger parent more often than not.
Type: Humanoid (Shapechanger) 0 RP
Size: Medium 0 RP
Speed: Normal 0 RP
Ability Scores: Human Heritage Mod 0 RP
Language: Linguist 2 RP
Racial Abilities
Change Shape 6 RP
Gift of Tongues 2 RP
Total 10 RP

Created by a forgotten god to fight the horrors of the far realm, these dim-witted giants are unmatched in brute force.
Type: Humanoid (Giant) 0 RP
Size: Large 7 RP
Speed: Normal 0 RP
Ability Scores: Greater Weakness (+2 Str, -2 Cha, -4 Int) -3 RP
Language: Standard 1 RP
Racial Abilities
Fearless 1 RP
Hatred (Abberations) 1 RP
Relentless 1 RP
Stubborn 1 RP
Weapon Familiarity (Flail, Heavy Flail) 1 RP
Total 10 RP

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Breath Weapon (4 RP)
Gain a 30' cone/60' line breath weapon usable 1/day that deals 1d6 energy damage (chosen at character creation) per 2 hit dice possessed (Minimum 1). Save DC = 10 + 1/2 hit dice + Con modifier. Additional uses per day can be bought at 2 RP per use.

Smite (2 RP)
As paladin's Smite Evil, but 1/day, lasts for only one attack, adds total hit dice to damage, and alignment smitten is chosen at character creation.

Also, a version of Claws that can be used by standard races.

Rogue Eidolon wrote:

Personal Judgments:

Linguist Array (2) vs Standard Array (1)--These have very little effect on any race except an Int-caster. Honestly getting a racial bonus language is more useful than what's on the bonus list, and some races with the 'Linguist Array' can wind up losing to a 'Standard Array' race on that one (Taldan and Chelish humans, particularly, if you play Golarion). Xenophobic is missing out on a language and may not share a common tongue, so that might be worth a point less, though honestly it still seems like very little price to pay to save a point.

I'm kind of pissed that they made languages cost racial points at all. My group has pretty much ignored the language limits by race for as long as I can remember.

I was hoping for a slightly more GURPS-like approach, where there'd be a point value for just about ANYTHING you wanted to do. Instead, I get the already-made racial abilities cut-and-paste from the book with a point value attached. For example, why are energy resistances put into categories like Celestial and Shadow? Or Elf Immunities even put in there at all? Instead, make a 1 RP ability for immunity to sleep, and a 1 RP ability for +2 to saves against a school of magic.

Also, I plan on ignoring all of the non-categorical (Standard, Advanced, Monstrous) requirements for the racial abilities, don't bother putting those in IMO. Halfling Luck is just +1 to saves, even if you want to give it to an elf sub-race of your making. It should still cost the same.

EDIT: I think I'll go through this playtest and make list of things that should be separated from each other. For example, Slow shouldn't automatically allow medium races to ignore encumbrance.

I can't believe this hasn't been asked yet, but will there be an expanded list for Summon Monster/Summon Nature's Ally spells? Preferably with things from Bestiary 2?

Nylanfs wrote:
draco_nite wrote:
I'm mostly hoping they'll come out with something official so that the people at PCGen will put them into groups. They won't do anything there unless there's official word on it.
There's no reason why you can't make your own dataset and .MOD all the weapons in the APG set to how you want them. :)

That's true, except for the fact that I don't know how. Trust me, I've tried making my own stuff in PCGen before, none of it works like it should.

AvalonXQ wrote:
I don't see anything official, but the groups are generally clear enough that most, if not all, of the APG weapons clearly fit into a certain group. Are there any specific weapons where you feel like the appropriate group is unclear?

I'm mostly hoping they'll come out with something official so that the people at PCGen will put them into groups. They won't do anything there unless there's official word on it.

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Is there anything official on which APG weapons belong to which Fighter Weapon Training Groups?

ProfessorCirno wrote:
draco_nite wrote:

I'd like to see a different planar cosmology, one that isn't Transition+Elemental+Alignment planes. If anything, I'd like to see a two-plane cosmology: a material world and a spirit world. (I'm basing this not on any knowledge of eastern religion, but on the MTG Kamigawa set novels.)

Also, I'd like to see Mikos, as either a PrC or an Oracle archetype.** spoiler omitted **

No touhous. >:|


Joking aside, I really would like to see something like the miko represented in gaming. And whatever the hell the male equivalent would be.

I'd like to see a different planar cosmology, one that isn't Transition+Elemental+Alignment planes. If anything, I'd like to see a two-plane cosmology: a material world and a spirit world. (I'm basing this not on any knowledge of eastern religion, but on the MTG Kamigawa set novels.)

Also, I'd like to see Mikos, as either a PrC or an Oracle archetype.

Mikos with armpits.