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I would like to cancel my subscription of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. Thanks!

Sent, thanks.

I have three charges from Paizo over the last two months.
11/04/2016 -20.34
10/06/2016 -83.47
10/08/2015 -20.34

I think the 10/8 charge is erroneous: 11/4 is Deck 2 and 11/6 is the Base Add-On in the PACG Adventure Path Subscription. I don't have any other subs to the 10/8 charge makes no sense. Can someone look into this and see if I'm simply forgetting a purchase, or of the charge is in fact erroneous?

Malcolm_Reynolds wrote:
The d6 is part of the first power. The knife power on this weapon adds 1d4+1 and the Electricity trait.

Ah. Seems you've found yourself a future FAQ entry!

Isn't the discard for 1d6 the knife power, i.e. it requires another weapon to have been played on the check?

cosined wrote:
ThreeEyedSloth wrote:

Shipping notification received today!


*Hits Refresh on Email tab for next 4 hours.*

Um. I had to wait 0 minutes. That's amazing.

ThreeEyedSloth wrote:

Shipping notification received today!


*Hits Refresh on Email tab for next 4 hours.*

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Troymk1 wrote:
Recently clarified that you have to check

This game man. Anyone who picks up Mummy's Mask without having played the other Paths should just give up and go watch TV.

...Incoming Transmission from the Æther...
Temple - Alahazra

Sling - Weapon B

Dexterity/Ranged 5
...End Transmission...

That's weird. I was able to: y&page=10#494

Keith Richmond wrote:
Also, sometimes you want to succeed, but overshooting has a cost. This is particularly true in the soon-to-be-released Mummy's Mask.

Lets see. You like scouting? Too bad, because in Mummy's Mask we'll punish you for that. You like using your awesome powers to their fullest? Too bad, because in Mummy's Mask we'll punish you for that. You like opening the box for a brand new Adventure Path? Too bad, because in Mummy's Mask we'll punish you for that: the cards have been replaced with Asps.

What about when it the reward doesn't say random? I think 0-2D says to draw a blessing from the box. Is this random still? Or do we select?

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Hawkmoon269 wrote:
Googam wrote:
I was surprised when I discovered 'milani' was pronounced 'meh-Law-nee'
Huh. That is surprising. I've been pronouncing it as meh-lah-nee, like the cookie but with ee at the end instead of oh.

Remember when Hawkmoon pronounced Milani incorrectly?

Pepperidge Farm Remembers.

I feel like this should be straight forward, but infant-induced sleep deprivation is causing some issues in the ole noggin.

Crowe said wrote:

When you defeat a monster, you may move or put the bottom card of your deck on top of your deck, then end your turn.

If you defeat a Henchman, can you use your ability and close the location, or does the timing forfeit the closing opportunity if you do in fact move.

jduteau wrote:

Andrew Ference? You mean the washed-up defenceman who everyone thought was a good #2 but wasn't?

But he's a nice guy!

jduteau wrote:
I'm in Edmonton, Alberta. (Directly north of Montana, if you don't know where that is. :) )

I know where Edmonton is. I'm just surprised its not a smoldering pile of cinders after the Gretzky trade.

I was also saddened when the B's shipped Andrew Ference off to your desolate wasteland.

(I said I know where it is, not what its like :p )

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Tanis O'Connor wrote:
I was the only one singing along.

Tripping on the boom bap etymological, of course.

jduteau wrote:

You have to login to GameCenter. That is automatically recognized.

I've got 148 gold and completed Brigandoom! with Merisiel and Kyra. :)

You're in Canada? Did we know that? Where in Canada?

Steve Geddes wrote:

Hmm. Quite frustrating. It keeps telling me to log in but the log in button doesn't do anything. I hope it's going to remember that I bought the Rise of the Runelord pack.

Computers. Who needs 'em. :(

Log into Game Center on the iPad

No log ins?

Gah! I am too! Nice knowing you guys. Its been fun!

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Vic Wertz wrote:
I've just received official word that April 28 is indeed the confirmed release date.

Annnnnd I'm calling in sick tomorrow...

Tanis O'Connor wrote:
In the meantime, I present some get-psyched music.

Mike Doughty! So under appreciated! His post-Soul Coughing stuff, while different, should not be overlooked!


Vic Wertz wrote:
News of a firm release date is imminent.

Breath Mode: Bated.

Vic Wertz wrote:
That's an error. Added to FAQ.

The FAQ giveth, and the FAQ taketh away.

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I'll be getting it if it works on my IPad 2. Will try to free play the s!@! out of it.

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Seelah the Chosen wrote:
Thanks for the heads up

I missed it for a few days too, before I realized I only had 2 campaigns.

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Troymk1 wrote:
There's a cost???

digital bits.

I'd say just start a new Campaign for AD1, 0 & 1's are free!

I'll take spell. If I also banished a spell, do I get to choose 2 from the box?

No, but J just recast it as a new thread. Did the link not work for you?

Malcolm_Reynolds wrote:

That's where i've been checking.

Now it shows the sotrunelords being inactive. Got the alchemist dck today. meplay&page=last

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at this point I've been going to my personal campaigns page ( to see what threads have updates. Its pretty concise and I don't think I've missed anything yet since I've been looking at it first.

HawkyPawky wrote:
Frencois wrote:
(*) Not sure what the Scots really mean by "Pawky" (me being poor French already have a hard time understanding anything at all), but be sure it is a compliment to your generic enthousiasm and sense of humour in my mind.
I will accept this as a compliment. Please note my attempt to make this response more humorous was undermined the nearly criminal lack of Hawk like avatars currently available for aliases.

I see the lack of avatar triggered a program fault unveiling you as an actual robot. The worst kept secret on the forum.

Rebel Song wrote:
Frencois wrote:
Sorry HawkyPawky, this is your name now.


Can you try renaming the space? I always have trouble posting when you simultaneously change the name to reflect who is up. Maybe if you change the Gameplay thread's name it might cause the server to get over its hiccup?

Mine doesn't work either. Though the thread [i]thinks[/] we are since it is incrementing the post count: y#8

@lackoffocus, is that mat for this year's PAX East?

Troymk1 wrote:
I think we are just adding one for SotR?

I would have assumed as much, but this is the Wrath discussion so I wasn't sure. 5 Wrathers against Armies was sorta terrifying ;-)

I'd be ok with 5 in Wrath and SotRu. Can we keep SotS as a 4?

jduteau wrote:
He's out East right now


Given the way the party is shaping up, I'm certain I'll go with Radillo now.

I don't think many people have a problem with counting cards in the deck. In some cases its almost impossible not to. The card counts are printed on the location card, which is open information, and every revealed/encountered card is open information, so there's really no ethical issue there, since you aren't cheating in any way.

Thematically it makes sense to pick the Academy for your Wizard because you know there are a number of spells to be had there; the card counts are really a balance of risk and reward. So going one step further and keeping track of the remaining cards isn't a crazy idea.

Furthermore, the upcoming Pathfinder Adventures game counts the cards for you so it doesn't seem like Paizo has an issue with this strategy either.

FWIW, I don't actively count cards, but I'll make notes if I leave a location open after a henchman is defeated, of if I know a Villain is in a group of possible locations. But at the same time, its not hard to recall when you've seen the one monster from a location, or something similar.

In the end, its your game/experience so you can do whatever you'd like!

Hawkmoon269 wrote:
We also don't know how many blessings she'll have in her deck though. It might not be that many.

Swoops in and ruins all the fun speculation...

That's interesting.

Errata'd version of the card should clear up the discrepancy, regardless.

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