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Also borrow Brodert Quink the local Thassilonian expert from Rise, rebrand him and put him in your base town.

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"Lady-J wrote:
limitations generally reduce cost around 50%

Do you have a source please?

I can onlty find the 10% and 30% examples in the rules.

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I recommend bonded item over familiar, that gives you way more flexibility. An extra top level spell per day - of exactly what you need right now - is huge.

Why Run?

Magical Lineage spell is? possibly snapdragon fireworks? Though its a long term investment which pays off several levels from now. I prefer Focused Mind trait which pays off now - getting off a spell in combat is a lifesaver.

Isn't initiative 13? greensting + improved + dex + reactionary

Suggest this thread and this one

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Cultists kiss and port godless are excellent, if long scenarios

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As you say its in the magic chapter under transmutation polymorph: In addition, other spells that change your size have no effect on you while you are under the effects of a polymorph spell.

You wont get a more official answer.

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There is a simple formula to determine practical max speeds for ships that arent designed to plane. See Wikipedia article hull speed. As there are lots of technicalities around this keeping it simple for game use is the aim.

Max speed in knots = 1.34 * square root (waterline length in feet)

For a 100ft length boat that means max speed is 13.4 knots. Which conveniently turns out to be around 134 ft movement per round.

As you need to tack (zig zag) to sail at speed and to sail upwind you are probably doing only about 70% of max straight line speed. Around 95ft per round towards your destination. Around 10 miles per hour.

Note this is going for speed at the expense of comfort with the deck likely tilted at 45 degrees to one side, changing every few minutes. This makes combat and sleeping very difficult. It is also very tiring on the crew.

Going at a more reasonable and comfortable half speed gives you around 5 mph. Probably also use this as max river sailing speed.

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Also see this recent rules thread where these rules and amazing tools of manufacture is discussed.

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Armillary amulet gives a +5 spellcraft - from one of the paizo modules.

You can double speed craft by taking +5 to the dc as per standard magic item crafting rules. So this would help where you also dont meet one or two of the prereqs.

Valet familiar lets you double your crafting speed again.

So you can craft 4k price worth a day while not meeting one or two prereqs and taking ten.

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There was a recent rules thread exploring maximum crafting speed

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The killer combo is to hit them with Slow before the icy prison. Then they cannot take a full round action to break out.

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Zan Greenshadow wrote:

Interesting research, ZomB! I hope spellbooks are eventually included as treasure.

If it's a case of worrying about perpetual items, then make each non-core spell in a spellbook in core campaigns a scroll with limit 1 on the CS. Then, any spell, core or not, can be purchased once. It would require minimal changes to existing sheets (rarity), could be a default rule and would solve the problem of access to these rare/unique treasure items.

As a further extension, having each scroll in a spellbook, core or not, as a scroll on the chronicle sheet with limit 1 would also convey the reduction in scribing fees associated with having spellbook access without having to list the spellbook as a treasure item...and in honor of the fact that it was captured treasure.

Otherwise, if a character acquires their own magic book after the end of that particular adventure, any spells they would buy that happened to be in the previously-captured spellbook (no longer accessible) would be at a 50% premium.

Spell books not being on chronicles, but being available to wizards, have been in PFS from the start. They should be on chronicles but the pragmatic decision was made way back to save word count, chronicle space and developer work - and just allow spellbook access during the scenario. It appears some folks are just spotting this for the first time in core campaign.

To list the contents of a spellbook with dozens of spells in it as scrolls would fill the chronicle. I just looked at a 7-11 spellbook that has 40 spells on it (excluding cantrips). That would fill a chronicle as scrolls or even as a spellbook.

I have no issue with core granting occasional access to non-core stuff of any kind. Paizo need to sell stuff to thrive and I want them to thrive.

I do have an issue that core allows replay, and folks generally seem to be describing the negative effects of replay in relation to non-core item access. The temptation to go farming goodies or to know how to break each replayed scenario is too strong for some people. Which sucks the fun out if it for everyone else.

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Zan Greenshadow wrote:
ZomB wrote:
How many chronicles with non-core spell scrolls are there? From my quick sample it appears to be tiny. Not a significant issue I would suggest.
Scrolls aren't the issue (always on Chronicle Sheets)- spellbooks are. If a captured spellbook is part of a treasure sheet, then any character could make fair use of it after facing the risks required to obtain it (uses might include: future multiclassing, buying one-shot items from npcs, sharing with other party members, etc.). And, it matters in CORE if the spellbook contains any NON-CORE spells which would otherwise be inaccessible.

The blog post (which I was responding to) was written to make it fairer for non-spellbook casters by allowing them to obtain access to non-core spells on scrolls on chronicles. (The ruling about wizards scribing non-core spells from spellbooks had already been made.)

If the number of non-core scrolls on chronicles is tiny - single figures across all seasons if my sample is representative - then the concession isn't significant. However it is suggestive that there will be non-core scrolls on chronicles in the future.

On the subject of non-core spells in spellbooks it should be possible to pull together stats of how common that issue is. We need some facts to fuel these claims and counter-claims. A search of 31 scenarios fairly evenly spread across the seasons found 7 scenarios containing spellbooks, with 4 of the 7 containing only core spells, 2 containing 2 non-core spells and 1 containing 4 non-core spells including prime picks create pit and spiked pit. The scenarios containing non-core spells in spellbooks were all season 4 or later.

Extrapolating from that: about 1 in 5 scenarios contain spellbooks and about 1 in 10 contain non-core spells and less than 1 in 20 contain prime pick spells. Does that help?

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I quickly scanned over 90 chronicles on my PCs and spotted just one scroll of a non-core spell (and it was a touch damage spell so most likely to see use by a magus - which is kind of ironic for core).

How many chronicles with non-core spell scrolls are there? From my quick sample it appears to be tiny. Not a significant issue I would suggest.

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gnoams wrote:
Only spellcasters are getting access to stuff that is not listed on the chronicle. Non spellcasters are limited to purchasing only the exact version of a weapon and only if it is on a chronicle sheet.

You do realize this is exactly the same as for standard PFS where wizards get access to spellbooks that are not on the chronicle. This is not core specific. I suggest you take this to the standard campaign board.

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Well at least they have finally announced a new 4 star Exclusive "Serpent's Rise" for release after Gen Con (in the Gen Con call for volunteers blog post). Aspis agent pregens for the win. Now we can get on and run some exclusives.

There is also a 5 star only Exclusive announced "True Dragons of Absalom" with kobold pregens!

It's not clear how these will be numbered or even what season they will be. 6-EX4 and 6-EX5?

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taldanrebel2187 wrote:
How: Assemble a list of modules with enemy wizards, magus or arcanists in them, so that we can collectively play them in order to learn non-core spells in PFS core.

I think that would be a very short and disappointing list. There aren't that many scenarios with spell books in them, and very few have non-core spells and a tiny amount have the more sought after non-core spells - and they are likely to be available at higher subtier than you would like to get maximum benefit.

You would also be on the horns of a dilemma if you had such a list. Because to get the most value out of the few scenarios that have spell books with non-core spells you would want to play higher subtier to get access to the most non-core spells, and therefore that would delay getting the spells until later.

As I said other thread your most likely fruitful source of non-core spells is when you sit down with other wizards at the table.

Result: Wizards are, once again, the undisputed God class that makes DMs from Gencon to PFS Core tables cry bitterly into their screens, because we have found a way to lose absolutely nothing in PFS Core, save a few petty archetypes and sub-schools.

Hyperbole. No teleportation subschool, no dazing or persistent metamagic feats/rods. And those were just the 3 things that immediately sprang to mind. Its likely a long list.

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andreww wrote:
If it is the one I am thinking off that is also an extremely dangerous scenario with all sorts of screw you events in it.

When you consider who you are going up against and where you get off lightly. Even Eando Kline wouldn't touch this one ;-)

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"Devil's Advocate" wrote:
Plenty of scenarios have multiple spellbooks, too much possibility for error, and not to mention APs/Modules, and I need my extra room for trophies and other notes.

Out of the 100 scenarios I am familiar with I can only recall one scenario that has more than one wizard with a spell book, and even that is only on high subtier with 6 player adjustment (and even in that case one spell book is a subset of the other). I have clearly been very unlucky to miss out on the best scenarios for my wizard PC.

It is as likely in core as in normal mode that the best opportunities for scribing spells (non-core or core) from spell books comes from sitting down with other wizard PCs and very rarely from NPC spell books.

Yes, there is scope for error, but that already exists in normal mode. Generally you are lucky if spells scribed from spell books are listed clearly or at all, and it is done on trust (and never audited) - like most things in PFS.

I can understand that with CORE we want to be doubly sure that non-core access was done fairly but don't see how we can do this any better than the existing instruction from the blog to "Record any such spells learned on the Chronicle sheet, and have the GM initial the note."

This still leaves the issue of all the core spells scribed from any spell books in the scenario that you still have to take on trust.

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There are not that many spell books in scenarios and scarce pickings on non-core spells. I only know of one that has create pit for example and that's in a level 5-9.

It will however mean a wizard will likely scribe all non core spells whenever he finds them, of whatever level, and waste his money on a lot of them that will never see use.

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See The 100-gold leopard problem and Battle Cattle for earlier discussions of this issue.

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Quadstriker wrote:
The biggest incentive that makes me want to GM is good players.

The opposite is certainly a disincentive.

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The building is also painfully hot so it wont want to walk on the stone floor with its bare feet and if not carried will be dancing about uncomfortably and trying to find cooler footing. It will likely be in heat distress unless under an Endure Elements spell. There are dead bodies just outside the door and in the armory which are going to be distracting scent wise, not to mention the PCs own strong sweat. There is a lot of stuff for an animal to be upset about here.

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Is this the season 6 Library of the Lion / The Disappeared style scenario?

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uzaithemonki wrote:
I know I played at least one scenario in which you are trying to get a centaur to represent the society in the ruby Phoenix tournament. What scenarios are those?

The Kortos Envoy

And I've played one 7-11 in which there was something to do with sine words of power or something concerning a rune lord? What are those scenarios?

The Refuge of Time

Words of the Ancients
The Waking Rune

In the same arc but not 100% necessary:
Cultists Kiss (strongly recommended)
Feast of Sigils (only for completists)

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Stirge for the con damage, especially when summoning 1d3 or 1d4+1 with SNA2 or SNA3.

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hgsolo wrote:
Throw a stinking cloud on top.

Yep, nasty because they lose their standard action if they fail the stinking cloud save, so they cant break the grapple. And if they stay in the cloud have to save each turn.

And you can use the cheaper 9K lesser persistent rod on the stinking cloud or web or slow.

Slow is good because they only get one action and are slower, so if they break free they cant move that round, and if they move they are at half speed, which might not be enough to get out anyway as tentacles are difficult terrain - which is often forgotten.

Web is good because they have to break free of the web and the tentacles which requires 2 standard actions and then they have to navigate the web.

Even grease works so that when they break the grapple they have a chance to fall over, using their move action to stand up.

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I would have said four brand new level 1 PCs in a normal 1 to 5 _is_ hard mode.

no CLW
only 4 PCs so less action economy
Encounter CR is maximum difference it can be from _all_ PCs
several scenarios don't scale to 4 PCs well (if at all)
smaller parties are more likely to have a poor scenario "fit"
brand new players rarely make good use of their PCs abilities or use good tactics

Is CORE bringing an additional and significant penalty above and beyond the above?

EDIT: ah I think I see, the GM is new because CORE has encouraged him to GM. So yes "new GM" might be a significant factor though that risk is not CORE specific.

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Visit the Pathfinder Society Online Collective

PM the Online VC Jesse Davis

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This keeps coming up and was clarified in the original blog announcement thread by Mike Brock. Though its obviously hard to find in the hundreds of posts in that thread.
Only 20 core deities allowed for clerics and paladins

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Mackenzie Kavanaugh wrote:
Kelly Youngblood wrote:
Mackenzie Kavanaugh wrote:
I understand being upset about rollplayers picking deities and not even investigating the tenets of that religion, but what exactly is stopping anyone from playing a paladin of Ragathiel in Core?

Paladins in PFS require a legal deity within one step of LG.

Only the core 20 deities are legal in core, as the rest come from other sources.

That's a rather extremist interpretation, especially since deity has absolutely no mechanical effect for paladins

This has already been clarified by Mike Brock as only allowing the 20 core deities for clerics and paladins

and claiming that background-only choices can only be made based on the Core book and PFS Guide would mean that the only nations a person could come from are Absalom, Andoran, Cheliax, Osirion, Qadira, Taldor, and Thuvia. Even Numeria is never referenced as an actual nation, and I can't find a single mention of Varisia anywhere in the book. But hey, sure, why not throw out all the lore as well as the mechanics, and people are no longer allowed to name the city they're from unless it's Absalom or Oppara.

This has already been clarified by Mike Brock's post on background as allowed as long as no mechanical benefit

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Michael Brock wrote:
Himokl wrote:
What do we do with spellbooks we find in game? (E.g. can we copy non-core spells from them?)
Look at my second reply in this thread for an answer to spell books

That's probably worth calling out some more as potentially extra annotation required by CORE GM and players to make sure its not missed - which might cause problems later.

GMs (or player's annotation signed off by GMs) are going to have to write on the chronicle all non-core spells in found NPC spellbooks and scrolls - which might be a long list (though unlikely).

Hmm, its likely to make any scenario with non-core spells a must replay scenario for wizards. Though offhand I can't recall any particularly "must have" spells in NPC spellbooks, create pit for example.

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The AP players guides appear to be off limits, and any mechanics or items in there for adding campaign flavor look to be banned for core campaigns. Probably want to make access to the player guide a standard boon in the APs.

Hmm, are ethnicities (eg Shaonti) and even suggested names (eg Ancrym) from an AP guide non-core character options?

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Looking up Lady Darchana on the wiki she is listed as a 14th level wizard (though it doesn't list her specialist school), which means shrink item lasts 14 days or 28 days with an Extend rod.

Looking at how many 3rd level slots she had I realized that Lady Darchana in the picture isn't wearing a headband, and what 14th level Wizard doesn't? Though I suppose it could be hidden by illusion magic (invisibility doesn't last long enough unless permanent at 5000 GP). I assume Aram Zey could pitch in with 11/22 day shrink item slots, if more than 5 people required it or she could use a pearl or higher level spell slots.

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A Hargur monologue to set the scene for the trip from Okeno to the Fort.

Hargur intro script:

Listen up slaves:
I am Master Hargur, this is Master Vangru, this ball of fun is Snapper, and we are your guards for this trip.
These are the rules:
Number 1: You do what we say, when we say it.
Number 2: You are on your best behavior.
• If you don’t follow orders - you get a beating.
• Any talk of freedom or escape - you get a beating.
• Any disrespect, if you even look at us wrong - you get a beating.
• Any of that magic funny business - you get a long hard beating
• And take note Master Vangru here likes to tenderize the meat so much, sometimes he doesn’t know when to stop. So don't give him reason.
Number 3: Don't run.
• Snapper here likes to chase things and chasing things makes him hungry.
• That can lead to unfortunate accidents.
• Tasty eating, but bad for business. Don’t run.
I trust I made myself clear. I won’t be taking any questions.
Now mush.

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Sounds like a gaming great and a great loss to us all. Condolences.

James Apostolou wrote:
I would request that Rick would gain a paizo volunteer coin Mike.

Certainly a place on the wall of names for Chandler of Sarenrae, possibly in scenario.

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Plus at high tier the rage power No Escape which allows double your move (60ft) as an immediate action when an adjacent foe withdraws.

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In level range order:

Gods market gamble
Night march of Kalkamedes
The Frostfur Captives
The Bloodcove Disguise
Slave Masters Mirror
Storming the Diamond Gate
The Golemworks Incident
Cultists Kiss
King of the Storval Stairs

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Prethen wrote:
Anything that I've seen with drugs in play has basically painted them as bad/problematic. I see that as a public service announcement. Are there scenarios that "promote" drug use?

Performance enhancing drugs are common and encouraged in RPGs, albeit labelled as magical potions, e.g. Potion of Bear's Endurance.

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One solution is to just ask the question on the product discussion page under the scenario. You will likely get a good answer fairly quickly.

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I am just wondering how folks who try to sensor this input from their children handle things like children's cartoons (which have regular deaths and much more violence than most adult programs) or even regular TV shows that are partially aimed at children and reference this stuff.

For example I watched a Doctor Who yesterday, on early evening TV, with a suicide theme - where the Doctor talks the main story centric bad guy into killing himself. And Doctor Who feels like a strong comparison point for fantasy scenarios.

I think knowing their approach to things like that would be instructive.

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On a similar topic... When I played it I was a little incredulous that Fimbrik was still alive after 400 years making him over 440 years old - as I didn't realize Gnomes could live that long.

Technically is is possible according to the aging chart as maximum age is 200+3d%, but it is statistically very unlikely (and convenient). Though I guess as a wizard he could have taken the 20th level immortality discovery. Also the scenario notes he has been absent for several years, which could be code for long dead.

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Well Ambrus wrote the letter, Aram just signed it. However the Pathfinders have given Aram a social leg up with the aristocracy - and probably the top mage in Absalom (assuming Lord Gyr's title of first spell lord is honorary and not based on actual wizarding prowess). I think in this case he may be basking in his own glory... ;-)

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I am working on a mission completion letter to print on the back of the chronicle sheets as a permanent reminder of the scenario. This is in the style of the mission completion letter for Wounded Wisp.

Are there any suggestions on improvements to the following or anything I missed?

Mission Completion Letter:


Your recent undercover investigation on Stonespine Island and recovery of the mirror of treacherous sight has helped secure Absalom from external threat. Through your actions the Pathfinder Society has strengthened its ties within the city.

Your journals detailing first-hand experience of the slave trade based in Okeno and insights into Gnoll hierarchy, lifestyle and tactics are valuable assets to the society. The potential new contacts made are also of significant value. Last but no means least the successful field test of the chest is valuable feedback.

The intelligence you recovered has helped Lady Darchana Madinani in her further investigation of this threat, and the pursuit of Pasha Muhlia al’Jakri.

Second Spell Lord and Archdeacon of the Arcanimirium, Lady Darchana Madinani has asked Aram Zey to convey her esteemed thanks.

Master of Spells Aram Zey and I are working with Lady Darchana to ensure she has all the information she needs to predict the Pasha’s next step. I suggest you remain in Absalom for the next few days if you want to see this through.

Highest Regards,

Venture Captain Ambrus Valsin

Master of Spells Aram Zey

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I think the only thing the randomization adds to it is that a player cannot carry knowledge over from a previous run through.

On the random ambush party stats:

1) Is the intention that every 3rd party does not have a healing PC, or should that be a D2 rather than a D3?

2) The brute's to hit is not listed, it should be +6.

3) I note that the brute does +12 damage when raging and power attacking - rolling high damage or a critical is one hit one kill against first level PCs - so possibly not to be used on an all new player table and also used with care against an all level one party.

4) The Evoker has a bonded item and no spell book listed. So the other 3 spells in his spellbook are at GM discretion. I guess we pick area affect spells like Color Spray with great care. I note a short first level spell book would be a nice find for a low level wizard - so it is a shame it isn't listed in his gear.

5) Touched to hit: should this be +0, not +1?

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On the handouts: My thought when I first saw these as a player was ugh, tiny scratchy font, and no paragraph spacing, making it very hard to scan.

I am running this several times later this month, so I decided to do something about it.

I have reformatted the first two and final handouts onto a full page each with larger easier to read font, paragraph spacing and bolded names, to make it easier to read and pick out pertinent information (but no change of content). There will be multiple copies for the table, each on a different hue of paper.

On the final VC handout I am considering printing these (reformatted full page) on the back of the chronicle sheets, as this then serves as a permanent reminder of what was achieved in the scenario.

I like Thurston's suggestion of Fimbrik's illusion delivering the message, so will be ready to do that if the circumstances warrant it, or just have the (reformatted) handout ready.

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-Play more than I GM (currently failing).
-Put much more effort into my PCs (so it even starts to register compared to my GM prep time).
-Get more involved in local store play (rather than just the con scene).
-Get back into the reviewing groove and catch up on reviews.
-Never volunteer to run the latest scenarios at a future con without content and quality checking those scenarios first.

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GM Prep Checklist (from the GM shared prep site):

Getting started
1. Print out scenario text pages, and put in a lightweight binder.
2. Highlight all skill checks in scenario text (I just put circles around all skill DCs)
3. Highlight all faction mission notes in scenario text (I highlight all faction names in pink)
4. Highlight in a different color all notable scenario text, plus reference information such as terrain, ceiling height, light level.
5. Check if there is anything in the Google Docs GM shared prep area that you can use
6. Review the GM thread on the Paizo boards for any gotchas or guidance
7. Using Combat Manager/PRD/PFSRD - Save and print out all stat blocks that are not fully listed in the scenario

1. Lookup all monster special abilities and traits. Make notes and print out any large text blocks you need.
2. Highlight all key features of creatures and make notes for things you may miss. For example note power attack bonuses next to attacks, and flag other combat manoeuvres such as step up or lunge. Note defensive abilities and items prominently next to defensive stats, such as DR, SR, ring of Force Shield, ring of Counterspells.
3. Review tactics and work out what you will do and what you need to know for round one.
4. Note any items they have that affects combat.
5. Lookup all feats you aren’t sure of.
6. Lookup all abilities/spells you aren’t sure of and make notes. Noting in short: range, radius, effect, non-std casting time
7. Note any build errors you find and work out what you will do about them. For example an NPC has a feat he doesn’t qualify for or the tactics mention a spell that can’t be used. (Assume if you don’t find any build errors that you missed them. It is nigh impossible to create multiple NPC characters without making mistakes, especially higher level ones.)
8. Note any environment conditions that affect the encounter: obstacles, terrain, lighting, ceiling height, etc.
9. Once you have reviewed the above and know the constraints you are working under then work out what leeway you have to make the encounter more intelligent, fun, harder, softer.
10. If any elements are new to you or it looks too weak or too deadly then do a dummy run of round one of combat to look for issues or options.
11. Think about any PC abilities or PC types that might sideline an encounter, eg. Sleep Hex.

Story and RP
1. Read entire scenario to identify story elements, any potential holes, any stall points or any story thread weaving required. Note any elements that need to be brought out or hinted at.
2. Identify every NPC and give them a basic personality, typically by aligning them to someone you know either from real life or fiction. Though it may be bad form to base it on someone actually sitting at the table ;-)
3. Read every faction mission and work out where and how to surface it in the scenario and any potential issues with it.
4. Try and spot any assumptions that might break the story if they don’t come true and how to work around them. For example does any outcome depend on encounters being resolved the traditional way rather than via enchantment spells or social skills.

1. Print 3 copies of faction missions and any handouts, cut out and file
2. Print out 6 chronicle sheets per session planned plus one for GM credit.
3. Print out reporting/tracking sheet if required.
4. Create event/scenario on Paizo or get event number from coordinator
5. Create and print out sign-up sheet where required for that particular convention
6. Pre-fill chronicle sheets with event name, event ID and GM ID to save table time
7. Print out images from the scenario for scene setting (using print screen and Paint.Net).
8. Complete any enemy spellbook spell lists and print off as handouts
9. If it is to be run in a short slot, prepare a handout of mission goals and key NPC names.
10. Identify any flip mats or alternative maps you can use (and any you want to buy)
11. Print or pre-draw any complex maps or key parts of maps
12. Identify the minis required and find them. Find proxies or print paper tokens for any you don’t have.
13. Charge up your tablet/phone (take your charger to the con)
14. Copy anything you need to your tablet/phone

Beyond the scenario (extra mile)
1. Read the wiki for all locations and people listed in the module
2. Print/upload to tablet any scene setting images from the wiki/blog
3. Identify any scenery or props you could use to add some depth and fun. Particularly where it is necessary to identify who is carrying a particular item. For example an important key, scroll, wayfinder or other scenario maguffin.
4. Print and fill out initiative cards for all creatures (location, subtier, number, name, init, AC, HP)
5. Print blank initiative cards for PCs (fields: name, level, classes, HP, AC, Perception, specials)
6. Contribute to the GM thread any errors, concerns, questions, or notable table points that came up.
7. Upload any useful stuff you created to the GM shared prep area
8. Write a review of the scenario. Do this before you run it as it forces you to think through the scenarios strengths and weaknesses. Then update after you run it. This is the primary way you can influence authors to write the kind of scenarios you want to run or play. Be constructive and use spoiler tags.

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I originally ordered 5 modules in 3333035 and then 2 poster maps in 3339181. The orders were auto-merged by the system to be delivered under order 3333035.

No emails received other than the orders. Order 3333035 still showing pending.

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Shasfowd wrote:
Reign of Winter

That will certainly fill the twelve days of Xmas.;-)

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Andrew Christian wrote:
It is generally bad practice to complain about the scenario you are running. A GM's job is to help his players have a good time. Do you really think that the GM is doing that job if they are complaining about the scenario they are running?

That is clearly a different point to the one I was responding to.

However you do raise a contributing factor. If a GM has signed up to run something that is not yet released and then finds they don't like it but are committed to run it. Then they can either run it as best they can (and their lack of enthusiasm likely comes through) or they can drop it and let several people down, or if the option is available run something else which likely lets someone down. Either way they are likely to not do that again in a hurry and the GM pool is impacted.

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