Community Use Package: PF2E Iconics Pregenerated Characters

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This package contains pregenerated characters for use in the Pathfinder Society. The following can be found in this download package:

Pathfinder Second Edition: Core Rulebook

  • Amiri: Human Barbarian (Levels 1 & 5)
  • Ezren: Human Wizard (Levels 1 & 5)
  • Fumbus: Goblin Alchemist (Levels 1 & 5)
  • Harsk: Dwarf Ranger (Level 1)
  • Kyra: Human Cleric (Levels 1 & 5)
  • Lem: Halfling Bard (Level 1)
  • Lini: Gnome Druid (Level 1)
  • Merisiel: Elf Rogue (Levels 1 & 5)
  • Sajan: Human Monk (Level 1)
  • Seelah: Human Champion (Level 1)
  • Seoni: Human Sorcerer (Level 1)
  • Valeros: Human Fighter (Levels 1 & 5)
Last Updated: 7/26/2019

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Valeros (Lv. 5) has wooden shield stats despite being listed with a steel shield, which is incredibly fragile at level 5.

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Would it be possible to get this without watermarks? To my recollection the SF pregens don't.


Liberty's Edge

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Amiri's Nature Skill at level 1 is not marked as Trained, though the bonus is correct.

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Cool deal! Thank you!

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As a side note, as much as I normally recommend Foxit Reader for all my PDF view/print needs, I have to say stick with Adobe for this one. For some reason all the character sheets *except* Amiri, Harsk, Sajan, and Valeros print with the character art upside down if you use Foxit to print. The others are fine.

Liberty's Edge

Fumbus should be encumbered based on his gear list (which seems to total 6 Bulk, 6 L at a minimum) unless the corebook's list of Bulk numbers is in error.

See this post for an enumerated list.

Will we be getting level 5 versions for all of them eventually?

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