looking for step by step instructions magic item creation


im confused with the item creation rules

so if someone can give me step by step instructions.
i have craft wonderous item feat with +4 int, with 11 spellcraft,
and lets use Scabbard of Keen Edges since it is a item i want to make which has a caster level 5, costs 8000gold to make and i have all spells required to make it

You do not need to meet the caster level requirement for the item you want to craft unless it's listed in the construction requirements section or explicitly required by the type of crafting you're performing.

When you begin crafting you must pay the item's crafting costs and meeting its requirements. Any requirements you cannot meet will add +5 to the DC of the skill check at the end of the crafting process, and some requirements (such as the feat) cannot be skipped. You can work for up to 8 hours a day on crafting, and must work for 8 hours for every 1000 GP in the item's cost. Alternately, by adding +5 to the check you can double your progress. At the end of the process when work is complete, you must make a skill check to determine whether you are successful or not. If the DC type of check isn't listed in the construction requirements block then it's a DC 5 + caster level spellcraft check. You can take 10 on this check.

So for your character to construct a Scabbard of Keen edges you would need to pay 8000 GP up front. It would take you 4 days of 8 hours of work in order to craft the item at an accelerated time-table. At the end of the period you would take 10 on your spellcraft check, giving you a result of 21. The DC to craft the item is only 20 even if you are skipping the spell requirement (5 + 5 caster level + 5 skipped prerequisite + 5 accelerated crafting) so you auto-succeed.

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DC - Notes
5 - This is what you always start with
+0 - Requires Craft Wonderous, you cannot skip this requirement
+0 - Requires Keen Edge, which you say you have as a spell and can cast it
+5 - CL5 as listed, note that it can be reduced to minimum casting level, but it already is at min.
+5 - if you want to craft in half the time (16 days is long, so half it)

Total DC is 15 (or 10 if you want to spend 16 days crafting, but you probably don't and you cannot fail anyways). As Dasrak said, take a 10 on your skill check: 10+11=21. Congratulations, after 8 days (spending 8 hours straight) and 8,000 gold (half of the market price) you have a Scabbard of Keen Edges.

Note that unless I am reading it wrong, the time it takes to craft a magic item is 1 day per 1,000 gp in base (market) cost.

If you don't have time to craft an item, you can still work at it while adventuring. All work must be done in 4 hour blocks to count as actual 4 hours of crafting. If you cannot do so, then you can still spend 4 hours toiling and still get 2 hours of crafting out of it.

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There was a recent rules thread exploring maximum crafting speed

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This thread already has some misinformation in it so let's try to get it right:

First, this is what is REQUIRED to create the Scabbard of Keen Edges:

SRD, Magical Items, Scabbard of Keen Edges wrote:

Construction Requirements

Craft Wondrous Item, keen edge; Cost 8,000 gp

You MUST have the feat and you MUST pay the cost; these two requirements cannot be "skipped". However, you CAN skip the required spell, keen edge, but if you do, the final Spellcraft check will be harder (you add +5 to the DC of that check if you don't have the spell).

The time to craft it is 1 day per 1,000gp in the BASE price (which is 16,000gp) so it requires 16 days working in a clean comfortable location for 8 hours per day.

So, you gather 8,000gp of raw materials. This can be whatever you and your GM agree. Maybe the leather must be made of super rare dragon hide, or maybe you must rub the tears of a fire elemental into the leather, or maybe you can just use ordinary leather and 8,000gp worth of gemstones, or whatever. The details don't matter (to the rules; they might matter to you or your GM), so make it what you want.

Once you acquire these materials, they are spent. If you screw it up, you lose the materials: they're ruined and worthless and you've lost the 8,000gp for nothing. So don't screw it up.

Now you work for 16 days until you finish it. You can skip days (for example, work for 5 days, then take a few days off to go on an adventure, then come back home and work for 11 days to finish it) so the days don't need to all be consecutive.

If you want to cut this time in half, you can rush the process but doing so means you add +5 to the Spellcraft DC at the end. But it would be nice to get it done in 8 days instead of 16, wouldn't it?

During this time, you decide what Caster Level you want. The only rule is that it must be high enough to cast the spell (even if you're not actually casting it), so the minimum CL is 5 (assuming you're a wizard casting keen edge which is a 3rd level spell, so a 5th level wizard can cast it). But you could make the CL higher if you want. Raising the CL should increase the Base Price and the materials Cost but some GMs don't bother with this - but it's best to ask your GM. Me, I make the player increase the cost if when he increases the CL. In the case of this scabbard, there is little benefit other than the effect lasts longer (but it's already long enough) and the fact that it will be harder for the magic to be dispelled/suppressed by things like Dispel Magic or Antimagic. Probably not worth it, but you can do it if you want.

At the end of the 16 days, you make ONE single Spellcraft check. The DC is 5 + the item's Caster Level. If you did not increase the CL, then the Spellcraft DC is just 10 (5 + 5). If you skipped the spell, or if you "rushed" the process, you must add +5 to this DC (or +10 if you did both).

Yes, you can use Take-10 on this roll and you definitely should (if you didn't raise the DC, you're going to succeed whether you Take-10 or roll the dice, so you're OK either way, but if you did things that raise the DC, then use Take-10 because it's safer).

Since your result using Take-10 is a 21, you can easily beat this pathetic little DC 10 Spellcraft check. In fact, you can easily beat the DC 15 spellcraft check to "rush" the process and finish in 8 days instead of 16. You could also skip the spell requirement (but you don't need to), which would raise the DC by another 5 but it would still be less than your guaranteed 21 result, even if you rushed and skipped the spell.

And that's all the basics. It's a long post, but once you understand it, it's way easier to do it than it is to type up the explanation.

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