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Init:3C, 9 Bennies; Parry 5/14, Toughness 6/16, RATN 4/13

Sorry, I should have done the math myself. 70 mph is 103 feet per second, and since 1" equals 6 feet, that's 17". So the midpoint is 9" away from me. 30 mph is 44 feet per second, so 7". Worst case is 24", or 17" using the same ratio you concluded with.

Not knowing if Karma is inside the transport, Psiclops will blast the truck again :

Focus & Wild,+2 size: 1d12 + 1 + 2 ⇒ (10) + 1 + 2 = 131d6 + 1 + 2 ⇒ (4) + 1 + 2 = 7 = Raise


Damage: 6d6 + 1d6 ⇒ (6, 1, 6, 1, 2, 6) + (1) = 23
Damage ACE! ACE! ACE!: 3d6 ⇒ (6, 1, 6) = 13
Damage ACE! ACE!: 2d6 ⇒ (3, 4) = 7 = 43

I think the truck needs some butter and jam, because it's toast...

With that much damage, would the truck explode (gas tank), harming those around it? Just curious...

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I know physics and astronomy very well, and when I first heard of how the 'verse was organized, my mind completely rebelled at it. There's no way 5 suns can be in that close an orbit without flinging planets (and themselves) away in less than 1000 years. I even toyed with the idea of making the 'verse a couple of dozen light-years across (a very small "open cluster" of stars), and having actual FTL drives, but I figured that players who were die-hard fans would object.

BTW, I use THIS MAP of the 'verse, which has a scale in the upper right corner. According to this, the 'verse is about 8 times the diameter of our solar system, if you include Pluto. But stars have to be at least a couple of light years apart to not influence each other gravitationally. But that would mean in the 'verse as it is, that the orbits of the outer suns would be many hundreds of years, which doesn't fit well with the next paragraph.

Regarding travel times, I think the dice rolls in the setting are ok. There are 2 suns that are in the same orbit in the Border, and 2 in the Rim, so if the die roll is small, the suns happen to be near each other. If the die roll is big, the suns happen to be opposite each other at the time.

I can tell some of you are die-hard fans, so I hope you'll forgive me if I don't name the planets you're going to, just what region they're in, and the amount of Alliance presence on them.

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Mokshai - if you can just get your money back from that website, I'd suggest you to to PEG's (the company that created Savage Worlds) website. I've never had any problems with them, and once you've paid your $10, you can download updated versions for free forever! You can purchase the PDF

ALL - it sounds like we're getting into some roleplaying already, so go ahead and post how you came to be on the ship in Gameplay. You can banter with each other for the next couple of days while we're waiting for new PC's.

If you haven't posted a PC yet, don't worry, I will check Recruitment every day, and won't start the actual game for another couple of days.

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Therenger - oops, I forgot my own rules. The Captain Edge does mean you own the ship, but you still don't make the major decisions. I just looked at my most recent version of the setting, and found the phrase "which means you get to call the shots", which I thought I had removed. I just think having all the players having a say in decisions is better than one player making all the major decisions.

Atlas - no problem, I didn't see your objection as arguing, but as pointing out a potential imbalance in the setting, which I agreed with. Having said that, would you mind too much if I changed the d10 roll to freak out to a d8?

Also, I had totally forgotten about SWADE's Electronics skill! I'm still not fully up-to-date on all of SWADE's changes. So I'll remove the Repair/Electronics and Repair/Mechanic skills, and change all their references to SWADE's Electronics and Repair. Thanks!

And, thanks for taking up the repair skills, I was thinking of running an NPC crewman of my own that would be the repair guy. I can still do that if you want to put those points elsewhere.

ALL : to everyone who's posted a PC - I haven't had time to review your PCs, will get to it soon.

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In case you’ve been living in a cave for the last decade, Firefly is about shipping goods and people across a very large and complex “solar system” (in a nutshell). The only weapons usually available to PCs are pistols and rifles, and the tech levels on the planets you’ll mostly deal with are often much less than what we have right now IRL, hence “space western”. But in this game you’ll do more than just ship goods…

I know in the past my games have been somewhat lackluster (due to health problems), but I have been doing a lot of web browsing, and have a ton of scenarios and plot twists for Firefly adventures (as well as an overarching goal that will become apparent over time)!

Please read this document, at least from pages 2-8, for setting background information, character types, new Skills, Edges, and Hindrances, available equipment, and information your PC would know, before creating a character. You can read pages 8-10 for the game procedures and details about the ship if you want, but I will tell you what to do in-game when needed. Please let me know if you find any typos, inconsistencies, or over- or under-powered game mechanics.

At least one PC must be at least adequate (d6/d8) in one or more of the following Skills :
- Healing
- Piloting & Knowledge / Astrogation
- Knowledge / Planets (in order to make informed decisions about where to buy and sell cargo)
- Repair / Mechanic
- Repair / Electronic
- A relatively high Persuasion (d8+); SWADE or Firefly Edges (Streetwise, Merchant … etc.) that provide a bonus to Persuasion would be a good idea. Required for finding, buying, and selling goods, and practically essential if you don’t have a Companion to be able to even do business on some worlds. On some missions, Persuasion will be rolled more than Shooting!

For these skills, it would be a good idea (but not necessary) for another PC to have at least a d4/d6 in them, in case the primary PC is out of commission.

Since these skills are so important, those who post early can pick whatever skills they want (you don’t have to post an entire PC, you can just say “my PC will have <this> skill”); latecomers will have to have PC’s with those skills not taken yet.

About Captains : if a player takes the Captain Edge, this does not mean they must make all the major decisions, everyone can talk out any decisions.

If more than one player wants to be Captain, the first one to post the request gets it.
If more than one player wants to be a psionic, the first one to post the request gets it.

Also, every PC’s description should include :
- What their short-term goals are
- What their long-term goals are
- Several NPC’s that the PC knows (these should not be useful contacts, just people the PC considers “close to” or “friends with”). Just a name and how/why you know them is enough.

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Female; Parry=7, Toughness=9(2), Bennies:3 Human

I'm taking Brawler for my Advancement. Finally, I'm better with my hands than with my sword!

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Female; Parry=7, Toughness=9(2), Bennies:3 Human

mikeawmids - no problem sacrificing rules for PbP smoothness. And I understand that changing an early roll sequence will mess up all the following ones.

I Googled the SW forums, and holding a ranged weapon does *not* make you an Unarmed Defender.

I always forget that Running is considered an "Action" (since regular Movement is Free), so the MAP applies, sorry.

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Female; Parry=7, Toughness=9(2), Bennies:3 Human

Dealing with Ranged attackers behind Cover :

Once we've gotten rid of the melee fighters, the best thing to do is to go on Hold when your Action comes up. Then when the crossbowmen come out of Cover to fire, interrupt them. This unfortunately requires an opposed Athletics roll, so you might not go first. But if you do, then they aren't in Cover when you attack them (presumably with a Ranged weapon).

It used to be an opposed Agility roll, which I much prefer to Athletics, since you might have a high Agility (for Parry, etc.), but if you didn't put any points into Athletics, you'll never succeed on the interrupt.

I have actually house-ruled out the opposed roll altogether, since going on Hold is a sacrifice, and the opposed roll means you might have made that sacrifice for nothing (especially now that it's Athletics).

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Female; Parry=7, Toughness=9(2), Bennies:3 Human

"Sobok, stop! They're all dead!"

MWG pauses to gather the coins. Just in case we switch to using real money, how much is there?

"Anybody have any idea where to go now, besides downstairs? And I would like to caution *everyone* about leaping into situations blindly..."

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Female; Parry=7, Toughness=9(2), Bennies:3 Human

While I don't play 5e, I also very much dislike "auditioning" to be in a game (all that investment just to be turned down), so good for you!

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Female; Parry=7, Toughness=9(2), Bennies:3 Human

MWG, who's been guarding the doorway to the stairs, decides to take care of Tiefling-with-dagger before he reaches her, by throwing a shuriken :

Focus & Wild: 1d8 ⇒ 51d6 ⇒ 2


Damage: 2d6 ⇒ (5, 6) = 11
Damage ACE!: 1d6 ⇒ 6
Damage ACE! ACE: 1d6 ⇒ 6 Ok, now this is getting ridiculous...
Damage ACE! ACE! ACE!: 1d6 ⇒ 2 = 25

If I may narrate the results...

Which hits him in the head and *explodes*, leaving the headless body to slump to the floor.

She hisses to everyone "Someone kill that d**n dog!"

14 PP

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Female; Parry=7, Toughness=9(2), Bennies:3 Human

In SW, it's pretty much the same - you just declare it, and after the target receives enough Wounds to Incapacitate them, they're just knocked out instead of killed. There's one thing about if you're using a sharp weapon non-lethally, you're at -1 to your Fighting roll, but that's it.

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Female; Parry=7, Toughness=9(2), Bennies:3 Human

I'm bumping my Focus skill up to d8 with the Advancement.

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Female; Parry=7, Toughness=9(2), Bennies:3 Human

Some thoughts on dealing with Toughness 12 :

2d6 damage (what most of us can probably do), does an average of 8 points, and with Acing rolls a 12 *maybe* 15% of the time, just enough to Shaken him. With a Raise on the attack die (unknown probability) and no damage Acing, the average roll would be 12, just enough to Shaken him.

Bottom line : 2d6 isn't likely to inflict a Wound by itself.

2d8 damage (the mounted gun) does an average of 10 points (with AP 2 this can Shaken him), and does 12 points about 25% of the time (still only Shaken). With a Raise on the attack roll (unknown probability) and no damage Acing, the average roll would be 14, enough to Wound him.

But, I don't know how much longer we're going to have control of the mounted gun. And remember that "average" means "half the time", so half the time the damage will be lower than what I said above.

mikeawmids - I don't recall if you described this already, but is the Hellknight fully armored, head-to-toe?

If not : we could use Called Shots to target the un-armored areas, which have Toughness 8, but with a lower chance of beating his Parry (which at 7 is still possible).

If so : use Wild Attack (+2 attack, +2 damage, but you're Vulnerable (-2 to Parry and Ranged attacks) until the end of your next turn). Or do a Called Shot to the head (-4 to hit, +4 damage). Or combine them both, reducing the attack penalty to -2 and increasing the damage to +6.

If we gang up on him (two or more of us surrounding him), that increases the chances of a Raise on the attack roll, getting an extra d6 (average 4 points) on the damage.

Magic users : if you have a damage-dealing spell, spend an extra 2 PP Modifier on it to give it AP 4, bringing his Toughness down to 8.
It seems like magic is the best way to go : the Target Number is 4 instead of his Parry, most damage-dealing spells can do 3d6 by spending an extra PP, and we can easily get his Toughness down to 8 with no penalties to our rolls (for as long as we have PP, which we can restore by spending a Benny).

P.S. - there's an unofficial SWADE version HERE of an old official SWD document that describes different battle tactics depending on the situation.

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Female; Parry=7, Toughness=9(2), Bennies:3 Human

Yes, I want to continue playing, this is an excellent game! Regarding this battle, even tho there are a *lot* of characters involved, most of them are yours, and we're going to have 2 fewer PC's in the future, so...maybe we're rolling low, and killing the bad guys more slowly? And with the Hellknight's Toughness of 12 it takes most of us at least one damage Ace just to Shake him, so that's going to take a while...

FWIW, you said in the game about being Shaken "you must make a Spirit roll at the start of your turn - or spend a benny to remove the condition". I think there's room for misunderstanding there. You *automatically* get a Free Spirit roll at the start of your turn, and a Success removes the Shaken. If you fail, and you really want/need to act on your turn, then you can spend a Benny and automatically remove the Shaken. But if nothing important's happening around you, you don't *have* to spend a Benny, and just remain Shaken for that round. Note that Shaken doesn't affect your Parry or Toughness, and you can Move and Run while Shaken.

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Female; Parry=7, Toughness=9(2), Bennies:3 Human

mikeawmids - oh, don't read the entire gameplay! We've been thru so many PC changes and such that it would take a long time to read.

Just read the first 3 pages of Gameplay for the set-up (and especially the "A Brief History of the World" spoiler in my 2nd post), and the first page of Recruitement (especially the restrictions on character creation in my first post), and maybe the last 3 pages of Gameplay to see what kind of PC's are currently in the game, and what their current mission is.

Note that you will get some Advancements, but I'm not sure how many right now.

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Female; Parry=7, Toughness=9(2), Bennies:3 Human

Sanchia - first off, you've been hit. The slime's damage is higher than your Toughness, but not 4 or more higher, so you're only Shaken, which *basically* means you can do anything but attack.

At the beginning of your turn (which is now), roll Spirit to become un-Shaken - a 4 or higher means you succeed. If it's important that you attack that turn and fail the Spirit roll, you can spend a Benny to automatically become un-Shaken (but Bennies are a precious resource, so always try the roll first). Since you're only Running, it's not important right now to become un-Shaken, and you could try another Spirit roll next round. But if the guards catch up to us, you'd want to be un-Shaken so you could attack them.

Since you're getting in the water, you have to make a Vigor roll to handle the stench. A 4 or higher means you're un-affected, less than 4 means you apply a -1 from Fatigue to all future rolls until the GM says so. A -1 is a BIG deal in SW, so if you fail the Vigor roll you might want to consider spending a Benny so you can make another Vigor roll. Since you have 4 Bennies right now, that would probably be worth it.

To run, roll a d6 (this roll cannot Ace). Add that number to your normal Pace (probably 6), and that's how many inches (1" = 2 yards) you can move that round. The GM will then tell you how far you got.

Even if you still want the GM to make these decisions for you, I thought you'd want to know more about how the rules work.

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Female; Parry=7, Toughness=9(2), Bennies:3 Human

Man, I wish this game didn't move so fast. I would have made an argument to the group that the Wayfinder was more accurate, so we wouldn't have had to deal with the creatures, and Janiven wouldn't have screamed giving our location away. Also, MWG would be in the water by now, it was her idea. But I have to deal with what is, not what could be...

Spending a Benny to Soak the Wound :
Vigor & Wild: 1d8 ⇒ 61d6 ⇒ 6
Wild ACE!: 1d6 ⇒ 4 = 10

Seeing that Sobok and Janiven are not being attacked, MWG jumps into the sewage water :
Vigor & Wild: 1d8 ⇒ 61d6 ⇒ 6
Wild ACE!: 1d6 ⇒ 2 = 8

And keeps her bile down.

She says to Sanchia and Eoin "Get in the water! They seem to not like it!"

I'm assuming that the Stealth roll is moot at this point...
Bennies : 2

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Female; Parry=7, Toughness=9(2), Bennies:3 Human

mikeawmids - wow, you're fast! Please note that I just changed my previous post significantly.

P.S. - I like the "Benny per page" idea, I might adopt that in my game!

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Female; Parry=7, Toughness=9(2), Bennies:3 Human

Sobok : I think the difference is : if the GM asks one PC to make a roll because they are the only one who has a chance of <doing whatever>, other PC's can't roll if they fail. If the GM asks everyone to "make a Notice roll" because everyone has an equal chance of noticing <whatever>, then everyone's rolling anyway. Likewise, if we declare that we're all investigating a scene, we'd all roll.

mikeawmids : according to RAW, Support rolls must be declared and made before the primary roll. Otherwise, if the primary misses by 1 or 2, we can all join in with Support rolls to bump it up to a Success.

Also, you talked about both Group and Support rolls, but Group rolls are usually for Extras, and your example was for Support. Support is discussed on pages 106-107.

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mikeawmids wrote:

EDIT: Have you already included the +1 TN from Brawler, maybe?

EDIT 2: Also, don't forget your free Campaign Trait.

Yeah, in the old game that character got several of my "future advancements", one of which was Brawler. I removed the changes from the Strength and Focus advancements, but for some reason I didn't think about Brawler at all (I get distracted easily). Thanks for the catch! I also set her hand attack back to Str+d4.

I'm taking the Shadow Child Trait.

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Gifted is the old SWD "Super Powers" - you get 1 spell, and 15 PP. It essentially gives you one magic ability that you can use a lot.

There are actually quite a few changes between SWD and SWADE, such as the skill list has changed a lot, and you get a d4 in several skills for free now. Charisma as a bonus to rolls is gone, it now allows a re-roll on Persuasion. Magic in general has gotten a big boost (longer spell durations, quicker PP recharge, and several other things I can't think of off the top of my head).

It really might be worth investing the $10 or so in a SWADE PDF.

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rdknight - some things to be aware of when creating SW characters, especially if you're coming from PF/D&D :

There really isn't a "dump stat" (Attribute). If you want to boost one Attribute really high, you're going to suck at something that's important in the game system. Vigor helps you from being killed (in a couple of ways), Spirit keeps you from being "Shaken" (unable to act in combat), Strength and Agility help you hurt your opponents, and Smarts allows you to pick many skills at creation for cheap, and if you're a spellcaster, determines how far away your targets can be and still affect them.

Keep in mind, a d6 is "average" for a starting PC.

One way to build a PC is to decide what Skills you want to be good at, then look at the Attributes they're linked to, and maybe make the most commonly-used Attribute a d8 and another one a d4 (but again, you'll suck at whatever that Attribute is good for). But, you can take some of your "Hindrance Points" and boost that d4 back up to a d6.

If you want a D&D Bard, you're going to have to take an Arcane Background Edge, and put some points into your particular casting Skill.

For a Rogue, you'd want a decent Fighting skill, as well as Thievery, and perhaps Persuasion, and maybe the Streetwise Edge.

For an Investigator, you'd want the Research skill and the Streetwise Edge.

The Summary on page 55 (of my version of the manual) presents a brief description of the order in which to create a PC.

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I'm up for anything in Savage Worlds! I found it about 7 years ago, and haven't played any other system since.

So, standard SWADE core rules for character generation? Have you created any special Edges, Skills, or Powers for the CoT setting?

There's a more-or-less standard group of players that play SW on Paizo. If you want, I can make a check-this-out post on the three games I'm in, but you might get overwhelmed by the response (one game has like 8 or 9 players in it).

I really appreciate the first-come, first-in method, I can't tell you how many times I've created a character only to not be chosen in the end.

I'll be toying with various builds, but my first thought is a ninja-type who throws magical shurikens.

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SW vs. d20:

You have the number that you rolled (plus mods), which the GM could use to interpret the narrative of your success or failure. Just because the SW rules don't say to do this doesn't mean you can't if you want to.

If, with a TN of 4, you rolled a 6, the GM would offer a typical/average success result narrative.

If, with a -4 mod to the roll, you still rolled a 6 (so the die value was 10), the GM could offer a narrative where you succeeded despite great odds.

And if with the -4 your total was 9 (so the die value was 13), which is a "Raise" (equivalent to a Critical Success), he could offer a narrative where you not only succeeded, but you did so extraordinarily well even in a difficult situation that something extra or special happened ("like a master").

If with a -6 mod, you rolled a 3 (so the die value was 9), he could describe how you made a valiant effort, and almost made it, but ultimately failed.

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SW vs d20:

I understand what you're saying, I just disagree that there's any essential conceptual difference between 3.x and SW mechanics. Both roll a die with modifiers, and compare it to a "target number" (TN). No matter the die result, if you roll above the TN you succeed, if you roll below it, you fail. Both systems have Critical Failures and Critical Successes. In both systems, the roll and the TN can guide the GM in the in-game narrative of what happened (because in both systems, a higher die roll is "better").

I'm going to take a guess here, and say that it's that the TN is "always" 4 in SW that bothers you. But in combat, the TN to hit can be any number, and the TN to do damage likewise. And as I said before, you can consider modifiers to the roll as instead modifying the TN, so that a -4 penalty is equivalent to an un-modified die roll vs. a TN of 8. There is no "fixed" TN in SW!

As an example of using the die roll and TN to provide narrative, if you swing at an enemy and your roll is less than his TN-to-hit, the GM can say "your blade glances off his armor" or "he dodges nimbly out of the way of your attack". How is this any different than what you could say in 3.X? And since the TN-to-hit could be any number (typically 4 to 12), you could still roll very high ("like a master") and miss.

But I'm repeating myself at this point, so I guess we'll have to agree to disagree. If you wish to continue this discussion, you'll have to tell me exactly what it is about the SW mechanics that makes you say it has no connection to the in-world functionality.

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GM response, SW vs. d20:

GMDarkLightHitomi wrote:

...when you make a check, it tells you how well you performed independently from whether it was good enough to succeed. For example, getting a skill check result of 20 means you performed as well as a master, even if you failed the check.

SW is different. SW is pure meta for check results. Getting a 4 is a success regardless of what that means narratively because it has no narrative meaning, it is purely mechanical.

I'm sorry, but I don't see the difference. In both systems a higher roll is better, and it is compared to a threshold number to determine whether the player succeeded or not.

Is your complaint that the threshold number of 4 in SW is so low that you can't "perform like a master" and still fail? In PF1, if you rolled very high and failed, then the threshold number was very large due to the circumstances. You can implement that in SW by applying a circumstantial penalty of -6 or -8 to the roll, effectively raising the threshold from 4 to 10 or 12. Then a high roll would still fail.

Also, I played PF1 for several years, and as far as I can remember (it was a while ago) there's no guidelines built-in to the rules as to how to narrate a success or failure. It's always up to the GM to describe what happens based on the roll and threshold number, in both PF1 and SW.

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GMDarkLightHitomi said : "SW is more like multiple chances to get a success which has no meaning at all beyond being a success."

That's incorrect. SW has Critical Failures, Failures, Successes, and "Raises", which is essentially a Critical Success - something extra good happens.

SW is a very streamlined system : one die type for any roll, and players roll an extra d6 for that "multiple chances of success" you mentioned.

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Human Indian : Parry 7 (with shield), Toughness 6(1)

Just to be complete, with any form of Healing, on a Raise you heal 2 Wounds. One person can only try to heal another with the Healing skill once (for that set of Wounds), but with the Healing Power the caster can try as many times as he has Power for.

If the person doing the Healing has Wounds themselves, they subtract from their roll as usual. But the Wounds of the person they are Healing don't subtract.

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Human Indian : Parry 7 (with shield), Toughness 6(1)

One "advancement" can :

-Buy you one new Edge.
-Boost an Attribute up by one die (but only once per Rank for all Attributes).
-Buy you 2 new skills at d4, or boost one or two existing skills up by one die (the rules are complicated on this, see the manual).
-Remove a Minor Hindrance, or possibly reduce a Major to a Minor.

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Male Simvan Mind Melter; Wounds 0, Bennies 3/3; Parry 7, RATN 6, Toughness 13(8); Heal d4, Intim d6, Notice d6, Shooting d8, Psionics d12; 70 ISP

Sun Li - I know SWD pretty well, so I'm curious as to what you just did. You rolled Persuasion at a 13, which *is* a Success and 2 Raises, so I see where you got the +3 from. But why did you say that 2 PC's also got their Persuasion increased by 1 die type and can reroll once? Were you actually using a Power (but then why roll Persuasion) or RIFTS special ability?

In SWADE, the standard way to assist your comrades is by "Supporting" them, by making a Skill roll, then the other PC gets a +1 on a Success, and a +2 on one or more Raises.

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Human Indian : Parry 7 (with shield), Toughness 6(1)

In a real-life game, Bennies are poker chips. You can use them to :

REROLL A TRAIT: Bennies grant a hero a reroll on any Trait, and best of all, you get to keep the best total from all your rolls.

RECOVER FROM SHAKEN: This is instant and may be done at any time, even as you are about to become Shaken!

SOAK ROLLS: Bennies can also be used to prevent Wounds. When you're about to take Wounds from an attack, you can spend a Benny to make a Vigor roll. Each Success and Raise reduces the number of incoming Wounds by 1.

DRAW A NEW ACTION CARD: When the game is in rounds, a character can spend a Benny to get a new Action Card (the playing card that determines your place in Initiative).

REROLL DAMAGE: You may spend a Benny to reroll damage.

REGAIN POWER POINTS: A character with an Arcane Background can spend a Benny to regain 5 Power Points.

INFLUENCE THE STORY: This one is entirely up to the Game Master, who may allow your character to spend a Benny to find an additional clue if you’re stuck, come up with some mundane but needed item, or push a nonplayer character into being a bit more agreeable (among other things).

You start with 3 at the beginning of each "scene", but the GM can award you another one for excellent role-playing, successfully pulling off a dangerous stunt, etc.

An important point : always save one Bennie in case you get Incapacitated, so you can re-roll your Incapacitation roll, which determines whether you live or die. If you're hit with a massive amount of Wounds in one attack, don't spend that last Bennie on trying to Soak the damage, take the damage and use it for the Incapacitation roll.

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Thought I posted this, but it never appeared...

I'm willing to wait. Any game is better than no game. Take your time to get to wherever you need to be. Post back here when you're ready. Don't worry about how long it takes, I've seen games resurrected after several months of inactivity!

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Female; Parry=7, Toughness=9(2), Bennies:3 Human

*Awe* : Therenger, you do have a way with words! Even without the Persuasion roll! :)

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Female; Parry=7, Toughness=9(2), Bennies:3 Human

During the week between selling the loot and going back to the mansion to meet the smugglers, Grace would like to find out who to talk to to find out how much it would cost to buy the mansion from whoever owns it. And find some workmen to give us estimates on how much it would cost to renovate it.

I'm fine with minimizing the role-playing for this, if everyone else is.
BrOp - if I may make a suggestion, insert a new line in the spreadsheet at the very top, that sums up all the values beneath it (like "sum(b2:b100)") so we can see the running total and figure what our cut is.

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While buying the manor is 3 to 1 with 1 abstaining, I think once we find out how much it will cost to buy it and fix it up, that might change some people's minds...

I agree with Wolfram, I think the manor is a distraction from adventuring. If we do go ahead with it, I hope we can speed up the process by not role-playing every little detail (like "We invite the carpenter and stone mason out to the manor, and they give us their estimates which are...").

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Grace sees Allysen leave the chamber, and follows her. Finding her sitting up against the wall of the corridor, she sits down beside her.

"I do not necessarily agree with our comrades' methods, but everyone has a different code of ethics, and we must make allowances for others' ethics if we are to work together. While I have seen my share of violence, I would not kill a captive in cold blood like Isagoras. But that was his choice, and I can either accept it or reject it. If I reject it strongly enough, I would leave the group. And if you object strongly to what the others are doing, try speaking your mind to convince them otherwise!"

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Kara, I gotta say, you are *expert* at coming up with the pseudo-scientific babble like they used on Star Trek! I wish I could do that...

The enemy pilot tries to avoid the line-up :
Piloting & Wild: 1d8 ⇒ 11d6 ⇒ 3 No -2 to fixed weapon next round

The enemy Ops tries to oppose the Spoof :
Ops & Wild: 1d8 ⇒ 41d6 ⇒ 5 -2 to Gunner next round

Bryce says "I'm going to try and help Belter out!"
Engineering & Wild: 1d8 ⇒ 41d6 ⇒ 5 +1 to Gunner next round

The enemy pilot tries to help out his Gunner :
Piloting & Wild: 1d8 ⇒ 21d6 ⇒ 2 No bonus

The enemy Ops tries to Spoof again :
Ops & Wild: 1d8 ⇒ 21d6 ⇒ 5

The enemy Engineer tries to help out his Gunner :
Engineering & Wild: 1d8 ⇒ 11d6 ⇒ 6
Wild ACE!: 1d6 ⇒ 1 +1 to Gunner next round

The enemy Gunner takes his shot :
Gunner & Wild,+1,-2: 1d8 - 1 ⇒ (7) - 1 = 61d6 - 1 ⇒ (6) - 1 = 5

Doing (see next post)
Damage: 3d8 ⇒ (5, 5, 2) = 12 Doesn't get thru Toughness

Range = 2 * 10" (so no penalties to any weapons)

Ship's status :
No -2 to fixed weapon next round
+1 to Gunner next round
-? to Gunner next round (waiting for opposed roll)
+2 Toughness

Enemy status :
-2 to Gunner roll next round
+1 to Gunner roll next round
+2 Toughness
3 Bennies

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Belros, you can spend a Bennie to *automatically* recover from Shaken! Since you've already spent it, you can now act.

MWG is momentarily rattled by the gnoll's attack, and tries to recover :

Spirit & Wild: 1d6 ⇒ 31d6 ⇒ 3

Spending a Benny to recover.

MWG attacks the gnoll that attacked her :

Fighting & Wild,+1: 1d8 + 1 ⇒ (4) + 1 = 51d6 + 1 ⇒ (4) + 1 = 5

On the off-chance that hits :

Damage: 1d8 + 1d6 + 4 ⇒ (4) + (1) + 4 = 9

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ALL - please note, when you get Aces, please keep rolling them until they stop, even if you've already gotten the 1 Raise you need to change things (like, the extra d6 on Damage).

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Round 2!

Your ship : 4C
Enemy ship : 3D

Everyone's up!

Erabasto - I'd strongly suggest you spend a Benny to use Ace to Soak those Wounds before they take effect (Piloting roll - 0)! If any Wounds are left over after you try, make a (Piloting roll - #Wounds) or go Out-of-Control. If you do go Out-of-Control, your main Piloting roll will be at (-#Wounds - 2).

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Not too bad, just a -2 to your next Piloting roll. But that doesn't matter, because...

Ok, so I'm "rebooting", which is to say that all current modifiers to both ships goes away, and only +2 Toughness Shield Pods are available.

While we're at it, the Shield skill is renamed to Ops, and "Ping/Designate Target" is renamed to "Lock on Target" (sounds much more like sci-fi TV shows and movies).

Everyone gets back their Bennies. The current Status is :

Range = 3 * 10" (so Graviton Beam is -0 for Range, Heat Ray is -2, Ray Gun is -0)

Ship's status :

Enemy status :
3 Bennies

We can use the last Initiative above, so everyone post their actions!

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Erabasto - d'oh! I totally forgot about the Joker. But *please* stop posting two rolls per round. I haven't taken the enemy ship's actions yet, nor said "Round 4". You can re-roll when your turn is up next.

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I found the following on a SW board, from a game developer :
"But a Lower Trait power that reduced the actual Trait, Fighting, two die types would reduce Parry as well."
So boosting Fighting would seem to boost Parry by RAW.

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Male Simvan Mind Melter; Wounds 0, Bennies 3/3; Parry 7, RATN 6, Toughness 13(8); Heal d4, Intim d6, Notice d6, Shooting d8, Psionics d12; 70 ISP

So, one more question : you have the Barouzhi as having a Strain value, which is used when mechanical things are implanted in a *living* being. I'm assuming that any "implants" would go into the drone, so why not drop any mention of Strain and give the Barouzhi *drone* 5 mod slots for the player to customize as they wish? That is more in-line with the way the system is meant to work - living things have Strain, mechanical things get mod slots.

Also (ok, so I lied), does the Outsider Hindrance really apply? Since Barouzhi are sealed up in their ships, when do they ever interact with other races? Or are you saying that it applies when the *drone* interacts with other races?

It might help clarify your thoughts on the Barouzhi, as well as a reader's understanding, if you replaced "Barouzhi" with "the drone" where applicable, like for Construct and Dependency (and possibly Outsider?).

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Ok, well, that didn't take long...

Shooting a laser or particle cannon :
1. Roll your Shooting die along with a d6 Wild die. Choose the larger of the two.
2. If, because of the environment or something the target is doing (such as moving, -1 per 1 square moved) creates a penalty to your roll, apply the appropriate penalties.
Calculate the range penalty (-2 for Medium, -4 for Long).
Example : the range listing on a Quad linked medium laser is 150/300/600 (Short/Medium/Long), which in squares is 15/30/60. If your target is within 15 squares of you, no penalty. Between 16 and 30 squares, -2 for Medium range. Between 31 and 60 squares, -4 for Long range.
3. Lower the total penalty by 2 points due to your built-in Targeting. If there is no penalty, Targeting has no effect.
Example : Roger shoots at the Red Baron, who last round moved 3 squares (30” or yards), and so has a -3 to be hit this round, and is currently 20 squares from Roger for a total of -5. Roger’s Targeting reduces that to a -3 to his roll.
4. If the roll is 4 or better, you hit and roll damage. If the roll is 8 or better, add another d6 to the damage roll.
Notes : a “dual linked” weapon still fires only one shot at a time, but has +1 to hit and +2 damage. A “quad linked” weapon also only fires one shot at a time, but has +2 to hit and +4 damage.

Shooting missiles :
1. Roll your Knowledge(Electronic Warfare) [“K(EW)”] die for as many times as the number of missiles you are firing plus a d6 for your Wild Die (which you can use to replace any ONE of your smaller K(EW) rolls).
2. There are no modifiers for the speed or size of the target, but do include range penalties. Targeting does not reduce missile range penalties.
3. If the roll is equal to or greater than the target’s Missile Defense Target Number (“MDTN”, which is K(EW)/2, rounded up), you may have hit, so roll damage. If the roll is 4 or more greater than the target’s MDTN, add another d6 to the damage roll.
4. The target then gets to evade the missiles by making a K(EW) roll (with a Wild die) at -4, but AMCM reduces this to -2. If the roll is 4 or better, the potential hit actually missed.

Damage aftermath :
FROM SWADE : If damage exceeds the target’s Toughness (whether they take a Wound or not), the driver must make a Piloting roll or go Out of Control (2d6 roll on a table).
FROM SCI-FI : Any time his walker suffers a Wound, the pilot must make a Piloting roll. If the roll is failed, the walker falls. Walkers suffer Xd6 damage when they fall, where X is their Size.
FROM SWADE : Each Raise on a vehicular damage roll also causes a Wound and one roll (not one roll per Wound) on the Vehicle Critical Hits Table (2d6 roll on a table) . Each Wound reduces a vehicle’s Handling by 1 (to a maximum of −4).

Atlas – the damage aftermath seems a bit mashed-up, and excessive. If a mech is even Shaken, the driver must make a Piloting roll or go Out of Control (which you have to narrate the results of). And because you’ve been using the “falling” rules from the Sci-Fi Companion, but also want to use Critical Hits from SWADE, if a mech takes a Wound, then the pilot must roll Piloting to see if he falls down (taking even MORE damage), and automatically takes a Critical Hit (which you have to narrate the results of). Do you really want ALL that to happen on every Wound?

Also, please proofread everything above carefully to make sure I got it correct, or left anything out.

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Male Simvan Mind Melter; Wounds 0, Bennies 3/3; Parry 7, RATN 6, Toughness 13(8); Heal d4, Intim d6, Notice d6, Shooting d8, Psionics d12; 70 ISP

Do you want to role-play the trip back, or does nothing eventful happen? Could we use our vehicle to "smooth out" the existing roads (running over small bushes and trees, etc.) to make the journey from Pux to Whykin easier for others? And, just to make him happy, are there any large trees in the way that Atlas could take down? :)

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Lord Belros - if you want to roll your "main" die and your Wild die together at once, but don't want Paizo to add them together, just type "d6; d6" (for your Faith roll example) inside the {dice}...{/dice} commands (with {} replaced by []).

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Is there anyone out there...out there...out there...???

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Female; Parry=7, Toughness=9(2), Bennies:3 Human
GM BrOp wrote:
The creatures are Size -1, which means you need a five to hit it...

System info like that would be good to know when they are first described to us, so we can make informed decisions about our rolls (like, I might have wanted to spend a Benny to re-roll the 4, which I thought had hit it).

MWG moves down the hall and peering around the corner into the room (map updated), again tries to throw a shuriken at it :

Focus & Wild: 1d6 ⇒ 51d6 ⇒ 2


Damage: 2d6 ⇒ (1, 1) = 2 Phooey!


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