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So i've been running a few games for a party of 4 PCs.
While things were average on chances of getting hit early and mid level, they are at lvl 9 now.

Their frontliners have flat AC 30 and AC 29 (probably more after spending their money), most enemies, save for sub-bosses and bosses themselves, have a very slim chance of hitting on average. (most only on nat 20, and still not guaranteed, due to below)

Also, anything of having a fair chance of hitting them, is prone to the witch's protective luck hex, which gives a static misfortune effect on enemies' attacks against the party. Crits have been all but prevented with this setup, so far.

Damage effects/spells like dragon breath/fireball have proven somewhat troublesome, but the enemy casters don't tend to live long after getting one or 2 spells off.

They will be lvl 10 after a 1 shot one of the coming days.

So with good to high AC (the cleric pumped his AC to 40 last session) and protective luck active on everyone save the witch herself, what modules (and monsters in general) could still pose a challenge to such a party?

Hello all,

The PC is a ninja with 1 mouser dip, permanently shifted into fox shape, and aims to be the stealthy one to take out the unsuspecting squishier prey among the opposition. Problem for thought is that the PC has but a single attack to use, that leaves how to best utilize the 3/4 BaB to make that single attack count.

The PC just hit lvl 5.

At the moment their feats:

1) Combat reflexes, 3) fox shape. 5) ??

Ninja tricks:
2) Vanish, 4) ??

With the future feats not planned, what would best benefit a single attack 3/4 class?

Hello all,

Pretty much the title.

Since agile switches str for dex for purposes of damage, that had me wonder.

The PC is a fox shaped kitsune, and has but the single bite attack. When i look at creatures that apply Str x1.5 on their single natural attack, does that also apply through use of an agile amulet?

Thanks in advance.


We, a group of 4, are in book 3 of the AP, and sadly our GM was unable to get back to the boards.

(Bard, brawler, oracle, rogue)

We have recently passed the point of one Tessa requesting the crew's help in sniffing out spies, and had just finished a random encounter along the way.

Link to our discussion


I'm trying to puzzle together an undead grapple based undead. Medium sized, has improved and greater grapple, along with Kraken style.
Lvl 8, of which 3 lvls are set, leaving 5 open.

Cmb stands at +17, but with prospect of a longer campaign, i'll need to keep a fair chance of grappling tougher foes, beasts perhaps even.

What would be a decent approach?

Hello all,

While thinking of a ghost with class levels, the archetype Beast Bonded witch came to mind.
Since well, undead meet mr Perma-death when hitting 0 HP, unless they have an ace up their sleeve.

That left me with a few questions.

1) If a ghost witch drops to a handful of HP (gravely injured?), would they be able to go into the familiar's body, like a living witch could?

2) What would happen if, after body snatching, the host body dies?
Does the ghostly form simply exit and reappear, at the few HP it had before?

Thanks in advance.

So at my table, a swashbuckler triggers his swift free intimidation check on his successful attack.

He has the feat Empty Threats.

Benefit: You can use the Bluff skill to demoralize opponents in combat instead of Intimidate. You can attempt a Bluff check in place of an Intimidate check when using the Dazzling Display feat and feats that list Dazzling Display as a prerequisite. If you use the Bluff skill to demoralize, you cannot use it to feint until the beginning of your next turn, and vice versa.

The PC reads as just 'use bluff for intimidate', plain that.

But with the specifics of Dazzling display and related feats mentioned, this looks to be more specific than the PC's interpretation.
It seems there would be less text about the feat, if it were that simple.

Which is the correct way of reading the feat?

Hello all,

So, a PC is invisible and is taking a potion bottle from someone's pocket.
Can the PC make the potion invisible by putting it in his own pocket/sleeve?

Or do observers now see a floating potion?


Good day all.

In a mission the PCs have the option to get branded or not. (Voluntary)

On the chronicle this brand is also a reward item available for purchase.

The pdf mentions that those who were willingly branded, can get the brand at no cost.

Makes sense, tbh.

Now one of the three who took the brand was a pregen. How does this work under these circumstances?

Does the recipent for the credit suddenly sport a brand out of nowhere?
Or do they not, as they were not there in person to make that decision?

The latter would be more logical, to me, as they weren't present to decide on getting branded with an evil god's symbol.



So the team's fought against, and lost to, the final encounter's villains & henchmen.

The group of bads was almost defeated but one of two main villains did them in eventually, and the team is wondering if one can get partial/% credit for it, as the greater majority of opponents was defeated.

(credit; > money rewards)

As far as i know, and have done so far, one gets an encounter's reward only if the encounter is beaten.

So just to get their returning questions on the topic a definitive answer, yes or no?


Hi all,

I recall having played Bid on Alabastine, which featured one easy combat, and the rest of the mission skill checks of a variety of different skills.

Thus it made me wonder, what other missions are there in PFS, that are similar in that focus lies more on skills than on combat?

It would make a refreshing change of pace for a group i GM for.

Thanks in advance.



After a raise dead for 3 PCs in the mission, the cleric intends to pray for 3 restoration castings to help the other three, so they pay 1000gp to have him remove 1 permanent negative lvl.

I can't find this in the guide, only that restoration can be bought as service at the cost of 2 PP for 1 negative level. Is it at all possible for the removal of the 2nd negative level?
If so, is it any more costly than the cleric's 1000gp?

It seems a bit silly to have them wait a week after debrief for new castings, or is that allowed?


Hello everyone.

So here's the situation. Team had entered a vampire sanctum and got a near TPK.

In the sanctum are 7 coffins on the map. Three for plot vampires, and 4 for general use.

There are however 7 vampire spawn in the sanctum who, i assume through command of being forbidden to enter coffins of plot vampires (leaders), must utilize those 4.

Both leaders can manage a group of 3, which happen to occupy room A and room B (inner sanctum).

One spawn has a name and role to play, which often suggests being a right hand man/woman.
This suggests, for me, that right hand and 2 adds, are the spawn under main leader's control.

The three spawn in inner sanctum group 2, under command of leader 2.

This is where my asking about comes into play.
Spawn group 1 all go down and flee to a general coffin, and a 4th was already in use shortly before.

Vampires without coffins die their 2nd death.
This leaves group 2 without coffins to flee to. Assuming those three die, leader 2 is left without spawn, but she did kill a PC with drain.

IC, i reckon she would spawn him, being responsible for a triple kill which included the other 2 plot vampires. However, before i would say this to my players, i would like to know if this is reasonable.

Of note, i generally stick to clockwise and alphabetical order with names. (That further supports the control presented above)

Thanks in advance.


Hello all, i'm doubting on a matter.

Situation is this:
A PC is down, (one of two alive but both KO) and the foe (vampire) responsible had three comrades killed by said PC in one fell swoop, and still thinks the other one (who has fast healing and will be back up in a few turns) is dead.

The PC is lvl 9, what would happen if further attack damage, from a very vengeful vampire, would kill the PC?

Does the PC become a spawn, due to 4 negative levels robbing them of their last bit of health?


Does the PC just die from HP loss from energy drain, but doesn't turn into a spawn since negative levels did not equal their hit dice?

Thanks in advance.

I've to build a supportive PC. Race is kitsune, who shall remain in fox form as much as possible.
Lvl: 6.

The only casters compatible with fox form, that i am aware of, are the psychic casters and a sorcerer with psychic bloodline.

Are there ways to make other casters switch to psychic casting?

Thanks in advance.

Hello everyone,

Guarded life wrote:
While raging, if the barbarian is reduced below 0 hit points, 1 hit point of lethal damage per barbarian level is converted to nonlethal damage. If the barbarian is at negative hit points due to lethal damage, she immediately stabilizes.

Now with regular attacks, one can deal lethal and nonlethal. But what if the barbarian suffers a strong energy damage attack?

Does part of that turn into non-lethal energy, all of a sudden?


Hi all,

I'm running this scenario and currently the party split up after the choosing.
In the unlikely case the PC (pregen anyway) decides to agree and kill the NPC tag-along, the vampire Charito is described as 'rewarding the PC by draining their blood, turning them into a vampire'.

Is this a process following the grapple & blood drain rules, or is this a given event happening without anything else involved?

If the first, it will take at least 6 rounds if all results are 2, or 12 rounds at most if all results are 1.

If the 2nd, then the cult has a cute halfling vampire in their ranks.

What approach am i looking at here?

Whoolooloo, ayo ayo, whoolooloo.
*conversion successful*

A little while ago, i was wondering if one of those cheaty age of empires priests was viable in pathfinder.

For those unfamiliar with the type, they are faster than normal humanoids, decent HP, and can convert others to their side. (If not killed before then)

If i'd max out speed, it'd become multiclass of 4 at least, which would be funny, but inefficient.

My take was a base of monk with a dip in travel domain cleric, though there's bound to be better options?

What options can be used to make a concept somewhat viable?

Thanks in advance.


Hello all,

So i'm running a group through the sanctioned content of Iron Gods, the Lords of Rust.
Scrap-worth, the reputation measurement in the AP, comes from a variety of quests/goals.

My wondering comes from the following.
The group has done but 1 Scrap-worth event, beating Helskarg with an audience.

In the PDF, this rewards them to the max of 10 scrap-worth, but is also described as a 'final boost to scrap-worth', assuming of course a regular group of adventurers has done this AP from the start.

How do fellow GMs run this? Is it truly to be taken the current group is booned from Zero to Hero? (0 to 10), or is worth amount X?

This in relation to extra forces being present/not present due to reputation.

Thanks in advance.

Liberty's Edge


Our group's GM has had to step down from running PFS season 0 for our group, and 4 of us would like to continue as planned, if we can find a replacement willing to commit to it.

We (Alchemist, Brawler, Oracle & Witch) are lvl 6.0, and were on our way to play the following.

---Level 6---
0-07 Among the Living (Subtier 6-7) We were going to start here.
0-14 The Many Fortunes of Grandmaster Torch (Subtier 6-7)
0-17 Perils of the Pirate Pact (Subtier 6-7)
---Level 7---
0-24 Decline of Glory (Subtier 6-7)
Dragon’s Demand – Part 3: Monastery of Saint Kyerixus (Subtier 6-7)
---Level 8.1---
0-20 King Xeros of Old Azlant (Subtier 7-8)
0-22 Fingerprints of the Fiend (Subtier 7-8)
---Level 9---
0-16 To Scale the Dragon (Subtier 8-9)
0-27 Our Lady of Silver (Subtier 8-9)
-Something tier 9 from another season- , to prevent playing out of tier.
---Level 10---
0-28 Lyrics of Extinction (Subtier 10-11)
---Level 10.1 & 10.2---
[to be determined]

Good day everyone,

So a PC gets wings.
For example, an alchemist takes the wings discovery, and takes bird/bat/bug wings.
Or an eidolon has wings.

Are there any good ways to disguise/hide them?

Bat wings might be folded tightly underneath a mantle or cloak, but the other two might prove more tricky....

Hello everyone,

Say a shadow demon's square was suddenly exposed to sunlight.

Shadow demon weakness wrote:

Sunlight Powerlessness (Ex)

A shadow demon is utterly powerless in bright light or natural sunlight and flees from it. A shadow demon caught in such light cannot attack and can take only a single move or standard action.

Its options are few if it stays in that square, obviously.

Can it make a 5ft step out of the square into a non-exposed square, thereby no longer exposed to sunlight, resuming with full round actions?

Hello everyone,

Something's come up and i need to be sure of something.

Baddie gets glitterdust blinded (always good).
Said baddie casts a cone shape spell, no targets required, point of origin: himself.

A player suggest this to be impossible. Player calls from the CRB; pg. 214 states

"Regardless of the shape of the area, you select the point where the spell originates, but otherwise you don't control which creatures or objects the spell affects. The point of origin of a spell is always a grid intersection."

While i am aware of specific target spells are a no-go, such as disintegrate and create pit/grease, i have some doubts whether the above objection applies to the baddie's spell, which originates from himself.

(which another player says is possible)

Thus, can it be done or not?

Thanks in advance,

Hello everyone,

If PC A is grappled by an enemy, and PC B makes a grapple check against the enemy, does the enemy (who has the grappled condition from hugging PC A) become pinned?

Say you have a bonfire, or a flaming sphere... and a shadow conjured aquaous orb rolls into the square thereof.

Aquaous orb normally says it extinguishes non-magical fires, and can dispel fire spells within its occupied squares...does its illusionary little brother do the same?

Hello everyone.

I'm going to run the Dalsine Affair, after hearing some good things about it.

I'll take the 1st 5 PCs to sign up.
I keep a 1 a/day post rate at minimum, with weekends a welcome extra.

This game is scheduled to start in the 1st half of Gameday, August 13th.


Hello & welcome.





I find myself in doubt on a situation.
The situation is PFS, as such interaction DC for diplomacy stands at a set value.

The target: hellknights.
The one making the diplomacy roll: a paladin of Milani....

Their gods are polar oppossites. Law & uprisings, LE & CG. Moreover wiki says (at least on Milani's page) that Asmodeus is Milani's arch-enemy.

Now the pally (having openly declared Milani to be his goddess) rolls a solid 28, higher than the required DC. So, will the hellknights have nothing of it and outright glare at him, or will they be influenced by diplomacy check?

And if the latter, what would be the appropriate penalties?

(It's like a rebel fighter (declaring he's with the resistance) wanting to chat with a stormtrooper) ^^

Personally i think they would refuse to talk to him.


Welcome everyone. :)

Only a handful of other Pathfnders, most of them initiates, walk the halls near the office of Venture-Captain Ambrus Valsin.
The Grand Lodge’s chamberlain sits behind an organized desk, reading a recently printed chronicle, and tapping his finger on an elaborate open envelope, the only sound in the eerily silent Pathfnder Society headquarters.

"Can you believe this place?" Valsin calmly asks, keeping his
eyes squared on his chronicle. "Almost every agent worth her salt is off in Varisia right now. I bet you the Heidmarchs’ manor has more Pathfnders in it than this place."

Valsin finishes his reading and places the document on the desk, while sliding the envelope forward.
"Desna smiles upon us that I have you fine agents here, as I doubt anyone else in Absalom is better qualified for this mission. I won’t lie, this is probably one of the trickiest tasks I’ve ever had to send a group of Pathfnders on, and much rides on its success. I need you to attend a wedding. And not just any wedding, mind you, but a Blakros wedding."

"The Blakros family is one of the wealthiest families in Absalom—in the entire Inner Sea region, even—and we’ve cultivated a good working relationship with them over the years. In two days, Michellia Blakros is getting married to the former Hellknight Damian Kastner, and because of security concerns, we only got our invitation this morning. I won’t bore
you with specifics, but sufficed to say, the Society has a lot of interest in this wedding, as some of our agents had a hand in helping it along."

"The wedding is taking place on a secluded summer retreat on nearby Pariol Island, which the Blakroses own. There are two boats heading there before the frst wedding festivities. One is a small supply runner set to leave in an hour that could get you there early tomorrow morning. The next is a larger ship that will transport the majority of the guests in the morning. Your travel is paid for of course, but you’ll need to get on one of those two vessels."

With a grave nod, Valsin passes over the envelope containing the invitation, and continues.
"Also, you’ll need to peace-bond any weapons when you arrive on the island, and I’d recommend only wearing your fnest armor, if you wear any at all. We’re not too concerned about security at the wedding, but making a good impression on the Blakroses and their guests is key to your mission. You’ll need to mingle, and get on the good sides of as many people as you can."

"I can’t stress this point enough: This is a social gathering, and the Society could really use the extra clout with all our current efforts being so far abroad. I don’t care if you save the wedding from a dragon, find out the bride is a doppelganger, or discover some grand plot to take over the Inner Sea—I only care that you leave this wedding having made people happy and improving our standing among the attendees! Are we understood?"

Hello everyone,

I'm going to run season 4's The Blakros Matrimony, at which one of the famous family's daughters is to marry and to which the society has invitations.

I have 3 out of 5 spots filled, and am looking for a healer and whatever class wants to crash attend the wedding.

This will be played at tier 6-7, with 1 a/day minimum of posting on weekdays, weekends are a welcome bonus.

This will be on 1st come 1st served basis.



Open for the .

Welcome. For those i have not yet had the privilege of running a game for,
I do a minimum of 1 a/day, and weekend posts are a welcome bonus. I can generally post twice a/day, more so early in the week.

I generally keep a 24hrs of someone's turn before botting.

That said, this should be one interesting wedding to be at. :)

Hello everyone.

After the end of a playtest dungeon's boss encounter, (a cult to Yog-Sothoth) Evil McGuffin artifact is about to get sundered.
Team dropped from 6 to 4.
This will release something horrible, as an alternative to thoroughly burying it for nobody to find.

I've browsed around, but haven't found something in the range of CR 9 that has peaked my interest.

Are there any juicy [outright disturbing/outer space/lovecraftian] monsters that would make a memorable final fight for 4 (lvl 7) PCs, in the d20 systems?

I'm also open to homebrewed suggestions, i'm very much all ears.


Hello everyone.

After the end of a playtest dungeon's boss encounter, (a cult to Yog-Sothoth) Evil McGuffin artifact is about to get sundered.
Team dropped from 6 to 4.

This will release something horrible, as an alternative to thoroughly burying it for nobody to find.

I've browsed around, but haven't found something in the range of CR 9 that has peaked my interest.

Are there any juicy [outright disturbing/outer space/lovecraftian] monsters that would make a memorable final fight for 4 (lvl 7) PCs, in the d20 systems?

If anyone has homebrewed suggestions, i'm very much all ears.



Hello everyone,

I've got something on my hand, which i'm doubting about how to approach it.

The party is fighting against a monster in tight spaces.
Nearby is a patch of brown mold, which the party was unable to identify, thereby not knowing of any effects fire has on it.

The monster had been taking a good amount of nl cold of being near it, too, before moving away towards a nearby isolated party member. One of the PCs ic was voicing to burn overgrown infestations in general in the room (prior to encountering the monster at all), and now suddenly 'finds inspiration', to throw fire near the mold.

Yup, if you deliberately want to grow it, that's a way to do it.

With this, she also types she aims to have alchemist fire splash upon the brown mold. We all know what happens then, it increases in size. This would make the mold grow to the size where it would harm the monster again to the most likely point where it would pass out from nl.

These actions seem convenient and meta. How would my fellow GMs deal with this?

Hello everyone,

While generally, when i hear -strikes with a weapon-, think of the way to deal dmg to something, i am wondering about the following situation.

In this case, it involves the Caryatid column's shatter weapon ability (3d6 dmg to any manufactured weapon that strikes it)

Say, for example, a PC wants to use a trip weapon to knock it off it's footing, like a fauchard or a heavy flail. Does the weapon take the damage upon connecting, or does this only apply when the attack is meant to deal damage?

Thanks in advance.

Hello everyone,

A PC is wielding a reach weapon, and wants to attack the back square of something large that is, like the title implies, up close.

Is this possible?

Diagram for convenience:

P = PC
M = Monster



Open for the .


Hello everyone.

Can everyone provide me the essential data, as well as a job roll, if able.

I'm looking at a post rate of 1 a/day minimum, anything more is nice.
One in the weekend would be nice, but not mandatory.

Looking forward to running this one.


Hello all, i'm in need of some clarification/advice.

Of the team i'm running this for, the team's cleric's resources have seen some use by the time they finished killing the lacedon in the ship.

Used: a few of several channels, and a couple of spells, but that's natural in an adventure, after a few encounters.

But the team wants to know if there is some time pressure with the mission, because they want to rest 8 hours otherwise.
Moreover, if they have rest, so does the BBEG, who's a caster with by default a few spent spell slots on the day the mission is happening.

I'm getting the impression, and correct me wrong, that the mission is assumed to be a 1 day thing, as it mentions no other days.
The venture captain's intro mentions he's a very impatiant man.

["What are you waiting for?"]

Thus, is this mission indeed an assumed 1 day thing, or does the team have the luxury of taking 8 hours of rest...... on the ship where 2 more encounters reside?

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Hello everyone.

I'm in need of 1 or 2 new players for a short game i'm running.

The backdrop/environment is a township within dense woodlands.
It started in the spirit of Halloween.

The story so far:
The township of Serenity Hollow is suffering from people going missing, gradually as nights progress, and the PCs had received an open call to help find out more. They are currently traveling in the woods to get a lead from a witch.
The ultimate goal is to find & defeat the one responsible for all of it.

Current party setup:
Skald, UC rogue, wizard.

5th lvl.
20pt buy, with race/class options akin to current PFS.
Wealth 10k.

Hello everyone,

For the online con [Outpost], i'm looking for 4 to 5 brave souls to participate.

Row 43.

The game's tier will be decided by the APL of the signed up PCs.
I ask for a 1 a/day post rate, with weekend posts great bot not mandatory.

Voice in the Void is a season 0 tier 1-5 game.

Link to Outpost
Link to game spreadsheet

Hello folks,

I've read in some threads on the boards speak about atheism in Golarion, and one mentioned 'an atheist might see gods as overpowered beings', instead of deities.

Now, vampires recoil at the sight of strongly presented holy symbols and/or mirrors.
(Religious background?)
The book I Am Legend presented it quite interestingly as 'a reminder of what they had lost. The reminder of what they had become.'

What if an atheist became a vampire? Would he/she ignore the holy symbol or mirror, or recoil at it anyway?

Map Innkeeper and storyteller. Day of 1st full moon.

(Wipes the bar with a cloth)

"Greetings honored guest, can i get you anything?"

Map Innkeeper and storyteller. Day of 1st full moon.

Thank you for joining this Halloween 1 shot.

After rumored pleas for help from a remote township, and the prospect of fame that comes with solving great mysteries and situations, you are riding together in a coach along a quiet countryside road.

It was past noon that the coach set out, and light starts fading as you are riding onto woodland roads.

Your packs are tied to the sides, yet each has a weapon of choice on you.

[Insert an opening for pre-story RP.]

Hello folks.

In need of some cralification.

In a certain AP, we are fighting something with SR.
I, as a magus, had cast Brow gasher on my axe, and hit the monster with it.

Since brow gasher says the target is the object, and no mention of creatures with SR in the spell description, i am under the impression i would not need a CL check vs SR of the monster.

The GM on the other hand, believes that since the weapon hits a monster with SR, it does require a roll.

What is the correct course of action?

Hello everyone,

Psychic bloodline wrote:
Bloodline Arcana: Your sorcerer spells and spell-like abilities count as psychic instead of arcane. You use thought and emotion components instead of verbal and somatic components when casting your spells.

If i take levels in summoner, while having 1 level in psychic bloodline sorcerer, only taking spells also specifically on the sorcerer spell list, would i benefit from the psychic bloodline?

For example, Create pit.
It's a spell for both a summoner and a sorcerer.


A PC rolled a nifty nat 20, with the goal to reverse grapple a tentacle.
Now for 2 different situations i'd like to know if it works.

1) Black tentacles spell?
2) The body of the monster to which the tentacles are attached, is beyond the PC's sight and reach, can it still reverse grapple?

Hello everyone.

This is my 1st attempt at a custom class. More specifically, an own adaption from the M&M franchise's Archer class.

I'm looking for suggestions and advice, before i will use it in the distant future.

In advance, i was unable to get what i typed on my PC over to here in a proper table, sorry.

Archers are a special sort of warrior, specialized in ranged combat with might and -later, magic.
Seen employed in armies or militias around the land, they have some knowledge of local affairs as well.

Role: Archers are ranged support, but can handle themselves with melee weapons if needed. They work best with bows and crossbows. They are capable of making ranged attacks while adjacent to enemies, without provoking attacks of opportunity.

Alignment: Any

Hit Die: d10

Starting Wealth: 5d6 x10 gp

Class skills

The Archer's class skills are:
Climb (str), Craft (int), Intimidate (cha), Kn. [Arcane] (int), Kn. [Local] (int), Perception (wis), Profession (wis), Spellcraft (int), Stealth (dex), Survival (dex).

Skill Ranks per Level: 4 + int modifier.


Lvl BaB - Fort save - Ref Save - Will Save
1 +1 [+2 +2 +0]
2 +2 [+2 +3 +0]
3 +3 [+3 +3 +1]
4 +4 [+3 +4 +1]
5 +5 [+4 +4 +1]
6 +6/+1 [+4 +5 +2]
7 +7/+2 [+5 +5 +2]
8 +8/+3 [+5 +6 +2]
9 +9/+4 [+6 +6 +3]
10 +10/+5 [+6 +7 +3]
11 +11/+6/+1 [+7 +7 +3]
12 +12/+7/+2 [+7 +8 +4]
13 +13/+8/+3 [+8 +8 +4]
14 +14/+9/+4 [+8 +9 +4]
15 +15/+10/+5 [+9 +9 +5]
16 +16/+11/+6/+1 [+9 +10 +5]
17 +17/+12/+7/+2 [+10 +10 +5]
18 +18/+13/+8/+3 [+10 +11 +6]
19 +19/+14/+9/+4 [+11 +11 +6]
20 +20/+15/+10/+5 [+11 +12 +6]

Lvl related class features:

Lvl 1: Up close -2
Lvl 2: Pinpoint Target +1
Lvl 3: Teamwork Feat
Lvl 4: Barrage 1d6+1
Lvl 5: Up close -1
Lvl 6: Teamwork Feat
Lvl 7: Pinpoint Target +2
Lvl 8: Barrage 2d6+2
Lvl 9: Evasion, Teamwork Feat
Lvl 10: Up close +0
Lvl 11: Arrow slap
Lvl 12: Pinpoint Target +3, Teamwork Feat
Lvl 13: Barrage 3d6+3
Lvl 14: Arrow slap +1
Lvl 15: Up close +1, Teamwork Feat
Lvl 16: Improved Evasion, Pinpoint Target +4
Lvl 17: Arrow slap +2
Lvl 18: Barrage 4d6, Teamwork Feat
Lvl 19: Charged shot
Lvl 20: Up close +2, Arrow slap +3

Class Features:

Weapon and Armor proficiency.
She is proficient with all simple and martial weapons, light armor, and medium armor.
She can cast Archer spells while wearing light armor or medium armor, without incurring the normal arcane spell failure chance.
Like other arcane spellcasters, an Archer wearing heavy armor incurs the chance of arcane spell failure if the spell in question has somatic components.

Up Close:
Starting at lvl 1, the archer is able to make ranged attacks even while adjacent to enemies, without provoking attacks.
She takes a -2 penalty on all shots while doing so. This modifier decreases to -1 at lvl 5, no penalties at lvl 10, and becomes a +1 bonus every 5 levels there after.

Pintpoint target:
At lvl 2, the archer can point out a weak spot on an enemy to her allies.
Any allies within 30 feet get a +1 bonus on their next attack and damage rolls against the target. This bonus increases by +1 every 5 levels after that. The archer can use this ability a number of times per day, equal to half her archer level.

Teamwork Feats:
Archers are a valuable support in any group.
Starting at lvl 3, and every 3rd lvl after that, the archer chooses a bonus teamwork feat.
This functions like the ability of an inquisitor.

The Archer has developed a special type of arrow which, after shot, can hit an area of effect.
Starting at lvl 4, then at lvl 8, 13 and 18.
As a standard action, the Archer shoots a special thicker arrow, which splits when it approaches the target square. This deals 1d6+1 in a 5ft radius on lvl 4, 2d6+2 in a 10ft radius on lvl 8, 3d6+3 in a 10ft radius on lvl 13 and 4d6+4 in a 10ft radius on lvl 18.
The Archer has a number of barrage arrows equal to 3 + her Charisma modifier.

At lvl 9, the Archer gets Evasion.

Arrow slap:
Starting at lvl 11, the archer can make a free attack with the 1st arrow she would shoot that turn.
In a motion of loading an arrow, she can make a melee attack, that deals 1d4+1 dmg. S if using common arrows, B if using blunt arrows. This damage increases by +1 every 3 levels afterwards.

At lvl 16, the Archer gets Improved Evasion.

Charged shot:
At lvl 19, the Archer can sacrifice any number of unused spell slots, to imbue 1 arrow with arcane power.
The 1st arrow she shoots that round, is imbued with a magic bonus equal to the combined # of spellslots sacrificed.
Example: She sacrifices a lvl 3 and 4 spell for that day, to deal an extra +7 magic dmg.

Spell Casting:
Beginning at 4th level, an Archer gains the ability to cast a small number of arcane spells drawn from the Wizard/Sorcerer spell list. To learn or cast a spell, an Archer must have a Charisma score equal to at least 10 + the spell level. She can cast spells he knows without preparing them ahead of time. The saving throw DC against an Archer’s spell is 10 + the spell level + the Archer’s Charisma modifier. These spells must be offensive damage spells.

Spells known table:

Lvl 1 2 3 4
1 - - - -
2 - - - -
3 - - - -
4 2 - - -
5 3 - - -
6 4 - - -
7 4 2 - -
8 4 3 - -
9 5 4 - -
10 5 4 2 -
11 5 4 3 -
12 6 5 4 -
13 6 5 4 2
14 6 5 4 3
15 6 6 5 4
16 6 6 5 4
17 6 6 6 4
18 6 6 6 5
19 6 6 6 5
20 6 6 6 5

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