Looking for 3 play testers for a home system.


Hello. For a future homebrew i'd like to test a new home system. To that end, i'm looking for 3 people who would be interested in testing said homebrew system, and could provide feedback upon the test scenario's conclusion.



The game works on d100 and character stats.
A small fictional remote city in eastern Europe.
A science convention is hosted, and people from NATO member countries attend. The convention covers many fields. PCs can be from any NATO member country, and speak English aside from their native language, this being internationally oriented.

The PCs can be either residents of the city, who are working to keep the convention going, external
hired staff accompanying attendees, or other parties who have some personal interest in it (professionally or otherwise). Yet all have some degree of combat experience.

It will all take place within a single building.

Classes/occupations & proficiencies:

-Proficiencies: Melee weapons, pistols, throwing weapons, unarmed.
Light & medium weight armor. They start with a pistol and a baton. Starting health is 120 HP, starting luck is 10%, 75% ranged accuracy.

Combat medic.
-Proficiencies: Melee weapons, pistols, throwing weapons, unarmed.
Light & Medium weight armor. Healing items applied by a medic, heal an additional 15% HP. They start with a pistol and a first aid kit. A kit has 3 uses.
Starting health is 100 HP, starting luck is 12%, 65% ranged accuracy.

Expert. (Mechanic or Technician)
-Proficiencies: Melee weapons, pistols, unarmed.
Light armor.
--Mechanic an attempt repairs or bypass mechanical obstacles.
Mechanics start with a heavy wrench (can be wielded as a melee weapon) and a tool belt. A tool belt can be used for 3 tasks, new tools must be found afterwards.
--Technicians can attempt to tinker with/or bypass electrical obstacles.
Technicians start with a baton and a tech tool kit. A kit can be used for 3 tasks. They can deal 2 electrical damage with 'modified' tasers.
Starting health is 90 HP, starting luck is 10% and 60% ranged accuracy.

Investigative reporter.
-Proficiencies: Melee weapons, pistols, unarmed.
Unarmored. They gain a passive 10% chance to dodge and avoid dmg, after getting hit by a targeted ranged attack. An investigative reporter may try to pick a lock. They know an additional language.
They start with a pistol and a set of lock picks. A set can be used for 3 tasks.
Starting health is 80 HP, starting luck is 14%, 60% ranged accuracy.


- Melee attacks automatically hit.

- Ranged attacks hit on a result of 1-X, with X being your accuracy %.
Ranged attacks suffer -15% accuracy if another combatant stands between you and the target.

When you make a ranged attack, roll 2d100. The 1st to hit, the 2nd is for the luck %. On a result of 1-X, where X is your luck %, you deal additional damage, based on your equipped weapon.

When you are attacked, roll a d100. On a result of 1-X, where X is your counter %, you can 'return the favor', by making a retaliation attack, if your equipped weapon allows it. (ranged vs ranged, but not melee vs ranged)

If a PC is hit in combat, an amount of times equal to their calmness, they spend a turn 'enraged'. During that turn, they focus solely on the target that caused the trigger, caution and tactics be damned.

Reloading your weapon:
You can spend your standard action to reload, and move your full 4 squares that round, or reload by spending 2 squares of movement.

Unless immune, a status debuff is applied when a combatant (you or an opponent) is the recipent of an effect that causes it. Debuffs last 3 rounds, with damage debuffs dealing 15, 10, 5, over three rounds.

Debuffs: Bleeding, Burning, Enraged (-15% ranged accuracy, +5 on damage), Poisoned, Stunned.

- Health: speaks for itself.
- Accuracy: the % with which you effectively land ranged attacks.
- Calmness: the amount of attacks before a PC becomes enraged for 1 turn. The default amount is 5 for any PC.
- Counter: the % chance that you can make a retaliation attack, upon getting hit. When you get hit, roll a d100. On a result of 1-X, where X is your % of counter, you make a retaliation strike. Default is 8% for all PCs.
- Luck: The % that triggers a critical hit on your attack rolls.
- Movement: all PCs can move 4 squares in a turn. This can be before, after, or devided between the two, in combination with an attack.
For example: you move 2 squares into melee, strike, then move 2 squares away again.

Level increase
Upon reaching a new level, you get 5 stat points, to spend on increasing your stats, in any combination.

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