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If a player plays a blessing on a check BEFORE the roll, and wants to change the check for whatever reason AFTER the roll with Blessing of Maat, can s/he do so, or would that be considered the same check?

When you reveal Fiendsplitter, you can also discard it for extra dice, and it has another power:

Fiendsplitter wrote:
You may recharge a card that has the Torag trait to add another 1d8.

It has the Torag trait itself. Can you reveal the weapon to fight and then recharge it for that power, or does that have to use another card with the trait?

If two characters have the same card in their hands--say, Glibness, for example--can each player play their copy on the same check, and get that same bonus twice on the check?

For my part, I believe an easy fix would be a quick clarification:

Updated Feat Wording wrote:
...and you must have checked +1 and +2 before you can check +3. Additions and die changes aren’t cumulative—that is, “+2” replaces “+1,” so they do not add together to make +3. Powers that add options, however, ARE cumulative; these typically begin with 'and' or 'or'.

I have a related question regarding jump height and movement: how much of your lateral move speed would a vertical jump use up? Is it considered 1-to-1, or does it cost more to move vertically?

Those don't really need to be connected, since they are two separate powers from two different events. There's no harm in it, and that can save a little space, but it can also be a bit confusing.

I believe the rule is once you start an encounter, you can only play cards that apply to the encounter itself--things that determine combat skills, or allow you to evade, and the like. For example, you can't play a Cure during a combat so you don't have to lose it as damage. You couldn't use the Tot Flask to get an item AFTER you encounter something to get what you need to win.

For the second question, I think the two checks are considered separate from each other, so each check can have one of each type of card applied to it.

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We didn't run into the problem... But I had the idea of house ruling it that if no location was open, it goes to a random location, that opens back up, a la Bizarre Love Triangle. Interestingly, if 2 Gholdakos are in a location, you can beat one and close the location, and the other is banished:

Land of the Blind wrote:
When you would banish a Gholdako, display it next to this card instead.

...and you wouldn't have to fight the second one.

We managed to take out Kerdak last Friday. No deaths throughout, thanks to our most obvious MVP ever, Alahazra.
We did a goodly amount of scenarios twice, and two in particular were SUPER hard for us--Toll of the Bell took 4 tries to beat, and Sunken Treasure took 5!!

[Starred cards were added after From Hell's Heart]

Character Name: Jirelle (AKA the Loot Collector and Dealer with Ships)
Role Card: Pirate Queen
Skill Feats: DEX +2, WIS +3, CHA +1
Power Feats: Hand 6, Reroll 2 dice & vs. ship, Diplomacy: CHA +3, Explore on acquire Pirate/Swash, Reveal Swashbuckling, Move at end of turn
Card Feats: 5 Weapon, 2 Armor, 4 Item, 6 Ally, 6 Blessing
Weapons: Bloodcrow Rapier (promo), Blasting Pistol +2, Skyrocket Crossbow, Enervating Pistol +3, Crossbow of Retribution
Spells: ---
Armors: Animated Shield*, Howling Skull Armor
Items: Immortal Dreamstone, Gloves of Dueling, Ring of the Sea Strider, Hurricane Crown
Allies: Pierce Jerrell, Tessa Fairwind, Corlan*, Lady Cerise Bloodmourn, Mase Darimar, Pteranodon
Blessings: Gods, 2 Besmara, Hshurha, Pirate's Favor, Norgorber

Character Name: Alahazra (AKA The MASH with a Radar on It and Savior of the Day)
Role Card: Stargazer
Skill Feats: INT +2, CHA +4
Power Feats: Hand 7, Light Armors, Encounter Examined Boons, Swap Any Card, Add Fire to Attack Spells, Perception/Survival: CHA +2
Card Feats: 8 Spell, 1 Armor, 4 Item, 7 Blessing
Weapons: ---
Spells: Cure, Aqueous Orb, Blazing Servant, Resist Energy, Divine Fortune, Holy Feast, Vengeful Storm, Shapechange
Armors: Eel Skin Armor
Items: Wand of Flame*, Potion of the Ocean, Magic Spyglass, Staff of Weather
Allies: Old Salt, Dindreann, Imp
Blessings: 2 Achaekek, Abadar, Gozreh, Pharasma, 2 Hshurha (1*)

Character Name: Valeros (AKA Lord of the Sea Caves and King of Promos)
Role Card: Corsair
Skill Feats: STR +3, CON +1, INT +1, CHA +1
Power Feats: Hand 6, D4+1 Combat, Shuffle Weapon, Recharge Swashbuckling, +4 vs. Pirates
Card Feats: 6 Weapon, 4 Armor, 4 Item, 5 Ally, 4 Blessing
Weapons: Frost Giant's Sword +1 (promo), Veteran's Longspear (promo) Fire Lance*, Aiger's Kiss, Flaming Falcata +3, Venomous Pike +2
Spells: ---
Armors: Fortified Shell Armor, Brine Dragonhide Breastplate*, Breastplate of the Deep, Hellknight Armor
Items: Tankard (promo), Horn of Valenhall (promo), Potion of Healing, Potion of the Ocean
Allies: Leryn (promo), Captain, Ederleigh Baines, Pteranodon, Baby Triceratops
Blessings: Gods, 3 Gorum

Character Name: Seltyiel (AKA Master Strategist and Smasher of Banes)
Role Card: Marauder
Skill Feats: STR +1, CON +2, INT +4 (Vailea)
Power Feats: Hand 7, Recharge Spellstrike 3D6, Attack Spells vs. Barriers/Ships 2D6
Card Feats: 5 Weapon, 7 Spell, 2 Armor, 2 Item, 2 Ally, 5 Blessing
Weapons: Elven Scimitar (promo), 2 Keen Falcata +1 (1*), Spellsword +2, Keen Rapier +3
Spells: Aqueous Orb, Dehydrating Touch, 2 Freezing Sphere (1*), Wall of Fire, Quickened Ray, Tsunami
Armors: Fortified Breastplate, Reflecting Buckler
Items: Arcane Robes (promo), Ring of Regeneration
Allies: Old Salt, Haneilius Fitch
Blessings: Achaekek, Abadar, Pharasma, 2 Hshurha

Your Ship: Abrogail's Fury

Seems like you could get around it in this case with a power stated thusly:

Reworded Cyclops Oracle wrote:
Before you act examine the top 3 cards of your deck; discard 1 and bury 1, and if you cannot, you die. Then recharge 1 (if any).

It takes the order out of the equation, so you can't 'save' one through recharging, but I believe this is the intended effect--being closer to death might kill you.

EDIT: There's a FAQ now for it that took a different route to the 'dead' end.

Yeah, when I reread the FAQ on the weapon, that's exactly the feeling I got from it--you only play it alongside another weapon for its 'shield' power, not for anything else. That really decreases its value for us, and I'm not gonna keep it around when better stuff is readily available (we're in Price of Infamy now) but it is good to note for future playing.

Thanks for all the replies!

It's been determined that a Main Gauche can be played whenever you play a non-2-handed weapon. When you do, does it give a d4 to the roll like a dagger, or the full Strength/Melee +d4 value listed?

Also, and this is only cosmetic, but should the Invigorating Kukri +1 have the offhand trait as well?

...Wouldn't closing a location mean that you were there already? (Splitting hairs is a specialty of mine--I should be a barber. :P)

We played it without closing, as advised, and it wasn't a real hinderance anyway. A lucky shuffle or two, a well timed Farglass, and Alhazra's help has us done with time to spare.

Thanks again for the help. I just think a "locations can't be closed" power avoids such a question.

When you check the win condition for the scenario, you look at the top card of each location and hope it's an Enemy Ship.

But some henchmen allow you to close the location, which banishes ALL cards except villains. Does that mean if any location is closed, you just can't win no matter what? Or should there be some fix for that, like banishing all cards except Enemy Ships on closing?

It is very much not a basic card--it's loot, for crying out loud--but I'd thought of it in the RPG sense: you have access to the thing, tucked away for a rainy day or something.

That said, it makes sense you can't just get it back on a whim. Thanks for a quick replies!

So, some scenarios have special loot cards that you get at the end if you win. You can add these cool cards to your deck when you earn them.

But what if you don't, or perhaps even CAN'T, add the loot card to someone's deck right then? Can you add that loot later as if it were Basic--you did earn it after all--or would you need to go through that scenario again to get it back?

(Also, Mike et al, our group is having a blast with PACG. Thanks for making such a fun game! :D )

Had a question that fits in with the previous one-- if an effect allows you to move after you've explored (e.g. Potion of Flying in S&S) and you move to a location with a barrier, then do you encounter it with your next exploration there?

...I assume, "Of course! And then only the first one there." is the answer, but we should leave no nit unpicked. :)

Likewise, following another's lead with a post of my own. I agree it was very tasteless, and I apologize for it.

Ok, so there's an errata for Teleportation Chamber already on how to close it:

Teleportation Chamber (errata'd) wrote:
Examine the top card of a random other open location deck and, if it is a bane, succeed at its checks to defeat. If you did not examine a bane, this location closes automatically.

But what if I defeat a henchman and all other locations are closed (with the villain escaping to this last open location before)? I suppose you can't examine a bane if there are no cards at all...

Guess I'll piggyback off this question with my own, since it applies to ol' Pilk.

Whalebone Pilk's power wrote:
If Whalebone Pilk is not the last card in the location deck, he is undefeated.

So even if you beat him, he escapes--fine. But if you beat his checks to defeat...

1) Does he take blessings from the deck, or are they taken from the box? And

2) The scenario restricts closing to only when there are no cards in the location deck, but does he really just keep escaping to the same location, or would that be similar to the automatic close for beating a villain? By similar to, I mean:

S&S Rulebook, on closing while the villain lives, wrote:
...the location is not closed, but...the villain cannot escape to it.

(I don't have the rulebook in front of me, so I may have glossed over an 'it is temporarily closed' clause in there--that makes the quote moot.)

Right, I know that normally evasion occurs before the encounter actually happens. So, if it's displayed, it's not in his hand, and he then can't use it anyway, right? That's almost worse than having it buried, heh--"Here, look at this thing you can't use anymore. No, leave it face up: you can't stop looking at it until the game ends." :P

Thanks for the quick responses!

So, in a game of S&S Cards last night, our magus had his beloved falcata snatched by a smuggler. With his trusty backup whip, he took on the bane, but lost, and discarded the whip to evade it instead of taking the damage.

The Smuggler discards the item if he's defeated, or buries it if he isn't. But what happens to the stolen item when the Smuggler is evaded? The rulebook says "If a monster is evaded, it is neither defeated nor undefeated...", so do either of the effects happen?

(Since there was no errata at the time, and 'let the cards tell the story' is an awesome way to look at it, we decided he got the sword back, either disarming the smuggler with the whip, or tripping him up, and grabbing the weapon before running off. Seemed like the best way to rule it at the time...and cinematic to boot.)