S&S Rule Question--Smuggler + Evasion = ???

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So, in a game of S&S Cards last night, our magus had his beloved falcata snatched by a smuggler. With his trusty backup whip, he took on the bane, but lost, and discarded the whip to evade it instead of taking the damage.

The Smuggler discards the item if he's defeated, or buries it if he isn't. But what happens to the stolen item when the Smuggler is evaded? The rulebook says "If a monster is evaded, it is neither defeated nor undefeated...", so do either of the effects happen?

(Since there was no errata at the time, and 'let the cards tell the story' is an awesome way to look at it, we decided he got the sword back, either disarming the smuggler with the whip, or tripping him up, and grabbing the weapon before running off. Seemed like the best way to rule it at the time...and cinematic to boot.)

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As written, it remains displayed for the rest of the scenario and he retains it at the end. Displayed cards still belong to the character and it didn't get banished.

I suspect it might be errata'd to be "If not defeated" even though it technically makes only a tiny bit of functional difference.

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By Rules As Written, the card would remain displayed for the rest of the scenario, and would return to you at the end when rebuilding your deck. If you want to bury the card instead, I think that's what any FAQ would resolve it to, should one be issued.

Note that this is only the case in the OP's scenario where it was evaded due to the Whip's power. If you evade it normally, no cards would be displayed because evasion happens before Before You Act powers happen.

Right, I know that normally evasion occurs before the encounter actually happens. So, if it's displayed, it's not in his hand, and he then can't use it anyway, right? That's almost worse than having it buried, heh--"Here, look at this thing you can't use anymore. No, leave it face up: you can't stop looking at it until the game ends." :P

Thanks for the quick responses!

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