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A thread for discussion.

Be sure to include:

Player Name (As you'd like it printed)
Character Name
PFS # and Character #
Starting XP
Inital Prestige / Fame
Starting GP

Day Job

Anything else you need written on your chronicle.

Thank you for being here.

You receive an unusual summons to meet District Councilmember and priestess of Abadar Jostlyn Ferqyr at the Vault of Abadar in Absalom’s Ivy District. Who knows what awaits, but being experienced Pathfinders, you certainly know it's not going to be easy.

A thread for discussion! Original Discussion

Linked so you don't have to copy PFS ID stuff and use space.

YAY! Welcome to the game, hope you will all have fun. I'm playing / have played with most of you, but probably not in this orientation. I am looking forward to a good scenario.

Your ninja dots are welcome here. May they be stealthy.

This adventure begins in the town of Sandpoint with reports that the Licktoad goblins of Brinestump Marsh have grown unusually aggressive. The reason for this uncharacteristic bravery seems clear—the goblins have somehow managed to arm themselves with what appears to be a considerable supply of fireworks. The problem stems not so much from the additional “firepower” these fireworks provide as from the inf lated sense of ego and power that the devices have given the goblins—the fireworks have made them dangerously brave.

Several merchant caravans and travelers have been attacked so far, and according to the victims, the damage caused by horses panicking at the sight and sound of exploding pyrotechnics is almost as destructive as the goblin attacks themselves. With the last few attacks resulting in severe injuries to three unfortunate travelers, the problem has escalated from an annoyance to a threat. However, as none of the attacks have yet inconvenienced Magnimar (only Sandpointers and other Lost Coasters have been hit so far), the city has been slow to react.

Unwilling to idly sit by and wait for the goblin problem to escalate to actual deaths on the Lost Coast Road in order to attract Magnimar’s attention, Sandpoint’s leaders have put out the call for goblin exterminators.

But after a time of upheaval a few years back involving goblins, giants, and even a dragon, Sandpoint has since returned to being a relatively sleepy town. It doesn’t take long for life to settle down once things return to normal, and with Varisia’s adventurers now more eager to try their luck at finding their fortunes in legendary Xin-Shalast, there simply aren’t a lot of volunteers to fight goblins around. Always running at a lean enrollment, Sandpoint’s city watch can’t afford to send patrols into the trackless expanse of Brinestump, although they have stepped up their presence along the Lost Coast Road itself. The task of wading into the notorious local wetland falls instead to adventurers—be they concerned locals honestly eager to aid the town or greedy mercenaries looking to make relatively easy coin. A few adventurers have already made the attempt, but nothing has been heard of them in the 3 days since they entered Brinestump Marsh, and just last night, another round of colorful explosions burst over the wetlands south of Sandpoint. The goblins are doubtless readying a new attack!

To deal with the goblin threat, Sheriff Belor Hemlock has restored Sandpoint’s old “goblin bounty” after several years of inactivity—it was suspended when a group of eager but too-young adventurers were swept out to sea while in pursuit of goblin ears. The town of Sandpoint will pay 10 gp for every relatively fresh goblin ear delivered to the town hall—with an additional reward of 300 gp for the group who can bring in the head of the Licktoads’ leader, Chief Gutwad.

You each sit in the Rusty Dragon, summoned by either Ameiko or your direct connection to the city. Each of you has been identified as a capable individual, and the goblin menace has become more than the town can bear. Ameiko stands at the table with only the six of you gathered around (plus or minus an animal or two) and addresses you. "Listen, I know you probably have better things to do than run into the Marsh, but we haven't heard from the last group that went, and it will soon come to pass that no one will want to bring a caravan with supplies here for fear of the expense of new horses and new wagons. The city can't survive that, so I'm willing to not only back up the sheriff's generous offer, but also to offer this ring to the one who strikes down the chieftain." She holds out a ring, which doesn't appear much at first glance.

Detect Magic:
This is a magical ring. A proper check can determine it is a Ring of Protection +1.

A thread for discussing the many varied things which must be discussed in a campaign.

Discussion thread!

Please post:
Player Name:
PFS#: Including Character Number
Day Job:

Please feel free to ninja dot below. Game will start October 1st. Ninja dotting means you create a post with a . in it, then delete that post. It makes you subscribed to the thread without cluttering with a number of dots.

When a trove of fireworks falls into the hands of the goblins of Brinestump Marsh, the people of Sandpoint fear an explosive invasion. But there’s more afoot in the soggy wilderness than goblin hijinks and dangerous pyrotechnics. An investigation reveals mysteries and menaces aplenty, but also a treasure holding the answer to not just one of Varisia’s greatest mysteries, but a conspiracy spanning continents and empires. Can the adventurers piece together a puzzle that links the owner of a sleepy village tavern to the unsolved destruction of a fortress-settlement? And can they withstand the ancient forces and secret destiny that have waited for them for decades?

Regionally appropriate greetings, all! My name is ScorchedOne and I plan to GM the Adventure Path Jade Regent. I've been running on the boards for a while now and am looking for something more long-term than the modules and scenarios I have been running. I have played through this adventure path and it is one of my personal favorites. That being said, here goes:

Firstly, while I will be reporting when appropriate the chronicles for this game, this is not specifically a PFS game. You can apply without intention of gaining PFS credit, and we will not follow PFS specific guidelines with regard to running this / generating characters. Given how long this is likely to take, I'll ask for that information when appropriate and not worry about it for the time being. We're likely to be deep into PF2 by the time we get into the latter books.

Secondly, character generation:
Starting level: 1. You are newly minted heroes, adventurers who have perhaps had one or two exploits, or perhaps you're just bystanders who got drawn in.

Starting wealth: Average wealth by class. So if it's 2d6x10, that's 70.

Ability generation: 15 Point Buy (PF Standard Fantasy Point Buy)

Hit point generation: Full at first, Half+1 at each further level.

Alignment restrictions: None. Keep in mind I want a cohesive party. That being said, my group ran this evil so I won't immediately ban that.

Number / type of traits allowed: Two. No drawbacks. Can use campaign or not. May not use one from other campaigns.

Resources available: You may use almost any official Paizo material. Guns are scarce, so recommend not going gunslinger. Same for technology, keep it out of here. If it's something particularly obscure from a tiny splatbook, run it by me. I'm not likely to say no, but I'm looking for decent, rounded characters rather than a build built to break the system. It's an AP. It's not hard.

The Player's Guide which is a free download is a great tool for your character building.

What I really want out of this campaign is a group of characters who experience growth, who seem like actual people, and who interact.

I want believable characters. This is not to say you can't have a tiefling, but races outside of the core will be fewer than those within the core. This starts in Varisia, so keep that in mind as well.

Finally, I will not be running caravan rules. Unless the party really wants them, I don't feel that they add much to the game and it's just more book-keeping that I don't think any of us need.

As far as submission goes, you can decide. Give me as much or as little as you want. Bare minimum is: Character name, race, class, and a blurb.

Personality, Background, whatever you want to give me. Want to do an RP sample? Great. Want to link me to posts you're particularly proud or fond of? Awesome. Want me to read your amateur novel and give you critiques or feedback? No. In the end, have fun. If you aren't having fun, why are we here?

Recruitment Closes: Probably two weeks or so. I'll post at least three days prior to closing. No later than October 12th.

A place to discuss OOC things for our solstice scar group. Welcome to stalker recurring Scorch character neodam.

Opening posts to follow. Feel free to ninja dot.

A discussion thread for OOC requirements.

You find yourselves assembled in the gardens of Sandswept Hall, the pathfinder lodge in Sothis. Each of you was summoned here by Venture-Captain Norden Balentiir for a mission of some importance, though the details were sparse to be certain. Now you await your audience with the venture captain, unsure what to think of your gathered compatriots. Some appear better equipped than others, though all certainly appear capable.

I will start moving this forward Monday, but didn't want the six of you to start out strangers, nor take valuable game time up with intros.

The bells atop the Temple of Erastil toll their midday song, echoing throughout the quiet town of Kassen. As the peals begin to fade, the first of the townsfolk make their way into the square, dressed in black, as if attending a funeral. They slowly fill the square, moving quietly across the cold, hard ground, their eyes downcast and mournful. After a few moments, a murmur passes through the crowd as it slowly parts to let Mayor Uptal through. He leads the way with a tarnished silver lantern. Behind him, an old pony drags a cart laden with backpacks and supplies.

Once he reaches the center of the crowd, Mayor Uptal stops and calls out to the assembled townsfolk. “Once again the winter winds blow through the Fangwood, marking the end of another harvest. There are wolves in the woods, howling at our walls, and serpents in our shadows, waiting to strike. Just as it was one hundred and seventy-four years ago, when Kassen himself left these walls to protect us, so it is today. Where are the heroes? Where are the brave folk that will venture out to Kassen’s tomb and retrieve the flame to keep this community safe for another winter?”

The young heroes of the town of Kassen are ready for their coming-of-age ceremony, an old tradition in which they retrieve a piece of the eternal flame burning in the tomb of the town’s founder.

Welcome to the Discussion Thread for this run of Crypt of the Everflame. I'll keep recruitment open another day, but no sense in wasting time for you folks to get acquainted. I'll have the first IC post up in the next hour probably, though actual plot progression will not follow until tomorrow.

As the Jistka Imperium decayed from within, its artificers and elementalists struggled to repel invaders from Osirion to the east. To channel their elemental power, the spellcasters constructed the mighty Citadel of the Weary Sky, but so much energy attracted a mighty fiend that crushed the tower. The Pathfinder Society knows that many of the mages escaped, but only recently and with the help of a new ally did it learn where they fled. Now the PCs set off for a forgotten Jistkan sanctuary where otherworldly forces now reign.

To Be Started.

3/5 Venture-Captain, South Dakota—Sioux Falls aka ScorchedOne


Just kidding, but in all seriousness Vermincon is a convention we are holding in early 2017. The call is going out for any interested GMs. It is located in Vermillion, South Dakota, which is inconveniently located just a few hours drive from Omaha, Des Moines, Minneapolis/St. Paul, and anywhere of consequence.

This will serve as first call for any GM who may wish to attend and run any of our already selected scenarios, or anything in addition! We are also looking for interested parties for Pathfinder Academy / Kids Track, Quests, Card Game, or other related activities.

Almost as importantly, we are looking for attendees! We want to put on a SPECIAL! We plan to see what that Sky Key doohickey can do, and you are important, because without your power we won't be able to find out what a Sky Key does. We plan 6 tables, which means we need AT MINIMUM 18 people, and would prefer to have at least 24 (we'd prefer to have 50, and I have backup GMs in case everyone in three or four states decides to show up).

So, interested? Drop a line here, drop a line by e-mail, tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell your frenemies, tell people who like Pathfinder, tell people who'd like to learn Pathfinder, tell everyone you know! Tell random strangers on the street. I do. (Don't get arrested.) This is my first official con I'm organizing, with the assistance of some seasoned VLs and VCs, and we're looking forward to another great weekend of gaming.

For Details:
Event Link

You have been stationed at the Grand Lodge in Absalom, awaiting assignment for a mission of utmost importance. Things finally seemed in motion when Venture-Captain Drandle Dreng sent out a summons for available agents. Specialized in the history of Absalom, Dreng is known for putting off-duty agents to work on sundry tasks when he finds them resting within the city’s limits.

Coming to the meeting place—an odd choice of venue, as it is a street corner far from the Grand Lodge—a lone beggar garbed in baggy robes approaches. The only figure visible in the constant drizzle, the beggar sticks out his hands for currency. “Have you any coin to spare, fine folk?”

The question hangs in the air for only a scant moment before the figure pulls back his hood to reveal the wizened face of Venture-Captain Drandle Dreng. He gives a crooked smile, soaked head to toe from his unprotected time in the rain. His clothes smell faintly of cabbage. “Sorry about that,” he says with a wink. “I always like to play a little joke on agents when I stumble across them during my jaunts into town. Now, why did I summon you fine folk here again…?”

Dreng shakes his head from side to side, as though trying to knock water out of his ears, despite the constant downpour. “Ah yes, the Wounded Wisp! I’m undercover now and can’t stray far from the site I’m watching, but I need someone to retrieve a package for me from that fine establishment. It’s among Absalom’s most storied taverns, you see, and one that holds a special place of privilege in the Society’s lore as the place where the organization began. Well, I could drone on and on about it, but standing out in the rain is doing none of us any favors.” As if anticipating agreement, the bedraggled venture-captain produces a small slip of folded paper from one of his many stitched pockets. Dreng quickly shows a glimpse of the page’s contents: a map detailing the location of the Wounded Wisp bar.

“The bartender is a woman by the name of Heryn Gale, a fine lady who came to own the Wisp after the passing of her father from—oh, bah, it’s really getting too cold for me to give a proper history lesson! If you could just go to the Wisp, and tell Heryn you’re there to pick up my parcel, it would be most appreciated. I’ll be around here for several more hours at least.”

You may ask questions if you have them, though he has little time for your questions, and those of you inclined toward knowledge of things historical might glean some useful information about the Wounded Wisp tavern.

Welcome to it! A thread for all our non IC related needs.

Okay, so I am looking at doing a run, core or not doesn't really matter to me, of a character from 1.0 all the way to 14.0

I hear people saying "14.0? You're mad, sir! MAD!" And I am. More than a little.

So here's the questions I have:

Question the First: Core or Normal?

This is largely a product of the group that wants to bring it, but I want to do this all in one, so that at the end I -also- have a character of 14th level. I have my own reasons for this, most notably "Because I want to hit 20". (And I'll do it, dagnabbit.)

Question the Second: One GM or rotating GMs?

Much as I don't mind running literally every single adventure I have here outlined, as it would help some stats I need to up before I get star #5 (still a ways off), occasionally it's fun to play also. Would people be interested in swapping off GM duties every few scenarios to give me a "break", or would people prefer I just ran all of them until we all drop dead from old age?

Question the Third: This list look okay?

Please see this list. It has the scenarios I plan to run for this route, they are all (with exception of one module, Eyes of the 10, and the new seeker arc) season 5 or 6. In parentheses are factions specifically cited by these scenarios. If we decide we want to drop the Harrowing for some other scenarios, that'd be fine too. Just trying to start with a list.

Set List:
6-10 (Evergreen) The Wounded Wisp
6-05 (LE, SovC) Slave Ships of Absalom
6-06 Hall of the Flesh Eaters
6-08 (SovC) The Segang Expedition
6-15 (DA) The Overflow Archives
6-18 (GL, SS) From Under Ice

6-09 (Ex) By Way of Bloodcove
6-11 (LE, SCru) The Slave Master's Mirror
6-19 (SS) Test of Tar Kuata
5-12 (SS, Ex) Destiny of the Sands 1
5-15 (SS) Destiny of the Sands 2
5-16 (SS) Destiny of the Sands 3

6-03 The Technic Siege
6-07 (LE, SCru) Valley of Veiled Flame
6-17 Fires of Karamoss
6-21 (GL) Tapestry's Toil
5-06 (Ex) You Have What You Hold
5-09 (GL) The Traitor's Lodge

5-02 The Wardstone Patrol
6-13 (SovC) Of Kirin and Kraken
5-05 The Elven Entanglement

5-13 (SCru) Weapon in the Rift
5-18 (LE, Ex) The Stranger Within
5-23 (LE, DA) Cairn of Shadows
Module: The Harrowing

5-17 (DA) Fate of the Fiend
5-20 (GL, SCru) The Sealed Gate
5-25 (GL) Vengeance at Sundered Crag
6-20 (Ex, LE, SCru) Returned to Sky
7-23 (GL) Abducted in Aether
7-28 Ageless Ambitions

46 Eyes of the Ten 1
54 Eyes of the Ten 2
2-05 Eyes of the Ten 3
2-22 Eyes of the Ten 4
7-20 All for Immortality Pt 1
7-26 All for Immortality Pt 2
7-29 All for Immortality Pt 3

Now then.
This leads to my first issue. This is PFS. PFS is not generally something where I have to be picky and/or choosy. Normally it's first signup first go, but with something like this, I sort of want to be particular. This is a group that will (hopefully) be spending a great deal of time together. I don't want to start a character and have them go kerplooey at 2.2. I want THE most dedicated players that I can find. I want fanatics. I want people that eat, sleep, and breathe their characters and factions... okay maybe I don't, but I want people interested in a long term story with a dedicated party and fun with arcs that contribute to goals. I want people who want to build, sculpt, and mold their characters over time and not just hack and slash their way through adventures (though we will obviously also have time for a good amount of murder-hobo-ing).

With that in mind:

Application Process:
1) Look at the list. Played a lot of these? Might be rough for you. This is primarily the plan. Core might be a good option.
2) Core or standard?
3) Look to party balance. Fighters are great. Wizards are great. People who can do more than one thing are great. I don't call for optimization, but I kinda do say "usefulness is not the enemy." (Looking at you, Mr. Constitution Challenge Wizard) Also, given these facts, I tend to look for the more archetypal party. (As in representative of the norm, not as in 'filled with archetypes').
4) Be interesting. Be fun.
5) Standard character generation rules from the PFS guide apply.
6) There is no rule Six.
7) I'm going to leave this open until November 10th, 5pm CST. I'm planning 6 players. That way I don't have to do 4 player adjustment even if we somehow lose one.

Still reading? Have fun!

3/5 Venture-Captain, South Dakota—Sioux Falls aka ScorchedOne

Vermillion, South Dakota! January 22nd-24th

Friday: Noon-1am

Saturday: 9am-1am

Sunday: 9am-5pm

We have sessions of either PFS or PFACG slotted for most of the weekend at reasonable hours (read: after 10am, our VL is not a morning person). We would look forward to seeing any that could make it!


For more details.