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Okay, so I am looking at doing a run, core or not doesn't really matter to me, of a character from 1.0 all the way to 14.0

I hear people saying "14.0? You're mad, sir! MAD!" And I am. More than a little.

So here's the questions I have:

Question the First: Core or Normal?

This is largely a product of the group that wants to bring it, but I want to do this all in one, so that at the end I -also- have a character of 14th level. I have my own reasons for this, most notably "Because I want to hit 20". (And I'll do it, dagnabbit.)

Question the Second: One GM or rotating GMs?

Much as I don't mind running literally every single adventure I have here outlined, as it would help some stats I need to up before I get star #5 (still a ways off), occasionally it's fun to play also. Would people be interested in swapping off GM duties every few scenarios to give me a "break", or would people prefer I just ran all of them until we all drop dead from old age?

Question the Third: This list look okay?

Please see this list. It has the scenarios I plan to run for this route, they are all (with exception of one module, Eyes of the 10, and the new seeker arc) season 5 or 6. In parentheses are factions specifically cited by these scenarios. If we decide we want to drop the Harrowing for some other scenarios, that'd be fine too. Just trying to start with a list.

Set List:
6-10 (Evergreen) The Wounded Wisp
6-05 (LE, SovC) Slave Ships of Absalom
6-06 Hall of the Flesh Eaters
6-08 (SovC) The Segang Expedition
6-15 (DA) The Overflow Archives
6-18 (GL, SS) From Under Ice

6-09 (Ex) By Way of Bloodcove
6-11 (LE, SCru) The Slave Master's Mirror
6-19 (SS) Test of Tar Kuata
5-12 (SS, Ex) Destiny of the Sands 1
5-15 (SS) Destiny of the Sands 2
5-16 (SS) Destiny of the Sands 3

6-03 The Technic Siege
6-07 (LE, SCru) Valley of Veiled Flame
6-17 Fires of Karamoss
6-21 (GL) Tapestry's Toil
5-06 (Ex) You Have What You Hold
5-09 (GL) The Traitor's Lodge

5-02 The Wardstone Patrol
6-13 (SovC) Of Kirin and Kraken
5-05 The Elven Entanglement

5-13 (SCru) Weapon in the Rift
5-18 (LE, Ex) The Stranger Within
5-23 (LE, DA) Cairn of Shadows
Module: The Harrowing

5-17 (DA) Fate of the Fiend
5-20 (GL, SCru) The Sealed Gate
5-25 (GL) Vengeance at Sundered Crag
6-20 (Ex, LE, SCru) Returned to Sky
7-23 (GL) Abducted in Aether
7-28 Ageless Ambitions

46 Eyes of the Ten 1
54 Eyes of the Ten 2
2-05 Eyes of the Ten 3
2-22 Eyes of the Ten 4
7-20 All for Immortality Pt 1
7-26 All for Immortality Pt 2
7-29 All for Immortality Pt 3

Now then.
This leads to my first issue. This is PFS. PFS is not generally something where I have to be picky and/or choosy. Normally it's first signup first go, but with something like this, I sort of want to be particular. This is a group that will (hopefully) be spending a great deal of time together. I don't want to start a character and have them go kerplooey at 2.2. I want THE most dedicated players that I can find. I want fanatics. I want people that eat, sleep, and breathe their characters and factions... okay maybe I don't, but I want people interested in a long term story with a dedicated party and fun with arcs that contribute to goals. I want people who want to build, sculpt, and mold their characters over time and not just hack and slash their way through adventures (though we will obviously also have time for a good amount of murder-hobo-ing).

With that in mind:

Application Process:
1) Look at the list. Played a lot of these? Might be rough for you. This is primarily the plan. Core might be a good option.
2) Core or standard?
3) Look to party balance. Fighters are great. Wizards are great. People who can do more than one thing are great. I don't call for optimization, but I kinda do say "usefulness is not the enemy." (Looking at you, Mr. Constitution Challenge Wizard) Also, given these facts, I tend to look for the more archetypal party. (As in representative of the norm, not as in 'filled with archetypes').
4) Be interesting. Be fun.
5) Standard character generation rules from the PFS guide apply.
6) There is no rule Six.
7) I'm going to leave this open until November 10th, 5pm CST. I'm planning 6 players. That way I don't have to do 4 player adjustment even if we somehow lose one.

Still reading? Have fun!

Pathfinder Adventure, Adventure Path, Lost Omens, Rulebook Subscriber

Would love to play, but sadly I've played most of these already, well, a lot of them... hope you find a good group. Sounds like a blast! If you need a replacement character when you get around to the lvl 12+ stuff, let me know please... I could step in!

Yeah, that's part of why I'm also open to a core group. Figure maybe not everyone has played Core.

Liberty's Edge

You are tempting me reeeeally hard, I have a few character ideas that I'd love to take on such a run, possibly with something skillmonkeyish.
About your questions:
1) I would prefer Standard, but Core is fine as well.
2) I believe that I make a pretty decent GM, I'm up for taking turns.
3) The only module I know is the Harrowing, which I'm GMing, the others are new to me (only started Pathfinder recently)

Fair notice: I have never played in a PFS game, so I may have a few newbie questions about the Chronicle Sheet and the such, please bear with me.

I'm very interested in this! I have only played a few of these scenarios. I am up for taking on some gm duties also so maybe I can gm the ones I have already played.

I would definitely prefer standard.

I am flexible on class/role too.

I'm intrigued by this.

1) I've played 5 of them in Standard. (6-08, 5-06, 5-12, 5-15, 5-16)None in core. Either format works for me.

2) I've never GMd PbP. I have GMd home games and society. I'd be willing to alternate.

3) I've yet to find a PFS scenario I didn't enjoy.

Dotting, intriguing, I haven't played any of these.

Are we creating totally new characters for it, or are you just taking the first six to post?

We may find more players who haven't played them if you go core. I'm in another game that is doing a whole year and it was difficult finding standard players.

This interests me. No way I could do this classic, I have played many of these. But while I have played a lot of Core the only thing on your list I have played in Core is the Destiny of the Sands trilogy. And I could easily sit that one out, let someone else play, and pick up that level locally.

As for myself while I am online constantly and have the dedication to do this, I'm not very good at roleplaying.
Though to be honest if you expect to get in enough games to go from 1 - 14 you won't have a ton of time for roleplaying. Even an active group could easily take 2 weeks to a month or more for 1 scenario. And that is with a very experienced GM.

So if you do this Core and not enough people feel they can commit to it then keep me in mind.

Btw the way the math works out you can play Academy of Secrets after Eyes of the Ten but before All for Immortality and still play the other retirement modules without having to do any slow tracking for any of them.

On reflection I don't think I should commit to this. Good luck though.

Great idea very interested.

1. Either works for me, but prefer normal. I haven't played any of these.
2. I have never GM'd but down the road would be willing to give it a shot if you need me to.
3. The list looks fine, good job.

Hmmm, a veteran of the boards here, but no PFS experience.

I'm intrigued... will read up on PFS , see what's involved.

I would be interested in joining if we do core. I have made a core character (an elven rogue) but I haven't played him yet.

Unfortunately, should you not go core, I would have to pass as I have played about half the modules from those years (and gm'ed the rest.)

Also, I am pretty flexible as to what I play. Right now I am leaning toward Druid (for core or normal) but it will depend on what others submit.

Sovereign Court

I've not played any of these and have a bard (or bard/swashbuckler) that I am waiting to use, she could go core or standard.
I've also got GMing experience (plenty in real life, book one of CoT on the boards) and would enjoy running a few adventures in a run like this.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I would perhaps be interested in this, but I would only be able to go core, as I have played most of these standard. I am a pretty steady GM, and would certainly be willing to help out on that front. I've been playing/GM'ing almost exclusively PFS for the last four years.

Grand Lodge

lets say I am new to PFS but not RPGs in general, should I try something like this?

Scarab Sages

I have this cleric for CORE. Eventual plan is to go Mystic Theurge with him. He's only been on 7-14 (Faithless & Forgotten 1)

Raltus, the intent here is to go long term. Now, it's not entirely impossible for you to join, and PFS is relatively simple, but by applying here you are making a rather sizeable commitment.

It looks currently like core will be the way to go, which is no problem.

Well, I'm up for the challenge....long term's just right for me :D

Grand Lodge

I am more than willing to make the commitment to playing the long haul, I am looking for another game to play online since a few of the other ones I am playing in are either slowing right down or not progressing at a steady pace.

Fethril, that wouldn't be a problem. Just slow grow two scenarios and you're set.

Silver Crusade

Here is Vrog's core rogue (going duelist eventually).

I'm interested. Core suits me just fine. I have a couple of characters that I could bring in.

ScorchedOne, going core you'll have plenty of applicants. I am just busy enough that I am removing my dot, so to speak. Good luck all and have fun.

Scarab Sages

I have run Valley of the Veiled Flame, so I can for certain volunteer to take that one.

Scarab Sages

Any reason for exclusively seasons 5 & 6? I only ask because 6-07 has a link from an earlier season 4 scenario.

Grand Lodge

I am going to make a fighter for this, you don't have to select him, I just think it would be kinda fun to do the Scenarios and Modules that Paizo puts out

Character Applicants:
TriShadow - Fethril - Cleric (Planning Mystic Theurge)
Vrog Skyreaver - * Aura * - Rogue (Planning Duelist)
Fellstone Bloodknuckle - ? - ?
Raltus - ? - ?
Spazmodeus - ? - ?
Shirak Agramar - ? - ?
Sapiens - ? - ?
Tundran - ? - ?

Also, Robert Henry, pretty much expecting new characters because we plan to start at 1, and I want most everybody to have an even footing. It's less fun if someone is hitting at +7 for a lot, and you've got your puny +3. That's a 20% difference in hitting, and believe me at a table it can hurt the fun. If you have one adventure under a new core character, don't worry, but if you're level 2, might want to wait and see if we need people later.

As to other questions of those not familiar with PFS:
The Pathfinder Society is Paizo's organized play for Pathfinder, which is a series of scenarios. Scenarios are pre-written adventures for characters that follow a certain set of rules. The adventures are built for certain levels ("tiers"), but have some flex so that you can play with people around the world. Your PFS character can travel with you. I've played with Europeans, Asians, and people from most of the states.

This adventure will be episodic in nature, but that doesn't mean it has to be particularly jagged or disparate. A number of them flow together, and while we run through Wounded Wisp (an evergreen, infinitely replayable at level 1, once per character), I'll read up on them and try to link some of them together that might not specifically go together, but happen geographically close or have similar themes.

If I've missed other questions, please let me know.

Grand Lodge

My PFS # is 110040 His is a Human Kelris Bartell

I am interested in this, but solely to GM. So if there are too many applicants I can run a second table. Let me know if help is wanted/needed.

Liberty's Edge

Ok, so if it's Core I guess I'll take my Dwarf Wizard, named Margrish Corkir, for a ride. Will possibly go the Eldritch Knight/Arcane Archer route, but I may as well be a single-classed wizard (unless there is some rule I don't know about that)

Raltus, please make your character (which you can do from the "My Pathfinder Society" link under the Pathfinder Society section on the left hand side) so you can use it as an alias and set up its stats and such.

GM Fez, I'm entirely willing to have you GM a second table. The more the merrier, as it were. Planning to start with The Wounded Wisp as it's evergreen and a good intro quest. (Also, VC Dreng is #1)

Sapiens, there is no rule about classes. Other than that you have to follow the rules of them. Want to be a Wizard? Be one. Want to take one level in every class? It makes no sense and would be hard to track and probably be VERY unhelpful, but you can do that too if it is somehow your wish.

I'm still new enough to PFS that I don't want to start working on Core quests yet. So I'm out for a core table.

Fez, if you run a Standard table, I would love to join!

Character Applicants:
TriShadow - Fethril - Cleric (Planning Mystic Theurge)
Vrog Skyreaver - * Aura * - Rogue (Planning Duelist)
Fellstone Bloodknuckle - ? - ?
Raltus - Kelris Bartell - Fighter
Spazmodeus - ? - ?
Shirak Agramar - ? - ?
Sapiens - Margrish Corkir - Wizard
trawets71 - ? - Bard

And just to let you all know, 11th-13th November is Aethercon and a local con, so while I plan to get tables ready around 10th November, 14th would be the "official" start date.

I've done plenty of PbP on here but no PFS characters. I'd love to try these core. I'm thinking a bard. I haven't really played one of those yet.

As for long term, I've been in my Carrion Crown campaign for over 2 years now on here, so I'll be around.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
ScorchedOne wrote:

Character Applicants:

TriShadow - Fethril - Cleric (Planning Mystic Theurge)
Vrog Skyreaver - * Aura * - Rogue (Planning Duelist)
Fellstone Bloodknuckle - ? - ?
Raltus - Kelris Bartell - Fighter
Spazmodeus - ? - ?
Shirak Agramar - ? - ?
Sapiens - Margrish Corkir - Wizard
trawets71 - ? - Bard

And just to let you all know, 11th-13th November is Aethercon and a local con, so while I plan to get tables ready around 10th November, 14th would be the "official" start date.

Forgot to list me. If chosen, I can roll up a character to fill whatever slot we need. Also willing to GM.

I did forget to list you, I didn't want to put you as "GM DevilDoc" when I am the technical GM, and didn't know how to refer to you. DevilDoc? Or this Awenydd83 nomer?

Btw, I missed it in your OP, but I don't mind running a module or two. I am close to my 4th star.

Sovereign Court

ScorchedOne wrote:

Character Applicants:

TriShadow - Fethril - Cleric (Planning Mystic Theurge)
Vrog Skyreaver - * Aura * - Rogue (Planning Duelist)
Fellstone Bloodknuckle - ? - ?
Raltus - Kelris Bartell - Fighter
Spazmodeus - ? - ?
Shirak Agramar - ? - ?
Sapiens - Margrish Corkir - Wizard
trawets71 - ? - Bard

And just to let you all know, 11th-13th November is Aethercon and a local con, so while I plan to get tables ready around 10th November, 14th would be the "official" start date.

Missed me as well (post 14).

GeraintElberion - Mivvy Hetherington - bard
Also up for some GMing.

Looking at the submissions so far, I'd be submitting a Gnome Barbarian.

Silver Crusade

I think my planned build for Aura is going to be rogue 4/fighter 3/duelist 7 (or possibly rogue 2/fighter 5/duelist 7)

Character Applicants:
TriShadow - Fethril - Cleric (Planning Mystic Theurge)
Vrog Skyreaver - * Aura * - Rogue (Planning Duelist)
Fellstone Bloodknuckle - ? - ?
Raltus - Kelris Bartell - Fighter
Spazmodeus - ? - ?
Shirak Agramar - ? - ?
Sapiens - Margrish Corkir - Wizard
trawets71 - ? - Bard
GeraintElberion - Mivvy Hetherington - bard
DevilDoc - ? - ?

It looks like at the very least, one table will be core.

GM Fez has an option for a second table, at his discretion being core or standard. When we get closer and I do a final call, I'll get people to list which they prefer to be in, so that we can hopefully accomodate all people. (Yes, this may require a second concept for those who have no preference or have option for both. I personally would prefer standard, but understand that unlike me, a lot of people have been playing a while.)

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 32

I have played 5-12, 5-06, 6-13, 5-13, 5-20, and 5-25 in standard.

I am willing to run the ones that I have played, if recruited, and if I find myself particularly comfortable in the format, I can likely be convinced into GMing more often, as that seems to be my natural state of things as a 5-star. I am new to play by post and I was hoping to get an introduction to pbp as a player before running any games using the format, and this seems like a great way to do that. I've got enough replays currently waiting to cover everything that I have already played without issue, if you would prefer that I play straight through.

In a perfectly balanced party, I prefer to play toolbox support casters, doing damage secondarily, but I'm comfortable filling whatever role the party desires filled. I'm typically good at fulfilling a secondary role as well, when needed.

Liberty's Edge

How much Crunch do you want on a PFS character?

Well, I will be auditing sheets at the start, and probably once every tier. The thing is, as I will have an event code just for this, I can kinda keep track of everything pretty easily. Crunch is what PFS does well. The fluff is what you add. I mean obviously to apply here, all I need is like Class. But when we start I'll need a statted sheet (though keep in mind that can all change at level 1 fluidly)

I would still like to be considered if a standard table is run if you would include me on your list with that caveat please.

Liberty's Edge

The character sheet is in profile, I can save the regular one I think as well.

Silver Crusade

I think it might be helpful to mark who is wanting core and who is not. I'll crib a list together later on tonight and that should help us see where things stand.

Here is a Core Ranger that I would like to submit, Sahara Hawkseye.

She has one chronicle already but that should be okay according to what was discussed previously. If not, then please let me know and I'll roll up something else. :)

Okay, here is the list of people who have expressed interest in standard:


Here is the list of people who have expressed interest in core:

Aura, played by Vrog Skyreaver
Fethril Support, played by Tri-shadow
Sahara Hawkseye, played by Grizzly

Here are a list of people who swing both ways could do either:

As an aside, it looks like Ralthus is registered as a standard character, not a core one. I'm not sure if that was intentional or not, so I mentioned it at the end.

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