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3/5 Venture-Lieutenant, South Dakota—Sioux Falls aka ScorchedOne


Just kidding, but in all seriousness Vermincon is a convention we are holding in early 2017. The call is going out for any interested GMs. It is located in Vermillion, South Dakota, which is inconveniently located just a few hours drive from Omaha, Des Moines, Minneapolis/St. Paul, and anywhere of consequence.

This will serve as first call for any GM who may wish to attend and run any of our already selected scenarios, or anything in addition! We are also looking for interested parties for Pathfinder Academy / Kids Track, Quests, Card Game, or other related activities.

Almost as importantly, we are looking for attendees! We want to put on a SPECIAL! We plan to see what that Sky Key doohickey can do, and you are important, because without your power we won't be able to find out what a Sky Key does. We plan 6 tables, which means we need AT MINIMUM 18 people, and would prefer to have at least 24 (we'd prefer to have 50, and I have backup GMs in case everyone in three or four states decides to show up).

So, interested? Drop a line here, drop a line by e-mail, tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell your frenemies, tell people who like Pathfinder, tell people who'd like to learn Pathfinder, tell everyone you know! Tell random strangers on the street. I do. (Don't get arrested.) This is my first official con I'm organizing, with the assistance of some seasoned VLs and VCs, and we're looking forward to another great weekend of gaming.

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