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reincarnated druid archetype+living monolith

Doomed Hero wrote:
I would love to see a book dedicated to completely removing legacy errors. I don't know anyone who still uses 3.5 content in their Pathfinder games. I don't think anyone would miss backwards comparability if a book came out with the option of getting rid of it in favor of more balanced or thematic options.


when i first got into PF the backward compatibility was great, but PF has enough splat of its own now.

please post more JrAnnalist

what source book is void domain in?

Douglas Muir 406 wrote:

On the minus side, while you get LPB as a fourth level spell, you get PB as sixth and GPB as 8th -- by which time you're 15th level and, meh, you're almost better off with Planar Ally.

Still, good catch! Will be added to the Guide.

Doug M.

not sure what you mean Doug...PB/GPB are normally 6/8?

there really is no minus to it...besides worshiping a totally random deity(i hate that)
edit: just realized that i can be a seperatist cleric and just choose void as my secondary domain. that way i can serve mostly whomever

another plug for the Outer Rifts mystery Oracle...
it can be combined with the Seeker oracle archetype for another +4 to pierce SR...so +8 total

Arachnofiend wrote:
Ah, I see. It's limited to the Bones mystery though, which is disappointing. Honestly doesn't even make sense, most of the revelations in Bones revolve around undeath which I have a difficult time imagining Pharasma approving...

Voice of the Grave is fun AND Pharasma friendly.

People of the River Player companion
its wildblooded so incompatible with crossblooded

interesting new addition on the srd...
Arcana=+2DC on [curse] spells?

1. can anyone link me to a list of curse descriptor spells...the SRD lists the curse descriptor but it is not filterable

2. any advice for optimizing a DarkFey Gnome Sorcerer?
-thinking of the racial trait that gives +1DC to Necromancy
-is it worth Eldritch heritaging all the way for SchoolPower Necro?
i know the powers you're gaining this way are good...its just alot of your feats

technically DeftPalm doesn't have any restriction on weapon size, and its usable in plain sight...

your Sleight of Hand just has to beat their perception i guess?

a DM should probaby award some large circumstance bonus though

can you palm a switchblade with sleightofhand?
can you take a swift action during a surprise round? (springwristsheath)

Edit! answered my own question!

do you sleight of hand vs targets perception check to draw it unobserved as a moveaction before the surprise round begins, and then stab as your surprise round action?

i guess i'm unsure of how all these rules stack up?

how do you use the underhanded talent with a concealed weapon?
its a bit fuzzy for me.

Quicker than the Eye makes drawing a concealed weapon a Move Action...
during a surprise round you are limited to a Move or Std action?

how do you both draw and make the underhanded attack in the surprise round?

Ross Byers wrote:
I dare you to do better.

sheesh...thats a lil raw

i'm not complaining about pet ideas, but stuff like class abilities, archetypes, and feats should all jive before print...

i don't have the book, but it is something that burns me with all the splat lately

is it legal to use the specific "Elf" FCB from the ARG?

i've read differing opinions scattered here and there throughout the forums. most of the ARG FCB talk centered on the oracle revelation shenanigans.

I'm just more interested in the beefier natural armor during WS(ARG) than in skill/hp(APG).

So i'd like a constructive helpful disscussion to create some concrete rules for my game before it begins

-taking into accout the lack of good rules on Burrow/Earthglide/tremorsense

BeastShape IV(6th level spell): druid's WS doesn't use it, but the spell grants up to tremorsense 60ft...would it be reasonable to grant tremorsense to Druids WS in elemental body III or IV for EarthElemental Form? at level 10 or 12 respectively?

assuming yes, how should i run the EarthGlide/Tremorsense?
--I would allow it basically like sight 60ft for purposes of navigation in Earthglide.
--creatures above ground would be pinpointed for their respective space.
--Attacking from below ground would use concealment rules.
--Extending the rules for Incorporeal movement into objects in a smart way. using rules for Cover/readied attacks etc.

casting spells in EarthGlide works because you can breath underground.
but you still need LoS/LoE using Cover/Concealment as appropriate.

So just trying to make this Legit...

My HalfElf Druid can take the ELF Druid FCB from the ARG to increase WS NA by +1/3...but i can only start acquiring the fractional levels at level 4 when I first acquire WS?

help please

Spirit of the Badlands SLA's are usable 1/day or 1/day per EarthElemental Wildshape usage?

I assume its suppose to be the 1/day hardcap...

so does my Domain casting advance with PrC spellcasting advancement?
as a druid the domain casting comes from Nature Bond rather than as a part of spell casting...and nature bond doesn't get advanced by PrC?


how big is your world?

what type of posting frequency are you looking for?

don't forget the -4 to AC from IaijutsuStrike(-2 eventually)

any other ways you can bump up your damage for taking AC penalties>? at this point you will get hit every time.

miss chance may be your friend...

Mike J wrote:

I've been playing Pathfinder E6 for quite a while. I modified Rise of the Runelords for E6 and completed the entire AP. Did the same with Serpent's Skull and we're currently starting book 6. Personally, I wouldn't want to go with E8 because I think it gets a little out of hand even stopping at 6th. The final encounter for RotRL was CR 14 and was an amazing battle with a party of 4 (all survived). But we were starting to see the negatives of high level play - longer turns, hints of rocket tag, lots of book keeping. Those 20 extra feats with plenty of capstone abilities really added up - my best estimate is roughly +1 APL per 5 additional feats.

A problem I've hit is the undead in the CR 6-9 range who start dishing out negative levels. I opted to change that to Con damage since the PCs can't fix negative levels. Otherwise, E6 has kept things fast paced and the balance seems pretty good.

I don't use exp, so can't help on that. However, you don't want the feats coming too fast because it is very disruptive. I had them come too fast in RotRL - the party got a feat every 2 or 3 encounters near the end which didn't work well.

Next up will be Mythic E6 Legacy of Fire, going to tier 5 or 6.

any insight into adjusting Wealth for your P6 campaigns? or are you just dishing out standard AP wealth and gear? that would significantly up the PC's power level even though they're just P6+Epic

have you gotten any feedback on the Wealth past 6 issue...
that type of game mastery and balance is beyond me unfortunately.

in the ranger Favored enemy i think you can get rid of the "at each such interval..." language because in P6 you're only going to be getting 2 FE's.

Ex-rangers section talks about Druid advancement

you may want to include a comment about 2nd level spells being accessible through the EpicMartial Caster feat. Maybe not?

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Sorcerers are great the way they are! I'm perfectly happy with them.

That said if they change anything I'd like...
4+INT skills
Bloodlines that function like Oracle Revelations.(scaling with level)

i'm fine with the d6 HD.

i feel bad complaining though because i love PF sorcerer over 3.5 sorc
More bloodlines would be great fun though.

also get rid of Eldritch Heritage and stop giving away their nice things.
or give me a featchain that grants me Divine Grace or Arcane Discoveries.

yeah the circle isn't required...but i'd have a really good reason for calling them. i'd be prepared to kiss up to them and have payment ready too. You're probably interfering with something important.

Prince of Knives wrote:

Justin, I'll address your feedback tomorrow when I'm (hopefully) feeling a bit better.

Sandbox wrote:
are these named powers off of DSP Iconics?
Sorta. Two of them are not attached to any iconic whatsoever. Kyria is the Volcanic Mind iconic - you'll see her in the artwork, later on.

i would resist using names for iconics that don't exist

The domain Paladin unlocking alignments seems like a very large step away from core for a project so deeply rooted in core rules...


are these named powers off of DSP Iconics?

ikarinokami wrote:

as for the rogue, all i think it really needs is a slight modification.

full BAB when flanking or sneak attacking and +1 to hit for every 2 sneak attack die you apply.

maybe just full BAB+flank/flatfootedbonuses...the extra to hit/SA die seems a little wierd.

Disclaimer: I was reading an old RavingDork post...

about the StoneShape Spell. and after reading RossByers discussions on unchaining PlanarBinding spells from the way things have always been done, it seemed that StoneShape would be a great candidate for a look in Unchained.

I'm definitely not looking for any freakish volume calculations to make stone prisons and spiked pits...but i've seen alot of player/gm arguments on how to use this spell...touch vs area, how crude is crude, exactly 1 stone or the side of a hill up to my volume? etc...

stoneshape is one of my alltime favorite thematic spells but it would be nice to more specifically enumerate what the 3rd/4th level spell can/cannot do...especially in like of other spells like wall of stone, spiked pit, spikedstones.

earthbenders everywhere would appreciate some concrete elaboration on this one. at least i would :-)

raise thread...maybe this spell could be touched upon in the upcoming Pathfinder Unchained?

RAW do you add 5 to your roll? and roll twice?
adding 5 would move you closer to lies...

or this arcana is only for augry/divination spells?

rolling twice is nice though

i don't see why binding an angel needs to be like planar ally...
call and bind the angel, ask the angel to do something...if the angel refuses and decides its better for the universe if it sacrificially sits in your circle forever enduring torture etc...

geas/curse/dominate=Angel slave

Ross Byers wrote:

Duration/cost could possibly be handled in a similar manner to undead creation, where there is a cap on the number of simultaneous binding spells. Or possibly a secondary rule like keeping that spell slot tied up until the creature's mission is completed, so that there is a long-term cost to open-ended by still technically completable tasks like 'wipe out this bloodline'.

this stuff i like...the HD cap only so so. it fits undead better...

but i really like locking up a spell slot to keep an outsider bound.

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the faq does seem pretty stinky...

the more i read the more i agree that Paragon Surge deserved the nerf bat, but all this spell list mumbojumbo is a load of bs.

if you honestly take the SkillFocus+EH+IEH feat chain bully for you. you win a couple of spells. Nerf paragon surge so that you can't use IEH to grab spells. problem fixed.

my beef always had been with paragon surge it stunk of cheese hot off the presses.

Improved Eldritch Heritage(Arcane) is a Huge feat investment and backstory.

Whats the Magic Word?

another Surge Augment that would be interesting...
Have you ever read FireStarter by StephenKing?
The Dad has the ability to "push" people but the harder he pushes the more strained he is...

make a surge augment for one of the lower level telepathic abilities.
Say Empathic Connection...if you wild surge it with at least a +2 Surge you can treat it like a Compelling Voice and take Xd6nonlethal damage...if you wildsurge it with at least a +4 Surge you can treat it like a MindControl and take even more NonLethal...(and don't make the nonlethal damage insignificant.maybe take 1 point of AbilityBurn to your manifesting stat each time you "push" like this) maybe limit this usage to Humanoid targets only.

it could open the wilder to a little more flexibility with their precious few powerknown slots...without reverting to PsychicReformation all the time like i do now...

in addition...let overchannel fuel lower level SurgeAugments...That way psions and others can play with SurgeAugments alittle bit with OverChannel or a SurgeCrystal item. But leave the really big/cool SurgeAugments to Wilders that can reach +4 and higher!

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I welcome this FAQ...now i can stop trying to weasle the Eldritch Heritage chain into all my spontaneous caster builds...should free up some feats and i feel less dirty now

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i highly suggest being REEALLY careful on designing new powers...
especially when it comes to the specifics like "Cover" and "circumstance bonuses".

I highly encourage carefully adding fun and interesting "Surge Augments" to many of the original powers...for example, maybe a higher level augment for Telekinetic force that changes the duration from concentration to 1round/level. allowing you to concentrate on the power when you want to use it as a move or std action. or allow the use of the thrust option more than once...or knocking everyone prone in a 15ft burst...

Prince of Knives wrote:
Sandbox wrote:
on the howl power, you should include allies in the deafened effect(not just hostile)...if you're offering an augment to exempt them.
That's actually mostly to exempt them from the damage, make the power more crowd-safe.

wildsurging isn't safe

on the howl power, you should include allies in the deafened effect(not just hostile)...if you're offering an augment to exempt them.

will their be advancement into pc classes if this pans out? i like the gritty p6 stuff but this is really low...and interesting.

i like it...personally i hated seeing every spontaneous caster build turn into a halfelf...

this is still nice and flexible....but not mandatory now....right where it should be

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yeah i like performing a minor ritual shuffling that involves burning up the scroll shuffling up the ashes into the deck.

now the tricky part is buring up the local witch's cat and shuffling up the ashes to learn spells from their familiar...

As written its seems really wordy...but I like it cuz I've wanted an elemental druid archetype for awhile.

Just had an interesting thought though...I was puzzling over the lack of a spontaneous "druid list" caster. Could an elemental druid be build on a spontaneous casting chassis?

as soon as we touched the astral plane in 3.5 my DM started rolling weighted astral encounter percentiles...

Spook205 wrote:
Ravingdork wrote:
What established monsters in Pathfinder can do that?

None so far!

I think you need to go either 3rd party, or make your own. I was pretty sure an astral dreadnought style thing was floating around the bestiary 4, but I might've confused it with the tome of horrors.

oh my wow, i did not realize they never ported over something that can cut a cord?!?! I will look into astral adventuring right now

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