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interesting new addition on the srd...
Arcana=+2DC on [curse] spells?

1. can anyone link me to a list of curse descriptor spells...the SRD lists the curse descriptor but it is not filterable

2. any advice for optimizing a DarkFey Gnome Sorcerer?
-thinking of the racial trait that gives +1DC to Necromancy
-is it worth Eldritch heritaging all the way for SchoolPower Necro?
i know the powers you're gaining this way are good...its just alot of your feats

So i'd like a constructive helpful disscussion to create some concrete rules for my game before it begins

-taking into accout the lack of good rules on Burrow/Earthglide/tremorsense

BeastShape IV(6th level spell): druid's WS doesn't use it, but the spell grants up to tremorsense 60ft...would it be reasonable to grant tremorsense to Druids WS in elemental body III or IV for EarthElemental Form? at level 10 or 12 respectively?

assuming yes, how should i run the EarthGlide/Tremorsense?
--I would allow it basically like sight 60ft for purposes of navigation in Earthglide.
--creatures above ground would be pinpointed for their respective space.
--Attacking from below ground would use concealment rules.
--Extending the rules for Incorporeal movement into objects in a smart way. using rules for Cover/readied attacks etc.

casting spells in EarthGlide works because you can breath underground.
but you still need LoS/LoE using Cover/Concealment as appropriate.

So just trying to make this Legit...

My HalfElf Druid can take the ELF Druid FCB from the ARG to increase WS NA by +1/3...but i can only start acquiring the fractional levels at level 4 when I first acquire WS?

help please

Spirit of the Badlands SLA's are usable 1/day or 1/day per EarthElemental Wildshape usage?

I assume its suppose to be the 1/day hardcap...

so does my Domain casting advance with PrC spellcasting advancement?
as a druid the domain casting comes from Nature Bond rather than as a part of spell casting...and nature bond doesn't get advanced by PrC?

RAW do you add 5 to your roll? and roll twice?
adding 5 would move you closer to lies...

or this arcana is only for augry/divination spells?

rolling twice is nice though

unarmed MoMS uses TigerClaws, hits, triggers free Bullrush attempt, bullrush hits...triggers BoarStyle rend damage?

What would a good location be to start a dwarven stronghold?
And what are your thoughts on stone masonry?

This is a P6 campaign so no spells above 3rd level. I'm more interested in mundane skills working together with the available spells.

How long do you think it would take to delve a defensible stronghold? Probably modifying a existing structure like vordakai's lair or an empty cave or something.

Probably goin to have a party of 4-5 PC dwarves. (There would be at least 1 PC "foreman" type with K(engineering/architecture) Prof(Stonemason) or the like.) once they claim a few hexes around the area they would send home to summon help for the forging of a new stronghold.

Any ideas on how many npc helpers to send and how they would progress? They could also use local help but the stone dressing and detailed work would be dwarven...


PS: anyone know of any good modules that contain a nice dwarven ruins/hold that is mapped out?

Items? feats? I would love to get the Ancestors Subdomain (Speak with Dead) power on my bounty hunter ranger...

i can't think of any way to do it.

So I built a ranger with the indomitable faith trait for the will save and for RP fun. Would it be reasonable to get my hands on a lesser strand of prayer beads?
If so how would I go about finding some without meta gaming?
Would a large church sell blessed prayer beads? Or would it be an important relic in a low-magic campaign? Something my church would loan me to aide my mission?

It's "lower magic" for P6, so it's not completely "LowMagic".

So I built a ranger with the indomitable faith trait for the will save and for RP fun. Would it be reasonable to get my hands on a lesser strand of prayer beads?
If so how would I go about finding some without meta gaming?
Would a large church sell blessed prayer beads? Or would it be an important relic in a low-magic campaign? Something my church would loan me to aide my mission?

It's "lower magic" for P6, so it's not completely "LowMagic".

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So i've been gone from the boards for awhile and did a quick search but didn't find anything meaningful...

my interest revolves around Dreamscarred press's Psicrystal creature.

It sports a Hardness rating of 8. does it count as a creature and object at the same time?

if it has a Hardness score, how does it interact with Energy damage? like an object?

i'm not familiar with all of the new bestiary additions but last i knew there were not too many if any creatures by paizo that sport a hardness rating. Animated objects have hardness...but they start out as objects...

But this is a pathfinder base rules issue...
I'm just looking for something concrete for how to calculate damage to a creature with hardness...

Please discuss
-physical damage
-energy damage (i know certain weaknesses would bypass the hardness, but would they be halved?)
-and DR stacking

for reference it is a diminutive Construct that has a hardness of 8.
thank you

Are there any rules for one eyed characters?
If not, what are appropriate penalties for a newly blinded eye or one that is an old injury and you are used to it?

Ok so I'd really like to build a character that is a hunter of people, heretics, opposition leaders...for an intrigue/investigational/slightly horror type campaign...

I'm having trouble deciding between roleplaying a religious ranger or an inquisitor, as i'd like this character to be fiercely zealous and have a "hidden master" in the church pulling the strings through messages, similar to working like the albino in the divinci code. I think it would give a DM an interesting way to manipulate plot and create story and direction for my character.

I'd like an archery focus, but i know that i will end up switch hitting or just being a beatstick...archery is soo feat intensive

I'm also very interested in certain spells...Speak with Dead,BloodBiography,BloodHound,CreateTreasureMap,DispelMagic and other divination crime solvers...which leads me to lean alot closer to Inquisitor.

I absolutely love the blend of Skills and Utility spells.
The Beefy Saves of both classes are great.
I've even thought about going SpellBreaker(Void)Inquisitor1/ranger 19 with a dual minded HalfElf with Indominable Faith Trait...just to buff will saves on a ranger. (void is hard to flavor though)

I'm into the Track feature and using it to hunt people.

But the road block i keep coming to is that i'm not sure if I can stand not being Full BAB...is 3/4 BAB viable for archery. I know there are judgements and things on the inquisitor to help. and I think that I'm convincing myself to be an inquisitor as I type.

what do you think community? and what advice do you say about the myriad of Domains,subDomains, and inquisitions that are out there to customize and flavor the idea i have. the number of features and options on the inquisitor are rediculous...please Help!

PS...I'm really looking at Human for the extra spells known...for the toolboxy nature of them, but I'd like lowlight or darkvision too:-(

can the Aasimar FCB apply to the Undead Servitude Revelation, boosting my command DC?

I believe that the FCB gives you +1/2 levels toward your oracle level for the effects of one revelation.

Command undead Feat is based off of Caster Level.

do these bonus Oracle levels confer imaginary CL's for the purpose of the revelation.

I would say that if my oracle level goes up, my oracle CL goes up...
but only regarding the Command Undead Feat.

So if I'm a cross like this and I choose serpent fang at 1, draconic resistance at 3, snakeskin at 9, draconic claws at 15 and scaled soul at 20...

When I hit Dragon disciple at 6, blood line powers keep accruing right ?from blood of dragons class feature?

I hit DD3 at Character lvl 8 and gain a breath weapon independent of my normal bloodline powers because I select snakeskin at character level 9...same for DD 9 and wings...I take claws at 15 instead of wings?

This work right? I'm looking at a nice +10 natural armor bonus and wicked con poison

So if a sword saint has a speed Katana and uses Iaijutsu strike, does he get the second attack from the speed property?

Iaijutsu Strike (Ex)
A sword saint can perform a lightning quick iaijutsu strike against the target of his challenge to inflict devastating wounds while drawing his sword. After the sword saint has challenged a foe but before he has attacked the target of his challenge, he may choose to use his iaijutsu strike as a full-round action, making an attack roll with his weapon as normal. In order to use this ability, the sword saint’s weapon must be sheathed at the start of his turn. If he successfully hits his opponent with an iaijutsu strike, his attack deals an additional +1d6 points of damage. This bonus damage increases by an additional +1d6 at 3rd level and every two levels thereafter to a maximum of +10d6 damage at 19th level. Any extra damage as a result of a successful iaijutsu strike is not multiplied by a critical hit.

Speed Weapon Property:
When making a full-attack action, the wielder of a speed weapon may make one extra attack with it. The attack uses the wielder's full base attack bonus, plus any modifiers appropriate to the situation. (This benefit is not cumulative with similar effects, such as a haste spell.)

I'm not sure how the verbage all works out...?

In any of the products are the JuJu Wendo expanded upon beyond their names, favored weapons and animals found in AP#39?

I mean alignments would be nice, spirit possession rules would be cool...

just trying to flesh out my oracle(a non cheesy one, i like my undead evil)

Anybody done any crunch on WoP? Or is it not worth trying to optimize? I like the idea of the system but I'm hoping somewhere there is a guide to help me digest it all

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So i was wondering about how the summoner HP works.
say I had a 1st Level Dwarf summoner. say a starting Con of 14 +2 racial=16 so 1st level HP=8+3+1(fav.class)=12
All the eidolon forms start with 13 Con. with d10 HD

So unfused my HP=12
Fused my HP=8+1(fav.Class)+1(eidolonCon) +(d10+1)Temp
i guess what i'm trying to ask is, is having a good Con score worthwhile really? because when i fuse i drop from my con of 16 down to the eidolons 13con?
i like characters with beefy hp and the Eidolons con score makes me sad
i suppose i could blow a bunch of points on it but i don't know

Ok so I'd love to make a dwarf wizard magic item crafter who runs his shop like on Pawnstars that has a raven familiar AND a bonded ring... Can it be done with eldritch heritage arcane?
The arcane blood line says you can't have a familiar and an object and I was wondering how you the community feel the eldritch heritage feat interplays with that rule...

It seems that if I can't have both I can have one Powerful Familiar
Example: level 10 wizard with a level 18 familiar(eldritch heritage gives you a "sorcerer level" that specifically stacks with your wizard level for determining it's abilities
Could lead to monster SR on said familiar? And an expensive replacement should it die...


So if I enchanted my bonded ring with wizardry1 and then used the cost multiplier 1.5 to add wizardry 2,3,and 4...would it be cost effective going with WBL?

Thinking that it sounds awesome for a human arcane sorcerer because now it works on Spontaneous slots too

How about developing a feat chain that allows anyone who takes the feat and has requisite Int Score, to use a particular wizard school(or subschool)power(s)??? sorcerers got tossed under the bus, why not take wizards down a step?

at least maybe a feat or easily stackable Magus Archetype that allows a magus to school specialize?

So what kind of action do you use to reload a 6 cylinder revolver?

how is it affected by lightning reload deed and Rapid Reload feat and different carts? what kind of minimization is attainable without weapon cords?

the rules seem to fuzz out with the revolver having a single barrel but six cylinders...

also when you use a metal cartridge is the cartridge destroyed or can you recover your cart's and reload them with powder and slug?

i just totally want to make a dual wielding pistolero and i wanna know how gimped he'll be by reload times.

quickdraw/holstering... Signature Deed(Close+Deadly)...
i don't expect to be loading as a free action but is taking a full round to reload all six cylinders of one revolver doable?

i just like the idea of Roland/DarkTower gunslingers with the ritual of reloading with nimble fingers that could almost be magical.

or a magic revolver enchantment that X times aday you can spend X action to reload all six cylinders?

Alright brothers and sisters...
can we make a GunKata Monk/Slinger of some sort ala Equilibrium...
i have to admit i am unfamiliar with the firearm rules, but can it be done in a cool optimized way...

blazing into close combat and then pistolwhiping the crap out of somebody?

can we build it?
between all the monk/fighter/slinger archetypes can it be put together into a doable build

its just dripping with flavor

your mission ifyou choose to accept it
any point buy (my dm favors epic hero pc's)

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So given ExtraEvo's ambiguous wording
is there any concensus as to What are the minimum Levels a summoner qualifies to take the Extra Evo feat as soon as its possible?


there's no feat at level 20? kind of a cliff hanger right?
i mean if they wanted to max out the number of times to take the feat
shouldn't they have used "at 1st level and 5 levels thereafter"?
Eidolons have so many options that if you choose to take a feat at level one thats just a sacrifice you're making but at least you have the ability to max out at 4 feats over your 20 level build later

that way you can utilize all your opportunity to take them

so i'm stating up a ranger and i have a negative charisma modifier...
do i use that negative modifier in my wild empathy check or because i don't have a "charisma bonus", would i just use d20+RangerLevel+0???
thanks in advance

Anyone intersted in making an elemental shaman...inline with the critter variety but Focused on elemental forms from Beastiary1+2?

earlier access to elemental forms?
possible Elemental Companion?
Elemental Transformation powers?
Bonus feats?

Elemental Avatar? for those who don't like elemental sorcerers

choose an element and that is your primary element.

wild shape +2 levels higher in your primary elemental form
wild shape +1 for a Bestiary 2 elemental form that includes your primary element (Fire+2/Magma+1)
WildShape+0 for Non-opposed elemental forms
wildshape-1 for Opposed elemental forms
Wildshape-2 for non-elemental forms

+1CL primary element spells

gain the terrainMastery characteristics that elementals have

Has anyone come up with a Whip Magus that could make it?

Posts working?

Any thoughts on the StormDruid archetype from UM?
I think spontaneous casting from 2 Domains is pretty nifty, especially when they are full of battlefield control and blasty spells.
Might make for an interesting twist on treantmonks wild mystic in air elemental form?

so i kinda like a genie flavored sorcerer...say i took a Slyph from Bestiary2, could the elemental affinity(+2Cha) also apply to djinni bloodline sorcerer?

any thoughts on Human CrossBlooded Efreeti/Djinni sorcerer?

So I really like the imagery of a magus with a glaive-type blade(without reach) on a quarterstaff. Would it be unbalance to blend the bladebound and staff archetypes...
1. Heirloom weapon trait...
1. Allowing quarterstaff master feat to work with the short glaive
2. Making short glaive a double weapon- d6(bludgeon x2 on 20)/d8(slashing x3 on 20)
3. Blackblade is the blade end and all enhancement applies only on the blade end
Blunt end can be enhanced normally at cost
4. Use tripping staff feat with the glaive/staff
5. And finally is it feasible to enchant the glaive/staff as a magical staff using craft staff/magicalweapons? To give the glaivestaff staff-like charges and spells

Seems like a really cool character concept with great combat imagery
I humbly submit the idea to the community for ideas/destroying

what does everybody think?

and on a side note...how do you generally handle binding?
something that never really gets explained is what keeps the bound outsider from totally murdering you after he agrees to your terms? is there a down side to killing the binder? are they stuck bound on the material plane forever? some outsiders would love the chance to gain a foothold on the material plane wreaking havok and destruction...

i know various outsiders twist orders and commands any way that suits them but still gets the job done. my gm basically rules that if your gonna mess with binding your basically gonna make somebody really mad and you're gonna die...

true names are nice...a little insurance that if you are to die maybe 10 or 20 sealed letters are delivered to the most powerful wizards you know, containing the offending outsider's truename, damning it to servitude until he can wipe out the knowledge of his truename.

I like the idea of binding and crushing an outsider due to your huge charisma, spiritual pressence, ego, etc...

i'm curious to know everyones interpretations/experiences...
or do all DM's hate binders lol

So in the Imp Companion description the Imp's level is based on the Diabolist's classLevel + Highest CasterLevel. So in order to get the imp's 4th level stat bonuses, alternate form, and SLA's do you need to reach Diabolist class level 4? or does the imp already have these boosts because by the time you gain Diabolist level 1, your casterlevel is well above the required 4th level?

So what does the community think of...
A. Summoner's SummonMonster Ability stacking with SuperiorSummons?
B. Summoner's SummonMonster Ability stacking with Greater Eldritch Heritage(Abyssal)-AddedSummonings?

i'm fuzzy on the rules segregating Spell-Likes and Spells.
Do feats that augment spells also augment the SpellLikes?

SpellFocus?AugmentSummoning? in this case SuperiorSummons and the Class Feature AddedSummonings?

Thanks in advance...

Need i say more?
"AddedSummonings"+SuperiorSummons=tons of fun

I humbly submit my predicament to the RulesGods...
So I am Loving DSP-Psionics Unleashed and the Elocater PrC

ScornEarth, iconic Elocater ability, is bound loosely by Levitate SpellRules, (ie iterative attack penalties).

I was thinking that wouldn't a DC 15 Hover-Fly SkillCheck be useful to negate these cumulative penalties as a "no" or free Action? or somekind of Fly skillcheck(really the Elocater has awesome fly checks)

It just Seems that an Elocater who is master of his body's position in the universe, should be able to stabilize himself without a thought.

any thoughts? It was recieved warmly on the DSP board, but i was pointed here to possibly get some feedback on the original rules as the psionic power DefyGravity is based on Levitate and those rules govern ScornEarth...

my thanks many times over for the feedback

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Also has poison been ruled an alchemical item that the alchemist can apply his bonus to?