Help ruling on Elemental Body / earthglide


So i'd like a constructive helpful disscussion to create some concrete rules for my game before it begins

-taking into accout the lack of good rules on Burrow/Earthglide/tremorsense

BeastShape IV(6th level spell): druid's WS doesn't use it, but the spell grants up to tremorsense 60ft...would it be reasonable to grant tremorsense to Druids WS in elemental body III or IV for EarthElemental Form? at level 10 or 12 respectively?

assuming yes, how should i run the EarthGlide/Tremorsense?
--I would allow it basically like sight 60ft for purposes of navigation in Earthglide.
--creatures above ground would be pinpointed for their respective space.
--Attacking from below ground would use concealment rules.
--Extending the rules for Incorporeal movement into objects in a smart way. using rules for Cover/readied attacks etc.

casting spells in EarthGlide works because you can breath underground.
but you still need LoS/LoE using Cover/Concealment as appropriate.

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