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Sorcerers are great the way they are! I'm perfectly happy with them.

That said if they change anything I'd like...
4+INT skills
Bloodlines that function like Oracle Revelations.(scaling with level)

i'm fine with the d6 HD.

i feel bad complaining though because i love PF sorcerer over 3.5 sorc
More bloodlines would be great fun though.

also get rid of Eldritch Heritage and stop giving away their nice things.
or give me a featchain that grants me Divine Grace or Arcane Discoveries.

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the faq does seem pretty stinky...

the more i read the more i agree that Paragon Surge deserved the nerf bat, but all this spell list mumbojumbo is a load of bs.

if you honestly take the SkillFocus+EH+IEH feat chain bully for you. you win a couple of spells. Nerf paragon surge so that you can't use IEH to grab spells. problem fixed.

my beef always had been with paragon surge it stunk of cheese hot off the presses.

Improved Eldritch Heritage(Arcane) is a Huge feat investment and backstory.

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I welcome this FAQ...now i can stop trying to weasle the Eldritch Heritage chain into all my spontaneous caster builds...should free up some feats and i feel less dirty now

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i highly suggest being REEALLY careful on designing new powers...
especially when it comes to the specifics like "Cover" and "circumstance bonuses".

I highly encourage carefully adding fun and interesting "Surge Augments" to many of the original powers...for example, maybe a higher level augment for Telekinetic force that changes the duration from concentration to 1round/level. allowing you to concentrate on the power when you want to use it as a move or std action. or allow the use of the thrust option more than once...or knocking everyone prone in a 15ft burst...

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yeah i like performing a minor ritual shuffling that involves burning up the scroll shuffling up the ashes into the deck.

now the tricky part is buring up the local witch's cat and shuffling up the ashes to learn spells from their familiar...

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I'd like to see an earth elemental druid that gains elemental forms earlier and larger...and gains interesting stoneshape/earthshaping abilities, sandform (gaseous form) etc...

less acid more rocks

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Amric wrote:
How come N. Jolly's guides haven't been added to the index in the front? They are comprehensive and well done, should be a great addition.

so i'm gonna be nice and blow your mind gently...the first post (index) of this thread hasn't been updated in a long time cuz posts eventually are uneditable...

click Broken Zenith's link to the Comprehensive Guide to the Guides...you will be very happy.

BZ is compiling everyting there. after you're done reading all those guides(N.Jolly's included) you can have fun absorbing the Guide to the Builds that is linked toward the bottom.

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just skip the archetypes and play vanilla, you'll find that you're well rounded

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take it easy LazarX, they are great mind exercises and RD never claims anything about playability 1-20.

as always RD's characters make great plug and play NPC's, they stretch the rules to their limits (hopefully fostering a closer look during the editing/FAQ/errata process), and they're FUN!

Sela Kurn is my favorite

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any DM i would play with would be as stingy as possible with handing out tiers...those +2 bonuses wouldn't exactly be rolling in

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Use major creation to creat the diamonds and the dunk them in Psionic Quintessence to make them immune to their duration

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I'd say it would understand speech and would even become literate and read in those languages once its Int got high enough. it just can't speak them.

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So i was wondering about how the summoner HP works.
say I had a 1st Level Dwarf summoner. say a starting Con of 14 +2 racial=16 so 1st level HP=8+3+1(fav.class)=12
All the eidolon forms start with 13 Con. with d10 HD

So unfused my HP=12
Fused my HP=8+1(fav.Class)+1(eidolonCon) +(d10+1)Temp
i guess what i'm trying to ask is, is having a good Con score worthwhile really? because when i fuse i drop from my con of 16 down to the eidolons 13con?
i like characters with beefy hp and the Eidolons con score makes me sad
i suppose i could blow a bunch of points on it but i don't know

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So given ExtraEvo's ambiguous wording
is there any concensus as to What are the minimum Levels a summoner qualifies to take the Extra Evo feat as soon as its possible?


there's no feat at level 20? kind of a cliff hanger right?
i mean if they wanted to max out the number of times to take the feat
shouldn't they have used "at 1st level and 5 levels thereafter"?
Eidolons have so many options that if you choose to take a feat at level one thats just a sacrifice you're making but at least you have the ability to max out at 4 feats over your 20 level build later

that way you can utilize all your opportunity to take them