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So before anyone starts with an automatic response of Spring Attack doesn't count as two movements its a full round action or what have you that isnt the exactly the spring I'm referencing.

So to start, Lightning Stance gives a 50% concealment on a double move or two actions to move I should say.

Spring Attack allows an attack during movement at any point, as a full round action.

Ive been looking for a way for my acrobatic swordsman to make the best use of Lightning Stance in a fight and came across Spring-Heeled Style, and the feat thats making me ask this question, Spring-Heeled Sprint.

Spring Heeled Sprint allows you two move twice your movement when using the spring attack feat. Would this fall under the terms required for Lightning Stance to work?

I was going through the class feature Bold Stare and noticed some have an effect on the same stuff. Allure, and Infiltration both effect Perception. Does this mean if you have both bold stares the target would suffer twice the negative? The negatives aren't described as a specific type of negative (Insight, luck, etc). The feature states they dont stack with other Mesmerists, but nothing about self stacking.

Hi folks, just looking for some help in allowing casters to channel touch spells through weapons, namely a sword in this case. I realize the best way to do this is just going Magus, but I'm trying to stay away from that class in this build.

Would a Monk with a Ki Focus Weapon, and Ascetic Style feat allow them to channel spells, assuming they multi-classed into a caster?

Ascetic Style says they can apply effects of feats, and effects that augment an unarmed strike,a nd if I read correctly you can deliver a touch spell with an unarmed strike? Maybe?

Assuming it can't be done, would you be able to deliver a "Touch spell" as a normal attack with a weapon, rather then a touch attack with a weapon and deal both weapon damage and spell damage? Meaning could I cast shocking grasp, make a normal melee attack with a sword the next round and deal both sword and shocking grasp damage?

Before i start, no this isn't a toppling magic missile + Wolf Style question.

I was helping a friend with a character concept and a list of feats came up that I haven't used together before. We were building Scorpion from Mortal Kombat for fun and were curious if this feat line would actually work.

If attacking with a Rope Dart, throwing it using Ranged Trip while having Wolf Style active, does this trigger the opponent to land tripped at our feet? Assuming yes, even at the max distance of the rope darts 20' range?

To add more to the pile, if you added Hamatula Strike, because ranged trip also deals damage, would you also get a free grapple attempt in this exchange?

Hi guys, I tried to make this happen before, and failed in the process. I'm hoping someone might be able to give me a little help with this to make it come to life this time.

I want to make an unarmed fighter who channels alchemist bombs into unarmed strikes/gauntlets. I was thinking of going Tiefling Grenadier Alchemist to infuse gauntlets with grenades, and strike people with then, and later using the channel enchant to attempt to channel a alchemist bomb into it as well. The Tiefling favored class bonus to increase bomb damage. My issue with this idea is I feel it may be to much of a "one trick pony". Is there anyone that can either help in making the idea more appealing, or show me a way of improving the build idea so that one trick would be great?

I would be working with a 25pt buy, Im pretty set on Tiefling, and it would be for a Gestalt game coming up. The rest of the party is unaccounted for at this time as its still a while off.

Side note, i have zero knowledge on many of the alchemist skills or abilities.

Hi folks, Im looking for some help making a character outside my typical wheelhouse. I came across an image of a character named Kindred from League of Legends. I was intrigued by the idea and now am seeking your help to make it come to life in upcoming game.

Ill be playing in a Gestalt, 20pt buy, all 1st party books available homebrew campaign. I typically play Tieflings, and melee builds, such as Magus, or Swashbuckler. Kindred however an archer with a "spirit" companion that also attacks with her. They are each one half to a whole character based on if Death split himself in half, you would end up with Lamb, the light half of Kindred, and Wolf the dark spirit based half.

With this in mind, i wanted to make an Assimar Archer with a Spirit companion, but Im unsure how best to make this work. I thought maybe a Hunter Forester mixed with Spiritualist. Without playing much other then melee casters Im not sure how to go about this build, so any and all help would be great!

So I'm not sure if this should be in the rules, or the advice forum, so my apologies if I'm in the wrong area.

I want to design a weapon based on the Butterfly sword concept of two swords nested together drawn at the same time and separated as a free action into the two swords. So why not use a set of butterfly swords? I want to have the swords be "bigger" and deal more damage, and also I can't find anything on "Not separating the swords, and swinging with both at once".

The idea would be a two handed sword, with the ability to split into twin swords. Is there a weapon similar to this in Pathfinder anywhere, or rules to make it using the custom weapon rules? Or has anyone built a weapon like this in the past?

So I was building a character for a gestalt game with a friend and decided to go Wizard/Swashbuckler. Looking over Archetypes for both, I was going to go vanilla of both classes, but stumbled onto the Bonded Wizard Archetype. Now Swashbuckler gives armor pro, allowing me to use a Haramaki and not have to worry about Arcane spell failure for my wizard and bumping up the AC a touch. Level 5 I get Bonded Force, which can be mage armor, also being able to apply Light Fort on the Mage armor. Now I know AC from Armor doesnt stack, but does the enchantment from the armors still apply.

Meaning if i have an Enchantment on my haramaki, and then activate Bonded Force with Light Fortification, does the enchant from the haramaki remain active?

Hello folks, looking for some assistance on a build that I cant figure out how to do. The character is for a game starting tomorrow, starting at lvl 1, gestalt, with a 20pt buy, anything 1st party, 2 traits, flaws can be taken to increase amount of traits taken.

The idea is a polearm user, possibly a Glaive, type martial character with a dash of casting. The magical side must be wood based, like the Wood Elemental School from Wizard. Possibly the ability to "charge" or enhance his weapon with magic would be helpful. The character is also the twin/partner to another character, a TWF Inquisitor/Slayer. The other player is 100% going with Tiefling, so that's also a must.

I debated Kensai Magus / Wizard but felt it wouldn't hold up well in melee. A Sohei Monk / Wizard was another thought, and finally a Sohei Monk / Arcanist to get the School, and Weapon Enhancements from Exploits.


Gestalt Teifling Glaive user who uses Wood elemental school magic to fight and enhance self/weapon.

Grenadier alchemists have a skill to infuse a weapon with a "Alchemical item" and they have the ability to Infuse chemicals and magical reserves to make "Bombs".

The question here is, is a bomb an Alchemical item?

The skill itself is a super natural skill, but the final product is what Im looking for.

So I'm thinking of building a unarmed bomber, but got to thinking about how this exactly will work.

Second level Grenadier alchemists have Alchemical Weapon, does this allow you to infuse a bomb into a weapon, not just alchemical items?

Is a bomb an alchemical item?

Assuming you can infuse a bomb into a melee weapon, bombs are considered range weapons, while infused would you get an bonus from Point Blank Shot?

Weapon Focus Bomb wont help my attack, but would weapon specialization bomb increase my damage still?

Hello forum folk, hope the day is going well. Last evening I was debating possible builds due to a game ending and a new one starting. I'm part of a team of 3 that are going to be using teamwork feats in the near future, but i need help with a base build.

My character is going to be a twin of another character, who is also in on the team fighting build. We're playing Tieflings and we plan on being Front-liners with our 3rd partner.

The build, inspired heavily on My Hero Academia, Katsuki Bakugo. For those who dont know, or know little like myself. He's an unarmed fighter who can use explosives from his own body sweat. We're going to by pass that sweat idea and look at bombing people while using unarmed fighting. To the build!

Using a 25 pt buy, I planned so far on a Brawler/Grenadier Alchemist. Infused fists with bombs and punch people in the jaw with them. All base bombs are fire, so using Hellfire bomb to get around fire immunity, or using other elements if they have a weakness, but sticking close to fire.

Any magical items or ideas to help bring this to life. Its pretty straight forward at level 1, but with knowing zero things about alchemists I figured you were my best shot. Thanks in advance!

Just wanted to know if I were to play a mesmerist, and Two-weapon fight, with 2 swords would I be able to cast spells with my hands full?

I know its a terrible idea, but its more for curiosity then being practical.

Im debating a Swashbuckler Mesmerist Gestalt build for a group coming up and wanted to use Two-Weapon Grace for Dex to damage and keeping Swashbuckler skills working, any cast magic. Psychic seemed the best way of doing it with hands full, assuming of course that it works. Thanks ahead of time for any help!

Hi guys! I have a friend who doesnt use the boards here, and wants a 100% ruling on a idea he has for a character.

The idea is, from Anime's seen, a swordman who "fires/slashes" beams of energy from his sword. I suggested magus, and picked up Shocking Grasp, and reach spell. hes completely happy with this, however, hes unsure of something.

Assuming your opponent is at range, and you use reach spell, you swing your sword the blast of lightning arcs off and strikes your opponent. Whats the crit range assuming a longsword?

I want to say Im positive its 20 x2, but the spell is originating from the sword.

To hit would just be BAB +Dex +3(if wearing lots of metal)+any other range mods he may have like point blank, etc

Is it possible for a Brawler to wear a light armor with the Brawling enchant, and wear Monk's Robes on top of the armor for the increase in unarmed damage, and possible increase to stunning fist, if he wanted to forgo the bonus to AC granted by the robes?

Are there other types of magic items that can stack over each other as layers of "clothes"?

hello all, just looking for some assistance with a build for a game I have tomorrow night. I work night shifts, so I don't have a ton of time to work with tonight, and will likely be asleep most of tomorrow so i need some insight until i can sit down and push this build together. The only things Ive got so far are a religion, a "clan", and possible a Snakebite Striker Brawler as a base. This is for a non-PFS Gestalt game. However only Pathfinder books are permitted.

I want to make an unarmed fighter with a snake theme, who also uses a touch of magic. For combat Id like to focus on unarmed, not looking to build a crit fisher as I want to try out a grappling type build. I know what your thinking. Spell Casting and Grappling don't really mix. Im not looking to Min/Max this, just looking for a fun build that can work while grappling, or when I cant. Id like to focus on Wind/Lightning magic, and have a serpent familiar if possible for flavor reasons. Id like to possible add in Electric Eel Style feats as it adds to the lightning and grappling theme, and eels are kinda snakey right?

Part of my backstory is Im a "ninja" from "The Dragonshadow" clan, and who worships Nethys as his god. These are pretty much set in stone. Its a 25 pt buy game, and any race is available. I was debating a Tiefling, or maybe a Vishkanya, but Im not sold on either as of yet. Id like to avoid human, to keep up with his odd look.

I know its a lot of moving parts, and stuff that doesn't mesh well together, but any assistance would be great.

Hello all, In the advice forum Im working on building a Grappler Spell caster and require a few rules to be clarified with your help if possible!

Assuming you are the grappler, What is the DC of the concentration check?

Spell casting while grappling:
Casting a spell while you have the grappled or pinned condition is difficult and requires a concentration check (DC 10 + the grappler’s CMB + the level of the spell you’re casting). Pinned creatures can only cast spells that do not have somatic components.

Does that mean the DC is 10+spell level as I am the grappler and not the Grapplee? Grappled?

Would grabbing Style assist in anyway for this idea? Freeing up a hand for casting.

Assuming I Cast a spell, do I provoke an attack from the grappled opponent? Do I provoke if they are pinned?

Now on the the first side of this...

Assuming I grapple an opponent, and I cast Aqueous Orb on us, is there any rule to help reduce the time they can hold there breath, while grappling damage wise? I realize if you dont full round to hold your breath you start losing rounds faster if you use standard actions, etc.

Now, assuming my opponent is inside the aqueous orb, and I use the spell Steal Breath, does my opponent immediately start drowning?

So I had an idea after watching an anime for a character for a game i play this coming Saturday. Before anyone is like "WHOA NO, DONT DO THIS!" Its not 100% just curious if possible and a few issues clarified.

I want to build this grappling spell caster for a gestalt game. So maybe Brealer / Sorcerer, or Magus. The idea here is I want a super sneaky attack and what I came up with seems like the winner. Hear me out, then if you can, help me out in making it work (if possible).

The character will be snake themed, which is why grappling is a must. With either Bloodline or Eldritch Heritage Aberrant to get long limbs. Grabbing style to grapple using one hand, and casting Aqueous Orb to drown my opponent. Is there a way to have long limbs work to grapple, then cast Aqueous Orb using the other hand, and drown someone by making it so they fail to get out of the water? Can you actually drown in an Aqueous Orb? Does this appear to be remotely possible or what kind of negatives am I looking at?

No classes, races, etc have been set in stone, and stats not provided but it would be a 25pt buy, and level 7.

Before you turn around and say no you cant hold a sword in your teeth, this isn't the direction I'm going.

I've seen many shows where a person hides a needle, or other substance in its mouth. When grappled with an opponent spits a substance on them, or at close-ish range spits a needle at them. Is this possible to recreate using say Sleight of Hand, or something along those lines?

Have a friend playing a paladin, and hes got a feat to allow swift casting of Lay on Hands also he has Two weapon Fighting. He intends on using a double weapon.

Assuming a Full attack against an opponent, can he make attacks with both ends of weapons, and swift action a lay on hands, which requires a free hand, all in the same turn.

Assuming you have the Possessed Hand feat, and Martial Weapon Pro. Your character picks up a Bastard Sword. You swing the sword with 2h's as you aren't proficient with it otherwise. Do you gain the +1 damage from Possessed hand with this "1h weapon"?

How exactly does a PC gain the ability to make a slam attack?

Im building a Phantom Blade for a gestalt game coming up, and Im curious on a few class mechanics.

Phantom Weapon states it works similarly to a bladebound magus' Black Blade. Does this mean it must be a 1h weapon, or can it actually be a double bladed sword? Whip? anything a Black Blade cant be I guess is the question.

If yes, does this mean a double bladed Phantom Blade would have the weapon enhancement on both ends of the blade?

How long does a blade stay manifested? Combat? Until you drop it? Until you will it away?

Ive been having a hard time coming up with a solid character build based on a picture and a feat I've seen. I came up with a starting background for an upcoming Gestalt game, 25pt buy, with access to any race under 15 RP.

The image Possessed Arm Swordsman.

The feat is possessed hand.

A swordsman we'll refer to as Tartarus is acting as a makeshift prison of sorts for a spirit. The spirit was stuck between a rock and a hard place and rather then be destroyed imprisoned itself within his arm. The spirit promised knowledge, and magic in exchange for assisting it with its own goals. Now the unlikely pair attempt to make a name for themselves as they travel the lands to fulfill these goals. The spirit isn't always completely happy with being confined to an arm so its emotions/rage/etc sometimes leak out causing issues.

Things of note...
The possessed hand feat is required.

2 traits or 1 feat are available to start.

Character is level 1 currently, game hasn't yet started.

Standard wealth for level 1.

I realize the hand can't actually provide magic, but maybe a class could do that.

This is not for PFS, however only 1st party books are available.

I typically play a crit fishing, Shocking Grasp Magus, so attempting to steer clear of that. Thats not to say Im against it, or something like it. (Phantom Blade Spiritualist)

Assuming a lvl 20 Twilight Sage dies, while dead with an arcane pool, they can cast spells. Could they use the class feature Twilight Transfer to come back from the dead? If no, could they use a standard breath of life to come back? Can they use any spell while in this dead ghosty form to come back?

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Hello forum folk, looking for some assistance on a character build for an upcoming game. Our DM has decided rolled stats, anything 1st party, gestalt builds, and all races available. Characters will be level 1, 2 traits, or a feat, along with typical starting setups.

Ive not rolled out stats yet as Im unsure what to build using gestalt rules. Ive recently seen the Possessed Hand, Hand's Autonomy feats and it brought up the idea of the character Nero from Devil May Cry.

How would you best use those 2 feats in a Gestalt build? Would you build a caster/melee build? Straight Melee? Sneaky rogue build?

My DM is building a home brew world where dragons and magical beasts rule the world, and dragons are only able to be killed by one another. My characters memory is shot only knowing he's woken up in front of a dragons bloodied body, with this now possessed hand. The DM is going to run with the idea, but as of now I have no idea if I'm the killer of said dragon or what happened.

I typically play a magus crit fisher, but was pretty sure this feat combo doesnt assist my magus builds at all. My group will consist of 3 others. One will be a martial brute, One a support build controller, and the last is always a wild card. He'll say hes building one thing, and show up with something completely different. Im normally the arcane caster/melee.

If a magus with Possessed Hand and Hand's Autonomy be able to cast a spell that doesn't have a verbal spell component?

Meaning could the hand cast a spell the magus knows, without a verbal component. The feat stats is can do anything a hand/arm can do.

So a few questions came up while designing a "Lancer" inspired character for leaping in and out of battle. At first it was very simple "Would I take falling damage for leaping 20' towards an opponent, seeing i was airborn for 20'" Then it became 30', and here is where the questions started.

No jump can exceed your maximum movement in a round. Assuming that takes into account running that's 4x your base speed, if not 2x your base speed. We'll work with the idea 2x is your max for the current situation, and if it is 4x your speed we'll address that later.

Every 10' over base 30' movement you get a +4 Acrobatics. Heres where the tricky stuff started.

Assuming a Ninja with a 2 lvl dip into Kineticist. We take Air's Leap. Now we're jumping twice the distance of the resulted roll. Take a point of burn and we're multiplying that by 4 instead. Add in a Rod of Balance and your doubling that distance again, and adding +10 to your roll. Acrobatic Master from Ninja grants +20 to your rolls. High Jumper halves the normal DC for jumping high. Assuming level 10, without Dex your looking at +43 without feats as well. Assuming a 10 on the roll 53, so that would give a 25' jump up. With the rod and Aerokineticist your looking at 125 up from 5x distance, unless the wording on those skills is 4x then 2x that distance.

Assuming a jump of 125' up would you take falling damage on the landing?

Branch Pounce lets you deal falling damage to an opponent, would jumping straight up and landing on your opponent result in said damage being dealt to them?

Im sure the response will be "You take this damage as well", sure but if you have the skill unlock in Acrobatics you can lessen fall damage if you can roll high enough. With Boots of the Cat im softening my landing even more if I fail the check.

If I exceed the check and negate my falling damage, would my opponent still take falling damage from Branch Pounce?

TL/DR Jumping high, landing on people. Does jumping extremely high result in falling damage. If I can negate my falling damage, would an opponent hit by Branch Pounce still take that damage?

The enchant allows for a few times a day to deal weapon damage inside a small area, 10' I believe, anywhere inside a 60' distance.

Distance and area of effect are likely a bit off. If anyone knows what this enchant is, and can help that would be great thanks!

Playing in a game this evening, and looking for some helping fleshing out a character. The design is rather simple, with all books available that are not 3rd party. Starting at 8th level with full character wealth. 25pt buy, or 4d6 dropping lowest for stats.

Ive decided to try my hand are a brute strength build as I normally play a crit fisher of some sort. I enjoy rogues but I'm attempting to get away from the more Dex based build.

I decided to go Demon-Spawn Tiefling, with the Variant Over-sized limbs in place of my Spell-like which has been approved by the GM. No feat required here. ID Bloodrager with a single level dip into Oracle for a flavor dip. Building the character with Impact Greatsword, and the Dedicated Phantom to make my sword count as Gargantuan, 6d6. My GM has decided the Dedicated Phantom's skill Dutiful Strike will act as Enlarge person, allowing it and Impact to stack. The help I need is I've never played a brute up front strength based character. I'm unsure of what feats to make the best use of. Power Attack, and Furious Focus seem like a shoe in, but where from here? Maybe Vital Strike for walking up on someone/thing and hammering it with the greatest of greatswords?

A little background on the character and game. We'll be playing in Rise of the Rune Lords, I believe we're in chapter two, just after the sawmill? The character himself is based on a Water Demon, so dipping Oracle for waves, getting Obscuring Mist, and Water Sight to allow for "assassinations" in the mist. its more flavor then a planned mechanic to carry throughout the game.

I'm building an Bloodrager with an Oracle dip for an upcoming game, and Im curious on the Phantom Foci. After checking Nethys Archive for a Foci, Ive noticed a ability they all have that doesn't have a level associated with it.

"Hatred" has "Weapon Finesse" as a bonus feat the Phantom gains. Does this mean while raging, and accessing the Phantom Foci, the rager gains Weapon Finesse?

"Anger" has a +2 Str, -2 Dex does this mean while raging you gain an additional +2 Str, and a -2 to Dex?

Aside from these skills, there is a "skills" section. Assuming "Hatred" again, it states

The phantom gains a number of ranks in Acrobatics and Perception equal to its number of Hit Dice. While confined in the spiritualist’s consciousness, the phantom grants the spiritualist Skill Focus in each of these skills.

Does this mean that while raging I would gain my Bloodrager level as a bonus to Acrobatics, and Perception?

Looking for some clarification on an upcoming character idea.

Tieflings have an alternate racial for the cost of a spell-like on the variant table to gain Over-Sized Limbs. This removes the negatives for fighting with Large weapons.

Titan Fighter's Giant Weapon Wielder allows the use of Large two-handed weapons at an additional -2 to hit, in addition to the normal negatives.

If I were to have both skills would I gain access to large 2h weapons, without a negative applied to either attack or damage?

Over-Sized Limbs:
You have over-sized limbs, allowing you to use Large weapons without penalty.

Giant Weapon Wielder:
At 1st level, a titan fighter can wield two-handed melee weapons intended for creatures one size category larger than himself, treating them as two-handed weapons. He takes an additional –2 penalty on attack rolls when using an over-sized two-handed weapon.

A possible character concept came to mind recently, and I want to be sure I'm calculating all the modifiers correctly.

A Tiefling with the over-sized limbs variant, ID Rager with Dutiful Strike, and an Impact enchant on a large Greatsword would deal damage as what "Size".

The Tiefling uses a large greatsword 3d6.
Impact makes the weapon count as huge, 4d6.
Dutiful Strike makes the Tiefling count as one size larger, 6d6?

One enhancement effects the wielder, one effects the weapon.

*This is assuming the character is not for PFS, and can select the variant as per the GM.

Going over VMC rules for an upcoming game, and noticed Powerless Prophecy calls out a skill called flash of insight, which isn't in the main list of revelations. Its under and archetype. Does this mean its listed under all Mystery's?

Example, If I choose Powerless Prophecy as my curse, and Waves as my Mystery can I select Flash of Insight, in addition to the normal list of revelations.

Second... Powerless Prophecy states I can't act in in the surprise round, and if there is no surprise round, I'm staggered for the first round. Does this mean I cant set up ambushes? As I couldn't make use of my surprise round, and if I'm launching an ambush I would always be staggered from the start?

Quick question, using feats/traits, possible class features, is there any way to make a Kitsune capable of using a tail as a hand, similar to Tieflings racial trait?

Second question, can they, with the same options, use tails as natural weapons, (Tail Slaps).

Using no 3pp books.

In the custom weapon design option a option listed for finesse states the following.

The weapon can be used with Weapon Finesse as if it were a light weapon. Only one-handed and exotic melee weapons can have this quality.

Does this mean it can only be applied to one-handed exotics, or can it be applied to one-handed, or exotic, or one-handed exotics?

I want to make a 2h exotic sword with the finesse quality but I want to be sure its possible before I build around it.

A trait came out in the Divine Anthology called Blind Zeal, I cant find it on the D20PFSRD site people typically link to, and Im unclear on what sites we can link to on this forum.

That aside, looking it up, it states you are blind, further into the trait it states when you gain the ability to see, you lose the benefits of this trait. You regain this trait if you once again become blind.

Does this mean, your character would start at lvl 1 (or whenever you select this trait) blind, could have this cured and not be able to use the feat. Then at a later time he cant see, either from being actually blind, or closing his eyes rendering the character effectively blind for the time, and gain the benefit of the trait?

The long and short being, I want to make a character who uses the Blinded Blade style chain, and Im curious if this will allow it, even if hes not blind until he's willingly in a situation where he and his opponent are both effectively blind. using this trait to get Blind Fighting, rather then taking it as a feat.

As the title suggests I want to build an "assassin" type character modeled after Zabuza Momochi. For those who don't know the character, hes a ninja with strong ties to water elemental magic, and the art of silent killing. He uses a greatsword as his primary weapon, and throwing knives as needed. Water magic for entrapment, concealment, and battlefield control. The silent killing style is basically assassinate, even when people know your around due to not seeing you from fog banks, and such.

I kind of want to go Undine for the water flavor, with a few alternate racial traits, build a high initiative, and wield a massive sword. Water elemental magic, and stealth are a must. Now how best to make this work, I realize assassinate is a terrible skill with how high Fort saves get, and the inability to make it worth while. So how do I go about doing "mock" assassinates?

I was debating a dip into MoMs monk, for the blinded blade style, and using Obscuring mist, and Fog bank for silent killing. Possibly Blood Rager for the main build with Wizard Divination VMC for the high Initiative bonus. Is this to spread out to work, or should I drop the VMC as feats will be tight enough as is?

Assuming you were to make a Undine character, and selected the water sense racial how would it interact with Obscuring Mist/Fog Cloud? Given vapor and fog are both water, would you be able to "see" what is touching the same Mist/Fog that you are inside of?

Water Sense:
Undines with this racial trait can sense vibrations in water, granting them blindsense 30 feet against creatures in contact with the same body of water. This racial trait replaces energy resistance.

While having shield Gauntlet style active, and then using spell combat does the AC bonus get removed, or remain active?

Shield Gauntlet Style:
Benefit(s): When using this style, if you begin your turn wearing a gauntlet or spiked gauntlet on your off hand, and you are not using that hand to hold or make attacks with any other weapons or shield, you gain a +1 shield bonus to AC. You lose this shield bonus whenever you attack with your gauntlet or hold a weapon or shield in that hand. While receiving this shield bonus to AC, your gauntlet or spiked gauntlet is treated as a buckler for the purpose of using other feats and abilities (though you are also considered to have a free hand). This feat acts as the Improved Unarmed Strike feat for the purpose of satisfying the prerequisites of the Deflect Arrows and Snatch Arrows feats.

Is a bladebound Magus able to have the Shadow Companion from the Shadowdancer class? RAW I would assume so, as it specifically calls for Familiars and not companions of any kind.

Im playing in an upcoming Rise of the Runelords game, and need some help hammering out details before I start a build. I was going to build a summoner until reading the Realm of the Fey book recently released.

I want to make a shadowy Fey themed character attempting to return Count Ranalc to the First World. The group is outsider based so far, consisting of Aasimar, or Teiflings using a 20 pt buy. With that in mind, and in a non-pfs game, I would like to make a Rakshasa Blooded Teifling Unchained rogue. I debated going into Shadow Dancer, but I also want to try the Feysworn class. Is it worth dipping 3 levels of Dancer to get the Shadow Companion? Does it continue to progress if I dont continue through the Shadow Dancer class?

My group has a Paladin sword and board, Archery Ranger, and an unknown at this time. He hasnt made up his mind on character building. I normally play Magus crit fisher, but figured Id step out of my wheel house and try something else. Im open to ideas for builds, but I want to stay close to the Fey themed follower of Count Ranalc.

Is a Summoner Proficient with his Eidolons "Claw" attacks should that Eidolon have claws?

If yes, Can a Summoner take Weapon Focus: Claw, and it just not work while hes not fused?

Does a Synthesist Summoner still meet the requirements of having an Eidolon class feature for the purpose of feats, such as Summoner's Call, Resilient Eidolon?

Assuming your Synthesist Summoner Dips MoMs monk, while unarmored, but fused with your eidolon do you meet the requirements for the WIS mod bonus to AC?

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Looking for assistance making a venom inspired Synthesist Summoner. Not for PFS play but its my first time trying the class, with GM approval. No third party books. Running a 20 point buy, level 5, whats the best way to build a front liner or physical range damage summoner (Bows, guns, crossbows).

Does a Synthesist Summoner who is fused with his Eidolon have the summoners weapon pros? If I spent a feat on Greatsword would my Fused form be able to use said weapon?

In the idea of weapon pros, would it be better to take a Character feat to get a martial weapon, or burn 2 Evolution points to get the same weapon?

If you're wearing a belt of strength +2 on your character and you merge does the merged form Eidolon have the +2 to its strength, or does it remain only effecting your "caster" self?

If your "caster" self is wounded and unable to walk, and you then summon and fused with your Eidolon, can you now walk? Do any physical ailments effect you while fused as you use your Eidolons physical scores.

While fused, do you use the classes base save scores, or your Eidolons physical saves, and your casters mental saves?

The character throughout the comics is either a raging nut job, or a member of a military group using guns, and rifles. While it would be nice to be a switch hitter I'm unsure if its possible given the class doesn't really give any feats.

Looking for some assistance building a character for a run through Rise of the Rune Lords campaign. We'll be starting at chapter 2, and its our first run.

So far the group is 4 players, a Tanky sword and board paladin, a ranged bard, a wild card as he's unsure as of yet, and me. So far the theme of the group is outsiders. We'll have 2 aasimar, and the wild card. So another Aasimar would fit well. Second we're rolling stats, but assume something in the range of a 25 point buy. No third party books. I was wanting to play outside my normal build of a crit fishing magus, and was looking at spear dancing style with a nodachi. Possibly paladin or maybe weapon master fighter. Any help or advice would be great.

I'm debating making a character based off of a samurai from a video game. This samurai uses a Nodachi and attacks with both the pommel and the blade, as well as unarmed strikes.

If you have Spear Dancing Style, you can treat a polearm as a double weapon. Double Weapons can be used in two hands attacking with both ends as TWF, or with two hands attacking with one end, dealing damage as a 2h weapon. This much is clear.

Assuming a BAB of +6 and higher, and only TWF you would get 3 attacks, 2 from a main hand, one from the off hand. Can you treat the double weapon as TWF for the first main hand, and offhand attack, then treat it as a 2h weapon to finish out your 3 attacks in the round?

If you can swap to two handed one end, does the weapon still have brace? Seeing you swapped from TWF with the weapon, to treat it as a 2h weapon.

With the Villain Codex released I have a few questions with how Magus can make use of a feat.

Is you have Weapon Pro in a Dueling Sword, and Weapon finesse, slashing Grace you would normally lose your Dex to damage while doing spell combat.

Does having Two-weapon Grace fix that issue? Do you maintain Dex to damage even while spell combat is active. What about Spell Strike with Shocking Grasp, does this change anything?

Second question, in a home game a DM is allowing my Kensai Magus to select simple weapons as the "Chosen" weapon if I want to. If I selected Unarmed Strike, and I had taken Improved Unarmed Strike as a feat, does Canny Defense always work as I'm always armed, and as such wielding my weapon?

Third question, If I did select Unarmed Strike as a chosen weapon, and I was wielding said Dueling Sword from the previous question, and did spell combat, is my off-hand still "empty", and is it still providing me Canny Defense?

Assuming a Swashbuckler who picked up TWF and Two-weapon Feint.

if you used two-weapon feint, and attacked, assuming a BAB +5 and below, so only single attack per hand, do you get precise strike damage with your attacking hand, seeing you feinted, and didn't attack with your primary hand?

Precise Strike calls out not attacking with "your other hand" not your primary, or off-hand.

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