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What is Countenanced Carbuncle. I can't seem to find it anywhere

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Oh, it should be worth mentioning the Possessed Hand, and Hand's Autonomy are a must in any build offered. If its possible to add why these would help any build, or best use it the feat would be helpful.

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Hello forum folk, looking for some assistance on a character build for an upcoming game. Our DM has decided rolled stats, anything 1st party, gestalt builds, and all races available. Characters will be level 1, 2 traits, or a feat, along with typical starting setups.

Ive not rolled out stats yet as Im unsure what to build using gestalt rules. Ive recently seen the Possessed Hand, Hand's Autonomy feats and it brought up the idea of the character Nero from Devil May Cry.

How would you best use those 2 feats in a Gestalt build? Would you build a caster/melee build? Straight Melee? Sneaky rogue build?

My DM is building a home brew world where dragons and magical beasts rule the world, and dragons are only able to be killed by one another. My characters memory is shot only knowing he's woken up in front of a dragons bloodied body, with this now possessed hand. The DM is going to run with the idea, but as of now I have no idea if I'm the killer of said dragon or what happened.

I typically play a magus crit fisher, but was pretty sure this feat combo doesnt assist my magus builds at all. My group will consist of 3 others. One will be a martial brute, One a support build controller, and the last is always a wild card. He'll say hes building one thing, and show up with something completely different. Im normally the arcane caster/melee.

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Don't forget Grenadier Alchemist, for launching bombs the distance of an arrow shot away.

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So after some consideration I've decided to go with the following 25 pt buy build.


Str: 10
Dex: 10
Con: 14
Int: 12
Wis: 14
Cha: 17 (20 = +2 Racial, +1 lvl 4)

AC: 10 + 0 (+2)+ (+6) + 5 (Cha) = 23 Total
Numbers in brackets based on Eidolon fused

Took Drow heritage for some free weapon pros, and went Scaled Fist Unchanged Monk lvl 1, Synthesist Summoner lvl 4.

1st Weapon Focus: Claw
2nd IUS, Stunning Fist, Dragon Style
3rd Feral Combat Training: Claw
5th Dragon Ferocity

Reactionary (Trait, Combat)

Eidolon Evolutions

Ability Increase (2pt) x2 Str, Dex
Improved Nat Armor (1pt)
Climb (1pt)
Skilled (Stealth, 1pt)

Now the issues I have are gear to wear, and how exactly do saves work while fused. Which "CON" score do i use for my Fort Saves, the Eidolons bonus, or my own?

By having the weapon pros from my racial Ill be able to carry around Cold Iron, and Silver swords, until I can afford to pay for either Amulet of mighty fists, or something to make my claws bypass DR. Otherwise hows this look for a natural attack build "Drow spider assassin" front line fighter.

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Looking for assistance making a venom inspired Synthesist Summoner. Not for PFS play but its my first time trying the class, with GM approval. No third party books. Running a 20 point buy, level 5, whats the best way to build a front liner or physical range damage summoner (Bows, guns, crossbows).

Does a Synthesist Summoner who is fused with his Eidolon have the summoners weapon pros? If I spent a feat on Greatsword would my Fused form be able to use said weapon?

In the idea of weapon pros, would it be better to take a Character feat to get a martial weapon, or burn 2 Evolution points to get the same weapon?

If you're wearing a belt of strength +2 on your character and you merge does the merged form Eidolon have the +2 to its strength, or does it remain only effecting your "caster" self?

If your "caster" self is wounded and unable to walk, and you then summon and fused with your Eidolon, can you now walk? Do any physical ailments effect you while fused as you use your Eidolons physical scores.

While fused, do you use the classes base save scores, or your Eidolons physical saves, and your casters mental saves?

The character throughout the comics is either a raging nut job, or a member of a military group using guns, and rifles. While it would be nice to be a switch hitter I'm unsure if its possible given the class doesn't really give any feats.

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Hey guys, just picked up the villain codex, and noticed a feat chain that seems fun, being the Twin Fang style chain of feats.

I was debating building a Snake themed character with this and snake style and figured merging them with Weapon Style Mastery. However after taking a second look at it, noticed I can't combine those two together as Twin Fang Style doesn't meet the pre-req's by needing weapon focus.

Was this an over sight? Seeing its a style strictly based on weapons, I would assume it was a weapon style chain, however, as is I'm wrong. Anyone looked into this or have any insight into it?

I realize the fix is to just pick up a level in MoMs monk, but Im attempting to avoid that, but will do so if I must.

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Actually if you take a dip into MoMs monk, you can pick up the first, Blinded Blade Style for free, and then progress through the feat chain without ever putting a rank into perception at all.

This also has you finish the chain, MoMs 1, fighter 2 in 3 levels if your human. MoMs also gives the Imp unarmed strike, giving you the Dare Devil feel of beating a dude to death.

1st lvl Human
Blinded Blade Style, Blind Fight, Improved Blind Fight
2nd fighter
Blinded Competence
3rd fighter
Greater Blind Fight, Blinded Master

Want to get real Dare Devil like? Ascetic Style to get a monk weapon to work at Monk unarmed damage power, Fighter gets weapon training, select monk weapons, bam all monk weapons are crazy damage. Quarter Staff, Tonfa, Dan Bong all fit Dare Devils weapons.

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DS feat chain can only be done on character levels as they are general feats, wait until hitting lvl 9, 6 Rogue, 3 Horizon Walker, then go back and re-train feats you no longer need, IF Dimensional Savant is your end goal, take them again as needed as you continue past 9 picking up the last feat, Dimensional Savant at lvl 11, due to need of BAB which you'll have being 8 Rogue, 3 Horizon Walker

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Thanks for the ideas Gisher, again completely missed Quain Martial Artist. And didnt even realize Unarmed Fighter was a thing

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Building a Esoteric Magus / X dip build for an upcoming shady/dark campaign. Home game, not PFS, looking at Drow as my starting race, GM normally hates spell resistance, so thinking of using the new Blood of Shadow book and taking the trait to remove it, and remove the light blindness I would normally get in lighted areas.

Build so far consists of a grappling build using Snapping Turtle Style. Characters built to level 4 currently, able to take two traits, with the option of a flaw to get a third. Cant decide between MoMs monk, and meshing Dragon Style with Snapping Turtle. Meshing styles together seems great to up damage, but the loss of armor hurts. Could go Brawler and keep the armor but with Esoteric Magus eatting my bonus feats is it worth the change to Snakebite Brawler which eats the Martial Flex skill? Below is a idea of a Magus/Brawler dip...

Lvl 1 Brawler 1: Unarmed Strike, Snapping Turtle Style
lvl 2 Magus 1: -
lvl 3 Magus 2: Improved Grapple
lvl 4 Brawler 2: Snapping Turtle Clutch

planning on Flamboyant Arcana for my Magus Arcane to allow free grapples on a parry. Im sure there are more optimal ways of doing this but Id like to try the Esoteric archetype, and Ive not had much xp with Monks or Brawler characters and figured it would be a good mix with this idea.

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I understand the idea of meeting special conditions, however Armor of the pits Special condition states "Instead" not in addition to. Also this thread stats otherwise -of

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Hey guys, now before we get started here, Firs off I posted this first in conversions at the start of the week, but got zero response. I'm not sure if I'm allowed or if its kosher to put a like thread in another message board, but I'll call this a learning experiment. I'm aware of both the Naruto D20 system, and also the Naruto Psychic builds posted on the old Wizards forums. This is not what I'm personally looking for. On with the show...

I'm starting new in a game, with everyone at level 3 to start. I want to model this character off of Sasuke Uchiha. At level 3 of course many things he does over the course of the show are impossible. That's fine, I'm looking to grow into the character now just be a gun show off the start. This will be move flavor based, then cruch based.

So far my thoughts have me leaning to Brawler for Martial Flexibility so I can "see a combat skill, and learn it" on the fly. Such as a weapon pro, a combat maneuver, etc. I'm also thinking Sorcerer with Eldritch Scrapper for more Martial Flexibility and the on the fly spells, no prep time. Currently looking at Stormborn bloodline. Classes aren't set in stone, but so far I'm in love with the Brawler class, so I would like to continue to use it.

Stats we're a roll based system, currently wanting to run a drow but that is just due to my like for the race. That's up for chance, completely fine. Right now my stat set up is as follows, but can be changed the build isn't set it stone at all yet. All stats are AFTER Racial mods from Drow. If you can think of a better race, please let me know. I like the more exotic races, like Drow, Tiefling, and such.

Str 16
Dex 19
Con 12
Int 10
Wis 17
Chr 15

So far I see myself using Martial Flex to get exotic weapon pro's for quick fights, or picking up the improved combat maneuver feats like Imp trip/grapple/dirty trick.

Allowing 2 Traits, so far Ive selected Magical Knack - Sorcerer, and Adopted - Ifrit to pick up Fiery Glare for Intimidates.

This is all open for alterations. My game doesn't start until Sunday, but I would like to have this done before I arrive there. All Pathfinder compatible books are good to go, and this isn't for a PFS game. Thank you for your time, and help in advance.

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I would just use the Path of War classes, they are more in line with Pathfinder I've found. The disciplines are also very close. you can find all the base classes for Path of War on d20pfsrd. Also is it the class your drawn to, or the ability to use the maneuvers? If its just Maneuvers you can pick those up as well as combat feats using the Martial Training feat chain all the way to level 6 maneuvers.

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So I'm looking at building a Brawler that specializes in fighting in darkness/magical darkness. I want to be able to shut down most opponents more then just out right destroying them. So grapples, trips, dirty tricks are all things I'm interested in. Here is what I have so far, anything up to level 10 build wise would be great help. First level, Race, and Brawler class are set in stone, everything else is free range. Stats were rolled and are as follows. Two Traits are available as well. A draw back can be taken for a 3rd trait if required.

Drow 14, 19, 15, 16, 10, 16

Brawler 6
Ninja 4

Brawler level 1 Combat Expertise
Brawler level 2 Nightmare Fist - Bonus Combat Feat
Ninja level 3 Drow Nobility
Ninja level 4 Snake Style - Ninja Trick - Style Trick
Ninja level 5 Power Attack
Brawler level 6 -
Brawler level 7 Improved Drow Nobility
Ninja level 8 Cornugon Smash - Ninja Trick - Combat Trick
Brawler level 9 Improved Dirty Trick - Bonus Combat Feat
Great Drow Nobility
Brawler level 10 -

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Hey guys, after receiving my advanced class guide I'm loving the brawler. I wanted to make one that would be high dex based. A few things I'm curious about were as follows.

Wind Stance + Jabbing Dancer: If i hit twice I can move 10' does that count as the More then 5' moved in the round for Wind Stance?

Panther Claw: The AOO equal to your wisdom mod. Is it your complete Wis mod against one person, or your Wis mod, but only one hit per person in the round. So is it a bunch of hits to one guy, or one hit to a bunch of guys?

Slashing Grace: Would that work with unarmed attacks from a Brawler, if there was a way to make unarmed strikes slashing damage?

I'm looking to build a combat maneuver type Brawler, and may be putting a few levels into Ninja, or Rogue to pick up sneak attack so feinting in there would work as well.

Thoughts, and Ideas are fully welcome. Thanks in advance!

Forgot to ask

Lightning Stance + Jabbing Dancer: I hit twice, which means i move twice, two 5' steps, does that count as two actions to move granting me the bonus from Lightning stance?

Does a Cestus use a brawlers unarmed attack bonus, or just the weapon bonus. And as a piercing weapon, would it allow for dex to damage from Slashing grace? Or does slashing grace only work on 1h, no light weapons, and only when a weapon changes from slashing to piercing do you get the dex to damage