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So before anyone starts with an automatic response of Spring Attack doesn't count as two movements its a full round action or what have you that isnt the exactly the spring I'm referencing.

So to start, Lightning Stance gives a 50% concealment on a double move or two actions to move I should say.

Spring Attack allows an attack during movement at any point, as a full round action.

Ive been looking for a way for my acrobatic swordsman to make the best use of Lightning Stance in a fight and came across Spring-Heeled Style, and the feat thats making me ask this question, Spring-Heeled Sprint.

Spring Heeled Sprint allows you two move twice your movement when using the spring attack feat. Would this fall under the terms required for Lightning Stance to work?

Lightning stance is activated based on spending actions, not on distance moved. You have to spend the actions regardless of how far you travel (and the distance traveled being expressed in multiples of your base speed doesn't change that).

so to be specific -the Lightning stance work when you withdraw or move with two move actions. if you can do the first without using a full round action you might have something.

my fun tactic is taking the rogue fast gettaway talent (you can withdraw as move action after a sneak attack or a succesful slieght of hand check - does not state a specific one). that and Deft Catcher which let you use slieght of hand as immidate action to get back an item you drop... let you drop your weapon(free action). use sleight of hand (dc 20) get it back(immidate action) withdraw(move action also set up lightning stance) and still have a standard action to act.

one build uses a slayer to get lightning stance from ranger elemental combat stayle at level 6 and rest of levels for rugoe to max a sneak attacker with 50% miss defense. and other uses the nature fang druid (who get slayer talents = ranger combat style = lightning stance) for a caster of 9th tier with only 2 roges levels.
add a ring of decoy and every time you withdraw you also get 3 rounds of invisability and 4 decoys -great to set up more sneak attacks in the first build. or summon a lot of help in the other(summon doesn't break invisibility, and some feat invesment will also make it a standard action if needed).

Now just so I'm clear on this, Lightning Stance doesnt require two move actions it requires two actions to move. With that in mind, does Spring Attack fulfill one of those actions to move?

If so, I'm currently playing a Courser Swashbuckler. Would the 7th level ability Impossible Leap fulfill a second action to move, if I was burning panache and my immediate action?

Impossible Leap (Ex):
At 7th level, as long as the courser has at least 1 panache point and is wearing light armor or no armor, she adds her swashbuckler level on all Acrobatics checks to jump. She can spend 1 panache point as an immediate action to jump 10 feet in the direction of her choice. This ability can be used to extend another jump or change direction mid-jump. If used in response to an attack, this deed functions as the dodging panache deed, but it allows the courser to move 10 feet.

action to move = move action. It is just a different way of saying that.

It isn't any action that causes movement.

Spring attack is not an action to move, it is a full round action to execute a spring attack, which includes movement and an attack.

Impossible Leap is not an action to move, it is an immediate action that lets you jump 10'.

Casting dimension door isn't an action to move. It is casting a spell that takes you to another location.

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