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Hi folks, just looking for some help in allowing casters to channel touch spells through weapons, namely a sword in this case. I realize the best way to do this is just going Magus, but I'm trying to stay away from that class in this build.

Would a Monk with a Ki Focus Weapon, and Ascetic Style feat allow them to channel spells, assuming they multi-classed into a caster?

Ascetic Style says they can apply effects of feats, and effects that augment an unarmed strike,a nd if I read correctly you can deliver a touch spell with an unarmed strike? Maybe?

Assuming it can't be done, would you be able to deliver a "Touch spell" as a normal attack with a weapon, rather then a touch attack with a weapon and deal both weapon damage and spell damage? Meaning could I cast shocking grasp, make a normal melee attack with a sword the next round and deal both sword and shocking grasp damage?

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Blade adept arcanist, sword binder wizard (although this is when using Hand of the Apprentice, not when attacking with it in your hand), and (for divine casters that worship Torag) the Blessed Hammer feat.

Any thoughts on occult classes and touch spells via weapons?

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Weaponwand was my initial reaction to this post.

spell storing weapons? it's just +1.(ok ok ,+2 since you need a +1 before you can add it)
and it's any targeted spell not just touch, my ranger like to pick instant enemy for his spell. as a 3rd level spell it goes nice to always get your fev enemy bonus (up to +10/+10 hit damage) when needed.

a magus with intensified empowered shocking grasp and the trait to lower the metamagic level by 1 can drop 30d6 with this and a spell with his weapon. not including his own weapon damage or the nice chance of criting for double weapon and spell damage (not stored spell though. since the spell hit without a hit roll for itself)

see conductive for adding spell-like or supernatural attacks to weapons.

If you're a divine class and worship Torag, you can do it constantly with the Blessed Hammer feat, but it'd have to be through a warhammer.

just FYI

Weaponwand wrote:
If the effect created by the wand requires an attack roll to successfully strike a foe, you may make the attack roll as if you were making an attack with the weapon at its highest bonus (including any bonuses the weapon would normally receive) rather than just a normal attack with the wand—doing so does not allow you to add the weapon’s damage to the wand’s attack roll, but instead allows you to use your skill with the weapon to boost your chance of hitting with the spell.

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