Unarmed Alchemist build help


Hello forum folk, hope the day is going well. Last evening I was debating possible builds due to a game ending and a new one starting. I'm part of a team of 3 that are going to be using teamwork feats in the near future, but i need help with a base build.

My character is going to be a twin of another character, who is also in on the team fighting build. We're playing Tieflings and we plan on being Front-liners with our 3rd partner.

The build, inspired heavily on My Hero Academia, Katsuki Bakugo. For those who dont know, or know little like myself. He's an unarmed fighter who can use explosives from his own body sweat. We're going to by pass that sweat idea and look at bombing people while using unarmed fighting. To the build!

Using a 25 pt buy, I planned so far on a Brawler/Grenadier Alchemist. Infused fists with bombs and punch people in the jaw with them. All base bombs are fire, so using Hellfire bomb to get around fire immunity, or using other elements if they have a weakness, but sticking close to fire.

Any magical items or ideas to help bring this to life. Its pretty straight forward at level 1, but with knowing zero things about alchemists I figured you were my best shot. Thanks in advance!

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