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hello all, just looking for some assistance with a build for a game I have tomorrow night. I work night shifts, so I don't have a ton of time to work with tonight, and will likely be asleep most of tomorrow so i need some insight until i can sit down and push this build together. The only things Ive got so far are a religion, a "clan", and possible a Snakebite Striker Brawler as a base. This is for a non-PFS Gestalt game. However only Pathfinder books are permitted.

I want to make an unarmed fighter with a snake theme, who also uses a touch of magic. For combat Id like to focus on unarmed, not looking to build a crit fisher as I want to try out a grappling type build. I know what your thinking. Spell Casting and Grappling don't really mix. Im not looking to Min/Max this, just looking for a fun build that can work while grappling, or when I cant. Id like to focus on Wind/Lightning magic, and have a serpent familiar if possible for flavor reasons. Id like to possible add in Electric Eel Style feats as it adds to the lightning and grappling theme, and eels are kinda snakey right?

Part of my backstory is Im a "ninja" from "The Dragonshadow" clan, and who worships Nethys as his god. These are pretty much set in stone. Its a 25 pt buy game, and any race is available. I was debating a Tiefling, or maybe a Vishkanya, but Im not sold on either as of yet. Id like to avoid human, to keep up with his odd look.

I know its a lot of moving parts, and stuff that doesn't mesh well together, but any assistance would be great.

Have you looked into Blood Conduit?

Wow, I've actually never seen that. That's actually pretty great for unarmed/grappling and casting. Thanks! :D

Salamander bloodline causes you to grow a tail while raging.

You could possibly gestalt Blood Conduit with Maneuver Master. That allows you to grapple with the first attack, swift action cast a bloodrager spell, and then continue to make your full attack. That's equivalent to two standard actions and a full-round action, which is pretty cool, right?!? And you'll have good saves and full BAB. The only really painful part that I can see is how few spells Bloodragers get per day, but since you say "just a touch of magic" maybe that is on par with what you're looking for? You are also very limited by swift action economy, but hey, having too many options isn't the worst problem to have.

I feel like the Electric Eel feats are kind of garbage, though. The flavor is interesting, but it only works when you're switching back and forth between damaging and grappling, and my feeling is that you usually want to do one or the other, rather than both. Plus it's just too many feats, and it also eats up another precious swift action to get into the style. Anyway, if you take Blood Conduit and prepare shocking grasp, you can get plenty of electric eel flavor without taking the style.

For more spells and less grappling, you could gestalt the Blood Conduit with Esoteric Magus. I haven't totally thought it out, but it seems like you could Spell Combat a magus spell for a punch, and then get to cast a quickened bloodrager spell when you hit. Then take the rest of your attacks.

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