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Before i start, no this isn't a toppling magic missile + Wolf Style question.

I was helping a friend with a character concept and a list of feats came up that I haven't used together before. We were building Scorpion from Mortal Kombat for fun and were curious if this feat line would actually work.

If attacking with a Rope Dart, throwing it using Ranged Trip while having Wolf Style active, does this trigger the opponent to land tripped at our feet? Assuming yes, even at the max distance of the rope darts 20' range?

To add more to the pile, if you added Hamatula Strike, because ranged trip also deals damage, would you also get a free grapple attempt in this exchange?

I'm sorry, in my rush to write this I just realized, its Wolf Trip, not Style that would be the feat in question. My mistake.

Not any more. Wolf Trip got changed by Ultimate Wilderness for exactly this reason.

Wolf Trip in Ultimate Wilderness wrote:
Benefit: While using Wolf Style, you gain a +2 bonus when you attempt a trip combat maneuver as part of an attack of opportunity. Whenever you successfully trip a creature, as a free action you can choose an available space that is both adjacent to you and the creature's original space for the tripped creature to land prone in.

Crud, guess its back to the drawing board.

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I have come to grace you with a feat, Hook Fighter that might allow you to do what you want.

Hook Fighter allows you to reposition foes 15ft away from you and pull them closer while also letting you fight with a Grappling Hook. While its not a Rope Dart, its still very much Scorpian's MO and only requires a single feat. Once you have Hook Fighter you can get reposition feats and drag opponents straight to you (you don;t want to do a drag maneuver because Dragging involves both of you moving). Once you have greater reposition, every time you haul an enemy closer it provokes from all your allies.

Now this is where things get FUN. As a Monk (Or Brawler, either or) with this feat you can look into taking the Crashing Wave style feats. This is amazing, as at Crashing Wave Fist at level 9 you can make a free unarmed strike for every 5ft you pull your opponent. Nothing in this feat says you need to be adjacent to your target (though most GMs would probably say if you can't reach them you can't hit them) so if you can get Reach with your fists you can start pummeling folks while you pull them into your reach.

You can hamatula strike with a normal attack though and that'll bring them next to you per the grappling rules.

If successful, both you and the target gain the grappled condition. If you successfully grapple a creature that is not adjacent to you, move that creature to an adjacent open space (if no space is available, your grapple fails).

So if I use rope dart, hamatula strike and make the grapple from 20' out my character automatically pulls them to the adjacent square to myself?

Well you do have to have a weapon that allows you to make a grapple attempt with it. I don't think a rope dart allows that on it's own.

Hamatula strike allows a grapple check if you deal damage with a piercing weapon, which a rope dart is. Or do you mean I need an actual weapon that has the grapple quality?

Well while nothing in the RAW precludes using Hamatula stike with a ranged weapon I think we can should be able to agree that it is probably meant for melee weapons (as grappling is a melee action) and the pull closer line for use with reach. Otherwise it would be a wonderful Archer tactic to pull enemy spellcasters hundreds of feet with an arrow.

That being said talk with your GM they might be fine with allowing the rope dart/Harpoon or other such weapon to work with Hamatula strike.

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