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Before you turn around and say no you cant hold a sword in your teeth, this isn't the direction I'm going.

I've seen many shows where a person hides a needle, or other substance in its mouth. When grappled with an opponent spits a substance on them, or at close-ish range spits a needle at them. Is this possible to recreate using say Sleight of Hand, or something along those lines?

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Nagaji can spit venom at their opponents as full round action ranged touch attack with a feat. That's the only thing I can think of.


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Dirty Trick?

my first thought was that you wanted to kiss the opponent :p

but anyway, my inclination is that it depends on the nature of the substance.

Is the spitter immune to the substance?
Is the substance an injury or contact type poison?

So, for example, if a cleric were to take a swig of holy water prior to being grappled by an undead. Since the spitter is immune to holy water, I would treat it as an improvised weapon that only requires a touch attack and does splash damage (so no strength bonus).

I would allow the character, if they wanted to, to spend a feat in exotic weapon "spitting" to make it a proficient attack.

If the spitter is not immune to the substance then I would probably require that it be put on a needle or something else that "in theory" would prevent contact of the substance with the character. So an undead couldn't drink holy water and spit it on another undead.

In those cases I would require a slight of hand check against the opponent's CMD. If this check is failed then the spitter accidentally poisons themselves and the application is consumed.

If the spitter is using a needle and a contact poison they have two options.

They could make a touch attack with an improvised weapon to afflict the enemy with the contact poison only, no weapon dmg no strength bonus.


They could make a ranged attack with the needle using an "offhand". If they hit, they would poison their target and deal damage equal to the weapon + 1/2 their Strength bonus to the damage, unless they have a Strength penalty in which case the entire penalty applies.

If the poison is an injury poison then they only have the second option.

A succubus can perform an entire array of "acts of passion" using only her mouth.

Biting may or may not be included upon request.


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*licks thread with razor-edged, acid-tinged radula*

Frogs can use their tongue, grapple and swallow.

The main idea here is I wanted to make a character who could possibly have a needle / small weapon hidden in the mouth, that could be spat at someone should his hands become full, or he becomes tied up or something crazy.

Its far fetched and next to useless, but I was curious how people would come to make it work.

Assuming a single needle, how would it work?

Assuming a single poisoned needle, how would that work? (User isn't immune to poison, but could have poison use)

Diminutive blowgun.

Edit: More seriously, compare it to a wrist launcher. Does no damage, but can launch featherweight darts to deliver poison. 10 darts cost 1 gold, the launcher costs 200gp and is exotic.

So, I would probably rule spitting darts as needing a feat, probably require improved unarmed strike, and treat them as featherweight darts. Ranged attack with a max range of 5ft, that deals no damage. Also give the ability to throw said dart with a 5ft range increment.

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LordKailas wrote:

my first thought was that you wanted to kiss the opponent :p

Cooties are a serious public health hazard!!!


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