Wierd grappling character, help needed


So I had an idea after watching an anime for a character for a game i play this coming Saturday. Before anyone is like "WHOA NO, DONT DO THIS!" Its not 100% just curious if possible and a few issues clarified.

I want to build this grappling spell caster for a gestalt game. So maybe Brealer / Sorcerer, or Magus. The idea here is I want a super sneaky attack and what I came up with seems like the winner. Hear me out, then if you can, help me out in making it work (if possible).

The character will be snake themed, which is why grappling is a must. With either Bloodline or Eldritch Heritage Aberrant to get long limbs. Grabbing style to grapple using one hand, and casting Aqueous Orb to drown my opponent. Is there a way to have long limbs work to grapple, then cast Aqueous Orb using the other hand, and drown someone by making it so they fail to get out of the water? Can you actually drown in an Aqueous Orb? Does this appear to be remotely possible or what kind of negatives am I looking at?

No classes, races, etc have been set in stone, and stats not provided but it would be a 25pt buy, and level 7.

Off the top of my brain-dome, snake-themed grappler suggests the Snakebite Striker Brawler archetype.

You could do this, it'll be difficult, but doable. First off, Aqueous Orb takes a long to drown someone, because of the Drowning Rules.

Brawler is a very good choice for grappling (I have one and she is a beast), but I think for this route you really might be better of going with Tetori monk if you go the sorcerer path (but it'll make you very MAD). The 25 point-buy will help with that quite a bit. If you do decide with Tetori monk, then I might suggest Nagaji for +2 Str/Cha? Its obviously snake themed!

Some suggestions you absolutely will want to look into if Celestial Obedience for Falayna (+4 Grapple checks and CMD). Also, I would suggest Pinning your target before you even consider casting any spells. Also, you will want to boost your Defensive casting options a lot, because while grappled you have to make one every single time you cast a spell unless you have Freedom of Movement.


Also, just looked at the nagaji FCB for monk and sorcerer and they're pretty solid!

As Faelyn said, it will take a LONG time to drown someone. If they have 10 Con you are looking at 20 rounds for them to start drowning.

Drowning wrote:

Any character can hold her breath for a number of rounds equal to twice her Constitution score. If a character takes a standard or full-round action, the remaining duration that the character can hold her breath is reduced by 1 round. After this period of time, the character must make a DC 10 Constitution check every round in order to continue holding her breath. Each round, the DC increases by 1.

When the character finally fails her Constitution check, she begins to drown. In the first round, she falls unconscious (0 hp). In the following round, she drops to –1 hit points and is dying. In the third round, she drowns.

Unconscious characters must begin making Constitution checks immediately upon being submerged (or upon becoming unconscious if the character was conscious when submerged). Once she fails one of these checks, she immediately drops to –1 (or loses 1 additional hit point, if her total is below –1). On the following round, she drowns.

It is possible to drown in substances other than water, such as sand, quicksand, fine dust, and silos full of grain.

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If the grappled character spends a standard action each round trying to escape, that would cut the time until they start drowning in half, per the second sentence of the first paragraph in the quote above. They would last 20 rounds only if they spend that time effectively playing dead rather than trying to escape.

a) usually when you grapple someone with reach, when you succeed at the grapple, you pull them adjacent to you. Which means all the reach in the world won't help once you're in a grapple

b) similarly, if you're grappling, you have the grappled condition. And, you can't cast spells with somatic components if you're grappled. (also material components that aren't in your hand)

c) right, so, let's say you've got someone in a grapple. During your turn, you're going to have to make a grapple check before you do anything else to make sure they stay grappled, or you have to let them go. Which means if you also want to cast a spell, you're going to need the feat Greater Grapple to grapple as a move, and then cast as a standard.

There are some things you could try, however

1) Be a psychic. I think since they don't have somatic components to their spells, that you should be good casting in a grapple.

2) Be a white-haired witch. Their specific way of grappling with their hair leaves their opponents grappled, but not them. How this works in practice isn't really clear, but you should be able to grapple someone with your giant hair, walk away from them (you don't provoke AoO from grappled creates for movement) up to your reach, and cast something nasty

3) Be an ogre or a 12th level gingerbread witch, and swallow them whole. Again, opponent is grappled, but not you.

Tell you what. You want to kill someone with aqueous orb? Just cast uncontrollable laughter on them first. Be warned, if you instakill bad guys this way...probably your GM will either send a bad guy to you doing the same thing, or every enemy from then on will be constructs, undead, or oozes.

Brawler has a sarchtype that allows grappling but you don't take the negatives from the grapples condition. So I was thinking that would help with casting while grappling. And grappling style let's you grapple with one hand. Would this allow casting and grappling at the same time?

Would Steal Breath make a person begin drowning on the first round of being submerged?

Don't forget the 2d6 nonlethal damage (untyped, so not affected by any DR or resistances). Even a 10 Con person trying to escape every round would take 20d6 damage (average 70) before they'd have to start making the Con checks not to drown. The orb is also rounds/level so you need Extend Spell to make this useful outside of very high levels.

Having a hand free doesn't actually matter. All grapplers already have a hand free (the only restriction is on "actions that take two hands to perform"). What you need is some way to not gain the grappled condition when you grapple. Grab and taking a -20 penalty is the only way I know of off the top of my head, I'm sure there are others. That's because the restriction on spellcasting is in the grappled condition, not the grapple rules.

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