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I was going through the class feature Bold Stare and noticed some have an effect on the same stuff. Allure, and Infiltration both effect Perception. Does this mean if you have both bold stares the target would suffer twice the negative? The negatives aren't described as a specific type of negative (Insight, luck, etc). The feature states they dont stack with other Mesmerists, but nothing about self stacking.

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Bold Stare has one penalty (from Hypnotic Stare), and the option list tells you what that penalty applies too.

So, if you have a Hypnotic Stare penalty of -3 and Allure and Infiltration, the hypnotic stare would apply to

Will Saves (base from Hypnotic Stare)
Initiative (from Allure)
Perception (from Allure and Infiltration)
CMD (from Infiltration)

So each of those would take a -3 penalty.

The fact that two abilities let it apply to Perception doesn't change what the penalty is, it still is the same penalty, and it is still applied just the one time.

So the two untyped negatives dont stack in this case?

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