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Hi guys, I tried to make this happen before, and failed in the process. I'm hoping someone might be able to give me a little help with this to make it come to life this time.

I want to make an unarmed fighter who channels alchemist bombs into unarmed strikes/gauntlets. I was thinking of going Tiefling Grenadier Alchemist to infuse gauntlets with grenades, and strike people with then, and later using the channel enchant to attempt to channel a alchemist bomb into it as well. The Tiefling favored class bonus to increase bomb damage. My issue with this idea is I feel it may be to much of a "one trick pony". Is there anyone that can either help in making the idea more appealing, or show me a way of improving the build idea so that one trick would be great?

I would be working with a 25pt buy, Im pretty set on Tiefling, and it would be for a Gestalt game coming up. The rest of the party is unaccounted for at this time as its still a while off.

Side note, i have zero knowledge on many of the alchemist skills or abilities.

The main problem with this is that I'm pretty sure you ca't really channel the bombs into the punches at all... How're you going about that?

I think conductive requires the "same type of attack" in this case ranged. So it won't work for punching.
Are you trying to use the grenadier ability to add alchemical items to weapons?
How're you making the bombs last long enough to stock pile them for it?

Without the discovery to store bombs for rounds, how're you pulling off this main concept? Usually it is a standard action to make a bomb-but you must throw said bomb, and it goes inert rather quickly. I don't know of any way to make it a different action.
At lv 8 you do get the full attack with bombs.. which I guess you could potentially pull it off? but the rules are rather squiffy on if it would let you there. Don't think it would

You could get sharding on your gloves and "distance punch' your bombs.. kindal ike a hadoken. but your accuracy might be wanting unless your dex based.

On the generalized concept. Look up N Jolly's guide it is still rather good. though I'm not sure if it stays up to date.

if you don't mind using a feat (which if your af ighter probably don't mind?) you could use a discovery or the feat extra discovery to get Infusion which lets you hand out candy power ups to your cohorts that they use as they like.

Are the bombs created by Alchemist's bomb class feature only ranged weapons? I can't seem to find a spot to indicate what they are, in terms of what type of weapon they would fall under.

Drawing the components of, creating, and throwing a bomb requires a standard action that provokes an attack of opportunity. Thrown bombs have a range of 20 feet and use the Throw Splash Weapon special attack.

are said to follow splash weapons rules , unless specifically noted otherwise. (for example they differ by the fact that a bomb splash damage has save for half while normal splash weapon's splash damage has no save.)

The explosive fist idea is pretty cool, but I'm still trying to figure out how it works mechanically first let alone trying to figure out how to make it more versatile.

The action economy and splash weapon nature of bombs seems to indicate no. Wouldn't you also be like... blowing yourself up, unless you are rolling with directed bombs?

Rylden wrote:
Are the bombs created by Alchemist's bomb class feature only ranged weapons? I can't seem to find a spot to indicate what they are, in terms of what type of weapon they would fall under.

I suppose you might be able to argue that, like HOly water, you could "pour" it on someone as a melee touch attack...

but I dont' think so myself.

Mostly when th bomb section mentions the ranged touch attack it sort of auto assigns the ranged weapon property to it.

Hmm, maybe you could try the elemental ascetic kineticist? If you choose fire you can have flaming fists that set people on fire with burning infusion. Or if you go air with electric blast and get the thundering infusion you literally have booming fists that deafen people that you hit. Seems pretty close to having explosive fists to me!

Not really what you're looking for, but when I make Strength Alchemists I use the discovery that lets you turn bombs into a breath weapon since it's saving throw based and not armor class.

Looks like my idea is dead in the water, however Elemental Ascetic seems fun, thanks all for your input, appreciate the time!


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You "could" take the Delayed Bombs discovery, and strap them to your fists. Detonate them when you make contact.
Drink a Targetted Bomb Admixture first to negate the splash for bonus damage.

If for a home game, you'd have to discuss the plans and idea with the GM to see if he'd okay that idea, though you wouldn't be able to do such a thing until 8th lvl.

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