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Hello folks, looking for some assistance on a build that I cant figure out how to do. The character is for a game starting tomorrow, starting at lvl 1, gestalt, with a 20pt buy, anything 1st party, 2 traits, flaws can be taken to increase amount of traits taken.

The idea is a polearm user, possibly a Glaive, type martial character with a dash of casting. The magical side must be wood based, like the Wood Elemental School from Wizard. Possibly the ability to "charge" or enhance his weapon with magic would be helpful. The character is also the twin/partner to another character, a TWF Inquisitor/Slayer. The other player is 100% going with Tiefling, so that's also a must.

I debated Kensai Magus / Wizard but felt it wouldn't hold up well in melee. A Sohei Monk / Wizard was another thought, and finally a Sohei Monk / Arcanist to get the School, and Weapon Enhancements from Exploits.


Gestalt Teifling Glaive user who uses Wood elemental school magic to fight and enhance self/weapon.

Well you could Use spear Dancing Style and Spear Dancing spiral to use it as a quarterstaff and take the staff magus archetype. So grab fighter as the other half to maximize feats.

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It's definitely doable within the regular rules, and with gestalt it's fairly straightforward.

If you want to use the Magus with a reach weapon then you'll need to have a way of using it in one hand. Spear Dancing is a very feat-intensive path, and the combo won't come fully online for your character until level 11, which is rather late. Even then, you can't use reach while using spell combat.

One option that could work well for you is the Elven Branch Spear. It may sound simple, but Fighter//Wizard is a solid gestalt combo that gets the job done. You might have a bit of trouble getting your damage up, since it's not easy to get dex-to-damage (int-to-damage also works, but the only option for that is elf exclusive), but you could always just rely on buff spells for that purpose. Plus once you get weapon training it matters less. A couple levels of URogue for finesse training could also work, but a lot of people don't like multiclass gestalt because it gets rather complicated rather fast.

Another option if you want to be more strength-based and less dexterity based is Bloodrager//Wizard. This will let you make better use of Enlarge Person for awesome reach, and also simplifies the build down to "raise strength, get combat reflexes and power attack, go to town"; definitely a strong contender. You could also use the Barbarian, but it's harder to qualify for the Mad Magic feat with the Barbarian than as the Bloodrager.

You mentioned Arcanist briefly, and in regards to Wizard vs Arcanist I'd say it all comes down to personal preference. Both are great classes and can largely do everything the other does.

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You could do something like Paladin|Wood Oracle, if you're OK with the alignment restriction.

Edit: It would be helpful to know if you're using a variant Tiefling Heritage. The above would be ideal for a demon-spawn.

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Ranger (or Bloodrager)//Wood Oracle? Or Slayer (or Unchained Monk)//Druid (Growth domain)?

Both are full casters with full BAB, all Good Saves (unless Bloodrager selected), d10 HD, 6+ skill points (or 4 if parenthetical options selected), all martial and simple weapons, light and medium armor, and shields.

Combat Reflexes + Power Attack from variant Ranger Combat Style at 2nd level.

Unchained Monk might be a good martial side, too, especially if you go druid and want to add Wisdom to AC while wildshaped.

Yeah I gotta say wood elemental oracle seems like a solid addition.

There is a lot of great stuff in the Hunter class too, very wood/nature focused and they could slip into reach weapon quite easily.

off hand.... slayer + wood oracle honestly.
if it wasn't the wood specific. I would have suggested Occultist so you woudln't have issue with handedness.

well you could fluff it pretty easily with coming from woods or spirits

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