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Hi folks, Im looking for some help making a character outside my typical wheelhouse. I came across an image of a character named Kindred from League of Legends. I was intrigued by the idea and now am seeking your help to make it come to life in upcoming game.

Ill be playing in a Gestalt, 20pt buy, all 1st party books available homebrew campaign. I typically play Tieflings, and melee builds, such as Magus, or Swashbuckler. Kindred however an archer with a "spirit" companion that also attacks with her. They are each one half to a whole character based on if Death split himself in half, you would end up with Lamb, the light half of Kindred, and Wolf the dark spirit based half.

With this in mind, i wanted to make an Assimar Archer with a Spirit companion, but Im unsure how best to make this work. I thought maybe a Hunter Forester mixed with Spiritualist. Without playing much other then melee casters Im not sure how to go about this build, so any and all help would be great!

Bit side-note but how does gestalt work in PF, I remember using it and are familiar with the mechanics but how is the balance? I've seen it come up quite a few times after recently returning to PF and the forums. As for Kindred itself.

I'm not familiar with the class but maybe Totem Spiritualist with an archer class on the side such as the monk zen archer which allows decent acrobatics and flurry of blows(Q).

A totem spiritualist calls upon spirits of nature known as phantom animals to assist her in her journeys. A phantom animal functions like an animal companion except as noted in the descriptions below. This archetype feels like being pretty spot on as the Wolf animal companion would essentially be a part of you.

At 9th level, a totem spiritualist shares her phantom animal’s senses.

I would use a Ranger and Spiritualist, as both are wisdom based.

Hard to argue with the Ranger as an archer, too.

Ranger is full BAB, the Hunter is not.

I think Toxophilite/Skirmisher Ranger gestalted with Totem Spiritualist would be effective. Skirmisher gives up the Ranger spells for special combat maneuvers, so you would only have to keep track of the Spiritualist spell list.

Zen Archer Monk is also hard to argue with. And is also Wisdom based.

I suggest a Slayer/Totem Spiritualist build. The Slayer has access to the Archery ranger combat style, get's sneak attack, and has Studied Target (Which is similar to Kindred's Mark of The Kindred). The Slowing Strike talent is similar to their Mounting Dread ability. Do you know what level you'll be starting at?

I would be starting around lvl 5 or close to it, low on the wealth scale as our GM assigns loot and such.

So Slayer Totem Spiritualist seems the most likely to work out of this, guess ill try my hand at a build and see how it turns out, thanks for the help! Any further options of advice are still welcome! :)

I believe Wolf is a shoe-in for a Psychopomp eidolon, considering the mirrored themes. Building him as a serpentine base form and going for Combat Patrol would simulate Wolf's Frenzy.

Lamb hersslf could be best served as a Relic Channeler Medium, building for archery and using your mask as your Champion relic for flavor. Not only does it allow you to move before full attacking, simulating your Dance of Arrows, but the Medium's limited casting synergizes with the Summoner's in charisma focus.

I have no idea how to pull off their ultimate, though.

Rylden wrote:
So Slayer Totem Spiritualist seems the most likely to work out of this, guess ill try my hand at a build and see how it turns out, thanks for the help! Any further options of advice are still welcome! :)

No worries man. Slayer is one of my favorite classes to build with! A favorite trick of mine is using my level 4 Slayer Talent on Rogue Trick (Combat Trick) to net an extra combat feat. Also take a look at Accomplished Sneak Attacker, which add's another d6 to your sneak attacks.

As an alternative to taking Archery Combat Style is to take Menacing Style for Dazzling Display and Shatter Defenses, allowing you to rain sneak attacks down on your foes. Plus I find terrifying your enemies thematic for a Kindred character.

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