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Congratulations Matt! It's thanks to you and the Chester Games Club that I made it through grad school with my sanity intact (more or less).

Rapture does not work with furious equipment. While it functions as Bloodrage, it specifically calls out that it is not Rage for the purposed of prerequisites and other benefits.

It's worth combining the Exciter archetype with Fractured Mind, as you can then use Rapture to boost your save DCs. Also worth doing is picking up Metamagic Rods of Intuitive Spell, allowing you to cast most of your spells while in Rapture from level 4 onward.

BigNorseWolf wrote:
Rogue Druid: Have a druid with a high int score, take the traits and skills to do the traditionally roguesh things like stealth and disable device.

I did something similar with the Nature Fang archetype. Slayer talents to pick up Trap Spotter with Natural Weapon combat style and Tusked for Claw/Claw/Bite Sneak attack (from both the archetype and the Crocodile domain) and Frostbite. At higher levels I was considering picking up Surprise Attack, Firearm Training, and Improved Vital Strike for "Scoped and Dropped!" first strike capability. All on a single-class Druid.

Arcaian wrote:

It doesn't seem to be listed anywhere else, but there is the information in-scenario for GMs.

I'm pretty sure I'm allowed to post this here - someone say so if I can't.

Dead Man's Debt wrote:

To determine

the price of a yellowheart wood item, add 10 gp per pound
to the price of that item.
A weapon made primarily from yellowheart wood (such
as a staff or club) overcomes the damage reduction of
werebats as if made of silver. Arrows, crossbow bolts, and
other ammunition can be made of yellowheart wood as
well. Such ammunition is less destructive than usual and
imposes a –2 penalty on damage rolls.
Yellowheart wood has 12 hit points per inch of thickness
and hardness 6.

Thanks for this. I had a really good time playing this at PaizoCon UK last weekend, and was considering having my Mwangi witch doctor (Magaambian Initiate/Unlettered Arcanist) pick one up as a souvenir after a very nail-biting mission (playing at 4-5, with 4/6 out of subtier, including a 1 and a 2).

Just ran into an issue with Amplified Rage not being selectable by a Bloodrager, despite Bloodrage counting as Rage for feat prerequisites.

I ran into two minor issues: the first is the floating attribute bug mentioned by Faelyn above. The second involves the Sacred Summons feat. It seems that the Aura class feature for Clerics hasn't been implemented, meaning that the feat's prerequisites can't be legally fulfilled.

Ragoz wrote:
No errata doesn't affect items other than what it calls out. Why would it.

Because the Soothsayer's Raiment has near-identical wording to the Ring of Revelation, and, as written, still allows Oracles to poach revelations from other Mysteries with UMD.

BigNorseWolf wrote:
If an item is changed you can sell it back, as per page 29 of the guide.

Unfortunately, the Guide only allows items to be sold back If the price of an item changes to become more expensive. Hence why I'm asking.

Can Oracles with Rings of Revelation containing Revelations from other Mysteries sell them back at full price? Or at least change the Revelation to one of their actual Mystery?

Does the clarification to the Ring of Revelation also affect the Soothsayer's Raiment?

If so, can the Soothsayer's Raiment be sold back at full price?

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Wow, spots went quickly this year. I only just managed to pounce on the Sunday and the dinner. Hopefully something on the Saturday open up!

Also, the ring has been clarified to work only with Arcane spells. There's an FAQ out somewhere, but all I could find was this messageboard post.

How does the relic Channeler's Powerful Bond ability interact with the Sulesh the Great Legendary Spirit?

Relic Channeler wrote:

Powerful Bond (Su): Because of habitually channeling the same spirits and possessing physical links to the spirits' former lives and legends, a relic channeler possesses a strong bond with her spirits. She receives the benefit of the Alertness feat whenever she is suffering a spirit's influence penalty. She chooses two spells of each level with the archmage arcana and divine surge spirit powers instead of one, two exotic weapon proficiencies with champion's prowess instead of one, three combat feats with legendary champion instead of two, and three skills with trickster's edge instead of two.

This ability alters spirit.

Sulesh the Great wrote:
Sulesh's Spells (Lesser, Su): Sulesh always grants summon monster I–VI, plus the cantrip detect magic. This ability alters archmage arcana.

Would Sulesh's Spells supersede the Relic Channeler's Powerful Bond, thus granting only the spells indicated, or would the Medium also gain a second set of (fixed) spells alongside them?

Jason Wu wrote:
Mike Bramnik wrote:
SCPRedMage wrote:
Wei Ji the Learner wrote:

So, since all weapons are gradually becoming worthless for martials (or at least, that's the 'feel' of the thread here) can I get two shields, and use one for attacking and one for defense?

I shall call them... 'SHIELDINATOR', the MIGHTY BULWARK!

No joke: I have a two-shield fighter.
That's awesome - I have a two-shield ranger myself :P

I have a two-shield brawler!

Now we just need a fourth and we'd be a table.


So you're saying I should build that two-shield Nature Fang Druid I've been pondering for a while?

Aparicion wrote:
Or is just being under the effect of inspired rage considered as raging?


Aparicion wrote:
I'm thinking that since I don't need the valet familiar until I can give him rage powers, it is not worth taking the bloodrager level till lvl 4.

I would either take it at 1 (and take Amplified Rage as your first level feat) or at 5 (taking Skald's Vigor at 1 and Amplified Rage at 5). You either want Amplified Rage online ASAP (which would be level 2), or 2nd level spells ASAP (for Heroism). It also makes sense to get your familiar on a feat level, taking Amplified Rage at the same time.

Aparicion wrote:
One doubt I am having is if choosing "Shaman's Apprentice" over "Intimidating" as a racial abilitie. What are the benefits of the endurance feat? Doesn't look that good.

Sleeping in armour is great for the few scenarios that feature nighttime ambushes. It's also a prerequisite for Diehard, which is decent in combination with Skald's Vigor. Endurance+Diehard also opens up Stalwart, which is REALLY good in combination with Skald's Vigor and ways of enhancing Fighting Defensively (Crane Style, Cautious Warrior trait, etc).

You can save a feat by swapping out your 1st level Bloodline ability for a bloodline familiar (as per Familiar Folio). My Skald is set up similarly (but with more of a Cha focus, as I felt that Str 23 was high enough for low levels). I also took a Hedgehog familiar to compensate for dumping Wis. While Raging Song does boost your Will save, failing one in the surprise round is never a good thing.

Castilliano wrote:

Here's an alternative route:
Shaman w/ Lore Spirit & Arcane Enlightenment Hex
You'd choose the hex at 2nd anyway, so if you're still 1st, it's a decent switch. Aasimar is also the best fit because all 3 mental stats bolster the (very key) hex.

As well as all the flavorful archetypes/hexes/wandering spirits, there's the Spiritual Guardian feat if you're into Spiritual Weapon (et al). (Not a recommendation. Magic Missile is too superior, as is Admonishing Ray as mentioned above.)

I was about to suggest something similar. Spiritual Weapon does have the edge over Magic Missile when it comes to single targets: a Toppling (or Dazing) Spiritual Weapon will proc every round against its designated target, whereas Magic Missile only gets a single Trip/Daze attempt.

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Ross Tait wrote:

Weaknesses: Spell Focus feat. I have to take that to qualify for Savant. The problem is, I'm playing him with no saving throws, which makes spell focus kinda useless. Any ideas what I could do with this?

Pick up a Dazing rod and toss that on your Magic Missiles. It adds a Will save to the spell if it doesn't normally allow a save, so Spell Focus will still be useful. Also pick up Toppling Spell--with Magical Lineage, it adds a free trip attempt to every missile. Heighten Spell + Dazing Rod is your late-game combo, with the possibility of locking down multiple targets for rounds at a time.

BigNorseWolf wrote:
CigarPete wrote:
Where is this change? I don't see anything in the FAQ or in the CRB errata.


** spoiler omitted **

While this errata primarily affects Wild armour it's also worth noting that is hits Soothsayer's Raiment as well, if the Oracle in question uses revelations like Form of Flame, Magma Form, or Water Form.

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Muser wrote:

I'd love to have a reroll but dang it those shirts are nerdy.

I mean, ugh. :D

Are there patches or badges or something else less overt?

A player in my area has the Glyph of the Open Road tattooed on his forearm. I feel that merits a reroll.

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Gamerskum wrote:
Can a Society Legal Unchained Summoner use the Morphic Savant archetype , it gives the eidolon all three base forms? Is that an Alteration of the base form or just access to more then one of them?

Yes it can. The archetype in question specifically calls out how it interacts with the Unchained Summoner. The ruling on compatible archetypes was specifically written to address archetypes existing prior to PF:U. Most (if not all) Summoner archetypes released since are compatible with the Unchained Summoner.

Chess Pwn wrote:
Yes, you need a Hybridization Funnel to do this.


Note that the text of Enlarged Body reads "...up to two size categories larger...", meaning that you can limit growth to large if you chose.

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Casts Raise Thread

The Sanos Abduction:
Bronja, our Warpriest of Gorum, took a shine to Riddywhipple, and would cuddle him at every opportunity while reciting passages form the Gorumskagat.

When we dispatched the reanimated corpse of his Pegasus friend, the little dragon was inconsolable. Bronja held him close, and whispered, "There there--wash away your sorrows with the blood of your enemies."

He seemed to take this advice to heart, for when Marigana was defeated, Riddywhipple seized a rock and began pounding her corpse to a bloody pulp, screaming, "BLOOD AND THUNDER!"

When the party returned to Ignizi, she picked up right away that something was amiss with Riddywhipple--covered in blood, breathing heavily, eyes burning with rage. "What's wrong with him?" she asked. "He found religion," was the reply.

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Don't forget Portal of the Sacred Rune. It leads into The Cultist's Kiss.

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John Compton wrote:
I portray him much as Zak Glade (Zefig) does—much like a slightly squeakier and less antagonistic version of Abraham Simpson from The Simpsons. He puts on a good show of being hard of hearing, a little slow to process information, and a bit smelly. On the other hand, Dreng's still pretty darn canny, and it's not entirely clear how much of his senility is an act. I think players have a bit more respect for him when he "show[s] that I've still got it" by ending a mission briefing while tottering away, pausing, and then returning to give back some of the PCs possessions that he accidentally swiped while they weren't looking. With a wink, he shuffles out of the room.

Rob Silk portrayed him wonderfully during the Grand Convocation at PaizoCon UK (2012). He managed to slip a mission briefing into my hand before I even noticed he was there. Then the entire party was nearly torn to shreds by escaped menagerie critters.

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Fromper wrote:
Umm... why is this even a discussion? It's an English language word. Ask a dictionary, not the forums.

I was curious to see if there were any common variations, and, if so, if they were individual or regional. Notice that I asked "do you pronounce..." not "how is this pronounced".

Fromper wrote:
Welcome to the information age.

And here I thought we were in the Age of Lost Omens...

The title pretty much says it all. Do you pronounce Decemvirate with a hard or a soft C? I use a hard C, based on the root "deca-", but I'm the only one in my area who does. I'm curious to see what the community opinion is.

I'm surprised no-one has mentioned the Woad Painting Kit yet. 1lb, and someone else can carry it for you.

I would also throw a vote behind The Immortal Conundrum or The Pallid Plague (seriously--it's all about building bridges and healing old wounds between two groups of people).

I'd also like to say that this is a really sweet thing to do for the local community.

dwayne germaine wrote:

I doubt that the two sides are ever going to be on the same page. I guess my question is this... If the evil descriptor doesn't mean anything, why include it in the game at all?

It does have a tangible impact on Clerics, who are unable to cast spells with alignment descriptors opposed to their own or their deity.

Leading up to 2-00, there are:

51, 52: The City of Strangers Parts I and II
2-04: Shadows Fall on Absalom (7-11)
2-08: The Sarkorian Prophecy (7-11)
2-15, 2-17, 2-19: Shades of Ice Parts I, II, and III (1-5)
2-23, 2-24: Shadow's Last Stand Parts I and II (1-7)
2-26: The Mantis's Prey (7-11)

Nefreet wrote:
As a Tengu you're automatically proficient in Shizuru's favored weapon: the Katana. As a Paladin you're automatically proficient in the Combat Scabbard. This scabbard is the only weapon in the game that is both a martial weapon and an improvised weapon, and benefits from being both categories.

I love the image of fighting with a Katana and its scabbard. -4/-4 to hit for fighting with two medium weapons is a pretty hefty penalty though...Even with Surprise Weapon.

On second glance, I noticed that the Combat Scabbard is a Medium weapon, regardless of the size of the weapon it contains. Might this work better with a Wakazashi? With Surprise Weapon, the penalties effectively become -2/0.

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Cao Phen wrote:

Spend 1 Prestiege to get a Doctor's Outfit, and use 400g to buy a Traveling Garden.

With those two, you gain +3 Saves against Disease.

Another nice combination of goods are Vial of Efficacious Medicine with a Blood-Boiling Pill. This will give you +4 Initiative (Alchemical) for 8 hours. 2 Prestige to purchase the vial, then 75g for each pill. To those who can use this spell, combine it with a Wand of Heightened Awareness. I you prepare correctly, this can result in a total of +8 Initiative overall.

And while you have the vial, top it up with some Clear Ear. Now you have a total of +6 to Perception and Knowledge skills.

Tamec wrote:
You added the errata to the wrong entry. It is supposed to be applied to Massive Weapons not Jotungrip.

My apologies. That makes much more sense.

In the Titan Mauler errata, splicing the sentence permitting oversized two-handed weapon use between sentences dealing with wielding two-handed weapons in one hand seems confusing. As it stands now, the text reads:

UC Errata wrote:
At 2nd level, a titan mauler may choose to wield a two-handed melee weapon in one hand with a –2 penalty on attack rolls while doing so. She can use two-handed weapons meant for creatures one size category larger, but the penalty for doing so is increased by 4. However, the weapon must be appropriately sized for her, and it is treated as one-handed when determining the effect of Power Attack, Strength bonus to damage, and the like.

Would moving that reference to the end not make more sense?

UC Errata wrote:
At 2nd level, a titan mauler may choose to wield a two-handed melee weapon in one hand with a –2 penalty on attack rolls while doing so. However, the weapon must be appropriately sized for her, and it is treated as one-handed when determining the effect of Power Attack, Strength bonus to damage, and the like. She can [also] use two-handed weapons meant for creatures one size category larger, but the penalty for doing so is increased by 4.

Why not make the Rogue levels Unchained, and pick up the Elven Branched Spear? This would give Dex x1.5 to damage when wielded two-handed, as well as a bonus on AoOs caused by movement. You can even keep the Poisoner archetype.

Walter Sheppard wrote:

I had a hunter 1/oracle 5 that was super janky.

The hunter level had the Verminous Hunter archetype, and I had ritualistically killed off my vermin animal companion to get Fast Healing 1 permanently.

I comboed that with a Spirit Guide Life Oracle with FCB going into Channel, having a second Channel pool, and polished it off with Life Link. So I was effectively had a meat sack that took everyone's damage and slowly healed it. The plan was to never buy a wand of CLW during my career.

The flavor was that my character was a leper (wasting curse), that wrapped him self up like a mummy and wore an Osirion burial mask to cover his features (similar to Kingdom of Heaven). Whenever my Life Link ticked, I would bleed like a martyr through the mouth slit of my ivory mask, but I wouldn't die. If the character ever did die, I wouldn't resurrect him (marking him as dead in PFS), because he worshiped the concept of reincarnation and was expecting to come back as the kind of vermin he had killed, thus continuing the cycle.

The errata messed this overpowered build pretty well--killing both the hunter dip and the FCB channel shenanigans--which I am fine with. A one level dip for permanent Fast Healing 1 (and light fortification) is pretty stupid.

Fortunately, my GM for Skulls & Shackles is letting me keep the legacy build, so that we can still be the Immortal Crew of the Grindylow's Grin. The crew takes damage, their wounds mystically close, and I bleed in penance for their injuries before my wounds inexplicably close.

I don't know what will become of the oracle in PFS, I might burn a GenCon boon to rebuild him entirely.

Boots of the Earth are still a PFS legal source of permanent Fast Healing. The Spirit Guide channel pool and FCB channeling take a hit, but the concept is still perfectly doable. And awesome.

On second glance, not likely. The SLA FAQs are pretty consistent on the "SLAs are not spells" angle, unless specifically called out in feat or crafting prerequisites.

Are kineticists' blasts SLAs? If so, then Orc should work. Draconic requires an energy descriptor. If blasts are SU, then no, as both bloodlines include the phrase "whenever you cast a spell..."

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With the changes to the Spirit Talker feat as part of the ACG errata, how does the feat interact with the Arcane Enlightenment hex? Do spells prepared with the aid of that hex vanish at the end of the hour, or remain prepared?

KnifeW1se wrote:

Drat I missed that one I thought it was a dodge bonus, You're correct sir though you can still take Barkskin though the normal picking of spells known you jut don't get it automatically. AKA you still have access to add it to spells known through Nature.

No, you don't. The bonus spells from the Nature mystery are only on your spell list by virtue of the class feature that grants them. If you replace said class feature via Ancient Lorekeeper, they are no longer on your spell list.

kalikorz wrote:

4 X Half-Elf Nature Oracle Ancient Lorekeeper, 2x Titan Mauler Barb Then Rage-Prophet

Favored class bonus oracle bonus spells known and you're one of the best casters with respect to versatility.

Nature let's you take Cha instead of Dex to your AC so no need for heavy armor. Then it let's you get fast healing when you go below 0 so you never die. You get Shield from Ancient Lorekeeper which stacks with Barkskin, which stacks with shield of faith, Then you take shield of swings, You can switch between casual Earth Breaker & Heavy Shield, scaling AC as needed to be nat 20 vs. the mob. At 4 levels of Oracle you can have a +4 stat bonus, +6 Armor, +4 Shield, +2 Barkskin, +2 Shield of Faith, +3 from fighting defensively, +4 from shield of swings, +2 Combat Expertise. =10+4+6+4+2+2+3+4+2= 37 AC and -6 to hit and half damage while two handed fighting still with spell-casting and a full-level animal companion!!!! UBER OP :)

UBER OP only if you ignore the fact that many of these things don't stack. The Shield spell and Shield of Swings are mutually exclusive. Shield of Swings also requires taking a full-attack action every round to maintain it, meaning no spell casting and cutting your damage in half. Taking Ancient Lorekeeper for Shield also means that you lose out on Barkskin from the Nature mystery, as Ancient Lorekeeper replaces mystery bonus spells.

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Paladin of Baha-who? wrote:

It answers the first, but the errata'd slashing grace uses the word "occupied". What this FAQ does is indicate that spell casting occupies your free hand. If it were the touch spell acting as a weapon that mattered, then slashing grace would work with a spell that didn't involve an attack roll, such as true strike or Shield.

It's also important to note that Spell Combat states that it "functions much like two-weapon fighting, where the off-hand weapon is a spell that is being cast". The fact of your off-hand being occupied is pretty implicit.

Totes McScrotes wrote:
My other idea was a rapier-pistol Picaroon with Butterfly's Sting to confirm the crits with a double-barreled pistol in the offhand, but I thought that was too minmaxy.

Wouldn't work. Butterfly's Sting only works with melee attacks.

Tamec wrote:
The debate is whether they can continue on with the bloodrager dragon bloodline or they have to switch to the sorcerer dragon bloodline.

They don't have to "switch", they receive the powers of the Sorcerer Draconic bloodline in addition to the Bloodrager Draconic bloodline. Each bloodline's abilities are simply determined independently by the number of levels in the class that grants it. So a Bloodrager 5/Dragon Disciple 2 has the Bloodline powers of a 5th level Bloodrage and a 2nd level Sorcerer.

Sacred Fists no longer receive increased BAB when flurrying.

Magi can no longer benefit from Precise Strike.

Slashing Grace now applies to light slashing weapons as well, but cannot be used with Flurry or any use of the off-hand (shields, TWF, wands, etc).

BigNorseWolf wrote:
Does a cleric of Calistria


BadBird wrote:
You could take a level of Urban Barbarian (or other Barbarian, but Urban seems the most appropriate) and a little Extra Rage for a thematic Controlled Rage.

Or Celestial Bloodrager...

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From last night's game:

Fury of the Fiend:

We decided that spending several days repairing the elevator to the depths of Rachikan was a waste of time.

Instead, the party druid put on a ring of Feather Falling, cast Ant Haul, wildshaped into a large tiger, and leapt down the shaft with the rest of the party clinging to his back.

The waiting Morlocks, having no descending elevator to leap upon in waves, gathered below to gape up at the sight. Then it started raining Fireballs and Alchemist's bombs.

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