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Hi gang

I'm seeing some great new stuff in this forum. The Pathfinder Database welcomes any content posted here that's in more of a final version to also be submitted to the database for long term searchability and presentation on a more targeted web site.


Why not add them to the Pathfinder Database?

Once you get this to a final form, would you consider adding this to the Pathfinder Database?

Any chance I can add this to the Pathfinder Database? Send me an email at

Pathfinder Database:
moderator at pathfinderdb dot com

Voodoo Mike, seeing as how some people are bumping the article to keep it around, would you care to add this as an article to the Pathfinder Database? I'd even create a separate section for how-to articles for stuff like this.

This looks pretty good. Would you like to add this to the Pathfinder Database?

Any chance you'd like to add this to the Pathfinder Database?

Care to add it to the Pathfinder Database?

F. Wesley Schneider wrote:
That being said, we keenly watch Kobold Quarterly, Wayfinder, Pathfinder Society Open Calls, those few third-party Pathfinder products we get copies of, and - especially - RPG Superstar for new talent. If you want to get your foot in the door here now, cutting your teeth in any of the aforementioned places would be a wise first step to landing a paying freelance gig.

Nobody watches the Pathfinder Database? (sniff)

BronzeSparrow wrote:
Pathfinder Database Pimp wrote:
Any chance you'd like to post this at the Pathfinder Database?
Sure, but it's still in test phase. Would you be able to add the updates when/if it is changed?

Of course. I handle edits for a lot of entries. That's why I don't include comments on the individual entries themselves because the comments may refer to a previous version of the content.

Any chance you'd like to post this at the Pathfinder Database?

Care to post this at the Pathfinder Database?

Any chance you'd like to post this at the Pathfinder Database?

Great work Kyle! Would you mind if I also hosted the download on the Pathfinder Database?

I'd need you to submit the installer file to me formally. You can send it to:


Kyle Olson wrote:
Ravingdork wrote:

Do you really need to put the CMB on there? All your other numbers are passive. A GM doens't really need to know a PC's CMB (unlike the CMD).

I'd say drop CMB in favor of the max/current hp if you are having trouble with space.

I've split the stats popout into 3 tabs right now, Base, Combat and attacks so there is space for the CMB. The CMB is not very useful for players, but it's there for quick reference for the monsters or for inputing for a blank monster. Here's what it looks like right now:

Stats Block

The BAB may not be the most useful, but it balances out the block.

I can stick the maximum HP on this page or on the Base page, but I think it's most useful next to the HP, and I'm short on space on the simple 2 line item. I've got some ideas of how to clean it up.

I'd love to see this posted at the Pathfinder Database.

Sometimes simpler classes are a godsend for new players.

Any interest in submitting to the Pathfinder Database?

rowdy55 wrote:

The Artificer

Alignment: Any
Hit Die: d6
Base Attack: Low
Good Save: Will

Skills: 7 ranks in Spellcraft
Feats: Scribe Scroll, plus any two item creation feats and/or metamagic feats plus Skill Focus in Spellcraft
Spells: Able to cast six different spells of 3rd level or higher from 6 different schools.
Special: Must under go a week of training in a college of artifice, the player must read the magic item creation rules in the magic items chapter.

Class Skills
Appraise(Int), Craft(Int), Disable Device(Dex), Knowledge (Arcana)(Int), Knowledge(Architecture & Engineering)(Int), Knowledge(Dungeoneering)(Int), Knowledge(the Planes)(Int), Perception(Wis), Profession(Wis), Spellcraft(Int), and Use Magic Device(Cha)
Skill Ranks at each Level: 2 + Int Mod

Class Features
Spells per Day/Spells Known: When a new artificer level is gained, the character gains new spells per day as if he had also gained a level in a spellcasting class he belonged to before adding the prestige class. He does not, however, gain other benefits a character of that class would have gained, except for additional spells per day, spells known (if he is a spontaneous spellcaster), and an increased effective
level of spellcasting. If a character had more than one spellcasting class before becoming an artificer, he must decide to which class he adds the new level for purposes of determining spells per day.

Item Creation A 1st level artificer has been trained to craft any sort of item, so as long as he meets the caster level requirement for a magic item he is treated as having the item creation feat for making that item, even if he doesn't have it. If an artificer does have the item creation feat for an item he can create those items at two caster levels higher then normal.

Artificer Knowledge: At 2nd level an Artificer adds half his artificer level to Appraise, Spellcraft checks made to identify the properties of an item, Use Magic Device checks with items you have the item creation feat for, And Perception...

Would you mind submitting this to me for the Pathfinder Database?

Send me an email:

Any chance you'd add this to the Pathfinder Database?

If you guys have some awesome classes in the works, you're welcome to submit them to the Pathfinder Database

Any interest in publishing this at the Pathfinder Database?

Mauril wrote:

I'm currently playing the 3.5 Heroes of Horror class the Archivist in a Pathfinder game. I love this class, at it's core, but I hate how easily abusable it is. I really have to watch myself to not overshadow the other players. With that in mind, I have attempted to rebuild the class to be more group friendly. Please have a look at the Prelate that I have prepared in a Google document. Here is the Heroes of Horror version for comparison.

I am still working on some of the kinks in the wording and in the power level. I am also trying out some options for archetypes for the class. Potentially I'll be adding racial favored class options and specialized feats as well.

Please offer up your thoughts, opinions and critiques.

Hi Kendril I was wondering if you could contact me at



regarding your project.


Kendril Shad wrote:
Awesome. After I finish getting the rules on the PFModern wiki, I'll post let you know and we can work to get them up on your database!

Sorry for the late reply. Sounds awesome.

In conjunction with all the other community efforts to get Pathfinder Modern launched...

Shameless bump.

Due to my personal feeling of success with the Pathfinder Database, I thought I'd start up a site for my second love... d20 Modern.

The aim of the d20 Modern Database is to keep the d20 Modern rules alive with new content and updates to rules.

Custom rules and house rules, including "Pathfinderizing" d20 Modern are all fair game. The site should be up in a couple of weeks, which I will announce here.

If you're familiar with the Pathfinder Database, the d20 Modern Database will work the same way. Perhaps I'll even have a spot to post the SRD.

Anyone working on "Alpha" d20 Modern with Pathfinder changes are welcome to post new rules when said rules look to be near-final. Since the DB is a semi-permanent repository, it's best to playtest or discuss rules first and then post.


Hi everyone,

If you've got some awesome Pathfinder Roleplaying Game content that you've been brewing at home and it's finally ready to be put out into the wild, consider submitting it to the Pathfinder Database.

I see a lot of great content on this forum and its a shame for all these ideas to get lost amongst all the posts here.

The Pathfinder Database is a centralized data store for all of these ideas, organized and presented for readability. Stop by and try it out today!

If this gets to a final version, be sure to submit it to the Pathfinder Database

Nobody mentioned the Sorcerer Bloodlines on the Pathfinder Database?

Or this one: oodline-psionic

I've redesigned the homepage slightly so you don't have to look too far down the page to find the login.

Hope that helps.

If you're happy with this as the final version, would you be interested in posting this to the Pathfinder Database?

If you get this to a final version, would you be interested in posting this over at the Pathfinder Database?

If you get this to a final version, would you be interested in posting this over at the Pathfinder Database?

Interested in posting this over at the Pathfinder Database?

Sorry for the earlier trouble. There was an update to the site in progress.

You do have to register in order to submit content to the site. I'll paste in a link to the registration...

Pathfinder Database User Registration

After you register, you need to login to the site in order to see the Content Submission Menu.

To all of you who have used or have contributed to the Pathfinder Database, I want to give you a big thanks!

As part of continuing to add content to the community, I've started a new Gamemaster Options category called "Archetypes". This category will include any common recurring bad guy types that you can't find in the Bestiary.

So, for example, the ones I've got so far are:

Goblin Commander (3rd Level Warrior)
Kobold Commander (3rd Level Warrior)
Orc Commander (3rd Level Warrior)
Town Guard (1st Level Fighter)
Seargent/Town Guard Commander (3rd Level Fighter)

At this point, to make this a real success, I'd like to hear any suggestions for new archetypes that YOU need for YOUR game.

Some ideas I've already got brewing:

Drow Warriors (Lvl 3, Lvl 5)
Orc Shaman (Lvl 3 Acolyte)
Kobold Wizard (Lvl 3 Sorcerer)
Goblin Wizard (Lvl 3 Acolyte)
Sahuagin Skirmisher (Lvl 3 Ranger)
Troglodyte Commander (Lvl 3 Warrior)

Please post away so I can build stat blocks that YOU need!

Just a reminder for any new members to the forum, if you're interested in posting your homebrew content to the Pathfinder Database for posterity, head on over and create an account.

By submitting content, you get a standardized content layout and a star-rating feedback from readers. Stop by and check it out!

If you ever get this to a final state, feel free to add it to the Pathfinder Database!

If you ever get this to a final state, feel free to add it to the Pathfinder Database!

If you ever get this to a final state, feel free to add it to the Pathfinder Database!

If you're interested, would you mind submitting these to the Pathfinder Database?

If this is an on-going kind of thing, I could set up a section of the Pathfinder Database specifically for collections of campaign world articles. If you're interested in this please contact me through the Pathfinder Database web site.

Sounds interesting. Maybe submit this to the Pathfinder Database?

If you're happy with it, feel free to submit it to the Pathfinder Database.

Feel free to submit to the Pathfinder Database once you get it to a final draft.

Any chance you'd submit this to the Pathfinder Database?

oooooh! Please submit these to the Pathfinder Database! Please please please!

I'd love to see this on the Pathfinder Database!

Care to add this to the Pathfinder Database?

Be sure to send me a new copy as well for the site!

David Fryer wrote:

Okay, so some people asked me to link all my various works together so here goes.


Lots of David Fryer's stuff can also be found at the Pathfinder Database.

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