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Just a reminder for any new members to the forum, if you're interested in posting your homebrew content to the Pathfinder Database for posterity, head on over and create an account.

By submitting content, you get a standardized content layout and a star-rating feedback from readers. Stop by and check it out!

Yeah, and it would be even greater is we were ACTUALLY ABLE TO SUBMIT CONTENT! S$#@, I searched the entire site for 30 minutes and I have yet to see these Content Submission options your site brags about!

Aaaanndd now I can't even access the bloody site. It's giving me warning and fatal error messages!

Liberty's Edge

The site's working fine for me, Berselius.

PDBPimp: I'm still working on a world of my own- all I have so far are deities, but I'm working on new Cavalier orders, as well as elven sub-species and backstory.

Sorry for the earlier trouble. There was an update to the site in progress.

You do have to register in order to submit content to the site. I'll paste in a link to the registration...

Pathfinder Database User Registration

After you register, you need to login to the site in order to see the Content Submission Menu.

I've redesigned the homepage slightly so you don't have to look too far down the page to find the login.

Hope that helps.

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