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To all of you who have used or have contributed to the Pathfinder Database, I want to give you a big thanks!

As part of continuing to add content to the community, I've started a new Gamemaster Options category called "Archetypes". This category will include any common recurring bad guy types that you can't find in the Bestiary.

So, for example, the ones I've got so far are:

Goblin Commander (3rd Level Warrior)
Kobold Commander (3rd Level Warrior)
Orc Commander (3rd Level Warrior)
Town Guard (1st Level Fighter)
Seargent/Town Guard Commander (3rd Level Fighter)

At this point, to make this a real success, I'd like to hear any suggestions for new archetypes that YOU need for YOUR game.

Some ideas I've already got brewing:

Drow Warriors (Lvl 3, Lvl 5)
Orc Shaman (Lvl 3 Acolyte)
Kobold Wizard (Lvl 3 Sorcerer)
Goblin Wizard (Lvl 3 Acolyte)
Sahuagin Skirmisher (Lvl 3 Ranger)
Troglodyte Commander (Lvl 3 Warrior)

Please post away so I can build stat blocks that YOU need!

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