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The Vagrant Erudite wrote:
Or at least a lid for your cup.

He has an energetic kitten/young cat. There is no lid that is 100% cat proof. Or angel proof, probably.

I'd go with the waterproof keyboard. And a decoy keyboard* for the cat.

* Note to self: Invent a decoy keyboard for cats that gets as warm as a laptop power brick.

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Dogfort Communications Officer wrote:
Phillip Gastone wrote:
I'm going to offer illegal advice! Steal things! Also pillage! Videotape things without written consent!


<gently pushes empty coffee cup onto grass next to "Keep Off the Grass" sign>

Hey, hey, hey! That's a feline union job! {goes back to pushing all the packs of toilet paper off the supermarket shelf}

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Just a Mort wrote:
Now its 81 F and I just ate half a honeydew.

Sekrit melon massacre footage

Edit: Nekkid munching?

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Cover Turtle wrote:

*wobbles by*

I'm saddened by missing nude kitty…

Gratuitous nude kitty photo.

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gran rey de los mono wrote:
Vidmaster7 wrote:
gran rey de los mono wrote:
How weird would it be if our ears had to blink?
Now we have to define what ear blinking would be technically we do have little shutters in our ears that help to keep our ears from being damaged they kind of blink. Now if were talking about the ears just randomly coming together that would be pretty sick.
I picture it as the ear having to periodically fold into itself like an ugly taco.

Ear "blinking", kitten style

Sharoth wrote:
One of the kittens that we are fostering ate her (his?) dinner and then clawed its way up the couch and went to sleep in the blanket.

Like this?

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The Mad Comrade wrote:
Limeylongears wrote:
What if they were goblin kittens from the Elemental Plane of Fire?
Step up your game to cone of cold. ;)

decanter cardboard box of endless kittens?

sanwah68 wrote:

I want Catfolk.....just so I can use this Figure:Clipper

While you're waiting for Starfinder, you can still play a Small catfloof in Pathfinder.

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I blame Cosmo for the Raise of the Poodle Lards.

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captain yesterday wrote:
The worst thing that happened to Tammy was her dog getting kicked.

Who did the kicking?

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Many times when I'm not 100% certain on a word's spelling or meaning, I drop it into Google to check. I was pretty sure "clowder" was the correct word for a group of cats, so checked Google, and confirmed it. Except... I also got a single hit for a "clam clowder" recipe. Sure enough, further Googling uncovered many recipes for "clam clowder". I know it's a typo, I assume it's typo and I'm not going to click links to confirm it, but still: Yuck.

I blame Cosmo for my curiosity killing my appetite.

Oooo, want!

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The Doomkitten wrote:
And, because I'm feeling nice, a treat for you, Freehold.

{dances (poorly)}

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"Bestow upon me the wonders of the cosmos..."

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Nom nom nom… Wait… What?

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SomethingsomethingCaracal wrote:
I'm a tiger.

Babou, Serpentine! (non-sequitur-ish , I know, but seemed appropriate after all the lines & queues discussion.)

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Lazy cat slinkys self down stairs

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Abandoned Paralyzed Kitten Found In Mac and Cheese Box Gets Lego Wheelchair

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lynora wrote:
I recently bought a new small garbage can for my office area, but I keep finding my cats in it. Apparently what I actually bought was a cat bed. :)

Yes, small garbage cans are almost as perfect as cardboard boxes.

I was reading about how people responding to cats in trouble use mesh washing bags to restrain them without causing stress, which was a new idea to me. I'm thinking about stopping by the closeouts store on Monday and buying a mesh pop-open/pop-up laundry bag for our remaining cat as a semi-private "duck people blind"/cat fort.

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Still no dire corgi. Rats.

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Emperor Floyd wrote:
Devoted Pet Kitty wrote:
I don't like sunshine... =-_-=
I don't like Sunshine either. We must stop this lie.

I really liked Sunshine, except for the stupid crazy slasher ending part. I didn't even mind the weird premise, involving q-balls converting the solar matter into something exotic or something. I still cry at the end of the "shield repairs" scene.

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{harks up hairball}

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FiddlersGreen wrote:

Has anyone seen my pet kitty Hastur?

"Haaas-turrr. Hastur? Hastur!"

The judges would also have accepted Hastur, Pussycat! Ia! Ia!

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{fails Will save vs. Courtfool mind control}

{in monotone:} You should play HERO. It is the best.

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Freehold DM wrote:
NobodysHome wrote:

OK. Re-reading it, it really is politics and such. If you'd rather I delete it, just let me know within the hour and I'll remove it. After that, I'm sure we can flag down Chris and have her destroy it.

is at work

bike in scabbard grows lambent

Wha? The bike is glowing! It must sense something.

brandishes bike

Bike of Fawtl, give me sight beyond sight!

looks in spoiler

It's toeing the to delete than to risk flaming bikes being thrown at you.

Reeerrrr, Freehold-O, you did it! We're safe once again, snarf, snarf! {cue chorus singing FaWTLCats theme}

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Drejk wrote:

One (or two) of which should be monsters.

Well I have one monster on drawing board (metaphorically, I don't draw... much).

Since it's for the River Kingdoms, maybe a fey version of one (or more) of these cats? Bonus points if they can be gained as a familiar.

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John Kretzer wrote:
I Blame Cosmo for the extreme drama my niece has created today...I got woken up by her yelling at her bf over the phone...and it just got worse from there.
John Kretzer wrote:
I Blame Cosmo older Sister and older brother were going out to dinner...I said I would like to go so they decided to pick a place they knew I would not like.

I blame Cosmo that Calgone has twice refused to take Master Kretzer and Floyd away.

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Could be worse.

I'm a little surprised you have a "Cheryl Tunt" alias, but not one for Babou.

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John Kretzer wrote:
I Blame Cosmo for yet again being invaded by my brother's kids.

I blame Cosmo that Master Kretzer has not supplied Floyd with at least a cardboard pillbox and Nerf machine gun to repel the dread invaders.

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Kobold Cleaver wrote:
It's kind of like dog years, except much shorter. Except Twinkie years. Those go a bit longer.

Now I want to feed Twinkies to my neighbor's dog to make him immortal.

No, I briefly saw Courtfool too. I think he must be trapped in the Tholians' interphasic-spatial rift while he was investigating the marooned USS Defiant. {goes back to writing Kirk/TJ Hooker/Denny Crane poly slashfic}

CourtFool wrote:
What's going on here?!

{spit-takes catnip mojito} HOLY SHIT! Courtfool?!

{sideeyes mojito} Damn, that's some powerful 'nip if I'm hallucinating him. And those government-sponsored chemtrails wafting out of CDP's butt.

John Kretzer wrote:
I Blame Cosmo that my cat Floyd did not come home this morning like he usually does. I am not writing him off yet... as my brother is up with his kids and Floyd hates them( well he only really likes me but he can tolerate most people except for little kids), but I am slightly worried.

I sincerely hope Floyd makes it home safely and gives you extra affection by way of an apology.

Tels wrote:
I blame Cosmo for John delusionally believing cats actually like people.

Cats like to play aloof and act picky, but they are often very affectionate when they choose to be.

{puffs away on catnip hookah}

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Yep, kobolds are weaker than human commoners.

Ah, AH! By RAW, what do I do?! I don't have a copy of Poodlefinder Unleashed!!!

The Monday Monster wrote:
Clinically Depressed Poodle wrote:
Oh, hello Monday. F*+$ you, and the MoMo you rode in on.
Why do you talk to me like that when you know I'll punt you?

{in best Boddicker impersonation (rather poorly done, actually):} Can you fly, MoMo?

{pretend tosses MoMo from imaginary van into imaginary traffic}

{chows down on puffins for breakfast}

Ceaser Slaad wrote:
Eagerly waiting to see what sort of chaos ensues when you cross Miss Kitty with the Humpday Monster.

{coolly smoking a clove cigarette and sipping a catnip mojito} Nah, I never forget to wear protection. {points at flea collar} See? Can't have kittens.

Hey, this year, April Courtfool's fell on a Hump Day!

Dang it, we all slept through Hump Day. Maybe my narcolepsy is contagious? Or there might be a gas leak in here?

Butt sniffing is a dog's life. And you smell of anchovies.

Not even your Hippeh chew toy?

{wakes up from extended narcoleptic nap} Frenchy, moi? Zhat is outrageous! I am Catalonian on my father's brother's nephew's cousin's former kennelmate's side.

Drejk wrote:
David M Mallon wrote:
Trying to get musicians to respond to e-mail messages is like trying to herd cats on meth.

{drops bag of blue kitty litter} I am the one who caterwauls.

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I also blame Cosmo for poor Floyd needing to go to the vet, and for poor Master Kretzer not having a ring of regeneration.

Tastes like gold and white!

Why did you pick up a level in necromancer, KC? It's a mechanically inferior class option.

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
Life is like a roll of toilet paper. the closer you get to the end the faster it goes.

{bats roll of toilet paper to watch it unspool on the floor} Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that "owning" (HA!) a cat shortens your life.

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