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Fun new race additions


I backed this book on Kickstarter. I will admit I was specifically interested in the mushroom men, but this book is well written well illustrated and a lot of fun. Highly recommended.

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Good fun


I ran this last night as the start of my Snow White campaign. Everyone had a good time and we finished in up in roughly 4 hours. The story is fairly basic but my players had a blast figuring out the problem. Unfortunately they accidentally bungled the ending , so now I have a spin off adventure to run!

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A very hardy bag


This bag gets used all the time and lugs around a lot of books. To date no issues still looks like new. Well worth the money.

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Nice pin


Mine arrived today and it went straight to my goblin bag. I bought locking pin backs from Amazon so it won't fall off, as I have terrible luck with pins. I'd like to see more in the future as well.

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A fine addition to the goblin T line.


Mine just arrived and I love it! Nice heavy quality t-shirt (as usual) and the image is perfect. I will be wearing this for our annual holiday themed game, and for years to come.

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