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The World Below Beckons!

Explore the endless possibilities of the underworld with Underworld Races & Classes. Within, you will unearth the secrets of the drow and their machinations, including their deadly arachnid martial artists. Quasi-undead halflings blend gunslinging and merry tunes, while savage, blood-sucking humanoid bats haunt the dark. A strange crystal is slowly coating the caverns, sending forth its radiant missionaries, while in majestic mushroom jungles the mighty funglets roam. The hammers of the dwarven people resound from the cavern walls, where the volatile Amber Roads remain just one spell away. Underworld Races & Classes is a must-have companion-volume for your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventures, offering 14 new races and more than 25 diverse classes and class options for these races. Included herein, you can find:

  • New material for fan-favorites like the drow, brought to you by the company that created the critically-acclaimed Rise of the Drow saga
  • Detailed information on wondrous races and their distinct cultures—including the four-armed, insectoid hoyrall and the savage, crocodile-like kraidyl
  • Innovative, optional rules for sonar-based perception, crafted with the help of a blind gamer
  • Razor wire fighting, explosive mushrooms, soul candles, symbiotes, spores, and web-slinging
  • Scaling advice to customize all races to your game
  • New archetypes, classes, favored class options, feats, items, monsters, and spells
  • And so much more!

Saddle up your trusty riding slug or dire badger and explore a world below this world, more wondrous than you ever dared to dream!

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5.00/5 (based on 2 ratings)

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I backed this on Kickstarter and I love this book. The races are cool and well fleshed out. There are two full 20-level classes as well: the underterror and the the stonesinger (a geomancer). The underterror provides Pathfinder rules for a summoner-like class except instead of the eidolon being an extraplanar companion, the character is the eidolon. It's awesome.

I also made a whole party of funglets, because there are various different mushroom species-specific themes for this race.

It's one of my favorite RPG books of 2017!

Fun new race additions


I backed this book on Kickstarter. I will admit I was specifically interested in the mushroom men, but this book is well written well illustrated and a lot of fun. Highly recommended.

Dark Archive

I kickstarted this book and was very impressed with the final product. There are a bunch of really fun races to mess with. Highly recommended.

Thank you for the kind words! We're glad you are enjoying the book. :)

-Jonathan G. Nelson
AAW Games

Gearing up for a Rise of the Drow campaign, so I decided to grab this - from your website, of course! :)

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