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Vathak is a land of harsh terrain and frigid weather. Plague and disease have swept the land, turning cities to cemeteries. The Vampire Lords are fighting for power and survival. The vindari killed most of your family as their genocidal plans spread across nations. Bhriota cultist kidnapped, tortured, and ate the first girl you ever loved.

This is Vathak, before the Old Ones awakened . . .

Shadows Over Vathak is a dark fantasy, survival horror campaign setting for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Combining elements of gothic horror and Lovecraftian mythos, Shadows Over Vathak introduces a world of hardship and strife on the verge of a great war with other-worldly horrors.

The Shadows Over Vathak setting book includes:

  • Complete rules for the 6 dominant races of Vathak, including their ecologies, alternative racial traits and favored class rewards. These core races are; Bhriota, Cambion, Dhampir, Romni, Svirfneblin, and the Vindari.
  • 5 new classes like the Apostle, Blade Slinger, Eldritch Conjurer, Rifleer, and Sword Dancer! And over 20 new archetypes for all your favorite core and base classes!
  • Over 50 new Feats and Spells for even more character options and horrific flavor.
  • Firearms, sacrificial kits, mummified armor, war machines, and magic itmes to discover on your path to adventure and quest to destroy the Old Ones!
  • Details on all the regions of the lands of Vathak, including strange locations, mysterious cities and the characters that inhabit them.
  • Game Mastering section giving you new and streamlined rules for diseases, weather, sanity, how to build a city of Vathak, and an easy adventure generator!
  • Horrific creatures to plague your players, including the Spawn of the Old Ones and Yshugua Titan. And a variety of creature templates to create your own unspeakable monstrocities!

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3.70/5 (based on 3 ratings)

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I really like this book a lot.


I had a chance to play in Vathak last year at PaizoCon and had a great time. As such I bought the core rule book, gave it a read and then waited for a chance to use it. Well a year later that chance finally rolled around ( read we finally finished the game we were in) and after a quick brush up to,remember some of the details we were off and running. So far so good my players are really enjoying the tone of the game and the change of pace is nice too. Now to be fair I did tweak things a little to make it fit into Paizo's Glorian and tone down a bit of the back story but on a whole am running most of it as written. Just presented as a land that has a backstory to match the Vathak setting instead of a whole world. Yes it's a stretch in places but my group is more than willing to be forgiving in the interest of have a good time. I'm thinking that Ultimate Horror might help me out if we decide to stay / revisit Vathak in the months to come. Ultimately I can honestly recommend this book if for no other reason than to bring a change of pace to the table.


Now available!

Approx how many pages is Shadows over Vathak?

This version of Shadows over Vathak is 256 pages - this is an update from the original release of 96 pages.

And reviewed here, on DTRPG, submitted to Nerdtrek and sent to GMS magazine. I'll be doing reviews for all Vathak-pdfs.

This is a great book. maybe I am missing it, but I can't seem to find a description for how big Vathak is.

Does anyone have an idea of the size of the continent?


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