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"Snow White" is an adventurous fairy tale compatible with Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 and the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, designed for four to six 6th-8th level characters.

This is the completely rewritten and gorgeous epic of the 5-star award-winning adventure produced thanks to our Kickstarter backers!

Love is firmly in the northern air of the Klavek Kingdom, as what started as a marriage of political practicality has turned into the real thing. The Prince of the mighty Klavek Kingdom has met the true love of his life, Lumi Valtatytar, daughter of Lord Herttua Valta of Morsain. Lumi is loved by everyone for her intelligence, kindness, and not least, for her grace and beauty (which are beyond compare).

But the path of true love rarely runs smoothly; the PCs, initially there to help at the wedding, find themselves involved with assassination attempts, political intrigue, dastardly machinations, insurgents, and even murder! At every turn, someone or something seems determined to stop the party from getting Lumi to the church on time. Who is behind all these devious mischief and can they be caught? There's plenty for the PCs to reflect on as they make every effort to ensure the marriage of the year goes ahead, while fighting to clear their names at the same time.

Suddenly and without warning, Lumi disappears; the party is responsible for tracking her down and returning her safely to Castle Morsain. Their quest won't be easy as they must first enter the dreaded Haunted Forest and deal with the seven short folk responsible for Lumi's abduction.

During their journey the PCs must evade a bottomless pit ravenously following them through the woods, explore the fabled Feyglade, and escape a forest maze and its minotaur guardian. Then the party will come face-to-face with the short folk and a wizened crone before rescuing Lumi and returning to Morsain, where they find themselves under attack as someone tries to prevent them from getting back to the castle.

"Snow White" spans nearly 250 pages and includes:

  • Multiple paths to reach each stage of the story
  • Detailed cartography mapping of a full-scale castle
  • A new multi-stage poison, "Assassin Vine Cocktail"
  • Rules for running a high speed chase on horseback through a forest
  • The Alchemist's Journal, detailing the various flora & fauna in the Haunted Forest
  • New creatures, including the Twisted Treant, Bottomless Pit and Gravewrap
  • Fairy tale-themed traps, such as the Binding Rocking Chair
  • New magic items, including the amulet of sleep, bed of alertness, and orb of misleading
  • Multiple possible endings to the tale, depending upon the players' actions throughout the adventure
  • Game mechanics for falling in love—the heart rules the head!
  • Gorgeous maps by Tommi Salama
  • And of course, all those essential fairy tale elements; a beautiful heroine, a prince, a queen, a magic mirror, and a hidden cabin in a haunted forest

Awards & Reviews

Top Ten Roleplaying Game Product of 2014 (Award)–Pathways Magazine

"'Snow White' is a tour de force through the realm of folk-lore's ballrooms and dark forests—a diverse, challenging quest breathing both the spirit of the classic fairy-tale and more authenticity than 'Grimm' and 'Once Upon a Time' combined, while at the same time adapting its source-material to the medium of role-playing games in a masterful, true and most importantly, extremely fun manner." —Endzeitgeist,

"A true joy and delight, mixing a little whimsy and a touch of classic fairy stories into well-resourced fantasy adventuring." —Megan Robertson, RPG Resource

"Why its good: A lot gets said about Rise of the Drow but to me at its best is the 'Snow White' adventure. Solid writing, new twists on a very Grimm fairy tale, cartography by Todd Gamble, it's great stuff. Buy this: if you like Gothic fairy tales, and don't want to tell your players you're doing it." —Steve Russell, Rite Publishing

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5.00/5 (based on 2 ratings)

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Community Manager

Now available! (And it's so purty!)

Thanks Liz!

We are so excited to announce the official release of Snow White. This adventure has been in the works for nearly a year and a half. Special thanks to our incredible team and all our amazing backers for making this epic adventure possible.

-Jonathan G. Nelson
AAW Games

$40 is way too much for a PDF.

If it was hardcover, then maybe.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Is it hardcover version of this being released?

Dark Archive

There will be one . There was a Kickstarter for it a while back.

What level does this start and end at?

The Description wrote:
"Snow White" is an adventurous fairy tale compatible with Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 and the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, designed for four to six 6th-8th level characters.



I wonder what alignment and class the princess is. Just aristocrat, or something else?

Part II of my review:


Editing and formatting are very good - for a book of this size in particular, the editors did a great job. A special shout-out to the layout artists Justin Andrew Mason and Jensen Toperzer - the 2-column layout is STUNNING - with apple blossoms and apples as borders for read-aloud texts and gorgeous initials, this very much aesthetically feels like a beautiful, old fairy tale tome. Similarly, the artists Mates Laurentiu, Jacob Blackmon, Justin Andrew Mason, Jen Page, Bruno Baxila, Eric Quigley, Jack Holiday and Jeff Ward have achieved something remarkable - in spite of the different artists, this book's huge array of artworks, many of which span whole pages, are not only original - they have a distinct, unified visual identity and style, basically think about classic roleplaying artwork in full color quoting fairy tale imagery. THEN add the absolutely superb maps by Tommi Salama, player-friendly versions included. Oh yeah, the electronic version is fully bookmarked - but if you have the option, get the hardcover. It's gorgeous.

SERIOUSLY, if you usually skip my conclusion's first paragraph, please read it this time around - these folks deserve recognition for the fantastic work delivered. This is one of the most beautiful, huge adventures I've ever read and seriously is so concise in its aesthetic direction it is a pure joy to just flip through the pages.

Stephen Yeardley, Jonathan G. Nelson and Will Myers, with contributors Jacob Blackmon, Justin Andrew Mason and Joshua Gullion (R.I.P.) have taken an already legendary two-part-saga and crafted something thoroughly outstanding from it. Where the original modules had some bottlenecks and minor filler places/weaknesses, this new iteration of the material is absolutely legendary in every way: What was before a bland filler mini-dungeon is now a thoroughly unique dungeon; what was before a bit opaque or linear is now thoroughly modular: If your PCs out-or underperform in the module, the narrative is there to catch you - basically, this module is now as nonlinear as it can be and can be considered a thoroughly unique take on a tale as old as time. The adversaries are smart and the book goes one step beyond - the city of Morsain and the haunted forest would be great stand-alone source-books - even as "only" a scavenging ground of backdrop for your own stories, this is a massive success and worth every cent of the asking price a hundredfold -personally, I'm particularly impressed by the immense feat of making a linear tale we all know thoroughly modular and FRESH.

So no, there can be no question, not even an ounce of a doubt regarding the final verdict of 5 stars + seal of approval + BUY THIS!!!-recommendation. As a reviewer, I face only one conundrum - the original modules already made my Top Ten-list of a year (which should tell you something about how good this is now!) and I have a policy of not nominating books twice for my Top Ten lists - otherwise, e.g. Strange Magic's constituents or Ultimate Charisma would grace my lists in the respective follow-up years. As crunch-books, I could at least designate them as EZG-essentials, though.

However, there is a huge amount of new material in this what to do? Well, Frog God Games' Cyclopean Deeps was a two-part-saga and Part II has been retroactively added to my Top Ten of 2014. Here, however, that wouldn't feel right, for this would score higher than the initial books. I thought long and hard...and know what? This deserves a Top Ten of 2015 I'm cheating my own system, hopefully retaining my fairness regarding the other nominees: This gets an unranked bonus-spot on my Top Ten of 2015 -this would be on the list, high on it, were it not for the previous wins. Consider this as basically a thoroughly impressive, wonderful book that could work just as well with younger audiences. I know who I'm running this for soon... Ähem...oh yeah, once again: Get this!

Reviewed first on, then submitted to Nerdtrek and GMS magazine and posted here, on OBS and AAW Games's shop.


Endzeitgeist out.

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