Pathfinder Society Faction Pin: Dark Archive

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Maintain order in the vaults beneath the Grand Lodge of Absalom. Seek out other dangerous relics, and retrieve them for proper storage and research in the Dark Archive. Study and understand hazardous phenomena, and harness these occurrences' power for the faction's benefit. Build alliances with like-minded organizations.

This detailed metal pin is produced by Campaign Coins under license from Paizo Inc., and is designed by Drew Morrow.

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Average product rating:

5.00/5 (based on 3 ratings)

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Forbidden Knowledge is Power!


I like the design of the PFS Dark Archive Faction Pin: the eldritch flame hovering above an open book tells you immediately that this is a faction devoted to magic and esoteric research. The pin is sturdy and comes with a butterfly clasp, so it won't fall off easily (though I keep mine in the baggy it comes in). Like all the faction pins, it arrives affixed to a little card, the back of which includes a brief description of the faction. Oddly, mine came affixed to the card for the wrong faction, which is a bit annoying, but forgivable (since I'm amazingly magnanimous and humble). I've got a couple of Dark Archive PCs running around, and sooner or later that extra 1d4 is going to come in handy . . .

Good quality


I ordered all of the pins, and they're all wonderful. These are relatively heavy, so I'm glad that some of them actually have 2 posts instead of only one. The pin backs are strong, and I've never even come close to losing one!

Nice pin


Mine arrived today and it went straight to my goblin bag. I bought locking pin backs from Amazon so it won't fall off, as I have terrible luck with pins. I'd like to see more in the future as well.

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