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You're very welcome!

Apologies to Emmett, Jonesy, Gwen, Chris, and Derek for not finding you!

Unfortunately, the votes are in and with the passage of Referendum I-977, we will be unable to harvest additional brains. Initial indications from the Washington Department of Health indicate we will be able to disburse our remaining stock at next year's PaizoCon. They'll be getting a nice long soak in the Hazu fermentation pools, so should be extra ripe for everyone next year!

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Bellona wrote:
... But I already have the KM PDFs. :(

Similar here - count me in for a 1e Bestiary after the campaign. Might have considered more, but definitely don't need even the lowest reward level.

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Just a reminder to all - REPORT the games! I can do so if you give me the sheets (which I also have available), but definitely get everything recorded.

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FYI - there was some mixup with my table of 10-08 on Monday (I think it was deleted). The table was full, and people are still resigning up.

DM Livgin wrote:
Merisal The Risen wrote:

I am offering a run of pathfinder society scenario 6-07 Valley of veiled flame on the Thursday evening

Merisiel aka Jeff Cook

I know no one has asked for it but would fill a story hole on my characters chronicles

Hope that helps

I'd play in that.

Added, and added you both to it:


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Done, Done, and Done.

Also added a session of 10-08 on Monday I can run. Would be very nice to have another table my spouse could play at (hint, hint).

FYI: email is the best way to get me to add games at this late point. LFG is nice, but a game offering is much more likely to happen!

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LukeM wrote:
Normally a warhorn pops up to help organize this.


Here you go! LINK

I can add sessions by request (as can a few others). Request here, by PM, or email (in profile).

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Luisila wrote:
Thank-you, Majuba! You GM'd Fury of the Final Blade for Luisila last Paizocon.

Oh that was a fun table!

27 Left! {Thanks for including real names all! The AKAs are so small!}

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Greetings Paizoians! This may be your final opportunity to secure the most succulent, gooey treasure of gobliny haute cousine! Our rich harvest last year was aided by the tribe of Goblin 'Heroes' we employed, but unfortunately the contractors have mysteriously disappeared (and we cannot comment on ongoing investigations). Fortunately each contractor managed to collect a single hearty organ for this year’s batch! Claim your Goblin Brain now!

If you are attending PaizoCon 2019 and wish to delight your palette with the scrumdidilliumptiousness of the candied pondering organs of Golarion's own minute menaces champions, simply list here a name which will be on your PaizoCon Badge.

This can be your real name {preferred due to font size} or board alias, as long as you make sure you set that under customize my badge on the E-Tickets page.) If known, include your day/time of arrival (Late Wednesday, Early Friday, etc.) Posting or private messaging your Room # when known will also increase speed (and likelihood) of delivery.

The first 36 PaizoCon attendees to post to this thread will be guaranteed a goblin brain.
Don't miss out on the best Golarion Goblins have to offer! - their sinister heroic, pyromaniacal minds!

PaizoCon PSA: The Lottery is Here and is running until Monday 5/6 (11am PST).

Warning: Goblins have a diet notoriously high in peanuts, wheat, and sugar. Do not consume if allergic.

Be sure to Vote No on Referendum I-977, banning the consumption of high-quality ingredients* in confections. Stand up for Humanity!

*: harvested from demi-humans

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That's fairly normal when shipping is in progress.

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Wei Ji the Learner wrote:

I'm not seeing a listing for my GM slot of Solstice Scar C, but I did get an email confirmation of it.

That aside, I did see the two Quest-scenarios on Monday and Friday.

None of my GM slots are showing. If I affirmed too late, it would have been nice to know. Also my 3rd party slot isn't showing. (Fri Afternoon Prison Break!)

Edit: *HUGE* Kudos to the website Team for no delays, no lag, no crashing. I think that's the first time since 2009.
{hopefully not jinxing anything}

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Ooo... It would be fantastic to have a filter for things Ranked or Not ranked in the lottery (lottery only of course).

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Kate Baker wrote:
I only want to commit to one for now! I’ll see about getting a 2-6 game added to the Warhorn.

Added: LINK

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Kate Baker running her SFS scenario on Thursday afternoon.

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Grim Ranger wrote:
Should be easier this time now that I've met you already. :-)

Ha! Tell that to Kobold Cleaver.

38 Remaining!

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Off-topic Seattle Stuff:
Arc Riley wrote:
Though there's nothing preventing your GMs from publishing events to Warhorn, Paizo, etc too.

Signing up through the local forums allows much greater precision over what can be played (e.g. "I can Play Table 1 or 2, wherever you need me"), etc. You can't have signups in multiple places, that's just bad policy. I do did 'publish' the gameday on Paizo as well - but run out of pre-scheduled days occasionally it became far too much of a hassle to add each gameday.

Overall it's a high barrier for entry, but quite effective. I've used Yahoo Polls and Warhorn previously, this works better as far as signing up goes. We do use Warhorn for mini-cons and such where one thread would be overwhelmed.

If you want to run something, email me (see profile), I can set you up.

And yes, the admin approval is to keep out spam, protect privacy.

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43 Remaining!

Will be good to see you Dragnmoon!

Grim - you'll definitely get yours this year, even if I have to bus over to your house after the Con!

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600 posts...

Blog wrote:
ancestry entries suggest some backgrounds you might choose that are common for those of your ancestry. Halflings are often entertainers, acrobats, or street urchins. Many come from hard lives as criminals or laborers.


Entertain me or you're a poor criminal?

Just a bit surprising, since most of the famous halflings are aristocrats, or farmers.

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Yasha Vienne wrote:
Officially one month before con... where is the official thread? otherwise.. ::.grabs ticket from deli counter pull tab numerator.::

Not... *quite*... yet.

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Majuba wrote:
Majuba wrote:
Reservation accepted, but I only take one pre-reservation before the official thread a month prior to Con.
Sorry all - wait for the real thread :)

The impending social conditions responsible for Goblins invading the Core rules of that other edition of Pathfinder will be most convenient for the acquisition of large inventory reserves.


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I'd much rather have seen A (1,2,3) at PaizoCon/GenCon 2017, and then B (4,5,6) at PaizoCon/GenCon 2018. As it is, I'll likely skip the special this year. Even with two-third new, I wouldn't want to spoil a chance to play the last part eventually with two-thirds old material. Being season-agnostic makes the rolling cycle particularly pointless - there's nothing being tied in by the progression, it's purely arbitrary.

+1 to Part 2 being the most memorable by the way, if perhaps too short.

Overall, not to be a downer, but I just don't see how this is good storytelling. Good for organizing, and publishing, but not storytelling.


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Please make more 7-11s in season ten - who wants to start a new character that will never go anywhere?

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Thank you for the extremely detailed and informative FAQ. Truly representative of the exquisite customer service that Paizo represents. It let me quickly ascertain that I will not be joining the revolution.
I look forward to the final year of 3.5/PF content.

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I just have to say, it seems like the new website design could have benefited from the renowned Paizo Playtest Philosphy, and given notice and gotten feedback from the community as a whole. Testing in production... not the way to do things.

That blog Chris mentioned putting up about all the hard work that went into the new site would have been much more useful a month ago than a week from now.

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I was horrified when I thought it was only the mobile version that changed... please provide option to switch back to old format if possible in any way. Or make it Mobile only?... not that it worked in Mobile - forums just sent me back to the main page every time.

Breaking virtually every saved link to the website, especially the forums, all at once is terrible.

I am very sad.

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Rysky wrote:

No, they gave a reason... they just didn't extrapolate.

Once they read a certain spoiler about how a certain power actually works they'll hopefully change their opinion.

Indeed. Thank you Kalindlara.


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Kevin Willis wrote:
edit: 7 seconds, Earl. That’s the shortest I’ve ever been ninja’d by!

Noob. ;)

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While I agree entirely that spell storing rings/ioun stones and gloves of first aid are usable by anyone, prayer beads are not a good example - they require a divine caster.

For those who think otherwise... the item is saying "You can cast...".

Secondary evidence: Gloves of First Aid are priced like 2 potions of breath of life (were such possible), just like a necklace of fireballs is priced.


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John Compton wrote:
This is our first time retiring/deactivating a faction since introducing the Faction Journal Card mechanic, and this seems like the most reasonable resolution—particularly because there's a Scarab Sages boon in a scenario that relies on one's number of Faction Journal Card goals accomplished.

That boon is still impossible to acquire for any character with only one Journal Card (such as started in Season 9, or didn't acquire a card before Season 9).

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Thanks for the repost for the volunteer link (but the link is broken FYI).

Blog wrote:
A conservative estimate of time needed to reach 5* is 650 hours!

I've heard this a couple times, and it seems to me a rather conservative estimate.

Hmm... That would be 1 hour of prep for 50 scenarios, run three times each, in an average of only 4 hours.

Attempt at a minimum calculation:
Okay, so absolute absolute would be something like always running pre-printed scenarios cold in 3.5 hours, x46, plus running We Be Goblins 1-4 and Master of the Fallen Fortress 52 times in ~2.5 hours. That would be 291 hours, and a travesty.

More reasonably: let's say run each scenario an average of two times, with three hours of prep time (including reading, minis, maps, travel, setup), so 225 hours of prep. 150 runs at 4.5 hours would be 675 hours, for a total of 900.

If you take three hours to read, two hours for minis and maps, and run 100 different scenarios, that's 500 hours of prep. If you tend to run up to five hours, that's another 750, for 1250 hours.

If you run each scenario just once, spend an extra two hours building/selecting terrain (on average), and one hour painting/modding a miniature, you're up to 1200 hours of prep. If you run on leisurely gamedays/homegames and spend a good six hours average per scenario, that's 900 hours of running, for 2100 hours total.

Quite the potential range!

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Surprised no one has mentioned Mage's Disjunction used on an artifact - can strip all magical ability - easily reflavored as level loss. Which also explains what happened to all your gear.

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the nerve-eater of Zur-en-Aarh wrote:
pauljathome wrote:

Note - I am NOT saying that it is inherently more evil. I am saying that it inherently has a lot more flags being raised
As the person who accidentally started this derail in the other thread, I'd like to clarify that I don't think mind control is inherently more evil than any of the other examples brought up here or there, just that it's less appealing to me personally to play (for characters supposed to be non-evil).

Just had to say that the novel The Soprano Sorceress by L.E. Modesitt Jr explores the relative evil of evocation vs enchantment in depth.

Essentially, is it better to char someone to death, or force them to act like a decent human being (i.e. Good/Lawful)?


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pogie wrote:
My other question is how militant are the GMs at Paizocon?

Not militant at all. The general atmosphere of PaizoCon is extremely friendly. I've run at almost every PaizoCon and this just doesn't come up often. I *do* ask to see rules every once in a while because I want to rule things right when I'm not familiar with an option. It's never been a problem.

I do highly suggest PDF print-outs - much much easier than dragging up something on a phone, which then flips around or locks when you pass it over to the GM.


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John Compton wrote:
Sid De Squid wrote:
Since Scarab Sages is getting retired I have a quick question, there's a vanity called "the Risen" for the Scarab Sages which calls out if we have that vanity we can never leave the faction... so after the retirement of the faction do the Scarabs with "the Risen" also get retired?
I recall we ran into the same concern when the Osirion faction turned into the Scarab Sages. I don't remember the exact resolution then (I can search for it a little later), but I recall the decision was pretty tame. I would not expect any issues with that vanity at the end of Season 9—particularly not a character's forced retirement.

The "exact resolution" was essentially along the lines of, "Oh, huh, umm.. well, Osirion *became* Scarab Sages, so that's okay, you're still that faction." That would not be the case any longer.

And that's just one of the problems with this. Personally, I'm delighted to see the Sages get the boot, because I have five Osirion characters who want their faction back. This doesn't help that though.

Salvation Boon (3rd Issue):
Two other issues were already discussed (extreme difficulty of accomplishing in the time frame, inability to purchase boon later). In addition: the Boon requires 10 Faction goals completed. Season 9 faction card has 9. So any character who joined Scarab Sages this season, could never complete this, even given the time crunch.

I get limited time boons associated with faction retirements - that makes some sense. But not when it essentially rips the entire arc out of existence, invalidating years of prior boons. And please remember - I *hate* the Sages. This is simply a poor choice.

It would really make so much sense to take Swiftbrook's suggestion and create a new classification of "Inactive Factions". It will be known that no further material will be written for them, but story arcs can still be played out.

If necessary prevent any new characters from joining it. Certainly any rush of grandfathering will be less annoying than the Aasimar/Tiefling business. You could even potentially retroactively "inactivate" other factions that have been retired.

Certainly would make so much more sense for the Sages to lift the veil on the treacherous Zarta and take over the Archive. They've shown themselves much more competent and trustworthy to handle dangerous artifacts.

Grand Lodge 5/5

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Ye, oh Scarabs, sisters and brothers of Osirion! The Sages have taken you for granted long enough! Return now to the fold of our most honored Ruby Prince! Turn from the treacherous men, beasts, and horrors that make up the Sages and embrace the Forthbringer. For though thou may have forsaken him, he never forsook you!

Follow in the footsteps of The Risen and preserve the history of the eldest nation of Golarion!



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Damien_DM wrote:
Instead, here's a nifty tactic to consider: if she gets init over some of the party, have her ready an action to use stone shape to seal the entrance to whatever location you put her, splitting the party. If there's an alternate way to the location you placed her, that's a good place to put a trap or hazard...

Just remember that stone shape is fairly limited in volume - only 18 cubic feet at her level - that's about two inches thick for a 10'x10' wall.


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Care Baird wrote:
I've heard crazier theories.

Nerd. You made me smile.

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moonglum - none of us are happy that there aren't Tales novels coming out. That does not excuse your abusive and profane tone though.

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Yeah, it's a little hard on feats since Bards don't get any extras, but those flat bonuses to *all* damage rolls are fantastic, including Arcane Strike.

Quick Build:
1st: TWF
3rd: Double Slice or Weapon Focus
5th: Arcane Strike
7th: Feat of your choice
9th: Improved TWF
11th: Feat of your choice
13th: Feat of your choice (e.g. Greater Trip, Greater Feint, Imp TWFeint, Rapid Shot)
15th: Two Weapon Rend {Another damage roll for all your static bonuses}

Str/Dex versions (assuming more dex possible than strength due to prereqs):
At 10th:
Attack: BAB 7, Ability +4/+5, WF +0/+1, Enhancement +2, Inspire +2, Good Hope +2, Haste +1 = +16/+16/+16/+11/+11 or +18/+18/+18/+13/+13
Damage: Str +4/+2, Enhancement +2, Inspire +2, Good Hope +2 + Arcane Strike +3 = 1d6+13 or 1d6+11/10

Basically you buff the whole group for a round or two, then mow down anything left.

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Samtron wrote:
It says no where that the masterwork bonus is includet in the mithral bonus.

It demonstrates it in the example items:

Elven Chainmail has "an armor check penalty of –2."
Mithral Full Plate of Speed has "an armor check penalty of –3."

Each of those is 3 better than the normal armor, not masterwork armor.

Not considering proficiency, the Mithril Shirt is better than Mithral Breastplate when you're going to reach +6 Dexterity long before the 3000 gp price difference in the items becomes miniscule next to the cost of enhancing it (at about +4). Until then, you'll have better touch, and the same AC, most of the time.

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Rycaut wrote:

other rules people forget:

1) anyone can do any combat maneuver with any weapon or unarmed strike. You don't need a "trip" weapon to make a trip attack (it just has some benefits) etc - and though if you don't have the improved feat it may trigger a potential attack of opportunity there are many cases when that won't have any effect (using a reach weapon against an opponent without reach, an opponent who is flat footed, an opponent who has already taken an AoO without Combat Reflexes etc)

This is not true. There are manuevers that use weapons (eg disarm, sunder, trip), and manuevers that don't (with exceptions, grapple, bull rush, overrun).

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Playing a core mystic theurge in a home game, just got to 8th. Just a bit rough as the only cleric/wizard in the group (+ a Wilder), the last couple levels. Otherwise I'm quite happy, and do t see a need for a boost. But perhaps a level 1 benefit that doesn't scale well? Give a shot in the arm right as you get into the class?

Grand Lodge

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Perhaps we shall finally be able to expel that reptilian beast from the homeland, and the hearts of its bravest citizens!


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I'll definitely miss your presence, your Know Direction interviews, and your fervor for *everything*! Don't be a stranger!

My favorite Sutter line: "Yeah, we can totally do this!"


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waltero wrote:

Congratulations DannyB and Majuba!

Thank you! *tries to buff the new star to get it to show up*

Come on you, don't be shy!


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I'm still flabbergasted that homunculus is not on the list of familiars who can activate spell-trigger like wands. While a *nosoi* can?

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Three words: New Bardic Masterpiece, replacing a 0-level spell slot (or feat).

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Just to be clear, I was pretty much suggesting making afternoon pfs out of the question, not suggesting 4-hour slots for it.

There is almost no reason to Tier1 at PaizoCon, there is an overabundance of GMs, great GMs, and everyone should get to play.

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Crazy idea: get adequate sleep at PaizoCon.

Since we've done away with the afternoon PFS slots, why not shift the morning and evening inwards? Morning slots from 9am-2pm, Evening from 6pm-11pm.

I was surprised how positive the response to this idea was when I floated it at the Con. I'm sure there will be some who are adamant about having more afternoon space, but I really feel this would improve the Con overall. It makes socializing after games much more doable.


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Highlights for me:

Andy Christian's run of All for Immortality (off the books)

Meeting and Playing in Todd Stewart's game in the Maelstrom

Trivia as always

Anetra wrote:
There were cats at the con??????????

Chaos and Minion are three-time PaizoCon attendees (sans badges alas, but they do enjoy exploring the swag bags).

Kim Mohan was at the Con??? OMG!

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