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Silver Crusade

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I'm a bit meh on Varisia mainly because I've done so many AP's and modules there that I'm a bit sick of the place and eager to see some love for the neglected parts of Golarion instead. So in answer to those saying "everybody loves Varisia" the answer is no, that's not necessarily true...

It's a bit like weeping angels in Dr Who, amazing when you first see them but familiarity breeds contempt.

HOWEVER... (shouting over the cries of outrage)


A full AP, boxed set or series of modules? Written exclusively by JJ? Based on a campaign played within the hallowed halls of Paizo HQ itself?

Shut up and take my money!

James Jacobs wrote:
Laric wrote:


I'm curious, were you at all inspired by Night Below when planning the structure of this campaign.

Not directly, no. It was more inspired from stories of Mothman, the Jersey Devil, some other cryptozoological/UFO abduction stuff, and the writings of Clark Ashton Smith, Lovecraft, Blackwood, Chambers, and a few other authors.

Cool stuff!

I haven't actually read Night Below, just a synopsis, but it seems to have garnered mixed reviews over the years.

Until Shadows Under Sandpoint comes out, are there any classic underdark centric adventures that you would recommend?

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Can't believe I only just now found out about Shadow under Sandpoint!

I'm interested in anything that has this map (preferably with full room descriptions):

Howell Talbot III wrote:
Upon rising this morning, the group took another good look at Styrian’s strange spiral map of the Pit, trying to make sense of where we’d been, and what was left to clear.

James Jacobs wrote:

Oh... trust me, I do want to do something with this. It's not about my motivation. It's simply my lack of time. I'm REALLY heavily involved with Hell's Rebels. Once that's over by year's end... we'll see about Sandpoint.

BUT It really helps to motivate me to hear folks are eager to see it! :-)

So what you're saying is you need help to get Hell's Rebels out so we can get to Sandpoint stuff? I'm sure this can be arranged...

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Just for the record... I'd still be all over a Shadows Under Sandpoint/Ilvarandin AP.

If it doesn't happen, I've started making some notes for an AP-length campaign based on the "Shadows Under Sandpoint" Campaign Journal, plus what's in the Magnimar: City of Monuments and Lost Cities Campaign Setting books.

Of course, I really hope this is actually going to happen sometime soon!

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I love Sandpoint. I will buy anything and everything related to Sandpoint. Shadows Under Sandpoint AP? Yes, please! Notable Sandpoint NPC Miniatures Pack? Sign me up! Commemorative "See Yourself As We See You" Mirror? Where's my credit card!? Flip-Mat of The Rusty Dragon? I'm in. Das Korvut's toenail clippings? Okay, maybe not *everything* from Sandpoint. . .

Paizo Employee

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I have it on good authority that Das's toenail clippings cure ennui and make for unparalleled tea sweetener.

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And they have the most delightful scent of Lilacs, *sigh* like springtime in Shank's Woods..

Dude. I'm perpetually poor; I have to borrow books from my friends and rely on gifts to gain books of my own. That being said, I will go knock over a bank or something if a Shadows Under Sandpoint thing came to be. YES, a thousand times over.

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yes, definitely

my players are still outing that they never had a chance to take down the Sandpoint devil, they want another shot!


Personally, I just like your writing and would love to see a big book filled with your prose, or a big old boxed set with some sexy fold out maps

oh yeah, that sounds like a wonderful way to loose a weekend

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I'd say a boxed set, rather than an AP... that allows it to keep its integrity without padding it to let people hit level 20.

I personally love Varisia, but it's been central to so many APs already...

Silver Crusade

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I would prefer not to see another AP set in Sand point....a module .....a PFS scenario.....sure.

Now don't get me wrong. I like sand point.

However I seem to remember having an interesting discussion with Mr. Jacobs on the message boards a few years ago concerning Sarenrae and slavery in Qadira


Mr. Jacob's thoughtful answers sounded like they could be the ground work for an interesting adventure path set in the Padishah Empire.

I would much prefer to see new stuff. I am sure there are lots of neat suff waiting in the wings to be published. The Far Shores Pathfinder campaign setting looks neat. It makes me want to learn more about the regions these cities are in.


The idea of a second sandpoint campaign after Hell's Rebels is sort of retooling the idea of Council of Theives interests me.

And I always love modules or campaign settings based on other people's games. It makes me step back and wonder how I would do things differently or how I would do things the same. It allows me to compare notes with GMs who have actually finished campaigns without necessarily knowing them in person.

This would be a cool product in whatever form.

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Still interested in a Shadows Under Sandpoint/Ilviradin AP!

James Jacobs wrote:


Shadow Under Sandpoint, as ran, went from 1st level to about 10th level. I had other plans to go all the way to 20th, but I sort of abandoned those and did a different thing, sending the group to Osirion instead.


It's not currently on any schedule, in any event. Would folks like to see a giant campaign set mostly in and under and around Sandpoint?

Yes, absolutly!

Add anouther to the yes pile. I've been getting most of my material recently from my local gamer store & books a million, with the ocassional PDF buy from here or drivethrurpg. This however, I would pre-order direct! :) I've been around since 2nd Edition & was here for Pathfinder Beta testing. Standpoint is easily on my top 5 list of towns/cities from across editions/campaign settings. I've even uprooted it and placed it in other settings over the years. So put up a pre order and you can take my money good sir!

Keep posting people, don't let this thread die.

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Medriev wrote:
Me too, plus 7 other votes for my wife, daughter, 2 dogs and 3 cats. All big Sandpoint / Paizo / PF / AP fans (honestly, I'm almost certain they are). ;)

On the made up basis that I can vote here once a year for this, count this post as my big Hell Yes for 2015. Plus my eight completely unrelated votes above should also be counted if any independent election observers are checking this ;)

Shall we start sending Gifts, Gift Certificate, Money, Slaves, etc to James Jacobs? And probably to Lisa Stevens, Erik Mona, Vic Wertz, Chris Self, and some others too...

Send more Sandpoint!

Bump :-)

Add me on the list

Shadow Lodge

A big YES from me as well.

Scarab Sages

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I would be interested in a hardcover book like Emerald Spire or even larger. Maybe including the material from the early Dynamite comics.

Scarab Sages

Time to bring up this topic again!

I would love to see this published, and would purchase it immediately.

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