Time Stutter & Summon Monster - When can the monster appear / attack?

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I am confused about out how Time Stutter works with Summon Monster.

Time Stutter gives the caster 1 round of time. Summon Monster takes 1 round to cast.


Turn 1: Time Stutter (standard action)
Turn 2 (free round): Cast Summon Monster (1 round action)


If I cast Time Stutter, and then use the "free round" to cast Summon Monster...

1. Does Time Stutter 'freeze' (interrupt?) my 1st Turn and allow me to return to it after Turn 2 is resolved, so that my monster can attack?
2. When during the Turns does the summoned monster appear on the map?
3. When during the Turns can the monster attack? Do I need to wait for Turn 3 to attack?

Edit: I am happy to reply back if you have more questions. thanks!!!!

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1. Yes - you'd still have your move action after you complete the time stutter'd turn.
2. The summoned creature would appear just before you exit the stutter.
3. The summoned creature could act immediately after the stutter ends.

Majuba wrote:

Thanks for confirming! Much appreciated!!

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